Chapter 3

Nightfall came gradually in Tennessee, the team hadn't made much progress throughout the day and eventually Hotch called it and sent everyone to the Hilton that Garcia had booked for them, it was a more lavish hotel than the usual motels the team stayed in but everywhere was fully booked due to a Rodeo that was happening the next town over. Since it was a more expensive hotel than usual, the Agents were required to pair up.

Morgan and Reid let themselves into the room and Morgan threw himself down on a bed with a sigh "Man, we're not getting anywhere with this case"

"It's only day one and usually we start to gain traction in day two"

Morgan cut Reid off not wanting the genius to go off on a tangent about statistics and probabilities of when the team start to make progress. "I was just making an observation G-Man"

The pair set about their nightly routines and soon were in their separate beds, Reid could tell by Morgan's breathing that he wasn't asleep and thought about trying to let Morgan know about Emily's ruse, although he mused it was more Hotch's ruse since Emily and JJ were all for telling the team about her faked death. He had lost a lot of respect for his superior, if he hadn't figured it out then he would likely to around at JJ's crying in her arms.


"Yeah" came the reply immediately telling Reid that Morgan was nowhere near close to sleeping.

"Do you remember a conversation on the jet we once had about death and what we wanted done with our bodies?"

"Vaguely, not everyone has an eidetic memory like you man, anyway what's that got to do with anything?"

"Well since I do have an eidetic memory, I can remember that Emily said she wanted to be cremated, not buried, so why did we bury her?"

"I don't want to talk about Emily"

"Please Morgan, we all know that keeping stuff to yourself isn't healthy"

No reply from Morgan so Reid decided to forge on "Emily is so organised, she is practically OCD, she's bound to have left funeral arrangements somewhere in her house or her best friend JJ would have known about it"

"Best friend?" Morgan scoffed "JJ and Emily are close but I'm her best friend, we go out drinking together all the time, work out together she's the best wing woman, and she's never mentioned anything death related to me"

Reid realised that if Morgan classed Emily as his best friend, then that's why he was so hurt by her passing, he couldn't save her, and she didn't hold on for him like he begged. Also, once Emily's and JJ's relationship was revealed, Morgan was going to be hurt since Emily never told him.

Reid dropped the conversation and turned over to sleep. However now that he had brought up that stuff about Emily, Morgan's mind was racing, since he knew Emily so well, he had figured out she was in a relationship but as much as he had bugged her about it, she remained tight-lipped, he had found it odd that her partner hadn't come to the funeral but since he didn't know who it was, he supposed that they could have been there. He had pondered on who it was and once he had theorised it was JJ, knowing Emily was bisexual, it made the dating pool much wider but after seeing their interactions at work, he had dropped the idea especially since JJ went to the State Department. Emily hadn't really mentioned JJ much after she moved, it was like their friendship wasn't as strong when they weren't seeing each other every day.

Little did Morgan know that the reason Emily hardly spoke about JJ was because she could barely stop herself about gushing about how amazing JJ was and although they were now allowed to be together as JJ worked for the State Department and not the FBI, Emily and JJ wanted to keep their new relationship to themselves for a while and not having everyone sticking their nose into it.

Back in DC, Emily, JJ and Henry were boarding a private jet to take them to Paris, JJ was officially designated as Emily's handler by the State Department who actually knew all about their relationship and the State had decided it was better to have Emily's handler with her all the time to stop her from making reckless decisions ( her reputation preceded her!)

Emily was delighted that her family were joining her, she wasn't concerned about the reasons it was decided, she was still stiff and sore from being impaled by a stick and having JJ there made the pain recede a little as well as making sure she didn't over do it.

JJ got Henry settled and then came over to snuggle beside Emily, the best bit of having a private jet was the couch were all three of them could snuggle together. Henry had really missed Emily and wanted to be beside her all the time, and would no doubt be toddling over to them for a cuddle. JJ wrapped herself around Emily and relished in being wrapped in her Emily's arms and having her comforting scent of lavender soap rather than the smell of sterile hospital.

"Love, are you okay?" Emily whispered as she gazed down at her beautiful JJ, the best thing she ever did was make a move on the couch that night 9 months ago.

JJ snuggled even closer if that was possible and smiled beautifully at Emily "I'm over the moon that I'm back in your arms and that you're okay"

"I'm sorry JJ, I should have never taken off, I just wanted to protect you all."

"It was a stupid thing you did, and I almost lost you forever, but baby it's in the past"

Emily gently poked JJ and said "We've both had secrets from each other but now they are out in the open, never again"

JJ thought back to what Emily was referring to and gave an involuntary shudder, being involved in Afghanistan and the roadside bomb had almost broken her but knowing she had Emily and Henry to come home to made her stronger. She knew the threat wasn't quite over yet and Cruz and she were the only ones with the codes. Emily was her back up though and knew everything, so if anything did happen. Someone knew who was behind it. They were always each other's back up plans and with that thought, JJ had bought a ring a few weeks before everything with Doyle went down, she was just waiting for the perfect moment.

The next morning in Tennessee, the team had received some new information from Garcia and were running down the leads, although 90% of Morgan's mind was focused on the case, the other 10% was mulling over Reid's words from the night before, he did know Emily very well and knew she was more than likely to have made arrangements for her death and in the clear light of day something felt off about her death. JJ wasn't as devastated as others, almost she knew something that they didn't. He shook his head and muttered to himself "They wouldn't lie to us. They just wouldn't, not about something like that."

Hotch overheard and flashed him a look and then turned to glare at Reid, knowing full well he probably said something to make Morgan think.

Reid returned Hotch's stare, which Rossi noticed although he never said anything, the team was falling apart without Emily.