Felix could remember the rise of Mariposa and Chat Noir.

The city had been plagued by three art thefts before the two heroes and the one villain had appeared at the Eiffel Tower. The villain was named Coccinella, dressed in a themed ladybug outfit. One of the heroes was named Chat Noir, appropriately themed after a black cat. But the main star of the show had been Mariposa.

Coccinella had perched on the tower and attempted to convince the city that she was the hero, demanding Mariposa and Chat Noir hand over their miraculous. Sarcastic clapping had broken through the air. All eyes turned to the butterfly.

"Nice try Coccinella," she called out. "But we know who the bad guy is here. Let's not reverse the roles. Without you, nobody in this city would be terrified of being robbed blind!" She had taken off into the air. Hovering in the air, everyone could see lavender wings beating gently. "I swear, no matter how long it takes, we will find you! And you will hand us your miraculous!"

Mariposa had raised her cane and pointed it at Coccinella. The ladybug had shrieked as hundreds of white butterflies swarmed and slammed her off the tower. She had slunk away, defeated. The butterfly turned to Paris with a gentle smile. "Let me make this promise to you, people of Paris! No matter who wants to harm you, Mariposa and Chat Noir will do everything in our power to keep you safe!"

White butterflies gleaming around her and wings gently flapping, Mariposa looked like an angel.

That had been three years ago.

Coccinella was still on the loose, stealing art and jewelry and artifacts and who knew what else. Other heroes, like Rena Rouge and Carapace and Queen Bee had appeared sometimes to help the Miraculous Duo during her attacks if Mariposa's Champions couldn't do the trick. The people of Paris loved being Champions, given a chance to help their city. But issues had risen up.

It was clear that although Chat Noir had stated multiple times he loved Mariposa, it seemed like he was more flat out obsessed with her. People had witnessed him throwing tantrums over her not accepting his love. Plus, there was also the Mariblog, run by one Alya Cesaire. Starting out as a good information source, it had quickly dissolved into more of a gossip magazine.

Felix couldn't help but rewind the news feed he was watching.

Seems things had come to head between Chat Noir and Mariposa.

What he was watching had been submitted by someone last night to the news. It showed the Duo on a rooftop, arguing. She had tried to leave, only for him to grab it. The scene quickly dissolved into a fist fight between them. Then a flash of green light had broken through the air. The video paused at Mariposa flying away.

"That was awful."

Felix glanced at his side. His classmate, Kagami Tsurugi was watching the scene on his tablet with a look of distaste. "Which part?"

"The part where he attacked her. She was clearly uncomfortable and had every right to leave."

"I agree. But I think this had been brewing for a while now. He's been like this for three years."

"It's been getting worse in the last few months."

He nodded and rewound the video.

Neither noticed the man in a red Hawaiian shirt, perched at the coffee shop's bar. He smiled when he heard the two's conversation.

"It is believed that Mariposa took Chat Noir's miraculous at the end of the encounter, a decision met with support. For the past three years, it is believed that his claims of love have hidden an obsession."

Juleka snorted from where she sat next to Luka. "Serves Noir right."

"Hey, guys!"

Luka perked up. "Hey Ma-ma-marinette." he said as his crush entered the cabin. The half Chinese girl gave him a tired smile. His faded. "What's wrong?" Her heart song seemed slow and sad, like it was ready to give up.

"I attempted to have a restraining order placed on Adrien." She said in a breath. Then, she continued. "He tried to break in last night."

"Serves him right." Juleka said. "Just like Chat Noir."

"You guys don't support him?"

"No way." The siblings said together.

"Alya was angry this morning because she shipped them and what she calls 'this whole restraining order nonsense.'" Marinette sighed as her phone beeped. "And she's been trying to call me all day to try and talk me out of it."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay."