The Black Lord


It was a well-known fact that Sirius Black was You-know-who's right hand man, it was not a well-known fact that the man had orchestrated the fall of the Potters. But that is talking about the masses of witches and wizards in Britain. To the ones who intimately knew the man, and of those there were but two left inside the country, Sirius Black was the focus of anger and despair on the one side and terror on the other side. So when the news broke out 5 years after his imprisonment in Azkaban that the man had died in a failed attempt to escape the most feared prison in the world, the world thought it was divine justice and no one mourned the broken man.

Harry Potter was dragging his feet from day-care back to his Aunt and Uncle's home when he turned the corner and came face to face with his cousin Dudley and his band of goons. Now Harry was usually quick on his feet and managed to generally stay well away from his oversized cousin, but today just wasn't his day and instead of running into a street he found his way blocked in a one way alley.

'Nowhere to run now, freak!' Dudley said as he shoved Harry to the ground before started to kick him. Harry curled up in a ball, but just as he was expecting the third kick to land he heard a low growl and looked up to see a huge black dog jump the wire fence that had blocked his way and land almost two feet away from him. Dudley and the goons scrambled for the alley exit just as the dog showed long fanged teeth and chased to the mouth of the alley. Harry scrambled to his feet and made to climb some discarded crates in the hope of being high enough from the scary looking animal. Who was he kidding, the dog jumped a two meter fence, he was going to get bitten if not all the way eaten. The dog turned towards him as he fought to find some balance on the shaky pedestal. This was it, Harry thought as the dog took a step forward, and then he sat down just looking at him with sad grey eyes. Harry blinked confused, he was barely 50 cm off the ground and the dog was taller than he was, what was the animal doing? Just as he thought that the dog laid low before turning belly woofing. Harry found himself slowly coming down from his not so safe spot wincing when the hurt from his cousin's kicks made themselves known to him.

'You're not going to eat me?' Harry asked taking a step forward. The dog returned on his belly shaking his head before barking once.

'I'm skin and bones anyway. My cousin is juicier.' Harry added.

Another bark and a growl.

Harry didn't know what to make of the growl. He walked sideways until he managed to bypass the dog and made a dash for the alley mouth but just as he got there he turned to see the dog was simply looking at him, not giving chase, not barking, not growling, nothing.

'Thank you.' Harry said although he was fairly certain the dog didn't really come there to rescue him, more likely it was just defending his home from loud humans. He made it home where he got a scolding from his aunt for the dirt on his clothes, was told to do chores and sent to bed without supper.

Well, this is just the prologue, the first chapter will be posted shortly. I had this story in my head and partly on paper for a while now, I decided to share to see if you guys liked it. The action will revolve around mostly on what Harry knows or finds out about his new guardian (as the summary says). There will be minor OC characters but they are not be the main focus of the story. That being said, the wonderful world of Harry Potter and its characters does not belong to me it belongs to the author.