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Well, you ask for it. Aria is the winner. Warning, this chapter contents Futa on Male and anal, you've been warned. Anyway, sorry for taking so long, so let's get started. I still do not own Naruto or anything I use in this story, so please enjoy: Meeting New People and Playing Games.


Last time, Naruto and Violet were in the shower, having more sex. The blonde teen moaned, feeling Violet's mouth, sucking his cock.

"Ah, Violet-chan, I love how you suck my cock." Naruto moaned.

Violet released her lover's cock.

"Yes, baby, your cock is the best. Then..." Violet said, turning herself around.

Naruto blushed, seeing Violet's massive ass.

"Here, baby, come and shove that monster cock inside me~" Violet stated, smiling, holding her right ass check apart.

Naruto went behind Violet, shoving his member deep inside of Violet's pussy. She let out a scream of pleasure, having the young blonde's cock.

"Oh, Naruto!" Violet moaned.

"Ah!" Naruto moaned, thrusting hard.

"Ooh-wee, baby! You're so deep!" Violet moaned.

"With an ass like this, I can't help myself, Violet-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"B-By all means, baby, fuck me till I can't walk straight~!" Violet moaned.

"With pleasure!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder.

"Ahh!" Violet moaned.

Naruto thrust Violet, deep. The ebony felt her pussy getting stretched out thanks to Naruto's massive cock. Violet had her hands against the shower wall, so not to slip and fall. Naruto manages not to slow down and steady strong position, using the big black ass as his soft bumper. Naruto continues to fuck Violet, about to climax.

"Oh, God, Naruto! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum again!" Violet moaned.

"Me too, Violet-chan! I'll release it inside your tight pussy!" Naruto moaned.

"Please do, Naruto! Release that thick warm load inside my tight little pussy~!" Violet screamed.

Naruto grabbed a tighter grip on Violet's hips, thrusting wildly. Naruto bit his lower lip, about to nut inside the ebony goddess. Violet's eyes rolled back, nearing her climax, thanks to her young lover.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto and Violet moaned, climaxing.

Naruto let's out a growl, blasting his seed deep inside of Violet's womb. Violet's mouth was wide open due to the pleasure of reaching her climax.

"Oh, Naruto~..." Violet moaned.

"Take it for me, Violet-san~..." Naruto moaned.

"You're the best~..." Violet moaned.

"Thank you, Violet-san." Naruto said, slapping her ass.

"Ah!" Violet moaned.

Naruto still pumps his load deep inside of Violet. The ebony woman felt her insides filling up. The blonde teen leaned close, kissing Violet. Like always, Naruto's orgasm was a long minute and after that minute, it ended. The water continued to run down, and Naruto's cock slip out of Violet's tight pussy.

"Want to go another round, Violet-san?" Naruto asked.

"S-Sorry, baby, as much as I would love too, I have a few things that I need to take care of." Violet said.

"Oh..." Naruto said.

"But when I get back, I'll let you do whatever you want." Violet said.

"You're the best, Violet-chan." Naruto said.

"You know it, baby." Violet replied, kissing Naruto.

Naruto and Violet finished her shower. They got out of the shower, drying themselves off.

"Oh, before I forget, do you mind making sure the house is clean. And I have a package to Gala, next door. Do you mind taking over there, babe?" Violet asked.

"Not at all. You can leave everything to me." Naruto said.

"Thank you, Naruto." Violet said, kissing Naruto.

Naruto got dressed. Naruto walked Violet out the door.

"Well, if there's anything you need, just call me." Violet stated.

"I will, Violet-chan." Naruto said.

Violet leaves.

"Alright, let's get those chores done." Naruto said.

Naruto went through the entire house. He and Haydee finished cleaning up the leftover messes from the party. Naruto did everything from taking out the trash, washing dishes, cleaning the living room, and so on. Naruto sees the package.

"Oh, right, I have to get this to Gala-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto takes the package.

"I'll be right back, Haydee-chan." Naruto said.

Haydee nodded.

Naruto went next door, remembering that Gala is one of Violet's neighbors and friends. Naruto stood in front of Gala's house. He knocked on the door. Someone answers the door. It was a woman with platinum blonde hair answered the door.

"Oh, hello."

Naruto was puzzled by this woman's beauty. There was something about her that reminds him of Gala. Little does he knew; this woman is Gala's mother. Naruto snaps out of his thoughts, remembering why he was here in the first place.

"Oh, hi... I'm here to drop of a package for Gala-chan. My name is Naruto." Naruto stated with a small smile and small blush.

"Oh, you're the cute boy my Gala and Violet told me about. I'm Amber, Gala's mother." Amber stated with her own smile.

Amber is succubus, which is a type of female monster that forkful its desire for men with sexual acts. Though she is succubus, she looks more human. Amber was old, though she did not look it, not even Gala knows how old her mother is. Amber had red eyes with dark violet lipstick. Amber and Gala both had dark skin, though Amber's was darker. Amber had platinum blonde hair, and what Naruto noticed of this mother succubus was her massive large N-cup breasts. And Amber was a foot shorter than Naruto.

"Come in, come in! I'll tell Gala that you're here." Amber said, pulling Naruto inside her home.

"Whoa!" Naruto said.

Naruto was inside Amber's home. Like Violet's house, it was big and fancy.

"Have a sit, babe, I'll be right back." Amber said.

"Okay." Naruto said.

Naruto sits on the leopard skin couches with the package. He looks around, seeing how nice the home is. Of course, he looks on his right, seeing a photo of a naked Amber. He blushes.

"Damn..." Naruto whispered to himself.

"Hey, Naruto!" Gala said, wrapping her arms around Naruto.

"Whoa!" Naruto said, being caught off guard.

"Have are you, babe?" Gala asked with a smile.

"I'm good, Gala-chan. Violet-san asked me to give you a package." Naruto stated.

"Oh, it came. That's great!" Gala said.

Naruto heads over to package to Gala.

"Oh, that's so sweet of you to come all this way to give me this." Gala said.

"It's no problem, Gala-chan." Naruto replied, rubbing the back of his head.

Gala smiled, and then she leans close, kissing Naruto. His eyes widen, feeling Gala's lips. He loved how soft they were. She then whispers in his ear.

"When you get a chance, come over, okay? I want to get to know you a little more." Gala said.

"Okay, Gala-chan. I would like that." Naruto replied, kissing Gala on the cheek.

Gala blushes, seeing how much Naruto had change since he lost his virginity to Violet. To be honest, Gala would have attacked and fucked Naruto right here and now, remembering the monster cock he has. In fact, she has the picture on her phone. However, she had things to do. Oh, she could not wait to get the blonde teen into bed and show him a wonderful time.

"I'll see you around, Naruto." Gala said.

"See you soon, Gala-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto leaves. Amber was watching, seeing Naruto, and like her daughter or most likely, her succubus nature wanted Naruto as well. Amber also saw the picture of Naruto's dick. She wanted to fuck the blonde as well till his balls were completely drain of his seed. Amber smirks as a demon would.

"Oh my, oh my~... Mother needs that dick." Amber said.

Amber and Gala were competitive when it came to guys, but not as much anymore. Well, until Naruto came along that is. Now which one of these succubuses are going to get the blonde first? Only time would tell. Back with Naruto, making his way back to Violet's house, he saw Emma going to work. They wave at each other, smiling. Naruto continued his way, till he saw someone struggling with some grouser's bags. Naruto went to help.

"Here, let me help you." Naruto said.

"Dios-Mios, thank you..."

Naruto grabs four heavy bags. He saw it was a woman with dark skin. Her name is Cocoa, and another neighbor of Violet's. Like Violet, Cocoa had dark skin with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a small mole on the left side of her chin. Like Violet and other women, Cocoa had quite the voluptuous body with double K-breasts, a nice waist, and a massive ass. Cocoa is also a mother of two, her oldest son lives on his own, her daughter, Chocolata lives with her, and is at school.

"Thank you." Cocoa said.

"It's no problem, miss..." Naruto said.

"My name is Cocoa. And you most be Naruto. Violet told me so much about you." Cocoa stated.

"Yeah. I'm leaving with her, and I'm here if you ever need a hand." Naruto said.

"Thank you very much, Naruto." Cocoa said.

"Anytime, Cocoa-san. If there's anything you need all you have do is, ask." Naruto said.

"I'll be sure to let you know, Naruto." Cocoa said.

"Well, I'll see you around, Cocoa-san." Naruto said.

Naruto helps putting the bags inside of Cocoa's house. Cocoa thanks Naruto again, and then he leaves. Naruto was about at his home, and once again, something stops him. A girl with glasses was looking for something.

"Oh, damn, where did they go? I just had them."

Naruto noticed some keys that were on the floor. He picked them up and walks over to the girl.

"Are you looking for these?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, thank you! I knew I had them."

Naruto's eyes widen, seeing the woman. Her breasts were very large, area the I-cup. He quickly snaps out of staring and headed the keys to her.

"I never saw you around. Are you new here?"

"Yeah. My name's Naruto. I love here with Violet-san." Naruto stated.

"I'm Maddie. It's nice to meet you, Naruto." Maddie said.

Maddie is a woman about the same age as Gala. She wore glasses and seemed like a tomboy. Maddie had brown eyes and hair, with dark skin. She wore a beanie, a jacket, shirt, and jeans. Of course, the thing about Maddie was her large breasts, and a plump butt. Naruto noticed right away, due for meeting Maddie face to face. Nevertheless, he remains polite and tries not to stare too much.

"It's nice to meet you, too, Maddie-chan." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Maddie, did you find them?"

"Yeah, Inori, I found the keys." Maddie replied.

"Good, I thought we were never going to..." Inori said but stops.

Inori saw Naruto.

"Oh, who's this?" Inori asked.

"This is the guy who found our keys. This is Naruto. Naruto this is my roommate, Inori." Maddie stated.

"Thank you, Naruto. And it's nice to meet you." Inori said.

Inori is a woman the same age as Maddie. Like Maddie, she wore glasses. Of course, Inori is white, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Inori had B-cup breasts, but was she lacks with her chest she made it up for her massive ass. Naruto noticed this as well. She and Maddie had a love of video games. Maddie goes to college, and Inori works. Maddie also works, when she is not studying or at college. Once again, he stops himself not to stare.

"Nice to meet you, too, Inori-chan." Naruto replied.

"Oh, right. Maddie, we have to get going." Inori said.

"Oh, damn! You're right." Maddie said.

"Don't worry; we still have time to make it. I'm going to get my phone then we'll go." Inori said.

"Okay." Maddie said.

Inori went back inside. Maddie turned back to Naruto.

"Well, I'll see you around, Naruto. Inori and me need to get to work." Maddie stated.

"Okay." Naruto said.

"When it's my day off, you should come over and we can hang out or something." Maddie said.

"Sounds cool. I'll see you around, Maddie-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Maddie slightly blush. Naruto and Maddie waved goodbye. Naruto resumes his way home. After doing some favors for Violet and meeting his new neighbors, Naruto was not free for today.

"All right, all the chores are done. I deliver the package to Gala-chan. It feels like I'm forgetting something." Naruto said.

Naruto thinks about it. Then he remembers. He promises that he would spend some time with Aria.

"Oh, yeah, I promise, Aria-chan I would come over and play video games today." Naruto stated.

Naruto went back home. He then went to the basement. He knocked on the door. Aria opens the door.

"Hey, Naruto!" Aria said with a smile.

"Hey, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Aria hugged Naruto. The blonde teen blushed, feeling Aria's body.

"You came!" Aria said.

"Yeah, just as I promised." Naruto said with a smile.

"Come on, Naruto. I want to play some Mario Kart." Aria said.

"Okay, okay, Aria-chan, there's no need to rush." Naruto said.

Aria held Naruto's hand, taking him into her room. Though, she was somewhat lonely. She a few friends, Beth is one, like her she is also a ghost girl and a Futanari as well. Luna is another ghost girl, but she does not have a penis like her, and Beth. Luna also has a mother named, Ember. In Aria's room, she showed Naruto everything she had, toys, video games, and many things.

"I'm going to get the games, ready, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Okay, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto looked at Aria's room, seeing how much cool stuff she has. Naruto turn back to Aria, seeing her bent over, showing massive ass, balls and cock. The blonde blushed. Naruto knew this when he first met Aria. Aria never wears any pants or panties in fact. Aria finishes setting the game.

"Okay, it's ready!" Aria said.

"Let's play." Naruto said.

Aria turns on the game.

"Ready?" Aria asked.

"Ready." Naruto said.

Naruto and Aria started to play. Before they started really play, Aria sits on his lap. Naruto blushed, feeling Aria's massive ass on his lap, mostly on his pelvis.

"All right, let's play!" Aria said.

"R-Right..." Naruto said.

As Aria and Naruto played her game, he blushed, feeling the massive rump on top of him. Naruto felt Aria sit on his lap, ever since he came over. The blonde felt everything, her massive butt against his pelvis along with her balls and cock. Naruto just let the ghost girl do what she wants. Aria thought, she was coming to strong. She turns to Naruto.

"I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I, Naruto-kun?" Aria asked.

"Not at all." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Heheh, you really are nice, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Of course, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto and Aria played Mario Kart for an hour. Naruto won a few times, but Aria won more times, due to her skills and her sitting on top of the blonde's lap.

"Naruto-kun can we play Mortal Kombat?" Aria asked.

"Of course, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Once again, Naruto and Aria played more video games, enjoying themselves. Aria was having the time of her life. Naruto was as well. Another hour had passed, and Aria was still sitting on Naruto's lap. Aria felt a small hardness against her big butt. Her own cock was getting hard as well. Aria was done playing games and wants to play a new game. Well, this game will be one she and Naruto will both enjoy even more.

"Hey, Naruto-kun..." Aria said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"I want to play a new game." Aria said.

"What kind of game?" Naruto asked.

Aria leaned close, kissing Naruto's lips. Naruto blushed, feeling Aria's lips against his. Aria turns herself around, face to face with Naruto. Both the blonde teen and the ghost girl made out on the floor. Naruto went for Aria's neck, making her moan. Aria felt her cock hardening and feeling Naruto's boner up against her. Naruto and Aria rolled around on the floor, until Aria was on top while Naruto was on his back. She grinds herself against Naruto. Naruto smiled, seeing Aria enjoying herself.

"Whoa..." Aria said.

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Yep!" Aria said, smiling.

"Is there anything you want to do?" Naruto asked.

"Well... I want to do this~..." Aria said.

Aria turned herself around, once again, showing her big ass. Like Violet, last night, Aria was face sitting on the blonde teen. Naruto blushed, feeling Aria's massive ass all in his face.

"Are you okay, Naruto-kun?" Aria asked.

"Uh-huh~..." Naruto muffled between Aria's ass cheeks.

"I want you to relax and let me set on this face for awhile, okay?" Aria said.

"Mm-hmm..." Naruto replied.

Aria continued to sit on Naruto's face. Naruto was right about Aria being alive ghost, but soon he remembered being smothered by the massive cheeks. Aria moved her butt around, Naruto's face, making moan between her ass. At the same time, Aria was getting a boner.

"Your face is so comfy, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Man, Aria-chan has so much ass like Violet-chan~..." Naruto thought.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~..." Aria moaned.

Aria moaned, circling her massive butt all around Naruto's face. The blonde teen moaned between her cheeks. At the same time, the ghost girl, moaned like crazy feeling her cock twitched. She lifted her butt to let Naruto breathe.

"Oh, Aria-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

"Do you want me to stop?" Aria asked.

"Don't stop, Aria-chan~" Naruto moaned.

Aria smiled, hearing Naruto's response. Aria buried the blonde between her butt again. But this time, she also tea bag Naruto as well. Naruto did not want Aria to have all the fun, so he licked Aria's asshole.

"Ah!" Aria moaned.

"Man, her ass is tasty~..." Naruto thought, still licking and tonguing.

"Ahh, oh, Naruto-kun, you really like my butt, don't you?" Aria asked, giggling.

"Mm-hmm~..." Naruto moaned.

"That's what I like to hear, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

Aria continues to sit on Naruto's face. She moved her ass around, wanting to the blonde to feel her massive cheeks smothering him. Naruto was sure feeling it too. This went on for the next 10 minutes. Aria got off Naruto's face, letting him breathe.

"Oh, man." Naruto moaned.

"Ah, I really like sitting on your face, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"I like it too, Aria-chan." Naruto replied, kissing Aria.

"Mmm~..." Aria moaned.

Naruto and Aria smiled, becoming aroused with the foreplay. Never in her life, Aria had felt this way. She was happy that Naruto had come over and played games with her. After all her butt sitting, Aria wanted something from Naruto. But she did not know if Naruto wanted to do 'that', but it never hurts to ask. The ghost girl turns to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun..." Aria said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"Umm, sorry if I'm coming on to strong, but..." Aria said.

"What is it, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Can you suck my cock?" Aria asked.

Naruto looked down, seeing Aria's boner. She was as big as he was. Naruto had oral sex with Violet, eating out her ass and pussy. But he never sucked someone's dick. Of course, he would not suck another man's dick. However, Aria is a girl. Well a ghost girl with a big cock and a large fat ass. The blonde thought about it for a second. He did not know why, but something within him tells him to do it. Besides, he is turned on due to Aria sitting on his face and it never hurts to try something new.

"Okay." Naruto replied with a smile.

"R-Really?! Are you sure?" Aria asked.

"Of course, Aria-chan. And don't worry; I'll be sure do my best." Naruto said, kissing Aria.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! I'm so happy!" Aria said.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, seeing how happy he's making Aria. Aria sits on her bed, spreading her legs, showing her erection.

"H-Here you go, Naruto~…" Aria said.

"Right…" Naruto replied.

Naruto went down between Aria's legs. He felt the hard dick and balls against his face. He felt it twitching. Aria blushed a deep red, having Naruto face to face with her hard penis. Naruto takes a deep breath, and ready's himself.

"I'm going to did it now, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Okay." Aria replied.

Naruto kissed Aria's tip, making her moan.

"Aah~…" Aria moans.

"What a strange taste…" Naruto thought.

He then uses his tongue, licking the tip. Aria bits her lower lip, while she scrums a bit. Naruto licks the hard cock, using one hand to stroke her poll and the other hand to massage her balls. Aria used her hands, grabbing her C-cup breasts. She moaned, enjoying the oral sex Naruto was preforming. Naruto looks up, seeing the ghost girl enjoying herself.

"Are you okay, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked, stroking her cock.

"Y-Yes~… Augh, please don't stop, Naruto-kun~…" Aria moaned.

"Okay, Aria-chan." Naruto said, continuing his actions.

Naruto did just that, licking the large cock. He then wrapped his lips around the mushroom tip of Aria's cock. She moaned more, feeling Naruto's warm wet mouth sucking her.

"N-Naruto-kun~…" Aria moaned.

"She's so much bigger than I thought…" Naruto thought.

Naruto manages to take about 5 inches of Aria's cock inside his mouth. The blonde's eyes slightly widen, and his throat was being filled with the ghost girl's cock. Aria bit her lower lip, loving how Naruto was sucking her dick. As for the blonde, he started to like sucking Aria's cock. Aria could not help herself anymore. She soon got on her feet, pushing more of her dick inside the blonde's tight throat. Another 5 inches that is. Naruto's eyes widen but be endured it. In fact, his own cock got hard as well.

"Oh, jeez! I love having my cock sucked, Naruto-kun! I want more!" Aria moaned.

"Guh, Aria-chan's cock is going deeper inside my mouth!" Naruto thought, gagging and slurping on Aria's dick.

Aria moaned, more. The feeling of oral was beyond anything the ghost girl imagined. She could not help herself. Aria push the rest of her cock deep inside Naruto's throat. Aria managed to fit all 16 inches.

"Ooh, I have all my cock inside you mouth, Naruto-kun…" Aria moaned.

Naruto nodded in response, due having a large dick in his mouth, literally. Aria pulled up her hoodie, showing her C-cup bust, her nipples were hard thanks to all the oral sex and foreplay. Aria used her hands, holding Naruto's head, moving her hips and making her butt jiggle. Both Naruto and Aria locked eyes, as she continued her slow movements. She made sure not to be too rough with Naruto.

"You're so cute, Naruto-kun. I love the way you're sucking my cock." Aria stated, moaning with a smile.

"I'm happy you're enjoying this, Aria-chan… Now…" Naruto thought.

Naruto would not let Aria have all the fun. He used his own hands, and he grabbed Aria's ass. His hands were overflowing with Aria's soft cheeks. Aria moaned, louder, loving how Naruto was playing with her bubble butt.

"Oh, Naruto!" Aria moaned.

"I'm not going to let you have all the fun, Aria-chan." Naruto thought, still giving Aria head.

Aria moaned, holding Naruto's head, as she fucked his tight throat. Naruto take all of Aria's cock, while having and played with her massive booty, having hands full of her cheeks in each hand. Aria was loved how tight Naruto's throat is. It was getting aroused, while her big balls started to tighten.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you have such a tight throat~!" Aria moaned.

"Ugh, Aria-chan is so deep inside my mouth…!" Naruto thought.

This feeling was too good for Aria. She wanted more. She then increased her movements, thrusting deeper into Naruto's throat. The blonde's eyes widen, feeling Aria's cock going even deeper.

"I'm so happy that you're giving me a blowjob, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"Aria-chan is so amazing!" Naruto thought.

"So good!" Aria moaned, thrusting deeper.

Naruto also felt it swelling up inside his mouth. The blonde made sure he was pleasing this ghost girl. He squeezed, fondled and smack Aria's butt while taken the deep throating. This went on for a while, and Aria felt herself becoming overwhelm. She had jerked off many times because of her large size and large hormones. Now, a formerly feeling was coming over her. Aria was reaching her climax.

"I-I'm about to cum! I'm going to cum form you sucking me off, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"Y-Yeah, I feel her cock swelling up like crazy! I can tell she's about to cum!" Naruto thought, gargling on Aria's dick.

Aria held Naruto, tighter, not letting go of his head. She was close, Naruto could feel it. Naruto continued not only to take Aria's cock, he also played with her ass harder. Thanks to this, Aria was getting closer to that point. It was there. Aria could not hold it in anymore. She was about to her first oral orgasm.

"I'm cumming~!" Aria moaned, reaching her climax.

"Gugh!" Naruto moaned, feeling Aria's orgasm.

"I'm still cumming!" Aria moaned.

Aria finally reached it. She reached her climax, thanks to Naruto's tight throat. Aria's eyes rolled back, still releasing her female seed. Naruto tasted Aria's milk. To his surprise, it was warm, and it had a sweet taste to it. He was amazed that Aria was cumming this much. Well, his orgasms are big and are about a minute long. Aria still climax, filling up Naruto's mouth.

"W-Whoa, this feels so good, Naruto-kun…" Aria said.

Naruto just nodded, gargling and still taking all of Aria's seed. Like Naruto, Aria had her orgasm for a long minute. Naruto continued to take it for about 50 seconds. Aria pulled herself out, releasing the rest of her seed all over Naruto's face.

"Ahhhh~…" Aria moaned.

"Guah…" Naruto gauged.

Aria's climax had ended. Naruto felt his throat sore after the oral he gave Aria. The ghost girl was happy beyond anything. She couldn't believe that she got Naruto to suck her off. Naruto didn't think he would do such a thing, but in a way, he really liked it. He licked Aria's cock and played with her balls.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, that was amazing~..." Aria moaned with a smile.

"Yeah, I really liked it too, Aria-chan~..." Naruto replied, smacking her ass cheeks, again.

"Ah~!" Aria moaned.

"Thanks, Aria-chan." Naruto said, picking himself up.

He leans closed to Aria. They kissed, holding each other. Aria tasted her own see. She likes it. They kissed each other, kissing and licking off her seed. Minute of this, Naruto's face was clean.

"So, what do you want to do next, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Come in bed with me, silly!" Aria said.

Naruto and Aria did just that. He picks up Aria, carrying her bridal style.

"Naruto!" Aria said.

"Let's get started, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto took Aria to bed.

"Naruto-kun…" Aria said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"Take off all your clothes, please." Aria said.

"Oh, right." Naruto replied.

Aria watched as Naruto take off all his clothes. Aria blushed, and she even slightly drooled, seeing Naruto's body. She saw everything his muscular chest, abs, and big cock as well. Aria loved Naruto's body. She wanted him badly since the day he moved in.

"Whoa…" Aria said with a smile and blushed.

"Do you like it, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I love it, Naruto-kun. I would love it even more if you were right next to me." Aria said.

Naruto chuckled a bit, seeing how much Aria wants him. Well, Naruto was the type of person to not disappoint anyone. He crawled into bed with Aria. Naruto wrap his arms around Aria's body. They kissed, while their cocks and balls grind against each other. Once again, he slaps Aria's big ass.

"Oh, Naruto-kun." Aria moaned.

"Aria-chan…" Naruto moaned.

In bed, the blonde teen and ghost girl, cuddled and even slightly wrestle in bed. Aria won and was on top of Naruto. Both were hard, ready for more.

"What would you like to do, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked, playing with her butt.

"I want you to have me~..." Aria said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yup~..." Aria replied.

Aria got off Naruto. Once again, Aria bends over, showing her goodies. Naruto saw that Aria had no vagina like most girl do, but to the blonde teen he didn't care about such things. Aria was Aria. Naruto got hard again, seeing Aria's massive butt.

"Naruto-kun?" Aria said.

"Sorry, I'm just amazed by your big butt~..." Naruto said.

"Heheh." Aria giggled.

Naruto leaned close, licking her anus and playing with her massive cheeks.

"Ahh~..." Aria moaned.

"Man, Aria-chan, I can't get over how tasty you are." Naruto said.

"Ah!" Aria moaned.

Naruto could not help himself. He enjoys Aria's taste. He loved everything about her. The blonde continued to lube up Aria, making sure she was nice and wet. The ghost girl bit her lower lip, loving how Naruto was using her body. A few minutes later, Naruto was done lubing up Aria. Aria's face was bright red, feeling her asshole warm and wet. The blonde licked his lips, and his dick was hard.

"Ooh~..." Aria moaned.

"Man, you're tasty." Naruto moaned.

"You're really good at this, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"I know." Naruto said.

He looked down, seeing Aria's asshole, twitching. Aria looked back, seeing Naruto's cock hard, wanting her.

"Naruto, I want you so badly." Aria said.

"Right." Naruto said.

Naruto gets on top of Aria. Aria blushes, feeling the hard cock between her cheeks. She even felt the tip between her balls. The blonde looks down, seeing his cock between her big ass. Naruto and Aria were ready for intercourse.

"I'm ready, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"All right, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto grab his tip, pushing it inside of Aria's butt. Aria's eyes widen, moaning.

"Ahh~!" Aria moaned.

"Ugh, shit..." Naruto moaned.

Aria felt the mushroom tip, going inside her rectum. The blonde fit about 4 inches inside the tight anus. Aria never had sex, but she did masturbate a lot, and she even had a toy for her asshole. But Naruto's cock is way bigger than her toy ever was. Aria felt her cock getting hard against her bed. Naruto continued to push his cock more into Aria's butt, push another 4 inches.

"Ah-ahh! You're going even deeper in my butt, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"Y-yeah, I'm about halfway inside your big bubble butt, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"M-More! I need all of it, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"I'll give it to you, Aria-chan…" Naruto replied, still moaning.

Naruto push more of his cock inside the tight anus. Aria panted, taken more of the blonde's cock. Naruto moaned, loving how tight Aria is. Naruto and Aria loudly, shoving the rest of his cock inside her. His cock was not deep inside the tight asshole. Naruto's balls were against Aria's. He was pretty much on top of the ghost girl.

"Oh, Naruto~…" Aria moaned.

"Holy shit…" Naruto moaned.

"You're so deep in my butt…" Aria moaned.

"Y-Yeah… It feels so good…" Naruto said.

Aria smiled, hearing Naruto's words. She turns to him, leaning close, planting a kiss on his lips.

"Aria-chan?" Naruto said.

"I'm wanted to kiss my hubby." Aria said.

Naruto chuckled a bit, hearing Aria calling him 'hubby.' Both teens stay motionless, not wanted to move so soon. Aria thought she might pass out, but luckily, she didn't. Naruto loved how big and tight Aria's asshole is. He leaned close, kissing her.

"Ooh…" Aria moaned.

"I'm ready when you are, Aria-chan." Naruto stated.

"Just give me a moment, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Okay, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Naruto stayed put, not moving. Even with Naruto on top, Aria positioned herself better. While she did, her butt wiggled, rubbed, and pressed up against Naruto. He moaned, feeling Aria' big ass.

"Oh, Aria-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"S-Sorry…" Aria moaned.

"No need, Aria-chan. I love it." Aria said.

Minutes of getting ready, Aria was ready for Naruto's movements.

"Naruto-kun… I'm ready…" Aria said.

"Are you sure, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yep. I can handle it, hubby." Aria said.

"Okay, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Naruto positioned himself as well. He grabbed Aria's hips, then he started to move his hips. As he did, Aria's big butt jiggled again. Aria moaned, feeling her rectum being pulled from the inside out. Naruto moaned as well, feeling Aria's asshole tighten around his long poll. As Naruto moved, he watched Aria's big butt smacking up against his pelvis.

"Oh, man, Aria-chan, your big ass is amazing…" Naruto moaned.

"I'm glad you like it, Naruto-kun…" Aria said.

"I love it, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto proved it, by giving nice and slow to Aria. Aria bit her lower lip, having the big member in and out her ass. While the blonde continues to screw Aria in the butt, she felt Naruto's balls hitting up against her balls. It felt good to the blonde and the ghost girl. Naruto continued to pound Aria, making her moan in pleasure. Naruto moaned as well, feeling Aria's asshole start to become even tighter, squeezing him.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're so big inside my butthole~..." Aria moaned.

"Yeah, this big ass of yours is amazing~..." Naruto moaned.

"Yeah it is... I can tell you're enjoying yourself with that dreamy look on your face..." Aria said.

The ghost girl soon rubbed her ass cheeks up against Naruto.

"Ah..." Naruto moaned.

"Do you like that, Naruto-kun?" Aria asked with a smile.

"Oh, yeah..." Naruto moaned.

"That's good to hear, hubby~" Aria moaned.

Naruto continued his slow movements. Aria felt her ass becoming even tighter. It took a bit of time, but the ghost girl was started to feel more aroused. In fact, her cock got harder as well. She turned to Naruto, wanting him to pick up his movements.

"Oh, hubby…" Aria said.

"Y-Yes, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Go, faster." Aria said.

"Huh?" Naruto moaned.

"I want you to fuck me, Naruto-kun!" Aria said, moaning.

Hearing this, Naruto smiled. He pulls out a few inches, then slams it back deep inside of Aria.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"S-Sorry, I could not help myself, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, Naruto-kun! I want more of your cock, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"I will, Aria-chan! Damn, this ass is amazing!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder.

Naruto bit his lower lip, loving how tight Aria is. Of course, he loves her big ass as well. Aria loves how Naruto is using her big ass. The then increased her own movements, pressing her butt more against the blonde. Naruto did not let up, not giving Aria a chance to rest nor her big ass. Naruto loved watching Aria's ass. He continues to give this large rump some hard pounding.

"Ah, Naruto! You're so good! Your big cock feels so good inside my butt!" Aria moaned.

"Damn, right, it is! I could fuck you like this all day, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"We can make that happen, if you like, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"I would like that, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto continued to give Aria some loving. Aria smiles, having Naruto pound her. The blonde leaned close to the ghost girl, slamming his cock deep into Aria's butt. Aria screams in pleasure, feeling Naruto using her butt as a stop cushion. Her cock wobble around, even leaking some of her pre-cum. Aria turned to Naruto, kissing him.

"More, Naruto! Give me more of your cock, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"I will, Aria-chan! Ugh, this ass keeps getting tighter and tighter!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes! You're so deep, I'm leaking my pre-cum!" Aria moaned.

"Speaking of, which, I think I might cum, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Make me cum as well, hubby!" Aria moaned.

"Oh, I will, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder and deeper.

"Naruto!" Aria screams, as her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Naruto continued to fuck Aria, more wildly, pinning done on her bed. Aria grabs the sheets of her bed. She felt Naruto's thrusting becoming more intense, thanks to her large ass. Inside Aria's tight rectum, Naruto's cock swelled up and twitched, deep inside her. Aria felt her own cock swelling up as well and her tip was almost at its limit. Naruto was about his limit as well. Both knew they were close to climaxing.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum again from you fucking my ass!" Aria moaned.

"Ah, I can't hold it anymore! This fat ass is going to make me cum, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, Naruto-kun! Please make me cum! I'm about blast, Naruto-kun! I'm going to blast my seed!" Aria moaned.

"I'm almost there, Aria-chan! I'm about to cum inside this fat ass of yours!" Naruto moaned, thrusting even harder.

Naruto increased his speed more, giving Aria a hard pounding. Aria's eyes roll back, her mouth open, enjoy the hard ass fucking she was getting from Naruto. Naruto pin down Aria on the bed, making her moan like crazy, while his balls slap against her balls. Her mushroom tip was leaking more of her pre-cum. Naruto own cock was about to blast as well. Naruto and Aria knew they were about to climax.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto and Aria moaned, climaxing.

Naruto and Aria climaxed, together. Naruto felt his cock, blasting its seed deep inside of Aria's anus. Aria blasted her own seed on her bed and the floor. Naruto felt Aria's asshole, tightening around his cock. Naruto continued to climax. The blonde then pulled the ghost girl into a kiss. Naruto continues to have his orgasm while kissing Aria. Aria blushed, still taking Naruto's orgasm deep inside her tight anus.

"Oh, Naruto~..." Aria moaned.

"Ah, your ass is amazing~..." Naruto moaned.

"Y-Yes, I love it, and I love you too, Naruto-kun..." Aria moaned.

"Love you, too, Aria-chan." Naruto said, kissing Aria.

"Mmm~..." Aria moaned, locking lips with Naruto.

Like always, Naruto's climax lasts a fill long minute. After that minute, Naruto's orgasm ends. Naruto pulls out his cock. Aria blushes, feeling her asshole, leaking some of Naruto's seed. Naruto turned Aria around, she was still climaxing as well. She was cover in her semen. He smiled, coming close to her.

"You're a bit messy, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Heheh, I guess I am. I do need a bit of a cleaning." Aria said.

"I can help with that." Naruto said, kissing Aria.

"Mmm~" Aria moaned.

Naruto held Aria, kissing her and cuddling in bed. Aria, kisses Naruto's lips. Naruto lick Aria's face clean. Then he went down, sucking on her nipples. Aria moaned again, having Naruto using her body. They stay close, grinding their cocks together, again.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"It sure was, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"I really love how you pounded me, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Thanks, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto and Aria stay in bed, resting after their orgasms. Aria rested her head on Naruto's chest.

"Oh, that was everything I hoped for, Naruto-kun." Aria moaned.

"Yeah, it truly was, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Aria picked herself up, kissing Naruto. She went down, kissing his chest. She was now face to face with his cock. Naruto looked up, seeing Aria playing with his manhood.

"Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"It's my turn to suck your cock, Naruto-kun. Relax and let me please you, okay?" Aria said, stroking his member.

"Ah, o-okay, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Aria smiled. She soon wrapped her lips around the blonde's cock. She did not waste time, taking Naruto's cock inch by inch. Naruto moaned, loving Aria's mouth. Aria sucks on Naruto's large cock. She sucked, lick, and kiss Naruto's member clean. She even tasted her own ass juices. Aria continued to suck Naruto's cock clean. After some time, Aria clean Naruto member.

"There, nice and clean, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Thanks, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

They cuddle more, regaining their stamina. Aria was on top of Naruto, resting for a short time. Once again, their penises grind against each other. Aria wanted to take things to the next level. She wanted to fuck the blonde teen more than anything. She looks at Naruto, telling him what she wanted to do.

"Naruto-kun…" Aria said.

"Yeah, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Umm…" Aria said with a slight blush.

Naruto picks himself up, wondering what Aria wanted.

"What is it, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

Aria gulps, blushing heavily. Naruto raised a brow. Aria then builds up the courage, tells him.

"Can I fuck you, Naruto?" Aria asked.

Naruto's eyes slightly widen, hearing that. It didn't take a second to give Aria his answer.

"Okay, Aria-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Aria's eyes lit up, hearing Naruto's quick response. She smiles, quickly jumping and kissing Naruto.

"Oh, Naruto~!" Aria said.

"Aria-chan!" Naruto said.

Aria kissed Naruto multiple times. She was even more happy. Naruto then asked what Aria wanted to do.

"So, Aria-chan, how do you want to screw me?" Naruto asked.

"Lay right here." Aria said.

"Okay, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Naruto got on his back. Aria blushes, seeing Naruto's body, and his semi-hard member.

"Wow…" Aria said.

"Is something wrong, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, no, its my first time doing this. Well my first time fucking somebody, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Of course, because I already fucked you, Aria-chan." Naruto stated with a smile.

"Heheh, true." Aria replied.

She leaned close, kissing Naruto. Again, Aria kissed Naruto's chest, going down his abs, then between his legs.

"Okay…" Aria said.

Aria moved Naruto's balls to show his asshole. She then leans close.

"Aria-chan, what are you, ugh!" Naruto moaned.

Aria was licking Naruto's butt.

"Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Sorry, Naruto-kun, I have to get you ready, okay?" Aria said, licking his butt.

Naruto got hard on from Aria's surprise attack. Aria lick and tongue the blonde's anus. Naruto moaned, feeling his butt getting lube up. Aria like the taste of Naruto, like he like tasting her.

"Oh, shit…" Naruto moaned.

"Do you like this, Naruto-kun?" Aria asked.

"Y-Yeah…" Naruto said.

Aria smiled, as she continued to tongue Naruto's ass. As Aria did, Naruto's cock got hard again. This continued lubing for blonde for about 5 minutes, till he his ass was wet.

"Ah, damn…" Naruto moaned.

"You're nice and lube up, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"God, I didn't think I would like getting my butt licked, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"I like it." Aria said, licking her lips.

"Oh, I know you do, Aria-chan." Naruto replied, smiling.

They both chuckled a bit. The ghost girl came closer to Naruto, having her cock pressed up against his ass. Naruto moaned a bit. Aria was a bit nervous. So was Naruto.

"Are you ready, Naruto-kun?" Aria asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready for Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

"Okay." Aria said.

Aria then slightly pushed her mushroom tip, inside of Naruto's ass.

"Oh, shit!" Naruto moaned.

"Ooh~…" Aria moaned.

The ghost girl's mushroom tip enters the blonde tight ass. Aria felt about 4 inches inside Naruto. Naruto felt his ass stretching out thanks to Aria's fat cock.

"Ah, fuck!" Naruto moaned.

"Wow, it's so good…" Aria moaned, biting her lower lip.

"It feels so weird, but it's kind of feels good!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, this feels amazing! Your butt is so tight and warm!" Aria moaned.

Aria soon push more of her cock inside of the blonde's tight ass, which was another 4 inches. Naruto moaned, louder. Aria was halfway inside of Naruto. Aria loved hot tight Naruto is.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! Your ass is sucking me in!" Aria said.

"Holy, shit, Aria-chan! I didn't think this would feel amazing!" Naruto moaned.

"I'm almost all inside you, Naruto-kun!" Aria moaned.

"Oh, God, you're so huge, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto and Aria continued their actions. Naruto felt his anus becoming fill with Aria's cock. He felt his own cock getting hard. Aria pushes the rest of her cock deep inside of Naruto. They both moan loudly, Aria thought she was going to nut inside Naruto already, but she manages to hold it in. She falls on top of Naruto, resting on his chest. Aria also felt Naruto's penis against her belly. Naruto's face was dark red thanks to Aria putting her cock up his ass.

"Oh, shit…" Naruto moaned.

"Damn, you're so tight, Naruto-kun…" Aria said.

"Yeah, I-I never imagined that I would do something like this, Aria-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"I like it, do you, Naruto-kun?" Aria asked.

"Yeah, I do… I just need to get used to it." Naruto said.

Aria smiled. She leans close, kissing Naruto's lips. The blonde soon groaned, feeling Aria's cock moved around a bit.

"Ugh…" Naruto groaned.

"Oh, sorry…" Aria said.

"I-It's okay, Aria-chan." Naruto said with a smile, slightly grunting his teeth.

"Oh, okay…" Aria said.

Aria kisses Naruto more.

"Ah…" Naruto moaned.

"We'll take this nice and slow, Naruto-kun." Aria replied, sucking on Naruto's neck.

"That's a good idea, Aria-chan." Naruto moaned.

Aria did just that, sucking on the blonde teen's neck. Naruto moaned, thanks to Aria sucking his neck and her cock inside his rectum. Once again, Naruto was not going to this ghost girl have all the fun. He moved his hands down to her large cheeks, squeezing them.

"Oh~…" Aria moaned.

"I can' let you have all the fun, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Please do what you like, Naruto." Aria said.

They shared a kiss. Both did not move a muscle; Naruto tries to get adjusted to Aria's cock. He felt the female penis swelling and twitching up deep inside him. He continued to play with Aria's butt.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Aria moaned.

"Aria-chan, your cock is twitching inside me…" Naruto moaned.

"Yes… I feel your butt tightening around me~…" Aria moaned.

"Yeah…" Naruto replied.

"I really want to move so badly~…" Aria moaned.

"I know…" Naruto said.

"I can wait, Naruto-kun…" Aria moaned.

"I know…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto and Aria kissed, once again. Little by little, Naruto was becoming adjusted to the ghost girl's cock. Aria on the other hand was moaning like crazy. She wanted to move, fuck the blonde senseless, but she knew not to hurt him. Naruto felt his cock getting hard, it even started to stand up a bit. They both stay motionless, and some more time had passed. The blonde was somewhat ready, but not quite there yet. Nevertheless, Naruto was ready for this Futa ghost. Naruto looks at Aria.

"Hey, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Yeah?" Aria asked.

"Are you ready, Aria-chan?" Naruto asked.

"You mean…?" Aria asked.

"Yeah, but we should take it nice and slow…" Naruto said.

Aria nodded. She picked herself up, hold Naruto's hips. Then she moved her own hips, making her bubble butt jiggle. Naruto let out a moan, feeling Aria's cock moving around in his rectum.

"Ugh…" Naruto moaned.

"Ooh~…" Aria moaned.

"Agh, A-Aria-chan, your so feel big inside my ass…" Naruto said, moaning.

"Yeah, I never thought it would feel this good…" Aria said.

"Ugh…" Naruto moaned.

Aria used slow movements, making sure she not hurting Naruto. She loved how tight Naruto is. She looked down, seeing Naruto's cock and balls wobbling around, thought her movements were slow. Naruto moaned, feeling Aria's small movements.

"Oh, Aria-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"It feels good, Naruto…" Aria moaned.

Naruto toes curled up, due to the slight pleasure. Aria continued her slow movements. Her ass jiggled each time she thrust. Naruto moaned, getting harder. Of course, his first time was with Violet. Now he's with Aria, and know he knows what it feels like to be fucked.

"S-So this is what it feels like to get fucked…" Naruto thought, still moaning.

"Naruto-kun's body is the best! His mouth and ass ae beyond anything I can hope for…" Aria thought, moaning as well.

Aria continued her slow movements. She really loved oral and screwing. Aria went down, kissing the blonde's neck. The blonde continued to grope her butt. It was a good thing that Naruto is open minded, and he type of guy to try new things. Though, this is Naruto's first time, he was starting to enjoy it.

"Oh, Aria-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"I really like this, Naruto-kun…" Aria said.

"I'm starting to like this, too, Aria-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"I knew you would, hubby~…" Aria said, kissing Naruto.

Aria continued her actions, biting her lower lip in pleasure. As for Naruto, he was becoming adjusted to the ghost girl's cock. At the same time, his cock got even harder. Sometime had pass, and Aria still preformed her slow movements. Naruto grab the edges of Aria's bed, started to turn him on. He never thought he would like to be screwed, but he did. Of course, small movements were going to not be enough. He told Aria what to do.

"A-Aria-chan~…!" Naruto moaned.

"Y-Yes, hubby?" Aria asked.

"Go ahead…" Naruto moaned.

"H-Huh?" Aria asked.

"Go ahead and thrust hard as you like, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

Aria smiled. She pulled out a few inches of her cock, she then slammed it back inside of Naruto's tight asshole.

"Ah, shit!" Naruto moaned.

"God, I wanted to do this~!" Aria moaned.

"Ahh, I didn't think screwed in the ass would feel this good, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes! I love fucking you, hubby!" Aria moaned.

Aria thrust with her power. Though, she is a ghost, she really was alive. Naruto wrapped his legs around Aria's waist, bringer her closer. Aria blushed, coming chest to chest with the blonde. Of course, Aria didn't stop boning Naruto. This made Naruto grab Aria's ass more, playing and smacking it. This turned Aria on, more, thus making her thrust harder.

"Ahh! Harder, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"I'm thrusting as hard as I can! My hips won't stop moving!" Aria moaned.

"I can tell, Aria-chan! Go ahead and fuck me as much as you like!" Naruto moaned.

"With pleasure, hubby!" Aria moaned, thrusting harder.

"Oh, shit!" Naruto moaned.

Aria did not hold back, anymore. She went full force, wanting to pound Naruto with all her power. She had Naruto into the plow-driver position. Thanks to this, Aria's butt was pretty much moving wildly, along with her balls. Naruto moaned with a dark blush. Though, this was his first being fucked, Naruto was sure enjoying it. Naruto pulled Aria into a kiss, squeezing her ass more. The ghost girl slowed down her movements. They used their tongues, wrestling them around inside their mouths. They broke their kiss. Aria resumes her hard thrusting.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! You're the best!" Aria said.

"Thank you, Aria-chan! You fucking me is really turning me on!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes! Your ass is squeezing my cock! I might climax soon!" Aria moaned.

"If you do, go ahead! I'll take if, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

Aria continued her hard movements, feeling Naruto's ass getting tighter around her cock. That was not the only thing that was becoming tighter. Aria's balls begin to tighter as well, producing gallons of her semen, again. Her cock was pretty much swelling up. Naruto felt it too. They both knew, Aria would climax real soon. She thrust, harder and harder. She was almost there. Aria was going soon going to climax.

"Ah, Naruto-kun! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum from fucking your ass!" Aria moaned.

"Oh, yes, Aria-chan! Where do you want to climax, Aria-chan?!" Naruto moaned.

"C-Can I~… Ugh, can I cum inside, Naruto-kun?!" Aria moaned.

"Really!?" Aria asked, thrusting more.

"Yes! I-I'll take it for you, Aria-chan! Go ahead and cum!" Naruto moaned.

With that said, Aria did her thing, thrusting like there was no tomorrow. Naruto moaned, louder. Naruto and Aria held each other. Last time Aria release it inside of Naruto's mouth and all over his face, now she's going to release inside Naruto's ass. And he was ready too that the massive load of the ghost girl. Speaking of which, Aria's tip was about at its limit. She held Naruto even tighter, ready to release her orgasm to the boy she likes a lot.

"I'm cumming~!" Aria moaned.

"Fuck!" Naruto moaned.

Aria released her warm thick seed, deep inside of Naruto asshole. The blonde felt his insides, becoming fill with her warm semen. Aria's eyes rolled back, still climaxing.

"Oh, yes!" Aria moaned.

"Shit!" Naruto said.

"I'm filling you up, Naruto-kun! I'm really cumming inside you!" Aria moaned.

"Yes! I feel you! There's so much, Aria-chan!" Naruto moaned.

Aria continued to climax inside of Naruto. Once again, they locked lips, while Aria still had her orgasm. They held each other. A long minute later, Aria's orgasm came to an end.

"Oh…" Aria moaned.

"Ah, man… I feel so fill…" Naruto said.

"Yeah, my cock feels so drain…" Aria moaned.

Naruto and Aria stay motionless. While she did, Aria slowly pull out her cock. Naruto felt his asshole, leaking out her. Aria blushed a deep red, having a wonderful time. And a wonderful orgasm.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, that was beyond amazing…" Aria moaned, breathing heavily.

"Yeah…" Naruto said.

"I never cum like that, ever…" Aria said.

Naruto picked himself up. Well he did, Naruto saw Aria's big ass. He got harder than last time. Sure, any other guy would have passed out and call it a day. But Naruto was not like other guys. Besides, after being fucked, he wants to do the fucking, again. Naruto grabs Aria from behind.

"Naruto-kun!" Aria shouted with joy.

"I want some more of this big ass, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Please do! I like fucking, but I love getting fucked more!" Aria said.

Naruto smiled, and without waiting, he shoves his cock back into Aria's asshole.

"Aaahh!" Aria moaned.

Naruto held Aria in the reverse cowgirl position. Naruto starts to move his hips, while the ghost girl moans. While Naruto made Aria rode his cock, balls deep inside her ass. Speaking of balls, Naruto and Aria's balls slap against each other, while her cock wiggled up and down. Naruto pulled Aria into a kiss, still fucking her asshole.

"Oh, screw me, Naruto! Fuck my ass!" Aria moaned.

"Believe me, I will, Aria-chan!" Naruto said with a smile, increasing his speed.

"Ah! My ass!" Aria moaned.

Besides for being full of energy, Naruto was also a person of his word. He fucked Aria for hours. After many orgasms, Naruto and Aria were both in bed. Both were covered in Aria's sweet sticky honey like seed. Aria was also bulged with Naruto's semen inside her tight ass. Naruto and Aria kissed.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun~..." Aria said.

"It sure was, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

"Thank you." Aria said, kissing Naruto.

"Hmm?" Naruto asked.

"You know, for spending time with me, making me feel like a girl, and for letting me fuck you, silly." Aria said, kissing Naruto again.

"You're quite welcome." Naruto said.

Naruto and Aria continued to cuddle. Some time of resting, Naruto saw he needed to take a shower.

"Hey, Aria-chan." Naruto said.

"Yeah?" Aria asked.

"Want to take a shower with me?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah!" Aria shouted.

Naruto and Aria got of bed, holding each other's hand. They took their shower and got dressed. At Aria's door, both teens were saying their later till dinner.

"I had a great time, Naruto-kun." Aria said.

"Me too, Aria-chan." Naruto replied.

Aria floats up, kissing him on the cheek. They smiled at each other. Later that night, they were having dinner. The next day, Naruto was sitting on the table with Violet and Aria.

"Aw! Why?!" Aria whined.

"Naruto has to go to college at least a year in order for him to stay here, or else he'll be sent back to Japan." Violet said.

"That's dumb!" Aria said.

"We have no choice, so Naruto, what will you do?" Violet asked.

"I'll go. Besides, there's nothing back home. I'll go to college and do whatever it takes to stay." Naruto said with a smile.

"I wish you can stay with me all day." Aria said.

"Don't worry, Aria-chan. It's just one year. Moreover, it is just for a few hours. I promise that we can hang out when I'm off school." Naruto said.

"Promise?" Aria asked.

"Promise." Naruto replied.

"Okay!" Aria said, hugging Naruto.

Later that night, Naruto and Violet were in bed, naked. Naruto kissed Violet, making her moan.

"Ah..." Violet moaned.

"So, I start college next week?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, Emma helped me enroll you into the college near back." Violet said, kissing Naruto.

"That's great. Now..." Naruto said.

"Heheh..." Violet chuckled.

Next week Naruto will start his day at college.


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