My 'purpose' in life becomes clear almost immediately. Giovanni views me as a tool for destruction. If I disobey him, I will suffer for it. Make even one mistake and I will most certainly suffer. He has this way about sending electrical current through me that makes me scream out in agony every time. I've grown to hate the man who ordered my creation.

I hate most of the humans who created me. All except for one: Dr. Annabelle Stevens. She seems a lot nicer than the other humans. She doesn't go out of her way to try to hurt me like all the others do. She even tries to teach me some about the world and how to understand things about the human world. If it weren't for her, I'd believe that all humans are evil.

I also made friends with the other Mewtwo's here. There's one female adult, a male adult, and a female child Mewtwo about my age. The adult female calls herself Star. The male adult calls himself Bolt. The child calls herself Electra. I kinda like that name, even if it makes me think of lightning. I don't like lightning. Electra is the only one of us who was actually born. She's Bolt and Star's daughter. She's only five years old. I was made to be about that age.

I call myself Night. Original, I know. I call myself that because of my black coloration on most of my body. I have white star shaped spots on my body as well. My eyes are a bright blue color. They shine like blue fire, except for when Giovanni has me tortured. The pain always makes my eyes darken.

Giovanni wants me to be his slave basically. He wants me to help him locate the first Mewtwo that got away from him. I don't want to do that. I don't want to be the reason that the first Mewtwo suffers. I know I should escape before that, but I also know that I'm not strong enough yet. I need to get stronger first. Kinda hard, though, when I keep getting zapped by electricity. Giovanni's cruelty knows no bounds.

At least I have a friend in Dr. Stevens. She cares for my injuries and she sneaks in food when Giovanni 'forgets' to feed us. She's a kind-hearted woman who wants the best for us. She told me that she has a young son and daughter, Carter and Amy, who inspire her to do good. I believe her. She told me that she wants to help us escape, for which I am grateful. We could use all the help we can get.

Right now, I am near the other Mewtwos of this place. Bolt and Star are eating their meager rations with Electra not far away. I don't know why, but every time I see Electra, I can feel my face flame. I don't understand it.

'Electra…' I call to Electra using my mind voice.

'Yes?' Electra responds as she floats towards me.

'We have to come up with some sort of escape plan. I cannot bear to spend another waking moment being tortured like I am. We have to leave. Soon…' I continue, my mind voice soft as I aim to keep unwanted ears from listening.

'Yes, but how?' Electra asks.

'Electra, you were given the power over electricity, weren't you?' At Electra's nod, I continue. 'You could use it to short out the security system. Then, while they're scrambling to try to fix it, we can make our hasty escape.'

'Yes, that might work, but what about mom and dad?' Electra asks, fearful for a very good reason. She is the only one of us who knows the feeling of having a family.

'We can all make the escape if we're careful about it. Leave quickly and use plenty of stealth. They won't know what hit 'em.' I respond hoping to ease her fears.

'What if we're caught?' Electra asks.

'Worse case scenario, I'll have to use my power. We can make it if we do our best.' I reply.

'Ok.' Electra finally seems unafraid, which is good. Now, to implement phase 2 of my plan…

Phase 2 requires the assistance of a certain Dr. Annabelle Stevens. I'm deciding to take her up on her offer to help us escape. Though we can execute most of the plan without her, opening the cell doors is something we can't do on our own.

I find her in the corridor right next to where I spoke with Electra. 'Please, Dr. Stevens, you offered before to help us escape. We've come up with a plan, but for it to work, we need someone to open our cells. Could you do that?' I ask with my mind voice.

After seeing the desperation in my eyes, she nods her head. "Alright, I will help you out," Dr. Stevens agrees.

'Thank you,' I reply before beginning to float back to return to Electra. With the thoughts of escaping on my mind, I fail to notice a figure looming in the shadows. I don't notice it until it is already too late. The figure sneaks up behind me and knocks me unconscious. It drags me through the dark, foreboding hallways towards my fate.