Dragon Clover

"Sakura vs Videl"

Hercule stood on the fighting stage, with a microphone in his hand.

"The quarterfinals match will now begin... Sakura, Videl, ready... fight!"

The two female teens stood on the white platform, in fighting stance.

Hercule hopped down to the grass beside the stage, and watched beside of Buu, who was acting as the referee. Goten and Trunks were sitting at a table a little further away, also on the grass.

The audience filled the stands of the big arena, as people roared and cheered for their favorite fighter and who they wanted to win.

"Sakura! Sakura!" Elena, one of Sakura's friends cheered, sitting beside the street fighter Ken, Ibuki and Cammy.

"Go Videl! I believe in you," Gohan yelled in the stands, sitting besides Talim.

Krillin, Android 18 and Bulma also cheered for Videl.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Sakura said, moving her shoes along the floor, getting some traction. "My name is Sakura. My dream is to be an amazing street fighter like my hero Ryu. This tournament means a lot to me," she said, smiling. "And I look forward to competing with you."

Sakura was in her normal school uniform.

Videl was wearing black shorts and a white shirt on top. Her hair was cut short.

"Nice to meet you, Sakura. I'm Videl," the dark haired girl said with a grin. "This isn't my first tournament, so make sure you give it your all. If this fighting means as much to you as you say, then I don't want either of us having any regrets of holding back."

Sakura got into stance, with her fists in front of her. "Agreed!"

Yamcha and Asta stood on the patio outside the lounge, looking with intense anticipation.

I got to see Sakura's moves when we were training, but this is my first time watching her in a real fight! Asta thought. Do your best, Sakura!

Yamcha watched with a smile.

"Then, with the pleasantries out of the way..." Videl said, lowering into her stance.

"Let's... go!" Sakura said

The brown haired Sakura ran across towards Videl, her fists by her waist on both sides in an open posture as she ran towards the dark haired girl.

Sakura let out a battlecry as she did a strong right punch, striking towards Videl as she moved towards her. "HAAAA"

Videl dodged the punch using only her head movement.

With Sakura in close range now, and her arm launching harmlessly past Videl's head, Videl did a backwards somersault, launching her feet upwards in a fierce kick.

Sakura brought her hands up and blocked the double kick with her forearms, just in time to protect her face from being kicked.

Videl landed, a few feet away, and the two girls were at a reset stance again. Both with distance between each other.

"Wow! Look at em go!" Goten said, with a headset on with a small microphone broadcasting on the speakers.

"Yeah," Trunks said. "They may be girls, but they're smart enough not to do an all out assault without knowing how strong they are. This is a nice warm up"

"What did you just say about them being girls?!" Bulma yelled up in the audience

"Let the boy do his job!" Vegeta shouted at Bulma.

Bulma, Pu'ar and Krillin flinched at the saiyan yelling. Piccolo stared at the action with a stoic expression

"Hm, so this is the girl that Yamcha's been training with," Gohan said out loud, thoughtfully "I wonder how good she is..."

Talim heard the male's words. She was going to ask about what he said, but instead she focused on watching her friend Siegfried, who was sitting down in the fighters lounge.

"Not bad!" Sakura said, getting into a stance.

"Likewise" said Videl. The dark haired Videl powered up, and dashed towards Sakura.

The girl's speed caught Sakura by surprise, and Videl did a wide left kick towards Sakura's torso, hitting her and sending her flying across the floor. Sakura landed on the floor, violently rolling, but regained control as she got to her feet, she used a hand on the floor to keep her balance, as she slid on her feet the rest of the momentum, stopping a few feet from being knocked out of the ring.

"And Videl lands her first kick!" Goten says.

"Be careful now!" Hercule said. "If you fall out of the ring, you lose!"

Buu appears on the grass, a ways behind Sakura, making sure she doesn't fall off without him seeing.

Sakura felt the bruise on her waist from the kick, taking a breath. 'If I fall out, I lose'! As if I don't know that! This is the quarterfinals!

And what's with that girl's speed! She is seriously fast! I'm going to need to be careful with her

Videl smiled. Heh, caught you by surprise? That's what happens when you know how to focus your energy and use it to your advantage. Thanks for the training, Gohan.

"Hey," Krillin said, in the audience. "I wonder, did Gohan ever teach Videl how to use ki? I know she can fly, so doesn't that mean..."

Bulma shrugged. "I don't know! Why are you asking me?"

Krillin gave her an annoyed side look. "Hey, Gohan! Does Videl know how to use ki blasts?"

Gohan, further down in the stands looked around. "Did someone call me?"

"Huh, guess he didn't hear me..." Krillin said.

Meanwhile, Vegeta was continually getting annoyed by people yelling

Fine! Sakura thought Let's turn up the heat!

Sakura ran towards the dark haired girl.

Videl, seeing this, got into a lower defensive stance.

Sakura yelled, about to throw a right punch again "HAAAAAAAAAA"

Videl grinned. "Same punch, huh? Didn't you learn last time?"

Videl got ready to dodge the punch as she did before, settling into a stance. But then Sakura stopped the punch halfway, and adjusted her height, getting low into a crouching position.

Videl looked alarmed.

Sakura did a right sweep kick towards Videl's left leg. The sweep kick knocked both of Videl's legs out from under her, making the girl completely unbalanced and in midair

Sakura followed through with the sweeping kick, going in a full circle, and then stood up, launching a wide right kick towards Videl's left side. Videl's face showed the pain as she was kicked and went flying into the floor, sliding on her side.

Sakura followed after Videl, running after her.

Videl was sliding on the floor, when she eventually stopped and hopped up, growling. The was surprised seeing Sakura was right on her. Sakura threw a punch towards Videl's chest. Videl dashed a sidestep to Sakura's right, evading the punch.

With a little room from Sakura, Videl threw a left kick towards Sakura's right side. Sakura raised her right forearm and blocked the kick; using her strength to fend off the blow for a few moments before using her blocking arm to swat the leg away. Videl staggered back a step, and Sakura threw a right hook with her arm she had been blocking with.

The punch was coming towards Videl's head, and the daughter of Hercule ducked underneath the punch, moving to the left to try and get in position behind Sakura.

Sakura found herself with her back to her opponent, after the strong right punch.

Videl grinned. "Gotcha"

Videl tried to close the small space between herself and Sakura, going in to try and grapple the street fighter from behind, but instead Sakura looked back over her left shoulder and extended a powerful backwards kick with her left leg.

At close range, the kick had explosive strength, and hit Videl in the gut, causing her to be winded and shuddering in pain.

Sakura turned to face her opponent, with a serious intensity on her face. She stood in stance with her fists raised, catching her breath and waiting, instead of continuing the attack.

Videl was clutching her stomach, trying to keep her footing.

"That girl Sakura is good," Krillin remarked.

"Yeah, what is it they're teaching kids in PE these days?" Bulma asked.

"She's been training with Yamcha" Pu'ar said. "Of course she's good!"

Down on the patio where the fighters were standing outside the lounge, Yamcha was standing watching the fight. She didn't learn any of this from me. Sakura's a distinguished fighter by herself. She doesn't need any advice from me.

"Come on, Videl!" Gohan said, up in the crowd beside Talim. "You can do it! Don't go easy on her!"

Videl looked up at Gohan, hearing his words. She looked at her opponent. Jeez... Who said I was going easy? Videl thought

Ken Masters was sitting in the crowd and smiled, seeing Sakura display her skills.

Catching her breath, Videl took in deep gulps of air. The kick to the stomach had hurt, but the pain was going away now. Adrenaline and the excitement starting to kick in.

Videl took in the moment. The crowd cheering. Everyone watching. The tournament she had been training for, for months. It was all here now. In the present. This was

"You're no pushover," Videl said smiling, standing up and getting out of her stance.

Sakura blinked. "Huh?"

"I commend you on getting this far in th tournament," Videl said, with a grin. "Unfortunately, you're not going to go any farther"

Sakura was standing up, still in stance, testing the traction of her shoes, hiding the lower part of her face with her fists. "Yeah? Why is that?" Sakura asked

Videl got in a wide stance, with her arms by her sides. "Because I'm going to win this fight."

Videl started powering up, a powerful blast of wind coming from her. Videl's white shirt flowed, as the power from her continued to build up.

Some parts of the grass and ground beside the fighting floor started to sway, and pieces of rock started to separate from the ground and float into the air.

The crowd was quiet, watching as the power from the young Videl was being shown and felt by all those present. Even Hercule, nearby on the grass, was looking surprised.

Up in the crowd, Asta's friends Magna and Charmy looked surprised, watching

Lucky, however, had a different look on his face. Excitement. Adoration. Desire.

"There's strong fighters here," Lucky said, standing up beside Charmy. His face looked like he was mentally somewhere else, while his lips spoke subconsciously. "I want to fight. I'm going to fight her."

The two girls way down on the fighting floor were small figures from where Lucky and the other Black Bulls were seated. Lucky Voltia held his grimoire in his hands and lightning sparked around him, in a similar fashion to the way that the dark haired girl in the ring was powering up.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing?!" Magna said, looking over to his left at Lucky, who was now standing and drawing attention. "Sit down!"

The blonde haired male suddenly started running down towards the stair aisle near his row of seats and jumped up, getting on the handrail in the middle of the stair aisle and riding on it swiftly, with his shoes coated with lightning, he slid down the handrail leading from the concessions at the highest floor, down towards the arena.

Riding the rail as if he was skateboarding, Lucky smiled with excitement, his grimoire in his left hand as the pages flipped in the wind.

Going down the rail, eventually at the bottom , he launched up in the air with a jolt of lightning propelling him into the air. He was going up and moving to land eventually in the middle of the fighting ring.

"Videl-san, Videl san!" Lucky said, eagerly. "I want to fight you! You're strong, let me fight you!"

Videl turned around, looking towards the young man that was flying up in the air coming towards the ring. "Huh?" Videl said.

Sakura looked up with the same confused look

Gohan and the other Z Fighters were on the opposite side of the colosseum, so they weren't close to Lucky or the other Black Bulls. Goten, however, was in between the fighting arena and the blonde boy threatening to interrupt the match.

Soaring through the air, and rocketing towards the arena, Lucky was riding the lightning when he suddenly knocked into someone in the air.

Lucky's momentum stopped, as he looked at was who in front of him.

A small boy, Goten, was standing defiantly in the air, frowning at the blonde boy in the Black Bulls cloak. "Hey! You're not going to fight Videl!" Goten said. "She already has an opponent."

Lucky looked surprised. "You... you're flying?" the male asked, staying in midair for a moment. "You... you're a fighter? You're strong arent you?"

Goten blinked, no longer looking mad. "Huh, me?"

"Yes... yes, I can sense it!" Lucky said, starting to look maniacal. "You have intense power! Fight me. Fight me!"

Lucky's grimoire glowed as he activated a spell. "Enchantment Magic: Lightning Speed!"

Lightning surged around Lucky and charged him up. His magical power increasing his body's physical attributes.

"Huh?" Goten repeated.

In the sky above the field, Lucky pocketed his grimoire, and started punching at Goten in a rapid succession. With immense speed the punches were coming at Goten. The young half saiyan dodged the punches in midair, but was struggling to avoid them. Eventually lightning charged in one of Lucky's legs and he used it to spin around in a vicious, fast roundhouse kick.

The kick took Goten by surprise and kicked him down into the green grass, almost going into the commentator's table where Trunks was sitting. Goten crashed into the ground, and Hercule and the crowd stared.

Trunks took off his microphone and got to his feet. "Hey! You almost knocked over my lemonade" Trunks yelled, after Lucky nearly kicked Goten into the table. "What gives" Trunks powered up and flew up into the sky doing a series of punches and kicks towards Lucky.

Lucky was breezing backwards in quick bursts, guided by his lightning, dodging the attacks of Trunks with a smile on his face. "You're fast! What's your name?" Lucky asked, before dodging under a kick by Trunks.

"Huh?" Trunks asked, hesitating in confusion.

Lucky was about to reply, when suddenly he disappeared.

Goten had got to his feet and flew up towards Lucky in a flying punch.

Goten was still flying up into the air, with his fist in Lucky's stomach, with a serious look on his face, carrying Lucky into the sky. Lucky (for once) didn't have a smile on his face, and looked like he was in extreme pain

Goten dashed at super speed, and ended up above Lucky, intercepting him and knocking him down towards the ground again.

The blonde Magic Knight went flying into the ground, making a small crater in the grassy area beside the fighting ring and the table.

The crowd gasped.

Standing up from the crater with some dirt falling from him, Lucky stood up with a deeply excited look over his face. Lightning was surging. "Show me more..." Lucky said, with a wild smile on his face. The look in his eyes showed he was bordering insanity and getting a rush from fighting a good opponent

Goten and Trunks were both up in the air, next to each other, they exchanged a look and nodded.

The two half saiyans flew down to the ground, and landed on the field, engaging Lucky. Trunks and Goten threw punches at him, and the lightning-enhanced Magic Knight, blocked many of the punches, and did attacks of his own.

"Hey! What do you kids think you're doing?!" Hercule yelled beside the fighting floor.

Meanwhile Videl had started running towards Sakura. "Come on! Let's go!"

"Try me!" Sakura said, in a stance.

Videl ran in close and powered her ki into one of her feet.

Sakura got confused, sensing power charging up.

"Videl kick!"Videl said, spinning a kick, with a ki charged up on her foot. A visual of ki going in a circle around Videl was seen, as Sakura tried to block the kick, but the ki energy bypassed her physical defense.

"Auuuuuuuuuuuuuugh" Sakura yelled, being kicked and sent flying. Videl channeled her ki and used it to fly after Sakura. She caught up with Sakura and grabbed her, using her momentum to swing her around in a circle and send her high up into the air.

Sakura went flying up 30 feet into the sky above the ring.

Videl charged up and raised her hands into the air, towards Sakura. Videl yelled, "Masenko ha!"

A huge beam of power flew up into the air from Videl, going towards the Sakura.

The schoolgirl street fighter, who hadn't recovered from being thrown, looked down at the power coming towards her. Sakura's eyes widened.


The blast connected, and Sakura was seen falling upside down towards the floor. Battered by the hit, the schoolgirl's clothes were ripped and torn in some places, and her body showing small scratches.

Falling headlong towards the ring, Sakura landed on the floor, laying on her side.

Asta and Yamcha watched anxiously. "Sakura!" Asta yelled out.

Buu walked towards the ring, still on the grass. He looked at the brown haired girl, Sakura and then started counting.

"1, 2, 3..." Buu said, counting to ten before the girl would officially lose the match.

The crowd was quiet, and Goten, Trunks and Lucky stopped fighting, looking towards the two girls that were fighting

Videl was standing, catching her breath.

"Sakura!" Elena called out.

"Come on, get up!" Ibuki yelled, beside Elena.

Cammy watched Sakura lying on the floor.

As the first match of the Z Ronin Quarterfinal's begins Videl has landed a powerful attack, the Masenko, on Sakura! Has Videl won the match? Is the tournament over for Sakura? And who will be fighting in the next match? Will Lucky calm down and stop fighting? And is Buu's ice cream he was selling already melted? Find out in the next episodes of Dragon Clover!