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Jessie didn't fare well with being 'left behind', even in kidnappings.

Woody and Dolly should have been back now.

Night had fallen on the homes along Bonnie's street quickly and quietly. It tiptoed in, shushed the minds and hearts of all residents into their bed, and cloaked the sunshine until its time. A few stars shone out here and there, above and behind the neighbor's house, but the longer Jessie looked, more and more stars gave up disguises and revealed themselves as helicopters. With each one, Jessie lost a little hope.

"Jessie?" Buzz hopped up onto the window sill behind her. She hardly flinched. People had been checking up on her all day. First, they grabbed onto the table legs, shuffled up, took a few clunky (or light, depending on the toy) steps on the table, grabbed the window cord, swung up to her side, and sighed at the sight of her. She knew the routine.

"Are you ok?"

Like clockwork, Jessie hugged her knees to her chest, replied in a muffled voice, "I'm fine."

"Well, that's the biggest lie I've ever heard." Buzz sat next to her, but avoided her gaze, instead staring out the window. "You know, they're going to be ok. Woody has been in more scrapes than any other toy."

"They…they should be back by now, Buzz."

There was no changing her demeanor until her favorite sheriff got back. Buzz placed a hand on her shoulder, gentle squeezed it, and whispered, "Woody will be back, and so will Dolly. I promise."

As if the moment had morphed on its own, Jessie broke from his grasp, stood up, and muttered, "If they're not back by sunrise tomorrow, I'm going after them."


"You're unbelievable!"

"At least I don't go around thinking I'm the highest-the-mightiest!"

"Excuse me?"

"Wow, great comeback."

While these words seemed to echo a transcript of one of Woody and Dolly's conflicts, the actual voices radiated from Mackenzie's phone, which she had artfully snuck into her bed after coming to the hasty conclusion she would never fall asleep as long as she lived. After all, her mom would never know, and if she had her phone, she could fall asleep by herself. No one got upset, no one got in trouble, everyone went home happy.

Besides, now she got to see the latest episode of My World.

Dolly and Woody lay on the opposite side of the bed, formulating a plan of escape in shushed tones that didn't really help anyone.

"Ok, as soon as she's asleep, I'll go to the window, open it up, and you make sure she doesn't wake up while I do it, then follow me. Got it?"


"When she falls asleep, I'll–"

"Cowboy, you might as well be lip syncing to the song inside your head, because I can't hear a word you're saying."

Woody groaned.

As he fell back against the pillow, rubbed his hands against his eyes, Dolly giggled. There were few things in this world as…cute as Woody getting frustrated. And, being the bold one she always was, Dolly smirked and whispered, "Anyone ever told you you're cute when you don't know how to handle things?"

Though he left an arm covering his eyes and made no move to get up, Dolly saw a light blush trace his cheeks. Nice. "Someday, one of us is going to kill the other, and I really hope Jessie brings flowers to my funeral."

Dolly cracked up laughing.

As Woody attempted to shush her through his own laughter, they noticed that Mackenzie had not made a single movement in the last five minutes.

"I think she's asleep!" In the excitement, Woody grabbed Dolly's hand, and the ragdoll's eyes nearly popped out of her face. "Come on, let's go!"

All plans were abandoned. Woody more or less dragged Dolly across the bed, lost her grip somewhere along the pillows, and continued onto the window sill. Dolly mentally started preparing some sort of joke about leaving her behind, though she knew he probably had a comeback in the back of his mind.

Dolly stood up, grabbed onto the nightstand below the window, and froze.


The little girl lay, auburn hair sprawled out like cotton candy, cuddled up with her phone instead of a toy. The girl wasn't evil. By a longshot. She was...lonely. Did toys mean that much in a child's life? Dolly had heard Woody go on and on about the importance of a toy in a child's life for what seemed like centuries, but sometimes, in her own mind, she suspected he over exaggerated a little. Jessie had been abandoned. Wouldn't they all, at some point?

Never before had she considered how much toys were needed before they were not.

"Dolly!" Woody whispered as harsh as he could. Honestly, Dolly could pour a bucket of marbles over him on April 1st without a care in the world, but get her into the room of an unfortunate girl, and she went all to pieces.

Next time, I get kidnapped alone.

He immediately shoved thoughts about how pretty Dolly looked by moonlight out of his head.

Well, almost immediately.

As if the sound of his voice had taken ten seconds to reach her, Dolly finally looked at him. She shook her head.


Woody made an 'I have no idea what you're saying,' motion with his hands, followed by a 'We have to go right now!' forward motion towards the window.

Crossing her arms over her chest meant 'Hey, no attitude, alright?' as Woody correctly assumed.

Flailing his arms, Woody desperately attempted to tell her, 'She's asleep, Bonnie is asleep, this is what we call, A GOOD TIME TO ESCAPE!'

The ragdoll a few feet across and below him was unamused. Dolly shrugged her shoulders, pointed to Mackenzie, herself, then to the bed. 'I don't care. She's lonely, I'm a toy, I'm staying!'

'You're what?' Woody's fuming frustration needed no arm gestures.

A smirk lay across Dolly's face. 'You heard it, cowboy.'

Woody could just hear some snide comment from Buzz about how they fought like a married couple.

Carefully, after some consideration and a lot of hotheaded decision making, Woody pointed to Dolly, then made a twisting motion around is head. 'You're CRAZY!'

'Really? Interesting.' Dolly made a mockingly bad act of fascination. Woody's face melted heat.

'Why are you being so stubborn?'

'Actually, someone who agreed with me would not think I'm being stubborn at all. It all depends on your point of view.'

Woody shrugged his shoulders. 'I got none of that.'

Dolly smiled.

The next few moments seemed to poke fun at Woody's entire existence. Dolly smirked for good measure, blew him a kiss, waved, and dragged Mackenzie's phone onto the nightstand. Woody watched as she hopped into the bed, behind Mackenzie and out of his view, where he could just imagine her smirking in victory.

Woody looked out the window. Freedom. Home. Solving all of his problems.

Unfortunately, his other problem still wouldn't budge.

Temptation rose in his chest.

Mere moments passed between when Dolly had sparked Woody's head ablaze and when the cowboy, begrudgingly and without a word, walked across the bed, collapsed next to Dolly, and avoided her eyes.

"Not a word."

"If I knew all I had to do to win fights with you was not say anything, I'd do it more often."

"Nothing would make me happier. We leave tomorrow."

"Got it. Night, cowboy."

"Night, Dolly."