Karen Aijou had awakened in a strange land, where she was thought for her own personal experience.

And so, she thought about the person she expected to know about. Then, she took herself in, only to discover a strange boy who sat with her. He wore a Chokha clothes with a black papakha hat, and sat with Karen Aijou.

He soon represented to Karen, the boy with golden hair, red eyes, looked to Karen's face.

"Hi, you're …"

"I … I am Karen! Karen Aijou! … Just call me … Aijou-chan."

"Karen Aijou. Can you write your name, please?"

Karen blushed too much as she wrote her Japanese name to the boy. Then, the boy told:

"My name is Zaur. Zaur Ismailovich Garabayev. Call me Zaur."

Zaur is an Ingush and Chechen, and he has become Karen's influential affection. Karen Aijou fell into him, and she asked Zaur, for once.

"Zaur, can you … stay with me?"

"Maybe, but … I don't know …"

Zaur showed his smile, as he saw Karen Aijou with the effect of a native Vainakh girl. The Vainakhs, praised for their culture and belief, have always been, for their own, Ingush and Chechen by pride and proud.

Zaur has a father of Ingush descent and a Chechen mother, both of them married when they came to the city of Volgograd. Zaur is a silent boy.

His mom used to be an actress and famed in the United States, outside Eastern Europe. Zaur also had partial Russian/Ukrainian origin due to his Chechen mother used to have a distant Russian/Ukrainian grandfather.

Zaur said to Karen.

"Maybe, we'll meet together, perhaps, for the last of this day."

"No … I want to stay long! You, you're my heart and soul. Please, Zaur, please …"

Then, Karen tried to hug Zaur, but with Zaur silently left, he just asked: "Do you really … keep this word?"

"Zaur … wait …"

"Karen-chan! We've a new student there. The first male." Hikari Kagura called her as Karen Aijou woke up from her own dream. She had just dreamed about a strange boy from Caucasus, who became her unbelievable thing that caused heartbeat.

Soon, she startled: "A boy? Who?"

A boy, with red eyes, golden hair, tall and pretty charming, with a vampire but charismatic and energetic face. He met the whole group of girls in the class.

At this point, Claudine Saijo got stunned because he was so awesome. Maya Tendou too. And even Kaoruko Hanayagi drew affection to him as well. The whole class even fell in love. Just only Hikari tried to resist it well. She told:

"I just heard that there would be a new student, the first male, to come to our. But I didn't think to be this, right?"

Karen, on her dream, was shocked to see that, it was the boy she dreamed about. Only this time, she knew it was …


The teacher soon urged the boy to present himself. The boy showed his words, which, somehow, marked with Karen's expectation.

"Hi. My name is Zaur Ismailovich Garabayev. I am from Ingushetia, Russia. As salaam mualaykum, and arigato kozaimatsu."

"Wait … huh?" This time, Karen was truly stunned, because … she had seen him before. In her dream.

Only this time, he wore like a normal student. What made him to be there? What made an Ingush boy, to move to Japan for study in Seisho Academy?

It would be interesting for Karen.