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Persocom1/2 chapter: 6

Back safely in the apartment Ikaros and Nymph sat just in front of the window seal snacking on their various treats, on the dresser a flat-screen television sitting on the dresser next to the party supplies played a show the duo was watching the sound going straight to Bluetooth which the duo had linked in so they could listen and not bother the sleeping occupant of the room.

"It was very kind of Tobishita-san to provide us a television so we won't die of complete boredom that and agreeing to allow me to stay the night," Nymph noted in a whisper as she preceded to bring a chip to her lips snacking on it.

Ikaros nodded her head whispering back, "Yes it was."

the duo leaned back against the wall seeming very content with the current goings-on, eventually, a few hours past and they heard an alarm clock just past the door and in the room Ryou's son stayed in and a smacking sound as if a hand slapped plastic and the sound of the alarm ceased.

Hearing movement getting closer to the room, then the insertion of a key into the lock of the door both Ikaros and Nymph vanished from view as they seemed to fade from reality just before the door swung open.

Hiro glanced around the room observing his sleeping father and then the television that currently was playing a show of some type. He walked over flipping it off then opened one of his father's dresser drawers reaching in taking a couple of items out.

"Hiro, what you doing in here?" Ryuu inquired, though if he was worried about the two Angeloids he didn't show it, nor register they were missing from the room mostly due to being still mostly asleep.

Hiro looked to his father going on to say as he finished retrieving some bills from a jar saying, "Well if you must know father I have a school project and I need some of the money I had you hold onto for the project." he explained before heading for the door.

"Oh okay then have a good day at school." he lightly called through a yawn before going back to sleep for a little while longer.

Once Hiro left the room shutting the door both Ikaros and Nymph seemed to materialize back in the same spot they had been moments before Hiro had entered the room.

"Wow did you just conceal us both?" Nymph inquired with curiosity.

Ikaros simply nodded her head explaining, "Yes it is a personal ability I have which is a form of camouflage I can conceal multiple units with it though it will only fool humanoid eyes mind you."

she paused momentarily before saying in closing, "Someone with a thermal imaging device would pick up our heat signatures so its usefulness only goes so far."

"Either case that is a handy ability," Nymph noted as she filed the information for her own purposes.

She then went on to further consider her red-haired counter-part observing in thought. 'So designed for stealth warfare as well though I can do that as well... but only for myself yet she hid us both and she mentioned multiple units like how many I wonder?'

Though she figured she would let the matter drop for now and only speculate on the number as the ability as nice as it seemed wasn't very relevant other than for observation purposes.



Later that morning it was now just a little before noon Ryou had long since left for work and Ikaros and Nymph said their goodbyes for the time being since the blue-haired Angeloid had to return home for the time being saying she would keep in touch as they had exchanged contact information.

Which left Ikaros as the sole occupant of the apartment she walked throughout observing everything with exception of Hiro's room which she didn't even attempt to enter.

Running a finger along the counter of the kitchen she eyed a trail in the dust and turning her finger she observed a layer of dust on it. 'So dusty.' she inwardly noted to herself.

She then proceeded to open the cabinets taking stock of every detail whilst grabbing up various cleaning supplies while also taking a note of the time, especially displaying it in the corner of her vision so she wouldn't neglect it since she was told to not be seen by Ryuu's son.

She then went on a cleaning spree wiping every surface and item down quickly and efficiently as possible pausing briefly as she looked to the kitchen observing a visage of a young brown-haired woman with her back turned towards her the woman's hair worn in a long pony-tail held via a large white bow, her clothing consistent with a pink house dress, white socks on her feet.

She heard the hum of a song as the woman was busy at her craft which was preparing a meal, the woman seemed to pause what she was doing, turning to face her revealing very beautiful features upon her lips a wan smile, and deep chocolate brown eyes who called out, "Oh dear there appears to be some items I need for tonight's dinner would you mind fetching them for me while you are out and about?" she inquired.

Ikaro's started to speak only for the visage to fade away with only the counter stovetop in view, she glanced around briefly, she then continued with her cleaning though she felt troubled as she realized the damage even though she never could find it with her self scans may be getting worse.

Hours had passed as eventually she had made quite the progress in cleaning leaving only Hiro's room untouched since that could cause problems for the boy's father.

Returning to Ryuu's room closing the door just in time to hear the door to the front of the home open up and the shuffling of feet as shoes were kicked off by the door, then the padding of socked feet on the hardwood floor could be heard.

"Uh the place is clean for once..." could be heard by Ikaros as the start of a sentence said aloud seemed to pause meaning Hiro had noticed her efforts despite her calculations that he wouldn't notice.

She stayed quiet as a mouse until she heard the door open and shut to Hiro's room and loud rock music started up meaning she didn't have to be as quiet at this point.

She started to walk towards the window when her body slowly gave out as she started to fall face-first to the floor finally hitting it with a dull thud her vision going dark as she slipped into unconsciousness.


Two personalities meet...

Ikaros found herself free-falling in the distance she observed what appeared to be the floor of wherever it was she found herself circuitry lined it with countless capacitors and other things one would expect of a very large motherboard, even wire cabling spanning off into the distance from this floor.

Her hair whipped in the air due to her speedy descent it wouldn't be long before she met the floor with her face.

She then spawned her wings proceeding to right herself just in time as her feet hit the ground a crater formed beneath her feet as she hit it at a blistering speed despite her attempt to slow the descent with her wings.

She fell to a knee as she slowly withdrew her wings back into herself as she stood up taking stock of her situation stepping back slightly to observe the crater she had just created which seemingly was in the process of repairing itself eventually looking as if the terrain had never been disturbed.

Glancing around she observed in any direction she looked there was nothing but the same terrain no tree's nothing like the previous dream nor was there any voices this time around or sound for that matter.

Picking a direction she started walking towards wherever it would lead her through the further she walked the more of the same even her imaging software seemed to pick up nothing out of the ordinary leaving her with a puzzled expression to her features.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" she called to no avail as nobody seemed to be there to greet her.

She let a sigh escape her lips as she closed her eyes briefly before opening them only to observe something that wasn't there a moment ago and that being what looked to be a traditional Japanese home with a built-in dojo surrounded by an aging stone wall with a white picket fence out front that seemed very familiar yet not at the same time.

She slowly made her way towards the home the faint sound of traditional oriental music playing chimes as if from a music box caught her ear.

She glanced around briefly giving a cursory glance to her surroundings slowly opening the gate within the arch of the white picket fence.

"Come on in no need to be shy or cautious for that matter not gonna hurt you." came a male voice from somewhere within the home.

Ikaros crossed the distance observing a nameplate above the entrance of the home but the words were faded to a point it was illegible. Upon sliding the door open and entering the scene changed and she found herself in a dining room that seemed quite familiar.

Inside this room was two individual's one could have been the spitting image of her though her ears appeared almost elf-like but metallic more similar to Nymph's, her eyes were two different colors the left sapphire blue, while the right was that of magenta.

What could be her twin's clothing was a red silk Chinese style vest, with a black skirt, her wings were out which had nothing different than her own.

This Angeloid made no attempt to look at her almost appearing as if in a trance staring off into space, in her right hand she held a pocket watch which Ikaros currently had on her person in the waking world.

Held in the left hand a katana with the Roman numeral XII etched into its jet black blade with a glowing purple inlay just above the silver handguard. The hilt of this blade looked traditional with black-n-purple wrap.

Ikaros then turned her attention to the other occupant who was a young man with fair features and long raven hair tied back into a pigtail, he seemed to be watching a show of some kind on the nearby television.

His clothing being that of a traditional Chinese style red silk shirt with the sleeves rolled giving them a white appearance to match the collar of his shirt, on his bottom half, he wore blue trousers his feet bare.

He spared a glance to her revealing sapphire eyes much like her own as he called to her, "One moment please I can't get enough of this scene I must've watched it a hundred times by now."

Ikaros observed the boy look back to the screen, she slowly approached the table looking at the screen though she couldn't see anything but a blank turned off-screen.

"The television is currently off." Ikaros lightly called to the raven-haired boy who simply nodded his head.

Shrugging his shoulder's at her words Ranma let a chuckle escape his lips going on to say, "Yea I know just using my imagination it is about all I have anymore within this prison our father put me in... Well more like a foster father to me considering he isn't my real father anyway."

"I don't understand I don't have a twin?" Ikaro's questioned, upon her features a look of confusion.

Ranma nodded his head going on to reply, "Well yes and no technically Ikaros... well no easy way to say this but we are both one and the same just I have been locked away and you were created to run the body we currently reside in mind you Father did a poor job since you are slowly eroding since he decided to place your operating system within a partition within a core connected to the main personality core being mine."

"So the errors-" Ikaros started to say finding herself interrupted by Ranma who spoke up, "Yep those memories are mine and well technically are yours and they are bleeding in and well unless something is done we are both going to cease to be."

Ikaros considered this new bit of information saying in an admission, "I don't want to die."

"Well same here..." Ranma admitted, as he finally turned to face Ikaros gesturing for her to sit at the table.

Observing his gesture Ikaros moved sitting on the table observing a decorative tea set appeared on the table, steam wafted from the kettle's spout.

Ranma reached over with his right hand taking the kettle by its handle proceeding to pour its contents into the cup sitting in front of him then poured a cup for Ikaros as well.

Ikaros taking her perspective cup inquiring in a shy voice, "Why did father lock you away?"

Observing the girl's features he realized that Ikaros had the maturity of an adult but her emotions were not quite the same.

"Well, that is a sad question and only can be given a sad answer..." Ranma trailed as he took a small sip of his tea savoring it amazed at the fact the taste was as expected since it was from his memory of the past.

Ikaros took a sip amazed the tea had a taste being green tea with a pinch of what could be described as honey, she looked to the raven-haired martial artist with a small smile formed on her lips saying, "This is what I think could be described as good." she said in a dull monotone.

Ranma gained a slight smile at her words going on to say, "Yes I well we actually made this tea at some point though I can't fully recall when I just know it was the best we ever made."

He then went on to say, "Well too answer your previous question first I will say my-well our name is Saotome Ranma and we were once human like many of what Nymph described as insignificant bugs." he ruefully chuckled momentarily before continuing,

"Well, I 'er" he paused briefly going on to say, "Sorry it is awkward but we were nearly or lack of better words was killed by someone we knew and well our father found me I guess barely clinging to life and decided to use me in his project I wished at the time he hadn't but I was in no position to refuse."

Ranma paused momentarily as the memory of the events played across his mind going on to continue his explanation the entire time Ikaros gained a look of fear in her eyes as he continued. "Well when Father activated me I flipped out I am guessing the shock of the situation was too much for me to bear at the time and well I harmed several people and cause someone to die."

Ikaros observed the pain on the raven-haired martial-artists features upon saying the last words of his explanation, she felt an urge to go around the table and hug him but she didn't understand why but refrained from doing so.

"I am not a killer... I honestly didn't mean to harm anyone especially I didn't mean to kill that guy heck I only know I did it because Father showed me the recording to explain why he was locking me away I must have cried for hours maybe even days I can't remember anymore after my initial imprisonment." Ranma explained somberly, sitting his cup of tea on the table.

Ikaros set her cup down feeling compelled by an unknown emotion proceeding to round the table placing a hand upon his, "If what you have told me is true then it is not your fault it was an accident you were in shock."

Feeling comfort from her touch Ranma then proceeded to tap his right-hand fingers upon the table briefly, "So going back to our mutual self-preservation I would like to propose you let me out of this internal prison."

"While the story you have told me sounds as if a tragic accident how do I know it's a complete truth. Father locked you away probably because you are dangerous perhaps you should remain that way." Ikaros stated in her typical monotone voice.

Ranma shrugged his shoulder's saying, "Well I can't expect you to believe me right off the bat since we only just met however try to look at it from my perspective I have nothing to gain and everything to lose so I have no reason to lie to you and well we are one and the same so lying to you is to lie to myself."

"Perhaps you are right," Ikaros said realizing the weight of his words which could very well be the truth.

Ranma then went on to say, "However there still remains the fact that if something isn't done we both will cease to exist and that thing our Father wanted us to do will no longer be possible if we are nothing but scrap."

He paused momentarily before continuing "Well maybe you will completely cease to exist but without someone to remove the security allowing me access to our body then our body becomes an Angeloid paperweight." he added.

Ikaros seemed to roll his words around in her head as she considered the options.

Weighing them carefully she gained a thoughtful expression, 'If I cease to function and our body ceases to function we would be defenseless to stop someone from harvesting our technology and the Eternium core.'

"What do you propose we do about this?" Ikaros inquired, leveling the raven-haired boy with a scrutinizing gaze.

Ranma observing he got his counterpart's attention then decided to inquire, "Did father give you a small black case? I am pretty sure he did."

"Yes, but father said to only use it only in an emergency situation," Ikaros explained, proceeding to place her teacup on the table crossing her arms over her chest.

Ranma nodded his head going on to explain, "True but this is kinda an emergency situation for the both of us and well I am proposing something that I believe father had planned from the beginning-" he then found himself interrupted by his counter-part.

"What do you think Father had planned?" Ikaros inquired with an inquisitive brow raised.

Ranma then continues, "Well I think Father wanted us to merge with one another which is where that black case comes in, and well we would become 'Zafkiel'." he explained, gesturing with his right hand to the dormant Angeloid.

"If we merge who would control our body?" Ikaros inquired feeling quite conflicted and concerned rightfully so since her entire existence hinged on her counterpart not lying to her.

Ranma then went on to say, "You would well we would since we are the same person just I am your missing emotions."

"I need time to take all this in before I can make a decision." Ikaros dully stated to which Ranma nodded head going on to say, "That is perfectly fine but don't take too long to process things since time for us both may be shorter than either of us can expect."

Ikaros nodded her head, proceeding to stand up, "I now know where to meet you so no need to attempt to hack into my partition we will meet on my next self-scan. Further brute forcing may cause further degrading of my personality matrix."

"I understand but I had to get your attention somehow." Ranma softly said, as he watched her head for the door where a flash appeared and Ikaros was gone.



Ikaros awoke to find herself lying flat face first on the floor of Ryuu's bedroom, she glanced about her surroundings realizing she was indeed in the waking world slowly pushing herself up into a sitting position upon her knees.

She could hear the rock music coming from within Hiro's room though the volume was significantly lower and she could hear the sound of two other voices including Hiro's.

She remembered these voices from the subway though she couldn't place names on them she then proceeded to eavesdrop on the conversation using her enhanced hearing settings.

"No Hiro that is not correct try again." came a singsong voice that sounded quite soothing to the ears.

Hiro let out a grown feeling quite frustrated, "I hate Algebra... Okay what about this Megumi?" he inquired having erased his previous answer wiping the rubber flakes from his pencil with his free hand before writing another with his right.

"Correct Hiro but the teacher is going to want to see how you came to that conclusion so you need to write out the entire equation." came Megumi's singsong voice once more.

Then a male which she remembered who had pushed her down calling her a stupid machine spoke up, "What about mine Sis'?" he inquired.

"Oh shush Brother Dear you take to this like a natural so no need to brag." Megumi chided as she continued to help Hiro with his math.

Hiro spoke up jabbing a little saying, "Yea Riichi you jealous of me and your sister huh?"

"Jealous of you getting attention from my Sister as if hmmph!" Riichi exclaimed, going back to doing his homework.

Ikaros thought to herself gaining a thoughtful expression, 'Megumi and Riichi who were they to me and why did I say what I did.' she inwardly wondered.

The more she thought about it the more she realized the answer may lay with Ranma and made a mental note to speak with him about these two next they meet.

She ceased her eavesdropping proceeding to stand and walk over to the window opening the blinds gazing out at the nearby buildings and then down at the street observing different walks of life traveling its roads and sidewalks as she processed the information presented to her and a potential choice that once chosen could never be taken back one way or another.



Meanwhile at M's Estate...

In Minoro's office, Yuzuki was currently tending to a guest who was waiting patiently for the boy to arrive this guest was none other than Nabiki who was sitting in a chair just in front of the desk.

"I apologize for the wait he will arrive shortly. In the meantime may I offer you something to drink perhaps?" she inquired of the brown-haired woman.

Nabiki glancing to the persocom considering a possibility, "Would you happen to have some tea available any will do with a drop of honey?" she inquired.

"Yes, Miss Tendo I will bring you some tea very shortly," Yazuki called in a singsong voice as she then turned to leave the office to prepare and bring back some tea.

While she waited she took the time to retrieve her tablet from her purse proceeding to peruse its contents which was a wiki page based on M the kid prodigy while she waited as she found the contents quite fascinating and anyone able to make as much money as he did at a young age held her respect.

It wasn't long before Yuzuki returned placing some tea on the desk just in front of the brown-haired mercenary girl along with two cups pouring contents in both.

With this done Yuzuki turned and walked over to stand to the right of the window just behind the Minoro's desk as the padding of feet could be heard and Minoro himself entered the room walking over proceeding to sit down at his desk looking at the older woman.

"I am so sorry for making you wait Miss Tendo I had some things I needed to attend to." he apologized as he proceeded to retrieve his perspective cup taking a sip.

Taking her perspective cup she sipped briefly savoring the taste before swallowing and speaking, "It is okay really I am not in that much of a hurry since the subject of my visit has importance to my family."

"Family?" Minoro inquired, quirking a brow in intrigue.

Nodding her head Nabiki then spoke, "Well more importantly I am here on the behalf of my Nephew and Niece you see they are looking for a persocom."

"Oh well, I could point you to my stores so you can browse its many versions we build all kinds Miss Tendo." Minoro offered, having come to the opinion the woman was looking to buy.

Gaining a slim smile at the boy's offer to sell her something, "Oh no M' it is what you prefer on the forums is it not?"

"Oh right yes that is fine my name is Kokubunji Minoro, but yes I prefer M for short." Minoro offered, proceeding to sip his tea.

Nabiki considered her next words, "Well I have friends in quite a lot of places." She paused proceeding to place her tablet on the desk turning it around hitting play on a recording, she then slid it over for the young teen to watch.

Minoro sipping his tea about choked upon seeing a camera feed with Ikaros standing just outside his main gate, gaining a look of worry, 'Those people were just here are they testing me...' he trailed inwardly fearing for his life at this point.

"Look I told you, people, everything I know. She was here and she left after asking questions about her father that is all I know." he quickly explained.

Observing the boy's expression while also noting the words he spoke Nabiki quickly spoke up, "I am not sure what people you are referring to."

Minoro observing the woman's face a blank mask but her eyes held no deceit said, "I was visited by some very serious looking people asking me about that persocom... well she isn't a persocom really look Miss Tendo I would quit asking about her or searching it isn't healthy for either of us." he explained.

"Healthy or no M I really need to know where can I find her she is the only lead we have to find my missing brother-in-law or the very least finding out what happened to him," Nabiki explained, sitting her teacup down on the white saucer on the desk.

Minoro gained an expression of understanding and determined the woman wouldn't give up easily. He then softly spoke, "Well if you find her you have found him."

"What do you mean by that?" Nabiki inquired a curious brow raised.

Minoro then went into a full explanation of everything he had been told while Nabiki gasped placing a hand over her mouth. Eventually, his explanation came to an end leaving both of them looking quite tired from the sordid tale.

'Well that answers that so he died... but a mad scientist brought him back.' Nabiki inwardly thought to herself while it seemed far-fetched she honestly could tell the teen wasn't telling a fanciful tale no he was telling the truth as crazy as it sounded even her mind didn't want to fully wrap around the idea.

"So this Angeloid Ikaros as she calls herself is my brother-in-law and due to her main core being locked away is essentially like a totally different person correct?" she inquired.

Minoro nodded his head, "Yes she is acting on an Operating system that calls herself Ikaros other than that I don't know that much else to tell you Tendo-san." he explained proceeding to retrieve a pen and a pad of paper writing down an address.

He then proceeded to hand the paper over, "I warn you to be careful if you see some people in suits, this is the address your brother-well sister-n-law currently is located if I was to hazard a guess." he explained.

"Thank you I appreciate this very much as well as my Little Sister, Nephew, and Niece will be grateful as well M if you are ever in a need of a lawyer let me know won't you?" Nabiki called in an offer as she took the proffered paper in hand pocketing it as she stood up, fishing a business card from her coat pocket placing it on the desk.

Minoro watched the brown-haired woman proceeding to head to the office's exit, Yuzuki proceeding to follow her as they both eventually disappeared out the door.

'I hope I didn't make a mistake by giving her that information... but she and her family have the right to know what happened to their loved one.' he inwardly thought to himself.



Elsewhere in Nerima Japan...

At a small coffee shop, Ryuu sat at a booth by the window which gave a view of the park, on the table sat a white saucer sitting upon a pristine white table cloth with a black cup with its black contents steam wafting into the air.

Today generally was one of his workdays but today he had decided to call his boss and take the day off, he wore black slacks, black dress shoes, a white button-up long-sleeved shirt, complete with a red with green diagonal striped tie worn upon the collar of his shirt, on the back of his chair hung a cheap black suit jacket.

He currently was awaiting an old schoolmate of his which had become reacquainted with not long ago upon a visit to the hospital where she worked.

He waited patiently before finally hearing a familiar voice from behind him call out, "Sorry I am late Ryuu I had to attend a surgical meeting at the hospital and the meeting went on so long I was unable to change so please excuse my appearance."

Looking in the direction of the woman who called to him he smiled as the blue-haired woman neared the table, he got up from his seat rounding the table proceeding to pull the chair out saying, "It is no problem you look great as you are Akane. That and I did not wait long please sit down and relax."

Akane took her seat at the table, Ryuu returning to his own chair taking a seat.

Her outfit was consistent with a hospital uniform silk white blouse with a white doctor's coat with a gold nameplate with her name in red text worn over this, a stethoscope hung about her neck, her bottoms she wore a black skirt, with black pumps.

Eventually, a waitress came over taking their order before leaving the two to their own devices only to return briefly dropping off a cup of coffee in front of Akane who was all too happy to drink its contents since she felt she really needed the pick-me-up.

"How is your arm still hurting?" Akane inquired about her recent patient.

Ryuu reached up with his left hand rubbing his shoulder, replying, "Well it's okay still bothers me from time to time but you really knew what you were doing."

"Well, I studied hard and worked to perfect my methods I am glad it helped you," Akane said happily almost beaming with pride at the compliment Ryuu gave her.

Ryuu observed her features observing a content look but her eyes were sad, "Is something wrong Akane?"

"Oh no, it's nothing. Well, just I was surprised to see you during your visit to the hospital. I mean the last time I had seen you it was my senior year and Ranma was acting so jealous when you tried to give me those cards you were handing out." Akane explained trailing slightly.

Ryuu then added, "Yes I remember he snatched them from me saying they ain't no big deal if I remember correctly before tossing them over the roof railing."

"Yea that was his reaction. Those cards might've been worth something by now but only to whoever got a hold of them Ranma could be so jealous anytime a boy seemed remotely interested in me but he would try to play it off like that wasn't the case." Akane said her expression one of sadness, a single tear dripped down her cheek.

She quickly wiped it away, Ryuu looking to her with concern, "Are you alright Akane have I upset you we can call this off if you like I don't want to get you in trouble with him."

"Oh no you are fine... and as for Ranma I wouldn't worry he isn't in the picture anymore he has been gone for quite some time and I am afraid everyone is right he is probably dead and not coming back he was declared so several years back. I just get choked up when I think about him." Akane explained in assurance.

Ryuu looked at the blue-haired woman feeling for her, "I am sorry I didn't know... guess we really have been out of touch for that long." he softly said.

"It is okay. What about you last I knew you were trying to become a big-time baseball player but turns out you didn't get that far... What about that girl Yuna you were with whatever happened to her?" Akane inquired raising an inquisitive brow.

Ryuu shrugged his shoulder's ever so slightly saying, "Well something happened that changed my passion for baseball. As for Yuna well, we went on to have a boy he is the light of my life though he hates my guts thinking I caused her to run off on me."

"Oh you don't have to say but why did Yuna leave if you don't mind me asking?" Akane inquired looking to her acquaintance expectantly.

Ryuu once again shrugged, responding, "Well when I and Yuna got together she too thought I was going to become a big-time baseball player and we were going to hit the big time and get rich yada-yada... and well that didn't happen and I became a salvage yard crane operator which I do like a lot." He paused briefly in his explanation to take a sip of his coffee before continuing.

"Well basically Yuna is very materialistic and what she wanted I can never afford so she found someone else who could provide what I could not and left me for her and both of them moved to America and of course she left Hiro with me because she wanted nothing to do with either of us and well the divorce was finalized last September." he finished.

Akane having listened to his story gained a sour expression, "Wow I get the materialistic part my elder sister is kinda like that... but even she wouldn't ditch her child and not want anything to do with them."

"Well that is what happened I try not to dwell on it. Speaking of if I am right you were talking about your sister Nabiki... what did we use to call her," He paused briefly before saying, "Oh yes The Ice Queen of Furinkan high."

Akane giggled girlishly as she loved the way Ryuu talked about her sister, saying, "Yep that is what they called her back then. She went on to become a CEO of a multinational law firm and well she dotes on my children more than I do... I sometimes think she wishes they were hers."

"It is good that they have an aunt that dotes on them. What are your children's names?" Ryuu inquired with interest, as he places his nearly empty cup upon the saucer.

Sipping her coffee before returning the cup to its perspective saucer plate on the table Akane then went on to say cheerily, "Riichi and Megumi they are the most wonderful children any mother could want and remarkably well behaved I rarely have to scold them." though she left out a couple of key details.

"Sounds nice I wish I could say the same about Hiro but to be honest we are not that close since as soon as he gets home it's into the room and he shuts the door I am trying to get him a persocom since when he does talk to me it's about buying him one since all his friends have them apparently," Ryuu explained, taking in a breath then let it out.

Akane tilted her head going on to say, "Well most children want persocom's, especially mine. They are expensive to get and well thanks to their Aunt me and her went in on buying one and got the latest model it is modeled after that Hatsune Miku from the Vocaloid band which is apparently Riichi's favorite though he doesn't like to admit it."

"Well I found one but I have been trying to keep her a secret from Hiro mainly because I don't want to get his hopes up so close to his birthday especially if something should happen to that unit," Ryuu explained.

Akane raised a curious brow asking, "So you got him a persocom and are keeping it a secret. However, you are worried something might happen to it?"

"Yes I got it from the salvage yard I work at and well it turns out its a military model and may even be government property and if they come for it I will need to give it to them," Ryuu explained, taking his coffee cup finishing its contents before replacing it on its perspective saucer plate.

Akane considered this information, "Well that sucks I can see why you wouldn't want to give him hope then if that can be a possibility." she observed.

"I am sure it will be alright either way even if my fears are realized I'll swing something for him eventually down the road." Ryuu dully stated as he thought about the persocom in question.

He then went on to pose a question, "So how old are Riichi and Megumi?" he inquired a curious brow raised.

"Ah they are fourteen one was only a few minutes behind the other being Megumi," Akane explained, a smile to her lips as she thought of her children.

Ryuu seemed to smile at this, "Yea Hiro is thirteen just a little younger than them I wonder if they go to school together." he commented.

"Well if they go to Furinkan then it's most likely the same school," Akane commented, proceeding to check her cellphone for the time.

She then thought on it some more seeming to remember a boy named Hiro that came to her house one day, proceeding to say, "Actually I think I may have met your son and yes he is friends with my kids hold on I got a picture." she continued to flip through her social media gallery finally finding a photograph with all three children in it turning it so her friend could see it.

Ryuu looked to the phone observing his son in the picture with two girls that could be dead ringers for Ikaros he stared at it for a long bit, "I thought you said you have a son and a daughter?" he hesitantly inquired.

"I do Riichi well for the lack of a better term he is very feminine looking so most assume he is a girl sometimes and of course he will wear unisex clothing quite often," Akane explained holding back the information about her child having a curse.

Ryuu considering this new information saying, "Oh I see... of course, it's probably a strange and odd coincidence but the persocom I found at my salvage yard kinda resembles your children."

"Oh well Persocoms have so many variations it wouldn't surprise me at all." Akane offered kinda blowing it off with a lighthearted chuckle and a slim smile on her lips.

The duo slipped into one conversation after another seeming to enjoy the other's company eventually paying the check before leaving the cafe together as they reached the street they paused briefly about ready to depart.

"Well, it was good seeing you again Akane if you would like to get together again some time don't hesitate to call me." Ryuu offered, to which Akane nodded her head saying in offering, "Sure I would love that how about the same time and same place let's say the day after tomorrow also I'll call if something changes between now and then?"

Ryuu nodded his head, "Sounds good see you then." he said with a casual wave before departing heading towards his apartment, Akane heading in the direction of her home.



Elsewhere in Sorami City on a residential street in a nice home modern Japanese architecture which currently four Angeloid occupants resided within out of five since the fifth being human happened to not be home having opted to go with a friend on her errands.

In the dining room sat Four Angeloids one of which being Nymph who was snacking on potato chips across from her sat Astraea a violet-eyed type Delta first-generation Angeloid with a voluptuous build with miniature ear pads that had the appearance of tiny wings, her long golden blond hair worn straight that if standing would be down to her ankles she when standing she is five feet tall.

Her attire was a collar with a broken chain link similar to Nymph's, blue- vest that barely covered her ample breasts being ninety-one cm, with ties that held it together, a blue-n-white and black skirt, and black-n-white arm warmers, with matching leg warmers, her feet bare.

Sitting to her right was another Angeloid that was second-generation type epsilon class evolution named Chaos with the appearance of a child with long golden blonde hair worn straight mostly covered via a nun's headdress, her eyes violet wearing clothing that resembled that of a catholic nun.

The fourth Angeloid who sat just to Nymph was a first-generation Angeloid type Alpha that was a battle class with short rosy pink hair worn in a wild bob with two long ponytails that were tied via white bows that hung just down to her ankles if standing.

Clothing similar to Astraea's, though the key difference she wore white-n-blackish color, pink variable wings were visible at her shoulder blades, unlike her fellow sisters her wings could not go fully into her body, her ears looked almost like that of a persocom with black rings that went around them with glowing green runic symbols.

Like her sisters she also wore a collar with a broken chain link, her eyes bright emerald this Angeloid was none other than Ikaros who to some have dubbed the Sky Queen and when standing was five-four with a weight of forty-eight kg and a quite ample chest at eighty-eight cm.

Between chip munching Nymph looked to Ikaros, "So Alpha I know you know more about her than I do why did you not go yourself?" she inquired.

"I wanted to see how she would react to you, to tell the truth, and well I was right she didn't shoot first and ask questions later." Ikaros dully stated, proceeding to grab a chip from the bag Nymph was munching from proceeding to take a chip munching on it.

Nymph slightly glared at her sister. "Alpha she nearly destroyed me when she had a memory lapse." she stated sharply, before saying, "Okay so your experiment worked out. Well, she appears to be operating off some persocom software... Chronos is currently locked away behind a security protocol."

"Will we show her love?" Chaos inquired tilting her head slightly.

Nymph glanced to her youngest sibling, "Too early to judge that since I cannot get a full read on her just yet 'Ikaros as Chronos calls herself doesn't have any real emotions like a blank slate but does display a few here and there depending on stimuli."

"I for one hope she can be a friend," Astraea said as she fiddled with a drawing she was doing on a paper on the table the art she was creating appeared to be a watermelon which she was drawing for her elder sibling unit.

"Alpha can you please elaborate more about Chronos so next time when I go meet her I can have a better understanding of what to possibly expect?" Nymph inquired of her sister.

Ikaros nodded her head, though paused briefly. She then went on to say, "She technically was a prototype paper Angeloid that was never meant to be built being class Chronos designation Zafkiel..." she then went on to explain to her sisters everything she knew especially why this particular Angeloid was never meant to be built.

During the explanation Nymph bit her lip not at all liking the potential threat Zafkiel could eventually pose to them if she were to become an enemy.

She then went on to say, "Alpha if everything you say is true I almost would want to preemptive strike to eliminate her on the basis she could become a real danger to us all should someone such as the Master acquires her, or even that shadow organization of humans that are hunting her."

"When she came online I was sent a message directly from the synapse itself to destroy her. However, in that same token I was contacted by Daedalus she asked that we try to reign her in and befriend her rather than destroy if it can be helped." Ikaros explained, looking briefly at each of her siblings.

She then went on to say, "Ikaros as she calls herself will one day become Zafkiel but originally she was a dying human until human scientists somehow acquired our technology to create her new body and uploaded her consciousness. She was called Saotome Ranma who was a human male vexed by a female curse which is what the body she currently resides in resembles being his/her female half."

Pausing briefly Ikaros grabbed yet another chip proceeding to nibble it, then went on to continue her explanation of their estranged sibling unit. "So Ranma apparently was a martial artist so that being said Zafkiel is adept and excels at hand-to-hand combat, and is a highly proficient marksman due to programming she was given by the man who she calls father." she finished.

"That and all the other things I observed she is capable of add in some of her more unique abilities she would be a tough fight for anyone and well that gives her an advantage against the organization hunting her, and even the Master to a point," Nymph added in observation.

Choas then spoke her thoughts, "In either case, our Earth-born sister is out all alone by herself and vulnerable in her current situation being 'Ikaros' who is undoubtedly not operating to her fullest potential."

"Well don't count Chrono's out she is a very capable fighter by what I observed in a fight with some thugs that harassed us. Also, she didn't eliminate a single one and avoided injuring them too much even the one who attempted to stab her." Nymph explained, placing her half-empty bag of potato chips on the table facing it towards her siblings who quickly went about finishing the bag.

Ikaros pondered a moment saying, "Perhaps I should accompany you on your next visit Nymph."

"Sounds like a plan I think you and her will get along Alpha," Nymph said as she crosses her arms over her chest.