Hey everyone I just watched the new Aladdin movie and I loved it. I loved it so much it encouraged me to write a fic.This is set in season 14 after Prophet and Loss and I am using the 2019 version of leave reviews it really helps me. :)


Dean stares in the mirror.


Dean grips on to the sink and stares hard at himself.


Michael has been banging non stop. Dean was using all his strength to keep the door sealed. Dean is the cage, he thinks he is the cage. One change of thought or distraction, Michael will break out and the world will burn.


A tear rolls down the hunter's cheek. He couldn't take the banging anymore. The constant headaches. Dean has knocked back the pills but it only removed the pain temporarily . Pills unfortunately can not silence an unwanted guest in someone's head.


Dean winced and grits his teeth. Michael will not give up he will keep trying. Dean is sure he is running out of time. He is not going to be able to keep the 'cage' up forever.

The brothers agreed to rule out the box but if there is no other solution, Dean will have no choice but to spend the rest of eternity in the ocean with the archangel.

Deep down Dean did not want that.

A knock on the door snaps Dean out of his staring contest against his reflection.

"Dean." Sam spoke. "You alright?"

"Yeah..." Dean turns on the taps. "I'm fine."


Sam didn't sound convinced.

Dean quickly splashes water on his face and gets a towel to dry himself. He switches off the taps and steps out into the hallway.

The older Winchester put on a smile as he approached his younger brother.

"You got anything?" He asked sounding hopeful and desperate at the same time.

Sam looks up from the laptop screen and smiles.

"Actually I do."

Dean joins his brother's side his interests immediately sparked.

"What is it?"

Sam turns the screen.


Dean leans forward and frowns.

"A lamp?"

"The lamp."

Dean looks at the title of the page and sighs.

"Aladdin. Seriously dude you are looking at Disney now."

"I been thinking about alternative realities. Like Scooby Doo was an alternative reality."

"No the T.V was possessed by a ghost."

"Yeah but it was a world. It made me think about other movies and books and shows that could be brought to life...become a whole new world."

"And where are you going with this?"

"I thought instead of using another ghost maybe there is a spell that can bring Aladdin to life and we can go to the Cave of Wonders and get the lamp."

"Get...the lamp?"

"And summon the Genie."

"The Genie?"

"In Aladdin the Genie is the most powerful being in the universe. He might be able to stop Michael."

Dean snaps his mouth shut and he frowns.

"You are joking right?"

"No. I found a book in the bunker." Sam places the open book in front of his brother. "Here." Sam points. "I got a spell. It doesn't require much just the movie, a bowl and the words for the spell that's it."

"Sam. This isn't a game. I got an archangel in my head who is close to breaking out and you are looking at freaking fairy tales."


"I thought you wanted to help me. Look for other options so I wouldn't have to go in the box."

"That's what I'm doing. Dean I get it this is crazy but there is no one who is stronger in this universe to stop Michael. God and Amara are gone, Jack is powerless. That's why I am considering other universes. Genie is not like the djinns we face. This Genie grants wishes. You can wish for Michael to be out of your head."

"Yeah then what? Michael will get a new vessel and still destroy the world. That's why he has gotta be locked away. I'm the one that makes sure the bastard stays locked up. I said yes to him, I'm the reason the monsters are powered up. It's on me. I deserve this."

"Dean we are not going through this again."

"If you wanna do this fine but leave me out of it. I'm gonna do something that is actually real. The box."


Dean angrily turns away and walks off. Sam leans back in his seat and sighs.

I'll show you.

Sam types the movie online and goes to get a bowl.

Dean storms into his bedroom and closes the door behind him.

What the hell is Sam thinking?

Dean sits on the bed and groans when he forgot to get a beer. After hearing that bullshit from his brother he definitely needed a beer.

It's a good job the others are not here to hear it.

For Sam to be looking into movies yeah they must be running out of options. Sam can't face the truth that the box is the only option. The truth hurts.


Dean rubs his head and clenches his jaw.

This son of a bitch won't shut up.


Screw it I'm getting that beer.

Dean stands up and opens the door. He walks down the hallway. He suddenly froze.

"Sam what the hell are you doing?"

Sam is on his knees reading from the spell book. He had the laptop with Aladdin playing on the screen and ingredients spread out on the floor.

Sam chants ignoring his brother's question.


The laptop shook and the mixture in the bowl sizzled. The lights flickered rapidly in the bunker. Whatever Sam is doing Dean did not like it.

"Sam stop!"

A purple light shoots out of the screen heading towards the younger hunter. Without hesitation Dean runs and pounces on his brother.

The light hits the brothers and they both vanish.

See what I did there when Sam said "A Whole New World." Lol

Next chapter coming soon.