Disclaimer: This is NOT an updated chapter of my Devilman Crybaby/My Hero Academia AU crossover story, "The Demon Hero: Devilman, but it's simply an author's notice for an important announcement to make.

Hello everyone, this is Kaiju-O Danny here! Yes, I'm doing absolutely alright and I been healthy-well and alive folks! However, there is something urgent, as well something that is regarded to be an "important announcement and update" which I'm aware you've already seen this statement on my story.

I'm truly sorry and does somewhat felt ashamed, and humiliated which I've left this amazing crossover AU story of a masterpiece of mines on hiatus, well, it's simply due to many reasons: online schools, writer's block, COVID-19, etc., for almost two years for now.

However…. The story isn't dead just yet.

Alright then, now before anyone else, especially the story followers and watchers, about to pontificate or at least in a degree in saying whether I should give up this story for adoption so somebody else will continue the story to a somewhat different degree?

Well, here's my answer for that, and it is plain and simple: No.

Now, you're all wondering why would I say that? Because I'm not finished with my story just yet, however, this year, I'm already applied to my summer job at TRMI Manufacturing Plant in Battle Creek, Michigan (Michigan is a wonderful place to live, freely and happily, so deal with it!), hoping to make myself at least a living, so I can finally support myself as old folks said, when you turned older, you most definitely needed a job while you can. But guess what, I might be at least available for either at the weekends, which depends on my job company, that is.

And regarding the future for "The Demon Hero: Devilman" story, well, I'm still working on the upcoming chapters, of course! I mean, it's not dead yet, or either gonna left it up for adoption! However, since I've noticed the flaws within the story itself, such as misspelling and grammar that usually doesn't make any sense at all, so I've decided to simply rewrite both chapters completely, and then uploading chapter 3 and its chapters as soon as possible.

However, thanks to a friend of mine's on Deviantart, who goes by the name Genesect1999, as he highly recommended me whether I'll be obligate of introducing Ryu "Lightning" Utsugi, whose, in fact, the human avatar of an almighty Demon Lord called Dante from another Go Nagai's story, as well the predecessor of his well-known work "Devilman", known as "Demon Lord Dante" whereas he'll become a supporting character and alley for Izuku Midoriya/Devilman Amon in his fight against the evil forces of the Demons. And yes, I'll be introducing Dorango/Nix from the classical Toei 1972 Devilman anime and Devilman Grimoire manga as well, in the near future chapter, of course.

And for me, the orientation for TRMI will begin next week on Wednesday, which I'm now working on the third ship. Hopefully, I'll be hired, and place on the second ship, as soon as possible though.

As well for my future projects, well, let's see what the future has in store for me, anyway.

But nevertheless, these are some important changes, as well, some important announcements to make though it'll be the right time to share with you all before I'll work on rewriting my story if I'm able to. I know that a lot of you are more likely to be disappointed and upset about this statement I've made, but please understand that I wanted to write this story that could at least satisfy the story's creator, as well for the audience, feeling like I've gained the capacity of an experienced writer could, and this time, I believe that I will be able enough to deliver a much quality story than my previous ones until the very end!

Also, I do want to give out some huge shoutouts for the Fanfiction folks who've helped and inspired me, of whom I really am, listed by the followings:

Japan Boy


DJ Rodriguez



FireSlash (Thanks for the rewrite ideas, mate!)

Cossacks250 (Thanks for the rewrite samples, man!)


GuillaumeGrignard (My very dearest friend, of course!)

Godzilla Boy

Super Comrade



TheDevilZero (Inspiration based on "The Evil Hero: Devilman")

Nero Angelo Sparda (Inspiration based on Devilman/Young Justice, "Devilman")

Anyway, reassure everyone, I'll guarantee you all, "The Demon Hero: Devilman" and including your humble writer and author will return to the realm of writing, I guarantee it!.

This is Kaiju-O Danny, signing off, see ya!