Waking up (canon compliant)

Steve woke up on his back to heat and humidity and a soft light, like shadows cast by sunlight. He could feel a weight on the crook of his left arm—and by the sound of the breath he knew even without opening his eyes that it was Bucky, pillowed on his arm and slumbering beside him. The heavy fabric of Steve's leather jacket was draped over the two of them like a little blanket.

The shadows were shifting overhead. Steve rolled over and groggily opened his eyes, blinking against the intermittent sunlight—and almost jumped when he saw, bending over him, a child, with dark skin and eyes painted in white and yellow.

Bucky grunted, presumably wakened by Steve's body moving, and he cracked an eye open. No sooner did he see their company than he waved the kids away. "Hlukana nam. Kusasa kakhulu," he groaned, rolling over and burying his face into Steve's chest.

The Wakandan children ran out of the hut, pushing each other and giggling. "Sukuphazamisa ingcuka emhlophe!" they called to each other once they were out of the hut.

"Buck?" asked Steve, his mind still groggy from sleep.

"'S happens a lot," Bucky muttered by way of explanation. "They think 's funny. Need a door..."

Not five minutes later, he was back to snoring in Steve's chest.

Steve stared up at the thatch roof, the Wakandan humidity and his friend's body heat pressing in like a blanket on his skin. It was nice out here. Quiet. Peaceful.

Steve took a deep breath in, let it out, and smiled.

A/N: Whoo, Wakanda! Okay, now I'm done for real.

All Wakandan is Xhosa, at the mercy of Google Translate. Sukuphazamisa ingcuka emhlophe means, of course, "Don't disturb the White Wolf", and Hlukana nam. Kusasa kakhulu translates to "Leave me alone. It's very early."

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