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Marcus was standing in his office looking at a case file facing away from the door when the door opened. "Take off your shirt," Lucifer said not even greeting Marcus. He spun around looking at Lucifer with disbelief. "Not in that way. At least not now. Anyway, in my quest to help you die, I've done some research. And I think the key may lie in understanding the mark that my father placed on you," Lucifer explained.

"Oh, that's a waste of time. I've already tried to figure out what it means. I've read every book. I've analyzed every language," Marcus countered. "Well, have you ever let the devil take a gander?" Lucifer retorted. "Mmm," Marcus sounded shaking his head. Marcus was already lifting up his right sleeve to show Lucifer. "Didn't think so," Lucifer smirked. Lucifer was looking at Marcus's arm it having a scarred circle on it. "What...Where's the rest of it. The tattoo on top, the skulls, and the spears," Lucifer asked obviously confused. "Well, since my body's constantly healing. I have to reapply the tattoo every few months." "Well, why bother at all," Lucifer huffed. "Because it represents my immortality, my curse. I hate it." "Yes. Yes, you hate living forever because you can't see how much fun it is," Lucifer said pushing Marcus so he is on top of his desk. Marcus groaned, "Lucifer, don't do anything the door is open and so are the curtains."

Lucifer had his hand underneath Marcus's shirt. Lucifer wasn't kissing him but he was dangerously close. Lucifer was in between Marcus's legs; pushing them open. He was playing with Marcus's pecs. "Do you want me to stop?" Lucifer said using the hand not occupied to hold Marcus's arms behind his back. "No, but you need to," Marcus said grinding against Lucifer. Lucifer backed off and drawled lazily, "Okay. I'll ask Amenadiel for help with that nasty scar of yours." Marcus was obviously still effect but was slowly hiding it. "You think he'll help?" "It's worth a try, don't you think?"

After Lucifer left Marcus was left wanting. He was able to cover most of it up. It would be utterly disappointing for the man as old as human life not to be able to do so. Marcus got up and sat in his chair leaning back.

He couldn't understand what came over him last night. It's not like he never dabbled in BDSM but the way Lucifer did was different. He'd been thinking on this subject all morning. Maybe Lucifer has something that no one else had. Might as well go with it till it gets boring as well.

Lucifer was standing in his penthouse house. Amenadiel had just left after saying no to helping Lucifer with Marcus's mark. He had to find something to soften the blow when he told Marcus. Onto more research.

Lucifer walked into Marcus's office not even bothering to knock. He closed the curtains and locked the door. He turns to Marcus who is sitting at his desk looking over more files. "Amenadiel won't help but I think I know what will." He put a folder in front of Marcus. "Why won't he help." "Because he believes he is the favorite and I'm his quest given by our father." "What do you mean?" "It's a long story involving a Flaming Sword and a space vagina. But the quick version, a book said it, so it must be true. Anyway, before I go. Bend over I'm giving you a gift." Usually, Marcus would've told Lucifer to fuck off but he wanted to see what Lucifer was going to do. With Marcus bent over across the desk, Lucifer pulled out an alarmingly red lollipop saying, "Open." When Marcus did Lucifer continued unwrapping the sucker, "This is a fast-acting poison. One of the most poisonous in the world." With that Lucifer placed the lollipop in Marcus's mouth. "I'll see if I can find a way to bring Amenadiel round. Not to worry," Lucifer said walking out the door. Marcus could feel the effects of the poison already but he continued to suck on the gift watching Lucifer's behind as he left.

The poison obviously wasn't going to work. So when Cain recovered enough he decided to pay a visit to Amenadiel. He was sitting at the bar in Lux facing the crowd. "So, I finally get to meet the infamous Amenadiel," Cain said walking up to him and leaning on the counter near him. "Look, I know who you are, and I know what you want. But I can't help you. Sorry," Amenadiel said not wasting time for pleasantries. "Oh, come on, buddy, I just want to chat." "Yeah? About what?" Amenadiel said not believing a word. "The weather, sports. By chance, do you have any idea how annoying it is to be an immortal human being," Cain said in a faux conversational tone; sitting down on the other side of him. "I can't say that I do." "Oh, well, let me enlighten you. You see, first, you get to watch everyone you love die, over and over. And that sucks. And on top of that, it's boring. I've been everywhere there is to go, I've tried every kind of food. Sex, music... Nothing surprises me anymore." "Have you tried Game of Thrones," Amenadiel said a smug look on his face.

[Cain] "It's been a literal hell on Earth."

[Amenadiel] "Well, the punishment fits the crime, Pierce."

[Cain] "Little harsh, if you ask me."

[Amenadiel] "My father always has his reasons."

[Cain] "Right. I've always wondered who your father would assign such an important task. It must've been someone he really trusted. Maybe his favorite son. You marked me, didn't you?"

Amenadiel was being silent as Marcus went through his reasoning. "Yeah, it was me. And you deserved it," Amenadiel said growling out the last sentence. "I didn't come here to argue right or wrong. In fact, I just need your help," Marcus said as he pulled out a gun moving to set it on the table. "And see, the good news for me is, this can actually hurt you now. You put this mark on me, now you're gonna tell me how to get rid of it." It was Cain's turn to be smug because he knew he had Amenadiel cornered.

"So, what's it gonna be, Amenadiel? You're gonna help me die, or vice-versa?" Cain asked waiting for a response. "Do as you must, because I can't help you," Amenadiel answered. "You're proud, I get it. You don't want to upset Daddy. You might not care if you get killed, but are you willing to let an innocent die for your pride?" Amenadiel looked proper angry now as Cain pointed his gun toward a couple of guys. "You wouldn't." "I killed my own brother. What makes you think I wouldn't kill some random person to finally have peace? Maybe the guy wearing the scarf indoors, no one will miss him." Cain lifted the guy to shoot him. Amenadiel moved so he was in the way blocking the gun with his body. "Enough! Yes. I gave you the mark. But I was only the messenger, Pierce. I have no idea how to remove it," Amenadiel whispered. "Actually, I believe you."

Amenadiel sighed in relief and sat back down, having gotten up, letting go of the gun. Cain shot the ceiling saying, "Everybody out! Now!" People were scrambling to get out before they got hurt screaming as they ran away. "What are you doing? I told you everything I know," Amenadiel shouted. "I thought you wouldn't have been of any use, but I needed to make sure."

[Fight scene I don't feel like writing. Cain loses ruining Lucifer's club in the process.]

"Bloody hell. What does the other guy look like?" Lucifer said as he walked into his club looking down at Amenadiel. "Immortal. I'm the one that gave Pierce his mark, Luci." Lucifer lets out a weak chuckle. "Right. So, that's why you wouldn't help. Didn't want to remove your handiwork," Lucifer said his voice getting more aggressive. "All of this has nothing to do with me. I.. I couldn't just remove it even if I wanted to because it's supposed to be there. Father cursed him for a reason." Lucifer scoffed at Amenadiel's zealotry. "I know you think you're friends with Pierce. I get it, but I'm warning you, Luci, he has but one selfish goal. And working with him will only incur Father's wrath," Amenadiel tried to explain. Lucifer laughed whilst he grabbed a shattered bottle. "What the... That's the bloody point!" Lucifer sighs and continued, "Look, I know. You're just being a good older brother, trying to protect me 'cause you think I need protecting." "Yes, that's right, because I am my brother's keeper," Amenadiel said. "And I am grateful, Brother. Truly, I am," Lucifer said projecting real thankfulness letting it sink in to let Amenadiel completely. "But I don't need protecting," Lucifer continued. "All that I am saying is that this alliance with Pierce will not end well," Amenadiel said trying to explain. "Oh, one can only hope. And all I'm saying is that if you continue to meddle, Amenadiel, then you will be in my way," Lucifer growled. "Well, then, Brother..." "Yes." "I guess I'll be in your way." Realization spread across Lucifer's face as Amenadiel's words ended.

After Amenadiel left Lucifer let his features morph into anger. He didn't understand, not truly, why he wouldn't help. Lucifer knew he had a tendency to wear his emotions on his figurative sleeves and was surprised he held out as long as he did. He hopes Markie comes tonight he needs serious release.

He starts to get the items preparing the toys he'd be using if Marcus came.

"I'm pleased to see you were honest about what you said last night," Lucifer purrs out. Marcus had just come up to Lucifer's loft using the elevator. Lucifer already had everything set up for a new night of play. Marcus grimaced, almost regretting his decision to come especially with the whole Chloe situation.

Lucifer bowed with a cheeky smirk and pointed toward a decked out playroom. Marcus followed to where he was pointing and stood there. He didn't like the fact he was waiting for instructions but if he continued to deny his and Lucifer's roles then he'd have an even harder time dealing. "Markie~ What do you want to do first?" Lucifer sang walking into the room after him. Marcus decided he'd just say it because if past experiences are anything to go by Lucifer is a tease.

"Let's start off like we did last time," Marcus offered.