Hello, guys, readers, and Fox King jm fans, Johnny here with a new Naruto Make-Out Heroes Fanfic that is, this Fanfic will be a Harem story like my others. However, this story will take place in America and will involve the Hentai girls that Western artists drawn, like Emma, Violet, Gala, and Wendolin. Naruto moves to America it lives with Violet. This story will have fan service, and a bit of Futa, you'll see what I mean when you guys read the story. Well, let's jump into the story, I do not own Naruto or anything I use in this Fanfic, so please enjoy: Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Western edition.


It was a Friday evening at a near by airport, a blonde teen was getting off his plane. He took his first steps in America, Los-Angeles, California. His name is Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto do not have much luck at back home, he did not have any family or friends, nothing, and he did not have any money. Naruto saw an ad online; a woman is looking for a roommate. Therefore, Naruto come to America to live with a woman that was more than happy to take the blonde teen in. In fact, Naruto's soon to be roommate used her own money to bring Naruto to America. Naruto hopes to make a living here in America. Naruto step inside the airport, hopefully for his ride.

"Man, America is so different from Japan."Naruto said, looking around.

Naruto saw a woman, with a sign that says his name.

"Are you Naruto?" The woman asked.

"Yes." Naruto said.

"It's nice to finally meet you, I'm Violet." Violet stated.

Violet is a woman in her 30's. Violet is African American with dark skin, black hair with purple highlights on her hair. Violet also had ruby-reddish eyes. She wore purple lipstick, and a purple dress that reaches her thighs. Naruto notice that Violet's beauty. The blonde also notice her GG-cup bust, and her massive thick juicy ass and thunder thighs. Violet smile at him, making Naruto slightly blushes.

"It's nice to meet you, Violet-san." Naruto said.

"It's good to see you, Naruto. Well, in person that is. Anyway, let me be the first one to welcome you to America." Violet greeted.

"Thanks." Naruto said.

"Come on, let's go home." Violet said.

"Home?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, honey. My home is your home." Violet said.

Naruto blushed, again, hearing Violet, calling him, Honey. Naruto and Violet went to her car, which was white. About hour and 30 minutes later, Naruto saw Violet's and his new home. As they drive back home, Naruto in a large fancy neighborhood. In this neighborhood, there were many houses, a large college. The town also had stores, like Game-Stop, Wal-Mart, Food-Maxx, and other stores as well. Naruto was amazed, seeing the many different things in America.

"Here we are. Home sweet, home." Violet said.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

"You know it." Violet replied.

Naruto saw it was a large house.

"Come on, I'll show you around." Violet said.

"O-Okay." Naruto said.

Violet's house door opens. An android answered the door.

"I'm back, Haydee." Violet stated.

Haydee is part human, well the lower half and upper body, anyway. Her human skin is a dark color. Haydee top is robotic, which is white while the back of her head is black. Speaking of which, her face is faceless. Her bust is double K+-cup, and her bottom half, showed her thunder thighs, and her massive ass like her master.

"Haydee, this is Naruto. He's going to be living with us." Violet stated.

"Hello." Naruto greeted.

Haydee waved to Naruto.

"Oh, Haydee can't talk. But she can understand and response with hand-sighs, nods, and so on." Violet stated.

"I see." Naruto said.

"Good job, Haydee. You can relax." Violet stated, as Haydee bowed, leaving to her room.

As she did, Naruto watched Haydee's big ass jiggle with each step. Violet noticed this, smiling. She saw that Naruto seems to taken an interested in big breasts and big asses. Well, Violet has gotten what Naruto likes.

"Care for a look around your new home, babe?" Violet asked.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

Violet's house is a boardinghouse that she owns, and rents out extra houses/rooms to any one who wants them. Naruto saw the inside of the house, which was Violet's main room, and it was clean, had a large T.V. and couches. In the kitchen, had a large table, an oven, a sink, a black refrigerator. The house had three rooms, and four restrooms one in each room and one in the hallway of the house, and a basement. The house also has many other doors, leading to the other neighbors' rooms/homes. Violet shows Naruto his room.

"Would you like this room, honey?" Violet asked.

"I can have this room?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, honey. But if you want to sleep with me, I wouldn't mind." Violet said.

"Huh?" Naruto said with a blush.

"Oh, I was just teasing, honey." Violet said with a smile.

Yes, Violet was teasing, but in her own mind, she was not joking about Naruto and her sleeping in the same bed.

"This room will be your room. There's a Playstation 4, it's nice and real roomy. It has your own bathroom, bed, and T.V. and..." Violet said.

Violet looked at Naruto, and his slightly messy clothes.

"Oh, honey, we need to get you a change of clothes." Violet said.

"Sorry, this is I had." Naruto replied.

"That's not going to be a problem, Naruto. I have a lot of clothes. I'm kind of a packrat." Violet said.

"Oh, thank you." Naruto said.

Later, Naruto change his clothes. Naruto wears a black shirt with dark blue jeans, and an orange and black hoodie.

"Do you like them, Naruto?" Violet asked.

"Yeah. They are fit nicely." Naruto said.

"You like really good in them, Naruto" Violet said.

"Thank you again, Violet." Naruto replied.

"Okay, Naruto, I need to lay down the rules." Violet said.

"Of course." Naruto replied.

"I'm a simple woman, and I just a few simple rules. One, if you're going to use the kitchen, clean up after yourself. Two, always lock the back door. Three, trash days are on Wednesday, so the trash must be put out by Tuesday night. Naruto, if you're going to play video games, be sure not to be so loud. Fifth rule; please be kind to the other neighbors. And the final rule, what's mine is yours, Honey." Violet said.

"Wow... Thank you so much, Violet-san." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head.

"You're quite welcome. And if there's anything you need, let me know, or Haydee. She's always gets the job done." Violet said.

"I will." Naruto said.

Naruto smiled, seeing how nice Violet is.

"Naruto, would you like to the store with me? I'm having a party tonight." Violet said.

"Okay, Violet-san." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Violet drove to the big Wal-Mart a few blocks away.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

"Yeah, Wal-Mart is a pretty big and well known store. Do you have stores like this in Japan, baby?" Violet asked.

"Only in the rich cities of Japan, like Tokyo." Naruto replied.

"Well, let's get some things." Violet said.

"Right." Naruto said.

Naruto and Violet bought many things for the party, such as sodas, food, and beer for the guest who wants beer, Violet drinks only martinis, and Naruto's underage.

"Okay, honey, we get everything we need. I'll order some pizza when we get back." Violet said.

"Hello, Violet." Emma said.

"Emma!" Violet said, waving at her friend.

Naruto saw Violet's friend, Emma. Emma is a young woman in her early 20's, blonde hair, and her eyes are two different colors, one blue and one green. Naruto noticed that Emma had a K+-cup bust, and like Violet, Emma had a massive ass and thunder thighs, along with her prefect coke-cola body. Naruto blushed again, seeing how pretty Emma is.

"So, you are coming to the party tonight, girl?" Violet asked.

"Of course, I need a night to relax." Emma replied.

"That's good! My party is going to be on fire." Violet stated.

Emma notices Naruto.

"Oh, who's this?" Emma asked.

"Emma, this is my friend, Naruto Uzumaki. He's the boy from Japan that I told you about. Naruto is staying with me." Violet said.

"Oh, this is him." Emma said.

"Baby, this is Emma." Violet stated.

"It's nice to meet you, Naruto." Emma said with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you too, Emma-chan." Naruto said.

"Well, there are things I need to take care of; I'll see you guys tonight." Emma said.

Naruto helped Violet with the bags.

"Oh, you're quite something, honey." Violet said.

"Yeah, back home, I lifted a few weights and did everything to say in fit." Naruto stated, putting the bags in the trunk of the car.

"I bet you have." Violet said with a smile.

Violet was having a bit of a dirty fantasy with her and Naruto. She fantasizes Naruto taking her, and giving her the pounding of a lifetime.

"Heheh, that's it... I'm taking him to bed tonight~..." Violet thought, still smiling.

Naruto loaded everything in the car.

"That's everything, Violet-san." Naruto said.

"Thank you so much. Should we get going, Naruto?" Violet said.

"All right." Naruto said.

Naruto and Violet drove to home to get the party ready. Naruto and Violet got the food and drinks ready. Violet ordered pizza, just in case if he runs out of the party food. Naruto was organizing his new room. Naruto didn't know why, but he felt like someone was watching.


Naruto turned to see a girl, looking at him on his bed.

"Oh, hello." Naruto said with a slight blush.

"So, you're the new boy that will be living with us. I have to say, you're quite a cutie."

"Huh... I thought Violet-san and Haydee-chan were the only ones living here." Naruto said.

"Nope. I'm Aria, the ghost girl who lives in the basement." Aria stated with a smile.

Naruto saw Aria. Aria is a ghost girl; she looked more human than ghost, though she had white-pale skin like a ghost. She shared Naruto's blue eyes, and seems to be the same age as him as well. Aria had pink cheeks, long light ghostly blue hair that reaches her hips. She wore a purple sweater with long sleeves, showing her C-cup bust, and gothic socks, and she wore black headphones. But what Naruto noticed about her was her massive rump, it was like Violet and Haydee's. How the blonde teen knew this, was because Aria wasn't wearing any pants. Not only that, she... Well... Aria had a penis and testicles. Aria's penis is 16 inches long, thick and fat, and limp. Her balls were big like baseballs. Her size reminded him of... well... Naruto snapped of his thoughts.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. It's nice to meet you, Aria-chan." Naruto greeted.

Aria slightly blushed, seeing how nice Naruto is towards her. True she's a ghost, and most people would be freaked out about her and the thing between her legs. Aria sees that Naruto is not one of these people. And in truth, Naruto thought Aria was cute too.

"Well, Naruto-kun, I hope we can know each other." Aria said.

"Yeah. I'll be living here, so if there's anything you need, I'll be right here." Naruto said.

"Cool. Say, do you like video games?" Aria asked.

"Yeah. I always played at an arcade back home, since I didn't have money to get a system." Naruto stated.

"Well, we can play together, Naruto-kun." Aria said, floating face to face.

Naruto knew that Aria really is a ghost, due to the fact she's floating right in front of him.

"Are you really a ghost, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yup. But..." Aria said, holding Naruto's hands and placing them on her face, feeling her cheeks.

"Whoa... You're face is warm." Naruto said.

"Yeah, I'm a ghost, but I'm still a living person, in a strange way." Aria stated, floating down on her feet.

"That's something." Naruto said.

"I hope we can play games tomorrow." Aria said.

"You're not coming to the party?" Naruto asked.

"Nah, parties are not my thing and I'm sure people would be freaked out seeing a ghost girl with a huge cock at a party." Aria said.

"Well, then I promise that we'll have our own party, Aria-chan. And we'll play any video game you want." Naruto stated.

Aria face lighten with color, seeing how nice Naruto is.

"Heheh... Then I'll see you tomorrow." Aria said, kissing Naruto's cheek.

Naruto blushed. Aria walked out of Naruto's room, moving her butt in a sexy way. Aria was really happy, having Naruto to live with them. Naruto rubbed the back of his head, seeing how he made Aria's day. About half an hour later, the blonde heard the doorbell ringed.

"I wonder who's at the door." Naruto said.

"Naruto, can you get that for me?" Violet asked.

"Okay." Naruto said.

Naruto went into the living room to open the door.

"Hello?" Naruto said.

"Oh, hi." Gala said.

"Hi." Naruto said.

"I'm Gala, I was looking for..." Gala said.

"Hey, Gala, come on in." Violet said.

"Hey, girl! I came early." Gala said.

Naruto looked at Gala. Gala is woman in her late 20s to early 30's, light brown skin, black hair with one line of red hair, and a small black dot between her forehead. Gala wore a girly shirt/tang-top with the word in pink saying, 'bitch' on it. She had DD-cup breasts, but like Violet and Emma, Gala had huge massive ass and thunder thighs.

Gala looked at Naruto.

"And who's this." Gala said.

"This is Naruto. He's staying with me. Honey, this is Gala, another of my many neighbors and close friends, along with Emma." Violet stated.

"Nice to meet you, Naruto." Gala said.

"Nice to meet you, Gala-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Gala still looked at Naruto.

"OMG, you're so cute." Gala said with a smile.

Naruto slightly blushed.

"Easy now." Violet said.

"Hey, I can't help it." Gala replied.

"You're such a succubus." Violet teased.

"True." Gala said.

"Succubus?" Naruto said.

"Yeah, Gala might like human, but she's part succubus from her mom's side." Violet stated.

"It's true. I'll be sure we get to know each other a little more, Naruto." Gala said with a smile.

"Yeah." Naruto replied, slightly blushing.

"First a Futa Ghost and a Succubus... Heh, what a strange America is..." Naruto thought.

The doorbell rings again.

"That must be the pizza guy." Violet said.

Naruto opens the door. Again, it was not the pizza guy. It was a girl, another close friend of Violet's, Wendolin.

"Hey, girl!" Gala said.

"Hey, Gala!" Wendolin said, as she and Gala hugged.

Naruto looked at Wendolin. Wendolin was the same age as Emma. She had light violet hair, green eyes, and wearing a purple open sweater-vest that reaches her thighs. Like, Emma, Wendolin had K-cup breasts, and had a massive ass to match. Truly, these girls were beautiful and had amazing bodies. Wendolin saw Naruto.

"Oh, hello there." Wendolin said.

"Hi." Naruto said.

"Wendolin, this is Naruto. Naruto, this is Wendolin." Violet said.

"Nice to meet you." Wendolin said.

"Nice to meet you too, Wendolin-chan." Naruto replied.

Gala whispered to Wendolin.

"Cute, huh?" Gala asked.

"Yeah." Wendolin replied.

"Well, the party will start soon. So, make yourself at home." Violet said.

"Will do!" Gala and Wendolin said.

Later that night, the party was jumping. People were eating, drinking, dancing, and so on. The doorbell ringed, as Naruto answered it.

"Hey, Naruto. I see the party had just started." Emma greeted.

"Yeah, come on in." Naruto said.

Naruto was by himself, and he enjoyed the food, while others dance and party. Emma, Violet, Gala, and Wendolin were outside in the back talking.

"So, this is the boy you said that will be living with you." Wendolin stated.

"Yeah. Naruto told me, he doesn't have family back home. So, I thought I would take him in." Violet stated.

"So, Violet... have you two... y'know..." Gala stated, making the 'finger thrusting through the hole' thing with her hands.

"No." Violet said.

"Then maybe I..." Gala said.

"No, no, first come, first served." Violet stated with a smile.

"Aw, nuts!" Gala said, crossing her arms.

"But he's so young." Emma said.

"Yeah, he is. But I have a feeling that he's going to be something. And he's got a thing for big asses and tits." Violet stated with a smile.

"Well, I got that. My mom's got a super huge rack, and an ass to match." Gala stated.

"I have that too." Wendolin said.

"So does Cocoa, and her daughter, Chocolata. Rina has a body like mine, and Aria has a really big booty like me." Violet stated.

"Aria's got a big cock too." Gala said.

"Gala..." Emma said.

"And let's not forget that Emma's got body. And a big ass that I'm sure Naruto would pound for hours~" Gala teased with a smile.

"Y-You think?" Emma asked.

"Yup. But Violet, you promise to take turns, right?" Gala said.

"Of course. Momma bear got to have her honey~" Violet stated.

"You better take pictures!" Gala said.

"Gala!" Emma said.

"Forget about the pictures, I'll record it." Violet stated.

"Violet!" Emma said with a dark blush.

"Come on, Naruto seems like a nice boy. Oh, my God, the things I'm going to do to him~…" Violet stated with a smile.

"Oh, no fair." Gala said.

"Well, can we at least hang out with Naruto?" Wendolin stated.

"I'm not stopping you. But remember, he's going to be mine, tonight." Violet stated.

The girl friends smiled at each other, giggling. Naruto was still by himself. Gala came close to Naruto.

"Hey, babe. What are you doing by yourself?" Gala asked.

"Nothing, just enjoying the food." Naruto stated.

"Why don't you dance, or talk with people?" Gala asked.

"Well, I'm not a people person. I guess, some people don't like me or something. It was the same thing at home." Naruto stated.

"That's not true." Gala said.

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"Violet likes you." Gala said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, Emma, Wendolin, and I like you too, babe." Gala stated with a smile.

"R-Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, really! Come on, let's dance!" Gala said.

"Huh?! W-Wait, I can't dance!" Naruto said.

In the living room were some people dance, Naruto and Gala found themselves in the middle.

"Ugh..." Naruto said.

"Don't worry, Naruto, just keep your cool, and let me do all the work." Gala said.

Naruto nodded. Gala soon back herself up against Naruto, pressing herself against his pelvis. Naruto's face turned red, seeing Gala's massive ass, backing up against him. Naruto couldn't believe the size of Gala's butt. It was huge, like Violet, Emma, and Wendolin's butt. Though the huge rump is, well, big, it is smooth and soft. Gala popped and twerk her ass on Naruto. Violet and the others watched from afar, seeing Gala enjoying herself.

"Do you like this, Naruto?" Gala asked, still dancing on Naruto.

"Yeah..." Naruto replied.

"I know you do, babe. You know, I don't let just anyone be this close to my ass. But you're a cutie, and I want you to at least have this ass against you~..." Gala said.

"O-Okay..." Naruto said.

Gala smiled, still twerking. In the back of his mind, Naruto really like Gala dancing on him. He liked the soft ass against him. Naruto didn't know it, but he got slightly hard. Gala grin grow, feeling the slight boner. The succubus turned herself around, burring the blonde between her DD breasts.

"Do you like that, Naruto?" Gala asked.

"Yes." Naruto said.

"I know you did." Gala said, moving Naruto's hands to her ass.

Naruto blushed again, feeling the massive cheeks in each hand. Naruto got the softness of Gala's ass, and he could barely get a grip on the big cheeks.

"Your big butt is amazing, Gala-chan." Naruto said.

"Thanks, babe." Gala said with a smile.

Soon they stop dancing; Gala leaned close, kissing Naruto on the cheek. He blushes again, rubbing the back of his head. Emma soon steps in, holding Naruto hand, and pulling him away.

"Umm, Naruto, I need your help." Emma said.

"Umm, okay, Emma-chan." Naruto replied.

"Whenever you want to hang out, look for me next door." Gala said with a wink.

Naruto nodded. In the hallway, Naruto and Emma, the blonde teen wondered what Emma needed his help with.

"Are you okay, Emma-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing. Sorry about Gala, sometimes she can take things a little too far." Emma said.

"No, I mean, Gala-chan didn't bother me. I mean it." Naruto said.

"Oh... I see." Emma said.

"I like you, Gala-chan, Wendolin-chan, and Violet-san, too." Naruto said.


"Don't even think you are bothering me. If you ever need anything, I'll be more than happy to help." Naruto said, smiling.

Emma rubbed the back of her head, feeling a bit embarrassed. However, without paying attention, Emma trip over herself, and fall on top of Naruto, breast first.

"Ow, are you okay, Naruto?" Emma asked.

"Yes." Naruto said.

Naruto felt Emma's soft bust, and big ass on top of him. Emma realized this; she quickly got off Naruto.

"I'm sorry!" Emma said.

"Don't worry about it." Naruto said, smiling again.

Emma slightly blushed, seeing how nice Naruto is. Naruto and Emma returned to the party, with the Wendolin, Gala, and Violet.

"So, Naruto, how are you enjoying yourself?" Wendolin said.

"I'm starting to like living here. It's so much different here, than it is back home." Naruto stated.

"Well, I'm happy you're enjoying your stay, honey." Violet said.

"Tell me what about yourself, Naruto." Wendolin said.

"Okay." Naruto said, talking to Wendolin.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, telling a little about himself, his home, his life, and so on. He saw how welcoming his new friends are. Naruto hang out with the women. Some of the guys at this party were jealous of this new guy, or rather some kid, getting close to the hottest girls. The night went well, Naruto enjoying himself more. It was about midnight, and Violet's friends were leaving.

"Well, the party was pretty fun." Gala said.

"It sure was." Wendolin replied.

"Well, we'll see you tomorrow." Emma said.

"Yeah." Violet said.

"So, Violet..." Gala said, smirking.

"Don't worry, I'll give you all the juicy details." Violet stated.

"You better." Gala said with a smile.

"We'll see you later, Violet." Emma said, as she, Gala, and Wendolin left.

Naruto and Haydee helped cleaned up, the house wasn't that much of a mess, but he wanted to make himself useful.

"Thanks for helping me clean, Haydee-chan." Naruto said.

Haydee nodded, giving Naruto a thumbs up.

"Hey, babe, what are you doing?" Violet asked.

"Haydee-chan and I are just cleaning a bit." Naruto replied.

"Oh, you're such a gentleman, honey. Thank you too, Haydee" Violet stated.

"Thanks." Naruto said, as Haydee nodded.

Violet smiled.

"Naruto, do you want to talk in the back?" Violet asked.

"Okay." Naruto replied.

"Haydee, you can call it a night as well." Violet said, as Haydee nodded, and went back into her room.

In the backyard, Naruto and Violet set in chairs, talking. They talked about their lives, Naruto how he lived alone for most of his life. Violet talked about her life, and all her friends, lifestyle and so on. Of course, everyone has their problems, and Violet had many of them as well. The blonde teen was amazed how nice Violet is, despite some hardships, just like him. Naruto thought that maybe that is why he is so into Violet.

"Wait, what?" Naruto thought.

"Something wrong, babe?" Violet asked.

"Oh, nothing, Violet-san." Naruto said.

"Heheh, you're so cute, Naruto." Violet said.

Naruto blushed, rubbing the back of his head. Outside in the backyard, Naruto and Violet were still talking.

"It's quite the night, isn't baby?" Violet asked.

"It sure was." Naruto replied.

"So, what do you think of staying here?" Violet asked.

"Well, to be honest, I really didn't have anything back home. But you pick up some kid you don't even know, and take him in. If that's not kindness, I don't know what is. Thank you so much, Violet-san" Naruto stated.

"Thank you, Naruto. That means a lot to me." Violet said.

"You're welcome, Violet-san." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Violet looked at each other, smiling. Violet leaned close, kissing Naruto's lips.

"V-Violet-san?" Naruto said.

"You want to go back inside? We can get to know each other, more in my bed. Mm-mmm~… Oh, Naruto tonight is your lucky night… I'm going to teach you everything I know and more~ I've seen how you stare at my ass." Violet said.

Naruto could not believe what was happening right now. The blonde teen, looked into Violet's eyes, seeing she wants him. In the back of his head, Naruto did find Violet very appalling from Violet's chocolate skin, luscious lips, her soft bust, and her massive booty that would take hours to please. Naruto remembered he didn't have anything back home, not even luck with girls. Yet, here is a beautiful woman, who wants him. Naruto wanted change in his life, and he's going to get it.

"Yeah. I would like that." Naruto replied.

Violet smiled. She got up, grabbing Naruto by the hand, leading him to her bedroom.

"Come on, baby. Tonight, I'm going to make you the luckiest man in the world." Violet stated, leading the way to her room.

While making their way, Naruto watched Violet's ass moves around with each step. Truly, Naruto was the luckiest guy to sleep with someone like Violet. They made to her room.

"Now, let's get started, shall we, love?" Violet asked.

"Yeah, Violet-chan." Naruto replied.

Violet leaned close, kissing Naruto's lips, and all over his face. The blonde teen blushed, feeling Violet's lips repeatedly. Naruto decided to be a bit brave, touching Violet's GG breasts. She smiled.

"That feels so good, baby." Violet moaned.

"I'm glad you like it." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Violet locked lips, while this happened, the blonde's hands moved down to Violet's big ass.

"You like my big ass, baby?" Violet asked.

"Yeah, it's so big and soft." Naruto replied.

"Oh, you really know how what to say to a woman." Violet said with a smile.

"T-Thanks." Naruto said.

Violet pushed Naruto on his bed, getting on top of him.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

"You like this, baby?" Violet asked.

"It's amazing." Naruto replied.

As Violet stood on top of Naruto, she felt a poke. She smiled again, feeling Naruto's boner.

"Now, let's see what my baby's got." Violet stated, going down between Naruto's legs.

Violet went down between Naruto's legs, unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxers. Violet stared at Naruto's large semi soft 15-inch fat and thick penis that was covered in foreskin, and large balls. Violet's eyes widen, seeing how big and fat Naruto's cock is. Naruto's cock remembered her of Aria's. Truly, she hit the jackpot. Naruto blushed, seeing Violet, staring.

"Whoa..." Violet said, letting out a slight whistle.

"Umm..." Naruto said with a blush.

"Damn, baby! I didn't think someone so young, is packing something this fucking big!" Violet said with a smile.

"Ah, thank you..." Naruto said.

Naruto thought Violet was scared of his size, but sees how pleased and excited she is.

"I thought you would be scared, Violet-chan." Naruto said.

"Oh, no baby... I'm impressed. It's turning me on." Violet stated, still smiling.

"Thanks." Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto felt a bit more comfortable with his size.

"My, my... It's so big and fat~... it's skin tight and it feels so thick..." Violet said, stroking Naruto's cock.

"Ugh, thanks, Violet-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

"Now, let's have a little taste." Violet said, licking her lips.

The ebony goddess kissed the foreskin mushroom tip, making Naruto moan again. She wrapped her lips around Naruto's cock, taking about 4 inches. Naruto let out a pleasurable grunt. Violet took even more of the thick sausage inside her mouth, while she used her tongue to loosen the skin, and hands to massage his large twin orbs.

"Oh, aagh, V-Violet-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

Violet releases the cock, stroking it.

"Mmm, damn, baby, your cock is really tasty~" Violet moaned.

"T-Thanks..." Naruto moaned.

"Yeah, get hard for me~..." Violet stated, kissing the tip.

"Ugh!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto moaned, as Violet sucked his member and played with his balls.

"V-Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"So, tasty..." Violet said, licking the tip.

"Oh, God..." Naruto moaned.

Violet resumes her sucking, plus she took more of Naruto's cock. The chocolate ebony goddess had inches inside her mouth. Naruto backed in head in pleasure.

"Oh, damn..." Naruto moaned.

Violet looked up, seeing Naruto enjoying the head he was getting.

"That's such a cute face you're making, baby... Let's get more into this, shall we?" Violet thought.

Violet grabbed Naruto's ass, bringing him closer. This also made Violet take more of Naruto's cock, another 4 inches.

"Holy shit!" Naruto moaned.

"Heheh, that's what I like to hear~" Violet thought, bobbing her head.

"Ah, Violet-chan, you're so good at this~!" Naruto moaned.

Violet smirked a bit, hearing Naruto's words. It was time for Violet to show how good getting sucked off felt. She took the rest of the length. Naruto could not believe that Violet took all his cock inside her mouth. Violet locked eyes to Naruto, sucking harder and faster. Naruto moaned, watching the hot ebony, sucking his cock non-stop.

"Ah, Violet-chan, you're sucking me off so hard!" Naruto moaned.

"Well, there's a lot of this dick to suck~... I want that big load, now~" Violet moaned, sucking even harder.

"F-Fuck~..." Naruto moaned.

"Heheh, I love it when you moan and cuss like that~..." Violet thought, grabbing and squeezing Naruto's balls.

"Ah!" Naruto moaned, louder.

Violet continued her actions, not letting up nor letting up of Naruto's dick. As for the blonde teen, Naruto continued to moan. Never in his life, he thought head would feel this good. Violet felt the horse dick swelling and twitching inside her mouth. Naruto grunted his teeth, feeling his balls tightening. The blonde teen felt like his cock was about to explode. Violet knew Naruto was going to have his first orgasm.

"Fuck, I can't help it! I feel something about to blast out of my cock!" Naruto moaned.

"Judging by that moan, baby is going to release a really big load~!" Violet thought.

"I-It's coming out!" Naruto moaned, about to climax.

Naruto let out a louder moan, releasing his seed.

"I'm releasing my load!" Naruto moaned.

Violet's eyes widen, feeling the warm thick seed, gushing out of the blonde's cock. Naruto's eyes rolled back in pleasure, feeling a sweet ecstasy of rifle.

"Whoa, my cock is still blasting~..." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, fuck, I was r-right... His cock isn't just for size, it packs gallons of cum~!" Violet thought, still taking Naruto's load.

"Ahh..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto continued to climax, feeling cock blasting large loads of white-ropes. Almost a minute had passed, Violet backed her head to the tip, and let go.

"Ah!" Violet moaned, feeling the last shots, hitting her face.

"Oh, my God..." Naruto moaned, feeling his climax had ended.

"I knew you had such a blessing..." Violet moaned.

"Thank you, Violet-chan..." Naruto moaned.

Violet licked her lips, cleaning herself.

"I have to say, Naruto, your milk is quite tasty..." Violet stated, still cleaning her lips and Naruto's cock.

"Thanks..." Naruto moaned, again.

Violet took her time, cleaning both herself and the large member. Violet then remembered about taking a picture of her sweet triumph.

"Baby, I'm going to take a picture with my phone, okay?" Violet asked, still playing with Naruto's cock.

"Okay." Naruto replied.

Violet pose with her new lover's cock and balls against her face, taking the picture.

"Thank you so much, Naruto." Violet said.

"Of course, Violet-chan." Naruto said.

Violet finished cleaning herself and Naruto's cock. She got on her feet, and heading to the restroom.

"Stay in bed, baby, mama will be right back." Violet said with a smile.

"Okay..." Naruto replied with a blush.

Naruto watched Violet's ass jiggle with each step she took. He loved how freely her ass moved without any pants on. 5 minutes later, Violet came back, cleaned, and ready for more fun with the blonde teen.

"Sorry, I took long, Naruto." Violet stated.

"Don't worry, I wasn't waiting that long." Naruto replied.

"Now then..." Violet said, crawling in bed with Naruto.

Violet kissed Naruto, while getting on top of him. Naruto and Violet cuddle in bed, kissing each other. While they cuddled, once again, Naruto looked at Violet's massive ass, seeing how fat and juicy it was. Thanks to the chocolate rump, Naruto's cock slightly got hard. Violet notices this, smiling, seeing how she's getting Naruto's attention.

"You really like my fat ass, don't you, Naruto?" Violet asked.

"Y-Yeah... I've never seen a girl with a butt this big. Well, besides, Gala-chan, Emma-chan, and Wendolin-chan..." Naruto said, still staring.

"Want a closer look?" Violet asked.

"Y-Yes..." Naruto replied.

"Well, then..." Violet said.

Violet grabbed Naruto by the hand. Naruto found himself on his back, and soon Violet's ass overshadowed him. Violet sits on Naruto's face.

"Love the view, baby?" Violet asked.

"Uh-huh..." Naruto muffled, between Violet's massive ass cheeks.

"Mmm, I'm happy you do..." Violet said.

Violet turned to Naruto's cock, sucking it again. Naruto blushed, having Violet's ass in his face. Thanks to this, Violet saw Naruto's cock shoot up.

"Oh!" Violet said with a smile.

"Whoa, Violet-chan's ass is so much bigger up close." Naruto thought.

Naruto went for Violet's wet-spot, licking it. Violet moaned again.

"Oh, God! Naruto~!" Violet moaned.

"So, this is how a woman's pussy tastes... It's not half bad~..." Naruto thought, still licking Violet's pussy.

"I can't let my man have all the fun. Let mama get your cock hard again~" Violet stated, sucking Naruto's cock.

"Mmha!" Naruto moaned, between Violet's ass.

Violet 69 the blonde teen, she sucked the hard member harder. Naruto did everything he could to please Violet. Naruto sucked on Violet's pussy lips, while he used his tongue, trawling it inside her pink hole. Violet let out a muffed moan, still having Naruto's cock inside her mouth.

"Mmm, Naruto, so good at eating out my pussy~" Violet thought, sucking his member more.

"Whoa, Violet-chan's pussy is so wet and warm~..." Naruto thought.

Violet and Naruto continued their 69. Naruto really liked the feeling of 69. It was nothing that he had ever done. Yes, this is the first time he is having sex. Violet smiled, drowning Naruto between her massive ass cheeks, while she sucked his cock harder and played with his balls. Naruto then looked, seeing Violet's asshole. In the heat of the moment, Naruto tongued Violet's butt, making her let go of his cock.

"Ah, my ass!" Violet moaned with a smile.

"Sorry, Violet-chan, it was in the heat of the moment. But I have to say, your body and juices really taste good." Naruto replied.

"Don't be, baby. It turns me on when you lick my ass like that~" Violet replied.

"Then I'll be sure to make your pussy and butthole get really wet." Naruto replied, resuming his actions, licking Violet's holes again.

"Fuck~! That's it! Don't stop, baby!" Violet moaned, again, feeling Naruto, eating her out.

Violet soon took back Naruto's cock inside her mouth, bobbing her head. Naruto let out a muffed moan, feeling his cock being sucked off, again. Naruto and Violet continued their 69. Violet let go of Naruto's cock. Naruto's body acted on its own, grabbing Violet. Before she knew it, Violet found herself on her back. Naruto continued to eat out Violet.

"Ahh, baby! Your tongue is so deep inside my pussy!" Violet moaned.

Naruto went deeper. He didn't know what was going on, but he liked the taste of Violet's holes.

"Ah, right there! That's the spot, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

"Whoa, Violet-chan is so tasty~" Naruto thought, still eating out Violet.

"Oh, fuck!" Violet moaned, as her eyes rolled back.

Violet used her hands, feeling the blonde's back, while her legs lifted up in the air. Naruto trawl his tongue inside, and massaged Violet's ass. Violet moaned, loudly, feeling her pre-juices, about to squirt out. She couldn't believe that this teen was about make her climax, so quickly. Violet was happy, seeing how good Naruto is. She knew that Naruto had been blessed with more than just a large piece of meat.

"Oh, my God! I'm going to cum, Naruto! I'm going to cum!" Violet moaned.

Naruto continued to eat out Violet, feeling her pussy getting wetter. Violet could not take it anymore.

"I'm cumming~!" Violet moaned.

Violet reached her orgasm, feeling her insides squirt. Naruto felt Violet's juices, all over his face and inside his mouth. Violet let out a sigh of bliss, having her orgasm. Naruto licked his lips, tasting Violet's juices.

"Whoa, that was something..." Violet stated with a smile.

"Yeah, your juices taste really sweet, Violet-chan." Naruto said.

After some foreplay, Naruto was hard again. Violet smiled, seeing how quickly the blonde's cock got hard.

"Ready, baby?" Violet asked.

"Huh...?" Naruto replied.

"Give it to me, Naruto~" Violet said, spreading her legs.

Violet waited for Naruto to stick his monster inside her. Naruto got close to Violet, getting on top of her.

"Don't worry, baby, just stick it in..." Violet said.

"O-Okay, Violet-chan..." Naruto replied.

Naruto grabs his tip, slowly sticking inside of Violet's pussy.

"Ahh~!" Violet moaned.

"Ah..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto pushed about 4 inches inside. Violet moaned, feeling Naruto's cock, feeling the thick girth.

"Deeper, baby~..." Violet moaned.

"Okay~..." Naruto replied, pushing his cock deeper.

"Oh, yeah~... I want it, I want all of your fat cock~..." Violet moaned.

Naruto fit another 4 inches inside of Violet's tight pussy. The blonde's cock was about half inside of Violet. Violet moaned, feeling her pussy being stretch out by Naruto's cock. Violet had never felt anything this big in her life. Naruto continued to push more of his cock inside of Violet, inch by inch.

"Oh, Naruto, your cock is the best! It's so big; it's stretching out my pussy!" Violet moaned.

"Ugh, your so tight, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, baby, my pussy is tight to please your cock! Now, shove the rest of that monster inside my tight cunt!" Violet moaned.

"R-Right!" Naruto moaned, pushing his cock.

"Ahh~!" Violet moaned.

Naruto pushed another 4 inches inside of Violet. Violet moaned more and more, having 12 inches inside her. Violet screamed in pleasure, feeling her inside getting wetter. Naruto got closer to Violet, while she wrapped her arms around his neck. Naruto shoved the rest of dick inside of the ebony goddess, with the tip hitting her womb. Violet felt her pussy stuffed, while her legs jerked and twitched in pleasure, having the blonde teen went balls deep inside her.

"Oh, fuck..." Violet moaned.

"A-Amazing... So this is how pussy feels..." Naruto said with a blush.

"Oh, God, I'm so filled with so much cock~..." Violet stated, moaning.

Violet soon wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck, kissing his lips.

"Violet-chan?" Naruto said.

"Just give me a few minutes, baby... Then we can have the real fun..." Violet said, kissing Naruto.

Naruto let Violet kissed him. Without moving, both Naruto and Violet stayed still, till they were ready. Of course, Naruto didn't really know much about sex, but something told him if he moved to soon, he would end up climaxing too soon. However, it was hard not to move because of Violet's tightness and warmth of her pussy feeling good. Violet let out soft moans, feeling the large dick, swelling up inside her.

"Wow, Naruto, your big dick is swelling up inside me~..." Violet moaned.

"Y-Yeah, your insides are really wet and warm... It feels so good, Violet-chan..." Naruto stated.

"Heheh, I'm glad you think so, baby~... Ahh... So, big..." Violet moaned.

"Violet-chan..." Naruto moaned.

It took a bit of time; Violet was adjusted to her new lover's size. She looked, seeing Naruto was getting used to the tightness of a vagina.

"Naruto..." Violet said.

"Y-Yes...?" Naruto asked.

"I'm ready... Move slowly for me..." Violet said.

"Uh, o-okay..." Naruto said.

Naruto slightly picked himself up, moving his hips. Violet let out groans of pleasure, feeling the large cock moving around inside. Naruto let out a moan, feeling how good moving feels.

"Oh, baby!" Violet moaned.

"Whoa... this is moving when it comes to sex... it feels pretty good..." Naruto moaned.

"Yes, Naruto, but this is only the beginning... There's so much more I will show you..." Violet said, moaning.

"Whoa, there's more~?" Naruto asked.

"Much more, my love~..." Violet replied, smiling.

Violet pulled Naruto into a kiss, while he continued to move slowly. Violet moaned, feeling Naruto's entire member. Naruto blushed, feeling the tightness of a woman's pussy. The blonde teen kissed Violet, still moving slowly.

"Oh, Naruto~..." Violet moaned.

"Violet-chan, your body is amazing..." Naruto said, kissing Violet more.

"Thank you, baby... God, your cock is so fucking big~" Violet moaned.

"T-Thank you..." Naruto replied.

Naruto continued his small actions, while Violet continued to moan. He then went down, sucking on Violet's chocolate breasts, she moaned louder. She loved how Naruto was using her body. Naruto suckled on her breasts, loving the taste of Violet's skin. Violet felt her body trembling with such pleasure.

"Ah, Naruto, is this really your first time fucking~!?" Violet moaned.

"Y-Yes~" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, God, you're so good at this~..." Violet moaned.

Naruto blushed, hearing Violet's words.

"Thank you, Violet-chan." Naruto said, kissing Violet more.

"Naruto-baby~!" Violet moaned.

Naruto and Violet locked lips. Violet used her hands, feeling Naruto's back and ass. That's not the only thing she felt. She felt the big dick, still moving around. Naruto and Violet continued to have sex. Small thrusts did not please Violet. She wanted more.

"N-Naruto-baby~" Violet moaned.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, still moaning.

"Fuck me~!" Violet moaned.

"Huh~!?" Naruto moaned.

"Slam that big dick inside me! I want to fuck me!" Violet moaned.

"Yes!" Naruto replied.

Naruto pulled back a few inches, slamming his cock back, hard.

"Fuck!" Violet screamed.

Naruto bit his lower lip, loving how good sex is. Violet screamed in pleasure, feeling the blonde teen's cock, smashing her. Both the blonde and ebony felt the bed shock, thanks to Naruto's thrusting. The black chick felt her body tremble with pleasure; she felt chills down her spine.

"Oh, my God! Oh, God~! Fuck~!" Violet moaned, feeling Naruto thrusting deep inside her pussy.

"Whoa, you're so fucking tight, Violet-chan~!" Naruto said.

"Yes, baby! I want all of your cock! I want this pussy of mine to be sore~!" Violet moaned.

"I'll give it to you, then, Violet-chan!" Naruto said, thrusting harder.

"Oh, fuck~!" Violet moaned.

Naruto had his way with the ebony's pussy. Violet moaned, while she held Naruto tight, and lifting her legs up in the air. She felt the blonde teen's balls slap against her ass. Violet loved the feeling of Naruto's cock hitting her womb. Naruto stopped, Violet was about to asked why, then soon she shouted. She felt a hard slam.

"Holy fuck~!" Violet moaned.

"Sorry, Violet-chan, I wanted to go deeper~" Naruto moaned, still performing his hard slams.

"Aah, don't be baby, just fuck me any way you can!" Violet moaned.

"You are so amazing, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

Naruto continued to have his way with Violet. He fucked her hard and fast, loving how good Violet is. Violet smiled, never in her life had she felt this good. Her body was hot, smooth and soft, having a sweet scent to her skin, her pussy got wetter and filled with Naruto's cock, and her ass was massive that it shocks with steps, shacking, and hell almost anything made Violet's ass move in such a sexy way. Naruto was lucky to have his first time being with a sexy woman like Violet. Violet was lucky to have someone like Naruto to be with, and to make her feel like a woman. Naruto then resume his hard moving. This made Violet scream.

"Oh, my God, you're the best, Naruto!" Violet said.

Ah, your pussy is the sweetie thing! I just love how tight it is!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, baby! You fuck this pussy!" Violet moaned.

"Then, I'll make you my girl! Ugh, if that is okay~!?" Naruto moaned, slowing down his movements

Violet smiled, thinking about what Naruto said. Yes, they just meet, and stuff and they are having sex. Since Naruto is going to be living with her, she loved the idea of having a man in her life. Yes, she had random guys and so did her girlfriends, but none of them were good enough, nor did they last to please her needs. Naruto, however, was kind, polite, helpful, and best of all; he had the things that a man should have, from cuteness to a long horse cock to please a woman for hours. Violet then answered the blonde teen's question.

"Make me your woman, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

Naruto smiled, and then he resumes his harder and faster movements.

"I'll make you my woman, then, Violet-chan!" Naruto said, thrusting wildly.

"Naruto!" Violet screamed with joy.

Naruto thrust even harder and deeper. Violet screamed, feeling the blonde teen racking her pussy with his cock. The feeling alone was making Violet dripping wet. It was going to flow like a waterfall, yet her vagina tighten. Naruto felt the pink hole, squeezing him so hard that his balls were swelling up. He knew this because his two orbs would always slap Violet's ass. Of course, both lovers did not mind it, it just made the sex even better. It was only a matter of time for Naruto and Violet to reach their climax.

"N-Naruto, I'm going to cum!" Violet moaned.

"Ugh, my cock is swelling up! I'm about to cum too!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto continued to thrust hard, not letting up, both will soon about to climax.

"Oh, fuck, you're the best! Oh, baby, you're going to make me cum!" Violet moaned.

"Ah, yes! Your tight pussy is going to make me cum too, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned, losing control of his speed and power.

"Yes! Yes! Make me fucking cum! Your big cock is going to make me cum! Give me everything you got! Mix your milk with my coco-puffs!" Violet screamed.

They could not hold it anymore. Both Naruto and Violet reached their climax.

"I'm cumming~" Naruto and Violet moaned, having their orgasms.

Naruto and Violet moaned loudly, climaxing together. Naruto felt his member shot out loads of his semen deep inside of Violet's womb. Violet felt her juices squirted all over Naruto's sausage, dripping down on her bed and Naruto's balls. Her juices somewhat flooded the bed. Her legs twitched and jerked thanks to Naruto's hard climax. Violet smiled, feeling the long thick loads, filling her up like a gasoline filling up a car.

"Oh, baby, that cock of yours is filling me up~... I love that thick sweet milk..." Violet said.

"T-Thank you, Violet-chan... Man, I can't believe I'm still cumming~..." Naruto moaned.

"It just shows how good you are, babe~..." Violet replied.

Violet pulled Naruto into a kiss, holding him close. As they locked lips, Naruto's penis continued to have its orgasm. It seemed like a while, but only a minute after that his orgasm ended. His monster cock slipped out of the loosen pussy. Violet let out a sigh of bliss, having the best orgasm she ever had.

"That was amazing, Naruto..." Violet moaned.

"Thanks... I didn't think sex would feel this good..." Naruto replied, kissing Violet.

"Oh... Someone is being tender..." Violet said with a smile.

"Hmm?" Naruto said.

"Oh, nothing... Give mama some more sugar..." Violet said, kissing Naruto.

Naruto and Violet made out, cuddling after many orgasms. They played around a bit, until Violet on top, holding Naruto between her breasts.

"Thank you for that amazing fucking, baby..." Violet stated.

"Thank you for being my first, Violet-chan." Naruto replied.

As they still lie in bed, Naruto stared at Violet's massive ass. Seeing Violet's big rump, made him hard again. Violet saw Naruto's cock rock hard, wanting more.

"Baby?" Violet said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked, smiling.

"I see you looking at my ass again~... And I see your cock is hard, so... Do you want to screw my booty?" Violet said.

"R-Really?" Naruto asked.

"Of course... Remember, I said there was a lot more. And this ass of mine is going to please that big cock of yours." Violet stated, kissing Naruto.

Naruto thought about it. Ever since he saw Violet's big rump, he couldn't stop looking at it. In fact, the girls he meet today had massive rear-ends, and must of them had pairs of wonderful breasts to match. Naruto smiled, wanting to try anal. Since he experienced the joy of sex, Naruto's inner kink came to light. He wanted more, like an addict wanted more of his/her addiction

"Yes, I want to fuck you in the ass, Violet-chan. I mean, a big juicy butt like yours needs a good pounding..." Naruto said.

"Oh, my! I see your mood has change, baby~" Violet said.

"Yeah, I didn't think sex would feel so good. I want to screw your ass, next." Naruto said, playing with Violet's ass.

"Damn, I think I created a sex monster." Violet said.

"I guess you did." Naruto said, kissing Violet.

"I'm happy about that." Violet replied.

Violet got on her knees, showing that massive rump she's blessed with. Violet used one of her hands to spread her ass cheeks, showing the small rosebud, which made Naruto harder.

"Come here, boo, shove that big horse cock up my ass~..." Violet stated with a smile, slapping her ass.

Naruto nodded, getting behind Violet. Naruto play with his cock, by slightly smacking it against Violet's cheeks. She let out moans, feeling the length teasing her. The blonde grabs his mushroom tip, and pushes it inside the ring-hole. Violet's eyes widen in pleasure.

"Holy, fuck~!" Violet moaned.

"Whoa~..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto did not realize it, but he had about 3 inches. It felt good to Naruto, feeling how tight Violet's ass is.

"Oh, fuck, you're so much bigger in my asshole, Naruto~!" Violet moaned.

"Your asshole is really tight, Violet-chan! It's tighter than your pussy~!" Naruto moaned, pushing more of his cock inside Violet.

"S-Shit, my ass~!" Violet moaned.

Naruto moaned, feeling his cock being squeezed by the tight anal-walls. Naruto had 6 inches inside Violet's ass. Violet squealed like a pig, feeling her ass being filled by Naruto's monster cock, and she loved it. It made her body hot, and her pussy wet. She took about half of her new lover's cock inside her ass. Naruto moaned, feeling the tight ass squeezing the hell out of his cock.

"Oh, God, Naruto! Keep shoving it! Shove all of that cock! I want you balls deep inside my ass!" Violet moaned.

"I will, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, fuck~!" Violet screamed.

"Ah, your ass is the best!" Naruto moaned, shoving his cock even deeper.

"AHH~!" Violet moaned.

Naruto managed to push all of cock inside of Violet's ass. Violet's eyes rolled back, having the blonde teen on top of her with his horse cock up her rectum.

"Fuck, you're such a beast, Naruto~..." Violet moaned.

"Sorry... Your ass was too much, and I wanted it all." Naruto moaned.

"Don't be sorry, baby~... Be sure to give this ass of mine a good fucking when I'm ready, kay?" Violet asked, moaning and smiling.

"I will." Naruto moaned as well.

Naruto and Violet stay in bed, with him on top, and her own the bottom, doggy style. The blonde teen let out moaned, feeling the tight anal walls, squeezing around his cock again. Naruto wanted to fuck Violet, but he didn't want to climax so soon. Violet let out moans, feeling her ass filled up. Violet had toys, but they were nothing compare to Naruto's thick fat horse cock, and big balls.

"God, you're so big, babe~..." Violet moaned.

"I know~... This big butt of yours really took all of my cock." Naruto moaned.

"That's what it's made for, Naruto~" Violet moaned.

They both slightly laugh, hearing Violet's joke. She then rubbed up against, Naruto pelvis. The blonde moaned. Naruto looked at Violet.

"So, I take it you're ready?" Naruto asked.

"You know it, baby..." Violet moaned.

"Then, I'll start." Naruto replied.

Naruto grabbed Violet's hips, and started to move. Violet moaned.

"F-Fuck..." Violet moaned.

"So, tight~" Naruto moaned.

Naruto used slow movements, not wanting to hurt Violet and not to climax to something so alien, yet too good. Violet moaned, feeling the horse cock, slowly pulling her anus in and out. Yes, Violet had toys and guys that were random, but both toys and men were not as big or as good as the blonde Japanese boy, to give asshole such a filling. The filling of her ass felt so good, Violet felt her pussy slightly dripping its juices.

"Ah, my ass..." Violet moaned.

"I can't believe anal would be this tight... It's really amazing." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, your cock really filled up my ass, Naruto..." Violet moaned.

"Damn, I'm glad you suggest anal, Violet-chan..." Naruto moaned.

"I-Indeed, baby... Fuck, that's a lot of cock inside my ass~..." Violet stated.

Naruto and Violet stayed close, not moving an inch. Violet relaxed herself, since she took Naruto's cock inside her ass. The blonde teen moaned, feeling the tight anus, squeezing him. He loved the feeling of anal.

"Violet-chan, your ass is amazing..." Naruto stated.

"Y-You think so, Naruto?" Violet asked.

"Yeah, it really is..." Naruto moaned.

"Heheh, thank you, Naruto... I have to say your cock feels so much bigger inside my ass~" Violet moaned.

Violet kissed Naruto. He blushed, feeling Violet's lips. Once again, Violet moved her butt, pressing it against Naruto's pelvis.

"Ah..." Naruto moaned.

"Move for me, baby... I need that dick to make my ass feel good..." Violet moaned with a smile.

"A-Alright, Violet-chan..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto picked himself up, grabbed her hips, and moved slowly. Violet moaned, feeling her asshole being stretched out. Naruto looked at the massive ass, jiggling with each small movement he made.

"Oh, Naruto..." Violet moaned.

"What an amazing ass..." Naruto moaned with a blushed.

Violet smiled, seeing a dreamy look on Naruto's face. It seemed Naruto really enjoyed big rear-ends and breasts.

"Nice and slow, baby... I want my ass to be used by that big cock of yours~" Violet moaned.

"Y-Yes, Violet-chan..." Naruto moaned, still moving slowly.

Naruto continued his slow movements, feeling Violet's asshole, tightening. Violet bit her lower lip, loving the feeling of Naruto up her ass. The blonde teen then used his hands, massaging her massive cheeks. Violet moaned more, feeling Naruto's hands. During all the time they were having sex, Violet loved how Naruto's hands touched and felt her body.

"Oh, baby, you know how to please a girl~" Violet moaned.

"Thank you, Violet-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

"Ah, you're the best, Naruto~..." Violet moaned.

Naruto continued his actions, making Violet moan more. Violet was starting to feel amazing, feeling Naruto's cock inside her asshole. She then used her own movements against Naruto. The blonde let out a moaned, feeling the big ass rub up against him. Naruto really loved the feeling of Violet's ass against him. He never felt anything this soft.

"Sorry, baby, but I need more of your cock." Violet said.

"H-Huh~?" Naruto asked.

"Heheh, I want you to fuck me, now~" Violet stated.

"R-Really? Oh, I think this ass really wants me..." Naruto moaned.

"Damn straight it does, babe, now fuck me..." Violet moaned.

Naruto did what Violet told him. He grabbed Violet's hips, pulled out a few inches; he then slammed his rod hard inside her ass. Violet's eyes widen, screaming in pleasure.

"Oh, fuck, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

"I'll make sure this ass of yours is sore, Violet-chan!" Naruto said, thrusting hard.

"Oh, my God!" Violet screamed.

"Agh, this ass is the best!" Naruto moaned, slamming Violet's ass.

Violet moaned, feeling the blonde teen fucking her doggy-style, which was one of her favorite positions. Naruto moaned, feeling Violet's ass jiggling against him. Naruto let out moans. He grabbed a tighter grip on Violet's hips, soon, thrusting harder and faster. Violet not only did felt Naruto's hard slams, she felt his big balls slap her pussy with each thrust. She loved it, loving anal with a massive rod.

"Oh, God, Naruto! My ass is so full! It's so hot and getting slimly!" Violet moaned.

"Y-Yes! I feel your asshole, squeezing me even tighter!" Naruto moaned.

"Ugh! P-Please fuck me, baby! Rode my ass! Ride this fat booty of mine!" Violet moaned, with her eyes rolling back in pleasure.

"If that is what you want, I'll be sure to ride your fat ass hard, Violet-chan!" Naruto said.

Naruto still fucked Violet; soon, he was getting more on top of her, slamming his dick deeper inside her asshole.

"Oh, my ass!" Violet screamed.

Naruto rode Violet, Violet screamed in pleasure, having her ass fucked so hard, it made the bed shook. She didn't want Naruto to stop, she wanted him to pound her for hours. A part of Naruto didn't want to stop, he wanted to ruin Violet's ass, and make it his to fuck all the time.

"Oh, God! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop fucking my fat ass, Naruto!" Violet screamed.

"I won't Violet-chan! This fat ass feels so good! I want to fuck it everyday~!" Naruto moaned

"Then, own this fat chocolate ass of mine! Fuck me, and own me, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

"I will, Violet-chan~!" Naruto said.

"Aghhh~!" Violet screamed.

Naruto did not let up, slamming Violet's ass with each thrust. Violet held on the edges of her bed, not want Naruto's cock to slip out. Of course, Naruto did not let Violet's ass escape his hard beastly pounding. Violet's big cheeks jiggled, while Naruto's balls slapped her pussy-lips, harder. Naruto bit his lower lip, feeling the asshole, tightening more around his long rod.

"F-Fuck! Oh, fuck! M-My asshole is getting stretched out and ruin from your monster cock, Naruto~!" Violet screamed.

"Hell yeah! This ass of your really knows how to take it!" Naruto moaned.

"That's what it's made for, baby!" Violet moaned.

"Ugh, if this keeps up, I'll end up cumming inside your ass!" Naruto moaned.

"Then fill up this fat black ghetto ass with that milk, baby!" Violet moaned, begging for Naruto's thick seed.

"I'll give it to you, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned, almost growling.

Naruto did what Violet begged. He continued to his duty, pleasuring Violet's booty. Violet felt her ass and pussy getting wet, while the bed shook more. It was lucky that people weren't around, or else they would have heard all the sex. Thanks to all the hard thrusting, Naruto felt his cock swelling up and his balls tightening, once again. Naruto and Violet were going to climax, again.

"Augh! N-Naruto! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming from you fucking my ass!" Violet moaned.

"Y-Yeah! I'm going to cum, too! This ass is the best!" Naruto moaned.

"Fill me up with that hot cum, Naruto! Fucking ruin this ass!" Violet moaned.

"Ah, I can't hold it anymore!" Naruto growled.

Naruto leaned close, pinning Violet down, slamming her wildly. Violet screamed more, feeling her ass going numb from the hard pounding. Thanks to this, the climax was near. Naruto grunted his teeth, unable to hold himself.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Violet moaned.

Naruto and Violet reached their climax. Violet's eyes widen again with pleasure, feeling Naruto's huge load shooting deep inside her asshole, while her juices squirted. Naruto still had Violet pinned against her bed, still climaxing.

"F-Fuck, baby, your big dick is filling me up~..." Violet moaned, smiling.

"Ooh... Yeah, this ass of yours is really something~..." Naruto moaned.

"Come here, baby, give me a kiss..." Violet moaned, turning to Naruto.

"Of course..." Naruto replied, kissing Violet.

Naruto and Violet locked lips. The blonde teen was still on top of the big booty ebony, still climaxing. Like last time, Naruto's orgasm last for a minute, then ended. Naruto got off Violet, pulling out his cock. He managed to pull it out to the tip. He pulled out the tip, letting out a popping noise. Violet felt full, with semen leaking out of her anus. Naruto let out breathe, feeling his cock soften. Violet soon pounces on Naruto. The blonde teen felt the ebony goddess, getting on top of him.

"Oh, baby, that was the best ass fucking ever~" Violet said, kissing Naruto.

"I'm happy you enjoyed it, Violet-chan..." Naruto replied.

Naruto kissed Violet back, after giving her the ass fucking of a lifetime.

"Oh, Naruto~..." Violet moaned.

"Thank you for everything, Violet-chan." Naruto said, kissing Violet again.

As the kissed, Violet soon went down between Naruto's legs, sucking his cock again. The blonde let out a moan, feeling the ebony woman, sucking him off again. Several minutes later, Naruto's cock was hard again and cleaned off from the ass juices and semen. Violet got on top of the teen.

"Violet-chan?" Naruto said.

"I want you to fuck me more." Violet stated.

"Heheh, that's fine with me." Naruto replied.

"Oh, you stud." Violet stated.

Violet grabbed the hard member, adjusting it inside her. Both moaned. Violet's pussy slowly swallowed every inch of the monster cock that the blonde teen had. Naruto grunted in pleasure, having Violet on top of him again, like the 69, early. Finally, the mushroom tip hit her womb, making Violet baking her head in bliss. She soon had her hands on Naruto's chest, and she moved her hips and massive ass. Naruto moaned again, feeling Violet's movements.

"Oh, shit~..." Violet moaned.

"Whoa, you're so amazing, Violet-chan." Naruto moaned

"You're the amazing one, baby... You're such a good lover, and have the biggest cock and balls to please a woman~..." Violet moaned.

"T-Thanks." Naruto moaned, holding Violet's hips, using his own movements.

"Oh, yeah, fuck this pussy, Naruto~" Violet moaned, feeling Naruto's thrusts.

Violet leaned close, wrapping her arms around Naruto and pressing her breasts against his chest. Naruto and Violet soon shared a kiss. As they kissed, Naruto grabbed and played with Violet's ass.

"Mmm, just like that, Naruto~..." Violet moaned.

"You like that, Violet-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I love it, baby." Violet moaned.

"Then, you'll love this!" Naruto said, making Violet's hips slam down hard on his pelvis.

"Oh, fuck! That's what I love!" Violet moaned.

Violet smiled, picking up her movements, riding on Naruto harder. Naruto moaned, feeling Violet's chocolate body riding his cock. Violet took her time, enjoying riding Naruto. As time passed, and Violet's ass slamming down on Naruto's cock, she was going to climax again.

"I'm cumming again, Naruto!" Violet moaned, reaching her orgasm.

"Go ahead, and cum, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned, smiling.

"You're the best, baby!" Violet screamed, climaxing.

Violet leaned close, wrapped her arms around Naruto, feeling her pussy squirting its juices all over Naruto's dick and balls. Violet's eyes rolled back, having her orgasm again. She soon fell on her chest, getting off Naruto. Of course, the blonde teen was still hard, thanks to Violet's ass and not climaxing. Violet's ass was in the air, still moaning from her climax.

"Oh, my God~..." Violet moaned.

Naruto soon got on top of Violet with her ass up. Naruto lean close to Violet. Soon the black woman, felt the monster cock up her ass.

"Oh, fuck! Baby!" Violet moaned with a smile.

"S-Sorry, Violet-chan, I wanted to fuck you in the ass again! Besides, I didn't cum again, so, let's cum together!" Naruto moaned, thrusting hard and deep.

"Then fuck my fat ass, till I drain those big balls of yours~!" Violet moaned with a smile, getting pin down while her asshole being pounded.

Hours later, Violet was on her chest with her holes inside her pussy and asshole filled with the blonde's semen. Naruto lied next to Violet with his cock limp and soft after many orgasms.

"That was the best~..." Violet stated, smiling.

"Yeah... I never thought I would like sex this much. You're not like the girls at home, Violet-chan... I love that about you." Naruto said.

"Heheh, thanks, baby. I have to say I've never had a man like you." Violet stated, kissing Naruto.

Naruto soon was between Violet's breasts, while she wrapped herself around him.

"Good night, Naruto." Violet said.

"Good night, Violet-chan." Naruto replied.

Before they slept, Naruto asked something.

"Hey, Violet-chan." Naruto asked.

"Yeah?" Violet said.

"Can we fuck again tomorrow?" Naruto asked.

"Of course we can, babe. As long as you give me this cock, you can have other girls, too." Violet stated.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, babe. Gala really wants the D from you. Wendolin and Emma might be shy, but they to have a slight wild side. As for me, well, you already know. And don't get me started about Aria." Violet said.

"I see... Well, I'll make sure not to disappoint." Naruto said.

"Believe me, baby, my girlfriends won't be disappointed." Violet said, kissing Naruto.

"Heheh, you're right, Violet-chan. Well, I'll be sure to give your big ass another fucking, after I play a few video games with Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"I can't wait." Violet said.

Naruto and Violet fall asleep, little did the blonde teen knew, Haydee was watching them, and so was Aria. The humanoid android, felt her bottom half getting wet and her nipples got hard. Aria jerked herself off like crazy, having her loads all over herself. Violet told Haydee to record them. The next day, Naruto was still sleeping. Violet was talking with Gala, Emma, and Wendolin.

"Well, here it is." Violet said with a smile, showing her girlfriends a photo of her sucking/kissing Naruto's monster cock.

"Oh, God! I want that dick!" Gala said, slightly drooling.

"Ah!" Emma said with a dark blush.

"Oh, my... It's huge..." Wendolin said.

"Damn straight it is. My babe's cock is almost like a horse, and fucks like one too." Violet stated, smiling.

"A horse, his cock is more of a monster's~! Fuck, I want him so badly!" Gala shouted with joy.

"Well, be sure you do, because your mom might get Naruto next." Violet said.

"She would, but I'm getting him first!" Gala said with a smile.

"I even got the video, made three extra copies for your enjoyment." Violet said.

"Oh, yes!" Gala said, happily.

Emma and Wendolin blushed.

"Well, girls, I'll be seeing you later, my babe should be waking up. I'll call you all later." Violet said with a wink.

In the room, Naruto was still asleep. Soon the blonde woke up, seeing Violet taking off her clothes to take a shower. Naruto was still naked and a bit messy since the amazing night he became a man. Naruto soon followed. Violet let the water to see if it was warm enough. She let out a moan, feeling something hard against her ass.

"Good morning, Violet-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"Good morning, boo." Violet replied.

"Mind if I join you?" Naruto asked.

"Not at all, Naruto. You did promise me that you give this fat ass of mine another fucking, didn't you?" Violet asked.

"I sure did. I'll be sure to make you cum." Naruto replied.

Naruto did as he promised; he had Violet up against the shower wall, fucking that big ass of hers. Violet moaned in pleasure.

"Ah, right there! You're the best, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

"Oh, s-shit! Well, Violet-chan, this ass belongs to me! After me and Aria-chan hang out, I'll be sure to give this ass another pounding, tonight!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, baby! Please fuck me~!" Violet moaned.

Naruto and Violet had sex, like they did last night. Naruto was starting to enjoy his new life with Violet and the others, and he hopes can continue to enjoy it.


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