Note: I do not own Ranma ½ or any of the characters in it except the ones I added to make the story interesting. In this story Ranma gains some very unique powers and has to learn to use them I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it

Author Note: I would like to note this was my very first story, I also like to note it was originally placed under another title that didn't fir the story and well I had a data corruption happen and lost all my data or so I thought, I found the original some time ago and left it to die and well now I found I am wanting to give it purpose under a new name I do hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This story is O.O.C. has the use of magic/Martial arts. Some Ranma1/2 canon stuff may or may never have happened so bear that in mind since this is a fan fiction.

Unwanted Fate

By: Zeltronica


Ranma limped home in the freezing rain her clothes torn bruises all over. She was heading home after a confrontation with Mousse. She won the fight only to find herself defeated ultimately. Using a magical artifact Mousse locked Ranma's curse. To Ranma, this wasn't a fate she would wish on anyone. The springs were dried up and there was no cure and now her sanity was fraying at the edges.

Now she no longer could change into a guy. Her worst fears come to life. To make matters worse her curse made it so she was Immortal in terms she would live forever as it was told to her by a certain guide who explained to her she would never grow old and couldn't die without assistance or committing the ultimate act while in his cursed form meaning she would have to live her nightmare for eternity. She sobbed as she walked her tears intermixing with the rain as it fell on her.

'What am I going to do if Mom finds out I am so fucked then there is my dad he will not want anything to do with me cause I am a weak little girl now then what about Akane. I just don't know what to do.'

Ranma was very angry with Cologne this was her fault. Mousse explained after Ranma beat him up and he locked Ranma in her curse. Cologne sent him to do this task because Ranma was going to marry Akane the day before Christmas. After giving Mousse his final orders and freedom, Cologne and Shampoo returned to China.


Not too far off a lone traveler heard the scream as it echoed the rainy night air. "Ra...Ranma..." Ryoga knew something was wrong. He had planned to confront Ranma again, but now he wasn't so sure he wanted to be near Ranma. She sounded angry, which for Ranma didn't happen too often, but this was different from most times Ranma was angry this scream sounded of anguish and despair.

Continuing to the Tendo's using his umbrella and as much due to pure chance and luck, he finally arrived at the rather large estate which happened to be the second largest in Nerima. Once there he knocked on the door and was let into the house.

"Thank you, Kasumi." Ryoga smiled, as he was about to enter she shook the excess water off of his umbrella closing it.

"It is no problem Ryoga-Kun your welcome anytime," Kasumi said.

Just as they both were about to head to the living room the door slides open they turned in time to see Ranma come inside, she looked miserable and fevered as she walked past them she went straight up the stairs without a word. Ryoga looked down Ranma was dripping blood on the floor from her knuckles.

"Oh my, I wonder if something happened" Kasumi stated, as she went to get cleaning supplies to clean the mess Ranma had just made on the wood floor.

Ryoga could feel great despair he had always wanted to see Ranma broken by his own fist, but to him, she looked broken already. "Kasumi, I don't think we should leave her alone tonight I feel something bad will happen," he called with concern in his voice.

After thirty minutes Kasumi went upstairs to get Ranma for dinner when she knocked on the furrow door no one answered she opened the door and screamed as she ran to the bath checking on Ranma.

Akane ran quickly up stair's "What is it Kasumi? what is wrong..." she trailed observing the bath and the bloody water that spilled out onto the floor.

"Call the paramedics quick Akane hurry!" Kasumi pulled Ranma out of the bath and onto the floor so much blood she kept saying as she took some hand towels to help stop the bleeding on Ranma's wrists.

Kasumi cried as she held the cloth to both Ranma-chan's wrists. "Don't you dare die on me or I'll come after you!" she screamed as her heart was breaking as she had come to love Ranma not as just a brother-in-law no she felt as if he was a dear brother sometimes sister.

It wasn't long before the ambulance they had been waiting for had finally arrived quickly and collected Ranma and took her to the hospital. The entire family went to the hospital after Nodoka had finally arrived. "What is wrong with Ranma?" she asked Kasumi.

Kasumi was distraught and couldn't talk.

Then Akane spoke. "He.. she tried to commit suicide... I don't know why." She started sobbing "I don't know why she would do this..."

Nodoka upon hearing Ranma referred to as a "She" several times. Finally had to admit her denial and come full circle. Her thoughts were of her child who was for all tints and purposes knocking on Heaven's door, she had no idea if he would live or die she only knew she hadn't had much contact with him with exception of Ranko and those encounters were brief.

She paced back and forth until finally after what seemed an eternity a doctor approached telling her Ranma was going to make it which gave the woman a sense of relief, but now she wanted to see her child as soon as she could be allowed to do so.



A Mom and her Decision.

Nodoka didn't let anyone go in except herself she sat down next to Ranma's bed looking at the redhead with wonderment. 'This girl who had called herself Ranko for three straight years I knew this was my child from the start no one can hide Jusenkyo curses very well why did you do it honey your so beautiful as a woman and handsome as a man what could have made you do a thing like this.'

She had to make a decision to accept her child or turn her back... She could see only one solution and she planned to stick by her child she pulled the seppuku pledge out of her pocket and shredded it tossing it in the nearby waste bin. Sitting back down next to Ranma's bed listening to the droning of machinery as it beeped every time Ranma had a heartbeat.

'It is too early to tell her the truth.'

The door opened and Ryoga walked in shutting the door behind him. "I know you didn't want anyone in here but I had to see for myself she was still alive."

Nodoka looked at Ryoga thoughtfully. "I thought you hated my son?"

"No, I don't hate him. I hate the things he does sometimes. But I could never wish him dead. If he was to go I can't know what I would do he is the only real friend I have you have to understand." Ryoga said as he was shaking tears threatening to spill down his cheeks.

Nodoka went over and comforted Ryoga. "If you want her to make it through this then lets both be here to greet her to show she's not alone in the world."



~One week later

Ranma opened her eyes. She started to get up realizing she could not because straps held her down to the bed. "Is this hell?" She asked.

A Nurse came into the room. "Ah you're awake just a few minutes I will get the doctor."

The doctor came in giving Ranma a warm smile. "Well good to see you awake. My name is Itachi Momoto I am going to be your psychiatrist during your stay here."

"Where am I?" Ranma asked.

"You are at Tokyo Mental Hospital. You seemed to have tried to commit suicide and that is something we cannot allow and it is illegal on top of that. You will be staying here till you learn to cope with whatever made you harm yourself."



Five days later.

Ranma let a sigh escape her lips as she held a thoughtful expression mentally slapping herself since she was such a screw up she couldn't even kill herself correctly; It is like some outside force wouldn't allow it. She rubbed the white bandage that was on her left wrist against her right wrists own white bandage they itched badly.

"Well isn't this interesting." Looking around her new room, she herself was wearing white uniform pants, shirt, and a white robe which she wore open. She had no shoes to wear accept white fuzzy slippers which sat to the right of the only door that would lead out of her room. Ranma laid down on her bed pulling the covers over her resting while two orderlies were outside keeping an eye on her through the window.

Eventually, the orderlies left the window and she heard the distinctive locking mechanism just before the door slid open Her doctor walked in to check on her as he had many times before while making his rounds.

"How long will I have to stay here?" Ranma asked.

Itatchi stated. "You will be staying here until we deem you sane enough to go back into the world and live a full and productive life."

"Why do you people force me to live like this I am a guy damn it?" Ranma sobbed.

Itachi sighed. "If I hadn't seen the curse demonstrated by your friend I never would have known. You are a girl now you don't change back. I know that is hard. Hell if I went from guy to girl in one day I don't know how I would work it out. The point, however, is to learn to cope while you are here then you can go back out into the world to give it what you have to offer. Killing yourself isn't the answer. Now I will be back to check on you later goodnight." With that, he left the room to check on his other patients.

The door sliding shut the audible sound of the locking mechanism being engaged sounded out with finality. Ranma broke down crying eventually crying herself to sleep. As she slept she had dreams of her parents rejecting her and Akane not wanting anything to do with her. She awoke temporarily from her slumber because a nurse injected something in her arm. "That should help you sleep more peacefully, child."

Ranma slowly fell into a peaceful sleep.



White Walls

As Ranma walked down the corridor to the Gardens she looked glanced over some of the patients. They sometimes talked to themselves. She felt sometimes that besides the orderlies and doctor's she was the only sane one here. Though she didn't like the orderlies much she felt dread around them wondering when they would attack her. They kept a constant watch on her anytime she was nearby.

Walking over to a bench in front of a bird feeder she watched as birds came down splashing in the water. The smell of flowers soothed her mind trying to think of better times all she felt at the moment was cold heartened dread.

'Even if they do get me to learn to cope I will not rest until I burn the Amazon Village to the ground, I will make Cologne break as she has broken me. Everything she loves I will take away everything she knows I will burn it to the ground. This I swear.'

Five nights later the doctors found Ranma-Chan in a lot of pain as she was on the ground screaming, when they finally got her calmed down with sedatives that had given her they watched in fascination as her body seemed to glow white and her hair color had changed to a cobalt blue with red strips running through it two red strips made her bangs that hung long on each side of her face while three more long strips ran down her back her hair grew out some too it was now at the middle of her back. She had water dripping from her fingertips as she finally went to sleep the water stopped dripping from the tips of her fingers.

Itatchi sighed. "I am no expert but this is unnatural even for a curse. Yoko get me that Dr. Tofu I need to talk to him." He reached down touching the water on the floor frost appeared on his fingertips. "It's so cold?" He pondered as he wasn't still understanding what he was seeing.

Four hours later Dr. Tofu arrived and looked Ranma over. "Quite intriguing isn't it?" Itachi asked.

"Very interesting I am not sure what happened to cause this transformation, I need to consult my books on Jusenkyo, and call the guide he might be able to help me with this. Has she woken up since she went to sleep?" Tofu asked.

"No not once she is in some kind of coma right now we checked her for foreign contents in her stomach and found nothing," Itatchi explained.



One week later Dr. Tofu and the Jusenkyo guide paid Ranma a visit she was still asleep.

"Ah sirs it has happened she has been given Jusenkyo blessing. She Jusenkyo goddess now. I wonder why springs had returned to normal from their dried up state now it would seem I know." The guide explained in Mandarin.

Dr. Itatchi looked at the guide. "What is he saying DR. Tofu?"

"He is saying that Ranma apparently is the living embodiment of the Jusenkyo water goddess." Tofu explained.

The guide took a breath then explained. "When girl here try to commit suicide Jusenkyo spirit intervened and kept her alive and made her new goddess this only can be done if one's heart is pure and protects others around her. Ancient legend says the springs had searched for a replacement for centuries it would appear it's search is over and has chosen this girl." The guide handed Dr. Tofu a book. "You must give her this book she must learn control or it will be a disaster for us all."

Dr. Tofu opened the book and could see it was a book of spells and enchantments and curses, however, he could only make out a few words.

"It was written by a powerful and corrupt sorceress who many believed was a diety who was in mortal form and who drowned there long ago in spring of drowned girl. Now, who fall in springs take Immortality and body of whatever falls in springs. Your young girl here is chosen as her replacement." The guide explained.

Itatchi sighed. "So I need to set up a private area for her to practice this book?" he couldn't believe the absurdity of it all, but yet here it was how could he deny it to attempt to deny it could cause insanity in itself.

Dr. Tofu nodded "It would probably be best I will wait for her to wake up if you do not mind I need to speak to her about this matter."

Itatchi and the guide both left the room left the room.



Waking Up Differently

When Ranma woke up she could see Dr. Tofu putting a bottle of smelling salts away.

"Good to see you again Ranma". Sitting a book on her lap. "I know this might sound strange but it would seem you have acquired Jusenkyo's blessing whether you like it or not."

Dr. Tofu then went on to explain why Ranma felt aches and pains and different she nodded holding the book to her chest. "I see Doc. This is a lot to take in," she stated.

"Well, it is important you only practice your spells in a secluded environment away from the other patients otherworldly magic isn't something that the mortal eye can conceive as you well know it can almost cause you to go insane the first time." Dr. Tofu explained.

Ranma looked into the Mirror seeing her color had changed. "Uhg my hair... I already stood out this is worse! sadly everything else stayed the same my chest is no bigger and yet no smaller and I am still the same four-foot-eight in this body." She laughed hysterically for a moment before going on to say, "I am going to be in here a long time huh?"

Dr. Tofu sighed. "Till you learn to cope you will be here awhile your going through a lot between going from a guy to a girl then depression of all the things in life that finally got to you. Your biggest problem is that you bottled your Emotions up till finally, you took the self-destructive path. You have to learn to let go and cry when you need to release that tension. If it makes you feel better your Mom knows and now and accepts you. I cannot say the same for your father but one parent is better then nothing and Akane is willing to still be there for you if you still want her in your life."

"I don't know if I could make Akane do that she wants kids someday I don't wanna stop her... But my mom you say she knows about me and accepts me?"

Dr. Tofu nodded. "Yes, she wants to see you tomorrow if you don't mind a visit."

"No I don't mind please tell her to come." Ranma half smiled at this since it was the first good news she had heard in a very long time. No longer would she have to lie and pretend she could finally talk to her mother without fear of the awful seppuku pledge her father made her sign or so she hoped.