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"This is a really bad idea."

"When is anything I ever do a good idea?"

Once more, probably for the fiftieth time today, Buzz considered throwing in the towel and just letting Jessie carry out her nutty mission to save Woody. Sometimes he wondered if Jessie would do the same thing if he had been toynapped…but now was not the time to think about such things.

"Jessie, Woody and Dolly haven't been gone that long, you can't just go crazy because they're not back yet!" Buzz more-or-less towered over her as she searched for some string or rope, listening with one ear to his attempts to lawyer her into staying.

With half of her mind tied behind her back, Jessie replied, "I know Woody. If he was kidnapped, he would sneak out at night while the kid was asleep. In case you weren't aware, Buzz, nighttime is over, and he's not back yet. I'm going."

Something in her voice, be it the inflection or the way she left no room for arguments at the end, told him he didn't have much choice in her rescue mission. But, if he couldn't stop her…

"Fine, then I'm coming with you." Buzz followed her to the window as the other toys watched them bicker. The gang had noticed that, whichever toy held 'power' essentially, in Bonnie's room, always had to be bickering with the female in charge. If it wasn't Woody and Dolly, Buzz and Jessie had to argue about every little thing, from who should sleep next to Bonnie and what color crayon had been left on the floor.

Jessie hiked up the table to the window sill and extended a hand to Buzz, smirking just enough to tell him here were no hard feelings. "Don't worry, I was planning to kidnap you and take you with me anyway."

Grabbing her hand, Buzz muttered, "Of course you were."

"We'll be back before Bonnie is back from daycare," Jessie hollered out to the room, a booming, leadership edge rolling through her voice. The toys would probably bombard them with a million questions, well-wishes, and concerns, but she was used to that.


"Have fun."

"Don't talk to strangers."


Buzz turned to Jessie, raising an eyebrow. She looked out at the disinterested room. "Huh."

Patting her on the back, Buzz had to chuckle at the dumfounded look on the cowgirl's face. She looked like the smartest kid in class who had just failed the exam. "Don't worry, Jessie. They're worried on the inside."

"Yeah, well they could show it a little." Muttering her complaints, she tied the rope around the window cord in a triple knot, tugged as hard as she could, and tied it around her waist. She took a flying leap out the window, but she could almost hear Buzz laughing as she hardly missed landing in the mud.

Next time, she sent Buzz out alone to do this sort of stuff.


"Ok, I'm going, bye guys!" Mackenzie gave Woody and Dolly a final hug, tighter than either toy ever got from Bonnie, and placed them carefully on the bed. "I'll be back later!" After grabbing one of her dozens of bracelets, spritzing on perfume she was much too young to have, and waving one last goodbye, Mackenzie sprinted out the room, ready for whatever the day might throw at her.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Mackenzie wasn't the only one in a particularly good mood that morning, and Dolly hopped out of inanimate mode, strolling along the bedspread with a twinkle in her eye. "It's amazing how different kids can act once they get to act…like kids? Right, cowboy?"

However, when Dolly turned to the cowboy, she found him sitting on the bed, slightly hunched over his legs, staring deep into space only he could see. Dolly eyed him for a moment, noticing the odd shadow his hat cast over his face, and the peculiar way it gave him an ominous tint. The thought brought a brief smile to her face.

Just for fun (really, for fun) Dolly decided to try something, just to see how 'out of it' her friend really was. She collapsed down by his side, thought for a moment, took a deep breath and said, "Woody, I've fallen madly in love with you."


Dolly rolled her eyes.

"Woody?" Attempting his real name, Dolly sent a 'gentle' kick to Woody's side. "You alright?"

The touch just hardly dragged Woody out of his thoughts, and he turned to his traveling companion with a sober face. "Oh, hey. What were you saying?" He vaguely collected her saying something about love, but no, that was ridiculous. Just his crazy head playing tricks on him again.

Waving him off, she replied, "Nothing important. So, what should we do until Mackenzie gets back?"

The answer was obvious. "Uh, leave?"

Before Dolly could give anything in the way or protest or agreement, a boisterous, massive yodel came through the window, one only they could recognize and could only belong to one person. Woody spun around, and perched in the window, was Jessie, a grin splitting her face.

"Jessie!" As if Dolly had fallen into an incinerator without making a sound, Woody pushed himself up from his spot, bounded up the bed to the window, and met Jessie with a huge hug. Buzz soon followed, patting his best friend on the back. A series of 'we were so worried' followed shortly. Dolly wondered if it was like this every time Woody got lost.

"I thought we'd never get out of here! How's Bonnie?" Woody's kid rocketed to the front of his mind, not that it had very far to travel.

"She's worried sick about the both of you, and it's driving everyone else nuts, so we better get back." Buzz retied the rope to the lever on Mackenzie's window sill, and jumped down to the ground in one leap.

Jessie punched Woody lightly on the shoulder. "Don't ever do that again, ya hear?"

"What, get kidnapped?"


After giving him another hug, Jessie pulled the rope back up, and sailed down, carefully aiming so she could almost kick Buzz and give him a good scare. Woody cracked up at her craziness, and his two best friends grinned up at him.

"Well, come on, Dolly, we can go home!" Woody turned around, but Dolly was neither with him on the table, nor on the floor. "Dolly?"

She only let him call out for a moment, before coming out from behind the bed, a look on her face he couldn't quite recognize, and he had gotten pretty good at identifying how she felt by her smirk. But this…she looked sober, a little melancholy, and…adult? That was a new one. "Dolly? You coming?"



Silent attitude morphed to nipping sarcasm. "You got wheat in your ears? I said I'm not going."

Woody's face fell, if not in confusion, in fear for what life without Dolly would be like, but he pushed that less-than-pleasant thought out rather quickly. "But…Bonnie! What about her? All our friends, everything back home!"

"And what about Mackenzie? She has nothing! Bonnie has you, she has about a million toys, and parents who love her. I may be the only toy this kid will ever have." A cross look sliced over her face, and while she hesitated for a moment, it came roaring back. "And if you won't stay, then I will."

Opening his mouth to protest, Woody found that nothing came out. He silently went down the nightstand and across the floor, until he stopped neatly in front of her. Though he practically towered over her, she didn't flinch for a second. "So, you're staying." It was a statement.

"You're not?" It was a question.

"I can't."

The two remained silent.

"Well, cowboy, I guess this is goodbye," Dolly offered stiffly. Something – no, absolutely nothing sat right in her chest as she offered him her hand. Things whirled around in her mind: her friends, Bonnie, her room, him. The guilt about Mackenzie wasn't strong enough to blot them all out at once.

Woody refused to take her hand. He paused, took a breath, paused again, before bending down, kissing her cheek, and offering a flushed, "Bye Dolly."

Dolly had never seen him run so fast, and before she could blink, he had gone out the window to his friends.

Collapsing to the ground, Dolly was silent for a very long time.