20 Weeks

Tara woke up to a soft and gentle voice talking to her belly. As had become the custom, every morning Eliot would wake up, make breakfast for the two of them, and talk to the baby. This morning, Eliot was telling the baby about its cousin Bella.

"Bella is so excited to meet you little one." Eliot whispered, a smile growing as he placed his hand on Tara's belly, "She asks every day if you can come out to play yet."

Tara smiled, and looked down at her husband. She couldn't wait until the ultrasound today, where they would find out if they were having a boy or a girl. As if he knew she was watching, Eliot looked up to his wife's face.

"Well, good morning Love." He grinned, kissing her softly. "Did you sleep well?"

"Mmhmm." Tara nodded, "The baby was moving a lot last night, but I was still able to sleep."

"Well, good." Eliot whispered. "I think the baby is asleep now. I can't wait to feel it move."

"I can't wait for you to feel it." Tara replied, "It feels so magical."

After giving his wife another kiss, Eliot walked downstairs to grab the breakfast tray. Today's breakfast consisted of eggs, toast, and juice. A perfect breakfast for his perfect family. Tara smiled as Eliot walked in with breakfast. It smelled so good, and she was happy to have the morning sickness behind her. Eating had definitely become easier this trimester.

"It smells so good, sweetheart." Tara said as Eliot placed the tray in front of her, "Thank you for breakfast."

"Anything for my two loves." Eliot smiled, placing her cup of prenatal vitamins on the tray. Tara started cutting her eggs, and placing them on the toast to make a breakfast sandwich.

"What are you hoping for?" she asked, taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"Honestly," Eliot sighed, "healthy. But I have been dreaming of a little girl that looks just like you."

"Really?" Tara asked, smiling at the image of a baby girl in her husband's arms. "I have been dreaming of a little girl with your hair and eyes."

Eliot and Tara smiled, each lost in their own thoughts of what their child would look like. Soon, Eliot rolled over, and walked toward the shower.

"I'm gonna finish getting ready," he called, "Eat up before it gets cold!"

Tara laughed as she took another bite of her sandwich. Soon, she felt the little flutters of the baby moving around.

"You must like Daddy's food as much as I do, Little One." She smiled, as she placed a hand on her belly. "I can't wait until your Daddy can feel you. He's so in love with you."

Those little flutters didn't stop the entire time she was eating her breakfast. Eliot smiled as he heard the interaction between his wife and child. He had seen how hard it was for Tara the first few weeks, and now she was feeling so much happier with being pregnant. True, they were both scared because of their first baby, but they were hopeful because they knew that this time would work.

"You finished?" he asked, smiling at her, and placing his hand on top of hers.

"Yeah," she replied, pushing the tray closer to him, "We loved it, thank you."

Tara started getting out of bed, pausing to catch her breath and clear her head. Eliot stood up, took the tray, and headed downstairs.

"I'm gonna get changed, and then I'll be ready to go" Tara called to him, grabbing clothes from her drawer. Now that she had to wear maternity clothes, she had been sad to move her fashionable outfits and dresses to the attic until she lost the baby weight. As she looked through her closet, she found her favorite maternity dress. It was a soft, green, short sleeved dress that was knee-length. She slipped the dress on, a little bit harder to do these days, and found her flats that still fit. Making sure the flats matched, as she had been mismatching shoes lately much to Eliot's chagrin, she slipped her feet into the shoes.

"You ready sweetheart?" Eliot called as Tara walked down the stairs.

"I sure am." she replied, sneaking up on him.

"Let's go see our baby." He replied, taking her hand.

A few hours later, Tara and Eliot were getting everything ready for the gender reveal party in a couple hours. Tara smiled as Eliot blew up the last balloon. The baby had been pronounced healthy, and right on time. The doctor also informed the couple that Eliot should be able to feel their baby move soon. As she was daydreaming about their baby, a knock sounded at the door.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" Eliot asked, rubbing her belly and kissing her cheek.

Tara smiled and nodded, ready to tell their family whether they were having a boy or a girl. Eliot opened the door and ushered everyone in. As soon as everyone was seated in the living room with snacks and drinks, Eliot and Tara went to the front of the living room.

"Bella," Tara said, holding out her hand, "Wanna come open the present?"

Bella nodded enthusiastically, and started tearing open the paper. Eliot stood behind Tara, his hands on her belly. As Bella ripped through the paper, and started opening the box, Nate, Sophie, Parker, and Hardison started taking last-minute bets on what the baby would be. As soon as Bella got finished with the paper, she looked to her Aunt and Uncle.

"Can I open it now Uncle Eliot and Aunt Tara?" Bella asked, her hands on the lid of the box.

"Go ahead baby girl." Eliot smiled.

"One." Bella started counting, her tiny hands slowly lifting up the box, "Two, THREE!"

Bella quickly lifted the top of the box, and pink balloons filled the room. Bella screamed with excitement, and the whole group cheered. Eliot smiled, and kissed his wife, and Bella ran over to kiss Tara's belly. She and Tara and become close since the announcement, and Bella wanted to know everything about the baby at all times.

"So," Sophie said, hugging her best friend, "Does she have a name?"

"She does," Tara smiled, "But we are saving the name reveal for her birthday."

"What is it Auntie Tara?" Bella asked, her curiosity piqued.

"You'll find out in a few months Bella girl." Eliot grinned, tossing his niece up in the air.

Bella squealed with delight as Eliot tossed her up in the air a few more times before setting her down at the table where treats and drinks were set up.

"Can I have a cookie Uncle Eliot?" Bella asked while grabbing a paper plate.

"Of course sweetie." he replied, "Which one do you want?"
Bella pointed to a particularly pink cookie, and Eliot put it on her plate while Tara poured her a glass of lemonade. The rest of the family gathered around the table, grabbing snacks and trying to guess the name of the baby. Tara and Eliot exchanged a grin as they watched their family interact, excited about the new life that was coming soon.