Plagg liked Luka.

He was a calm person, willing to chill and let Plagg eat his second beloved: Camembert.

(Sugar Cube was the first.)

Around Plagg's third lunch, alarms blared.

And then "Claws Out!"

Hex jumped away from the houseboat, hearing his sister soon follow. Jinx False soon passed, flashing him a grin. He grinned back. The two ran until they arrived at the Louvre. An entire wall had been shattered. "Wonder what happened?" Jinx asked.

"I caught Coccinella by surprise." A voice said. The two turned. "Tempest, at your service." The dragon that stood in front of them- it had to be the dragon- had blonde hair pulled into pigtails by black ribbons. She wore black dress shoes and what looked like a black undershirt and tights. Over that was a red miniskirt and vest. All of it was lined with gold. Her mask was red, lined with black and gold.


"Jinx False."

"Mariposa." The three turned. The Butterfly herself stood there, wings fluttering lazily. She smiled at the three of them. "It is lovely to meet the three of you again." she said. She gripped her cane, her smile fading to be replaced with a frown. "Shall we get to work? I believe Coccinella is going after the Mona Lisa again." Hex remembered the first time. Mariposa had defeated her with Copy Blanc, a white copycat of Chat Noir.

Chat Noir had not been pleased.

"What's the plan?" Tempest asked.

The group slipped inside.

The inside looked like the villainess had taken a wrecking ball to the floor. Tempest headed forward first. "Oi, Red Bug!" She yelled. "Come and get me!"

A movement caught his attention.

Hex yanked Mariposa out of the way and into the shadows. Coccinella let out a snarl, looking around. Her pretty face darkened when she saw Jinx False and Tempest. "Do you two mind telling me where dear Mariposa and Chat Noir is?" Her voice was sickly sweet. Tempest hefted her sword up in response, face dark. Then she lunged in a sharp surprise attack. The Ladybug let out a yelp, dodging. Then Hex charged out, using his baton to help Tempest.

Coccinella dodged the multiple attacks the best she could. Using her yo-yo, she wrapped the line around the blade. And then she slammed Tempest and Hex together.

Hex grabbed Tempest and once again dodged into the shadows. It was easy to, almost like the shadows rippled around him, hiding them from sight. Next to him, Jinx lifted her flute to her lips, like the plan. The tune was quiet, just like the soft whisper of "Mirage."

Now for the finishing touch.

Coccinella moved to chase after the illusion Mariposa.

But Mariposa was already there, smacking her cane into her head. The ladybug let out a shriek of pain.

Gripping her head, she glared at the butterfly before swinging away.