Dragon Clover

Chapter 3

"Yamcha-san! I'm sorry. I need to go find my book! Can we train later?" Asta yelled, looking around for which way to start looking.

"Hey, I'll come help you." Yamcha said. "They took advantage of me too, using me as a distraction to steal. That doesn't sit well with me. Lets teach this guy a lesson..." He closed his eyes.

The book was just here 20 minutes ago. They couldnt have got far unless they're flying. Hopefully I can sense their ki.


But wait... Is that the right guy? I only sense the three of us... Wait theres someone else. Yamcha turned towards the second presence he felt other than him and Asta.

Up in a tree, there was a tall boy around Asta's age. He had pale skin and dark hair. His expression looked unamused and serious.

Yamcha stared at the young man, who stared at him. The wind blew for a moment and then the dark haired boy was gone. Yamcha frowned.

Whoever it was had been watching them, but Yamcha sensed they werent a threat. At least not yet.

"I found our guy" Yamcha said, opening eyes and looking to the first energy he sensed. "He's half a mile that way." Yamcha sweated.

"Good job, Yamcha san!" Asta yelled. "Lets get him!"

"Wait, Asta" Yamcha said. "This guy is strong. Maybe even stronger than both of us together. We have to be careful."

Asta looked at Yamcha, gulping, then looking toward the thief's direction he nodded.


The tall man carrying Asta's grimoire through the woods had a big chest and broad shoulders. He wore a decorated, prestigious white suit jacket with dark pants. His face had handsome features. He looked like he might be successful young politician, currently in his 40's, or perhaps a captain of a boat.

"I may have absorbed Master's powers," the man said, with a leery, cowardly creatures's voice that did not fit his physical appearance at all. "I still need to seal the powers inside of me and activate them or a strong mage may be able to take them from me."

The tall man ran through the woods and eventually came to a deep pit in the ground. It was as if a person had dug it to make a trap for to fall in. Seeing it was dark and narrow inside, the man decided to hide in there, as it remind him of home.

Oh, if only his home hadn't been destroyed by the gunner and the pilot. Then he wouldn't be like this. Alone, scared, up on the surface world. Forced to betray his master.

He would kill the gunner and the pilot boy. If he had the chance he would.

For now, he had to bind his master's powers to himself and learn to use the magic. Then he could defend himself until he found a new lord. A new purpose. A new home.

Jumping down into the pit with some brush and twigs, he covered the entrance of the hole and fell down three meters to the dark narrow space.

The pit was about three feet wide and three feet long.

With his back against of the wall, he packed his big body into the narrow pit and looked at the grimoire in his hands.

He could sense its powerful presence. Dark presence. This would help him permamently claim the treacherous magic he had stolen.


Yamcha and Asta ran through the forest. As they did, Yamcha sensed someone else nearby. They had a power level much higher an average human, but not as high as the person they were chasing.

Stopping, Yamcha looked in the direction of the person coming towards them.

Asta saw Yamcha stop and paused to see what was up. "Hey Yamcha. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I just sensed someone else nearby." The taller male in jeans and a shirt said. "Keep going straight. Our thief is about 200 yards north of here. He's stopped moving, so be careful. This may all be a trap."

Yamcha glared ahead towards the new power that was coming towards them at a slow speed. "I'll take care of this guy and catch up with you soon. Be careful, Asta."

Asta listened to the taller man's words and then nodded. "Got it!"

He then took off running where Yamcha had directed him. I feel so naked without my sword!

Yamcha stood there, ready to fight. The person's power level was on par with his own.

Tp tp tp

The footsteps came closer, now he could hear the person. Yamcha stared into the forest, waiting for the person to come out of the trees.

Wait, footsteps that light... must belong to a girl! he thought.

"Videl, have you been training?" Yamcha asked, loosening up as he assumed the steps were his friend's, Gohan's girlfriend.

The girl that stepped out into the clearing made Yamcha look completely surprised.

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