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After Dean woke up, the guards went back to their duties. Jafar's body was removed from the premises. The Sultan choked back a sob as the guards placed a white sheet over the body and took the body out of the room.

"I raised him like he was my own son." The Sultan says. "I gave him everything. A home , a family. This is how he repaid us! He was going to take my throne. He was going to betray us. How could I have been so stupid."

"Baba." Jasmine wraps her arms around her Baba and hugs him. "None of this is your fault."

"I brought a traitor into the Palace. " His eyes go on Dean. "I wanted you to marry him."

" Baba that wasn't Dean that was the archangel. "

"They have lied to us!" The Sultan snapped. "I fell for it. All of it. You nearly died!"

"I'm not dead." She smiled. "I'm still here."

He shakes his head and pulls his daughter in.

"If anything happened to you." A tear rolls down his face and drops on Jasmine's shoulder. "I would never forgive myself. I already lost your mother I can't lose you to."

"I'm not going anywhere Baba. " She assured him.

He takes a shaky breath and steps back.

"Perhaps I am getting too old for this. I think now is time I stepped down as Sultan."

"Baba." Her eyes widen. "You can't be serious."

"I am. I know just the person to replace me."

"Prince Anders?"

"No." He shook his head and smiled. "You."

Jasmine's mouth drops.

"Me? But...but...the law."

"What law." He chuckled. She frowns causing him to chuckle even more. "I think it's time we made some changes. For starters from this day women can take the throne and be Sultana."

Jasmime's breath hitched. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was this a dream? Is this Heaven? Did the archangel kill her? She pinched herself and sighs with relief when she felt that. Then her frown deepens.

"Baba did you hit your head too hard?"

"No." His smile widens. He takes his daughter's hands into his own. "You deserve this. I am so sorry it took me so long to see it. That brings me to my next point. From this day members of the Palace can marry whoever they want."

"Anyone?" Jasmine gaped.

"Anyone." He nodded. He looks at Aladdin. "That man is a hero. Does he make you happy?"

"Yes." She nods. "He does."

"Then you have my approval." He again nods and smiles. "You can be with him."

"Oh...Oh Baba." The Princess throws her arms around him. Tears of happiness formed in her eyes. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

He smiles and strokes her hair.

"My little girl, she's all grown up." He brushes a strand out of her face. "She's so beautiful like her mother." Jasmine choked back a sob. Her Baba rubs her mother's bracelet. "Your mother would be so proud."

He wipes his tears as his beloved came to his mind. He missed his wife so much. He never stopped thinking about her. He knew now he couldn't protect Jasmine forever. He couldn't shield her from the rest of the world. She was not his little girl anymore and he had to accept that. She's old enough now to make her own decisions. If she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Aladdin he will respect her choice and stay by her side no matter what.

Elsewhere Genie was updating the older hunter on everything he has missed. The cosmic entity had way too much fun. He did gestures, he put on voices, Dean was sure he heard an audience clapping and making "Oh" noises. Aladdin interrupted several times to correct Genie's story. Sometimes Genie got over carried away.

"You're telling me Michael is in there." Dean points the lamp. "And he is a Genie?"

"Uh huh." Genie answered with a grin. "I put a part of myself into him so if you hear some music, that might be him singing."

"Singing?" Dean snorted. "Michael singing?"

"Hey that's one of my traits. I love to sing and dance. I have an amazing singing voice. The archangel should feel honored to have my musical personality as a side effect."

"Does the lamp come with a harp?" Sam teased.

"Oh ha ha." Genie laughed. "Hey are you sure you don't want me to take the lamp to the Cave of Wonders? I promise you the lamp won't be found I will hide it in a secure place."

"It's okay." Sam assured him. "We can take care of it."

"As you wish." Genie turns and smiles at the maid. "How are you?"

Dalia holds his hand and smiles bright at him.

"Good. You?"

"Good now that I'm with you."

He kisses her hand causing her to giggle.

"Once I send them home I will wish you to be human." Aladdin says. "That's a promise."

Genie looked touched. His previous masters never considered what he wanted. Genie thought he would never see this day. The day he would finally be free and a human. He pats the thief's shoulder.

"Thanks Al."

"No need to thank me." Aladdin smiled.

"You." Dean points at his mom. "And you." He points at the Englishman. "And him." He points at the thief.

"Long story. A very long story." Mary answered.

Sam frowns.

"Uh mom."


She looks down at her chest. She rolls her eyes and smiles when she finds Abu in between her breasts. Then she sees Ketch's hand on her cup. She glares at him.


" I was uh... " He removes his hand and smiles sheepishly. "I was going to remove the monkey."

"Leave him be he is not harming anyone." Mary scowls at the Englishman.

"You don't like me touching you. You are okay with a monkey touching you."

"No. Abu is just..."

Both of them started arguing. The brothers didn't know where to put their faces. Aladdin picks up a banana and waves it in the air.

"Hey Abu."

Abu's head snaps towards the banana. He jumps on to Aladdin's shoulder and snatches the banana off him. He peels the skin and takes a massive bite.


Abu lies down and enjoys his moment alone with the banana.

"I am so sorry." Aladdin apologized.

Both brothers forced a smile.

Jasmine came over to them with her Baba following behind.

"You should bow down to your Sultana."

Aladdin's eyes widen. He saw the amusement in her eyes. Her lips forming into a teasing smile. The thief shakes his head.

"Sultana?..You are Sultana?"

"That's right." The former Sultan sticks out his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you Aladdin."

Aladdin gulps and shakes his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you to your majesty."

"Please." He smiles. "Call me father."


Aladdin goes to bow but the former Sultan stops him.

"You don't need to bow down to me son. You are one of us now."

"One of us?

"You make my daughter happy." He nodded to his daughter. "She loves you very much. You have my permission to marry her."

"I..." Aladdin looks back and forth at the Sultana and her Baba. "We can be together?"

Jasmine takes his hands into hers.

"Will you marry me Aladdin?"

He smiles.

" Yes Sultana yes! I will marry you. "

The couple kiss passionately. Dean clears his throat.

"This is really nice and all but we really gotta now."

Jasmine pulls away.

"Of course." She leans forward and kisses the older Winchester on the cheek. "Have a safe journey."

Dean froze as her lips brush against his skin. Goosebumps spread all up his arms and all over his body. He looks at his brother and a grin forms on his face. Sam rolls his eyes. Jasmine goes back up and links her arms with Aladdin's.

"Good luck." Aladdin addressed everyone. "It was nice meeting you all. Mary thank you. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

Mary smiles and nods at him.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Genie pulled the brothers into a hug. "You stay out of trouble. You understand?" Dean mumbled something and bangs against Genie's chest. Genie pulls away and frowns at them "Sorry what was that?"

"I can't promise you that." Dean smirked.

Genie rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

"I'm serious boys." He folds his arms. "Take care of yourselves."

"We will." Sam assured him.

Everyone lines up. They all said their goodbyes to the Winchester family and Arthur Ketch. Genie steps forward followed by Aladdin. Aladdin held the lamp.

"Master, what is your second wish?" Genie asks.

"I wish you send them all back home!" Aladdin answered.

Genie looks at the Winchesters and the Englishman. He smiles wide and his hands glow blue.

He then said.

"Master, your wish is my command."

Dean puts the lamp in a secure box. He gives the lamp one last look before shutting the box and locking it with a key. He takes a step back and grips the key tight.

Nothing happened.

Dean releases a breath he never realized he was holding. He walks to the door and puts his hand on the door knob.


Dean whips round and looks round the room. He frowns and shrugs it off. Then he opens the door and leaves.

The door shuts and the room returns to darkness.

On the shelf the box glows blue and the Genie in the lamp waits patiently to be released. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day he will be released.

When he does he will get his revenge.

This world and many other worlds will be destroyed.

God will die.

Right now he waits.

He waits for the day Dean Winchester sets him free.

He will be reunited with his Sword once again.

The Genie waits for his master to return.

He is sure that will be very very very soon.

The End.

So that's the end. As you can see it is an open ending. I might go back to it once I finish some of my other stories. If there was a sequel what would you like to see? Did you have any favorite parts in this story? Did you have a favorite character?

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