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- Chapter Start -

A string of celebrations occurred over the next month.

The first was Princess Yona's seventeenth birthday, celebrated with a small dinner party at her insistence. It was a far cry from the lavish banquets thrown for her in the past. The only guests attending were those already staying at Hiryuu Castle. A few days earlier, Ik-Soo had returned to Yoon's old home at the foot of the cliff, citing he could better hear the voice of God there. Hence, a total of ten people, including Joo-Doh and Kye-Sook, gathered in the formal dining room to toast Yona on her birthday.

The second celebration was Princess Kouren's coronation as Queen of Xing even though it was now a vassal state of Kouka. It was immediately followed by the double wedding of the new Queen to Five Star General Neguro, and younger sister Princess Tao to fellow Star Vold. Hak, Yona, Yoon and the Four Dragons attended the ceremonies together with General Tae-Woo and Han-Dae. They were all welcomed with open arms. Princess Tao gave Yona a warm hug in greeting while Algira called everyone 'nyan' and begged Hak for a sparring match.

After the ceremonies, the newlyweds came out of Kyuu Castle to greet the citizens of Xing who were overjoyed to see their new Queen happy and smiling once more, a far cry from the battle-obsessed princess of a few weeks ago. Princess Yona received additional cheers for the part she had played in bringing about a peaceful resolution between the two countries.

The third and final celebration was the wedding of King Soo-Won and Princess Yona. Aside from the decorations and cleaning of guestrooms, the preparations also included renovation of a suite of rooms beside the Royal bedchambers for the newly appointed Grand General. No one batted an eyelid at the adjoining doors connecting the two suites as one of Hak's duties was bodyguard to the King and Queen. He took his responsibilities seriously and could be seen accompanying the royal couple everywhere they went.

- o -

A day before the wedding, guests began arriving from all over Kouka Kingdom. The Five Tribes were well represented with all five generals attending, accompanied by their families and personal attendants. Queen Kouren, Princess Tao and all the Five Stars also graced the occasion together with information broker Ogi who looked both chuffed and terrified to set foot inside Hiryuu Castle. Tully Tribe leader Ying Kuel-bo, who had recently signed a peace treaty with Kouka, also attended with his wife Yoo-Lan.

Later that evening, Soo-Won, Yona and Hak greeted each guest at the entrance to the formal dining room where dinner would be served. Soo-Won shook hands with his guests, Hak added respectful bows for the royals, and both of them smiled at Yona who happily greeted her close friends with exuberant hugs including Princess Tao, Lady Lili, a teary eyed Tae-Jun, and a pipe smoking elderly lady with a no-nonsense face. Despite meeting Earth Tribe's Lady Yun-Ho from and Tully Tribe's Lady Yoo-Lan only once before, she greeted them with hugs as well.

- o -

Twelve hours later...

"Good morning, Princess. You're up early."

Yona turned to see Hak approaching her and smiled.

"Good morning, Hak. No earlier than you."

"Not planning to practice your archery on your wedding day, I hope?"

Laughing, Yona shook her head and held out a hand in invitation. Hak grinned and went to stand beside her. After glancing around to make sure no guards were present, he slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side.

They were on the topmost floor of Hiryuu Castle, standing in the middle of the balcony which faced east. Together, they watched as the sky began to lighten.

"Ahh, so I'm not the only one who couldn't sleep."


"Your Majesty."

The latter was said with nothing more than the intention of drawing out a pout from the King.

"Hak, how many times must I tell-"

"Soo-Won, isn't it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?" Yona interrupted.

"Bad luck won't have a part to play in today's celebrations," Soo-Won assured her. Moving to Yona's other side, he bent his head to kiss her and straightened up only to have his lips captured by Hak in turn.

With their arms around Yona in the middle, they watched the sun slowly rising over the horizon, the dark sky giving way to streaks of blue, purple and aqua.

"It's going to be a beautiful day," Soo-Won remarked.

It was indeed and the royal wedding went off without a hitch. King Soo-Won and Queen Yona looked resplendent in their formal wedding robes and were all smiles. Many curious, even sympathetic gazes were directed at the Thunderbeast during the wedding ceremony, but Hak in his new uniform looked as contented as the royal couple and stayed close to their sides.

The celebrations continued all afternoon and long into the night. By the time the last few tipsy guests tottered off to their respective rooms, it was just a couple of hours until dawn.

- o -

Soo-Won, Hak and Yona had crashed into bed a few hours after midnight with Yona tipsy and happily sandwiched between her two loves. After the stress and excitement of the previous day, all three overslept, as did most of their guests.

Once again, Min-Soo proved his worth in gold with a discreet knock on the adjoining door, from Hak's suite.

"Your Majesties, are you awake?"

Soo-Won bolted upright at the same time as Hak, their eyes meeting each other's before going to the door in question, lips quirking in rueful smiles.

"Yes, Min-Soo," Soo-Won called out. "Thank you for checking on us."

Yona stirred between them, mumbling something about never taking sake ever again. Hak smiled as he brushed his knuckles down one flushed cheek.

"The maids will be here in five minutes with hot water for washing," Min-Soo continued, a subtle warning contained within that innocent statement.

"Ah, good work," Soo-Won replied.

"I like him," Hak remarked as he got out of bed and stretched, paying no mind to the openly admiring gaze of his King.

- o -

Almost everyone appeared at brunch with varying degrees of hangover, save for Tae-Jun who pleaded a headache from too much sake. Queen Yona had a light lunch sent to his room after Kyo-Ga gravely informed her that his younger brother was mortified over how puffy his eyes looked this morning, no doubt thanks to a sleepless night.

On the other hand, General Joo-Doh seemed unaffected by the amount of sake he had enjoyed last night. It could be because he was seated beside Lady Lili who was in high spirits and had no qualms moving some of the food from her plate to his, despite her father sitting on her other side.

- o -

That night, Yona emerged from the small room off of the Royal Bedchamber where the bathtub stood. Soo-Won was sitting on their bridal bed, running a brush through his still damp hair.

The new bed was enormous. Yona had been too tired (or tipsy) to appreciate it last night, but now she couldn't help an inward giggle and an outer blush. That was good, it wouldn't be fun for any of them to fall off it...!

Not as reassuring though was Soo-Won's pensive expression.


The hairbrush dropped with a clatter as he swung around.

"Yona," he said, a smile chasing away the shadows in his eyes. He got up and went over to her, stopping halfway.

"You look... uhm..." Pink bloomed in his pale cheeks as he took in what she wore. A very short pale pink robe with short sleeves, made of a material so thin she might as well not have worn anything.


"Do you like it? " Yona asked with an impish little grin, even taking a step back and twirling around to afford him a better view.

Soo-Won gulped and nodded, one hand coming up to cover his nose and mouth as if fearing a sudden nosebleed.

"Then kiss me," Yona invited and stepped close again, lifting her hands to his shoulders.

The kiss he gave her was his most passionate one yet, making Yona's bare toes curl in delight as it went on and on... until they had to break it in order to breathe.

"We - we should wait for Hak," Soo-Won said, voice a little breathless as he folded her in his arms and rested his cheek on her hair.

With his racing heartbeat next to her ear, mirroring her own, Yona nodded. She knew Hak well enough to know he wouldn't mind if they kissed some more or even made out a bit, but...

"Yes, we should, " she agreed, just as breathless.

"Please, don't stop on my account," drawled a deep voice.

They spun around to see Hak leaning against the frame of the adjoining door, arms folded across his chest and one eyebrow up.


Grinning, Hak closed his door and came over.

"What's this, Kouka's King and Queen not knowing what to do next?" He teased, putting an arm around each and pulling them close to his sides.

"Of course we know," Yona pouted, blushing. "We were just being nice. Weren't we, Soo-Won?"

"Indeed we were."

"Is that so? " Hak dropped a kiss on each of their lips as they walked towards the bed. "Hm, I should reward such thoughtfulness."

His hair was also damp from his bath, and like Soo-Won, he was wearing a silk yukata although in a darker shade of blue.

"You look so good, Hak," Yona murmured.

Grinning, Hak slid his arm from Soo-Won's shoulders and turned to Yona, slowly taking in what she wore with a heated gaze, the tips of his ears turning pink. Yona couldn't help the almost instant puckering of her nipples under that gaze, the tips pushing against the thin material.

"And you, Princess, look almost edible," he said in an almost growl.

Yona blushed. She had insisted that he continued to call her 'Princess' which to her, still sounded better than 'Queen'.

Without warning, Hak swung her up in his arms, surprising a small shriek from her, and deposited her on the bed. Then he turned to Soo-Won, his grin turning predatory.

"Your Majesty, you look very good too."

"Thank you, but please call - ack!"

Soo-Won's admonishment broke off in an undignified squawk as he too, was swung up in Hak's arms as if he weighed no more than a feather and dropped next to Yona who had scooted over to make room.

"You should eat more, Your Majesty. You weigh as much as Yona does," Hak told him.

As Soo-Won sputtered a protest, Hak climbed into bed and reached for them.

Despite their titles, skills and various accomplishments, all three were still young and very new to sexual intimacy. Over the past few weeks, they had only exchanged hugs and kisses, while last night, they had been too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

It was both exhilarating and a little awkward to have not one partner to love, but two... but all three knew they had managed to progress to this stage only because they had chosen the path of forgiveness and sharing.

With a little fumbling, a lot of blushing and many words of love and reassurance, they explored each other's bodies, learning and looking and touching, taking and giving and sharing. At length, tired but happy, the three of them fell asleep in the huge bed, tangled in each other's arms.

- o -

Ten years later...

In a large green field adjacent to Hiryuu castle, four children played and chased each other, laughter ringing out in the evening air. The eldest was a tall strapping lad with black hair and the second eldest, a girl with strawberry blond hair. The two younger children were boys with bright crimson hair.

They were watched over by four males who sat under a tree, all of whom were used to their secondary role as babysitters especially when the King and Queen toured the kingdom with their faithful Grand General.

"Now, now," called one of them, a tall handsome man with long green hair tied in a ponytail. "What did I say about chasing each other like that?"

"Please act with more decorum, as befitting your station," admonished an equally handsome white haired man with a bandaged white hand.

The third male with short white hair just smiled and played with the plump squirrel in his palm.

"Ignore Uncle Jae-Ha and Uncle Kija. Come, Uncle Zeno will play with you all!" The fourth male jumped to his feet and ran to join the children.

"Zeno!" Jae-Ha and Kija protested at once. "Act your age, please!"

The Oryuu still retained his entrancing mix of childish innocence and quiet wisdom, the latter showed itself very rarely in the past decade which was the most peaceful the kingdom had seen for a long time.

A few years ago, Ik-Soo had shared two messages he had received. One was that no more Dragon babies would be born so they were now the last of their kind. The other was that Zeno was relieved of his immortality curse although he would still heal quickly from any injuries unless they were fatal.

Everyone was overjoyed and took turns hugging the Four Dragons, especially Zeno who cried tears of happiness and relief.

About an hour later, a tall, handsome young man emerged from one of the side doors of the castle and walked towards the field.

"Good news, everyone!"

"Ah, tell us, Uncle Yoon!" The children cried, running up to him.

Yoon beamed at them, looking tired but happy.

"You have a brand new baby sister," he announced. "Your mother is doing well and you can all go and see her and your little sister in a short while."

As the children cheered loudly, Yoon turned to the four dragons and added, sotto voce, "She has black hair."

"Hak, you rascal," Jae-Ha murmured, laughing softly. "Isn't it enough that the crown prince also has your hair?"

"I guess not," Zeno said with a grin.

"To be fair, the late King Il and his brother Yu-Hon both had black hair," Yoon added. "People can just assume what they like."

"Although we know the King and Queen hold Hak in the highest esteem," Kija added with a smile.

"Anyway, let's hope this is the end of it," Yoon declared. "I may be a genius and an expert midwife, but I need a break!"

"Didn't Ik-Soo predict six children?" Shin-Ah asked.

"Argh! No, he's wrong, he has to be!" Yoon insisted. "Hmph, if that happens then Min-Soo can take over!"

- o -

In the Royal bedchamber, Yona was suckling her youngest child at her breast while Soo-Won and Hak, seated beside her, looked on with besotted smiles.

"She's so beautiful," Soo-Won said softly, running a gentle finger over the dark hair covering the baby's head. "I'm glad."

"Glad that she's beautiful or that she has my hair?" Hak asked, as blunt as ever since it was just the three of them at the moment.

Soo-Won gave him a sunny smile.


Hak slanted an exasperated look at Yona who just smiled back.

Soo-Won was an intelligent and capable King with a commanding and charismatic air. Yet from the day they were married, he showed a gentle, almost submissive side when all three of them were in bed.

Despite Hak and Yona's assurances that they had completely forgiven him, the invisible burden Soo-Won carried only fell from his shoulders when their first child was born a year later, a boy with Hak's hair and Yona's eyes. Hak had blushed at Yoon's raised eyebrow, and Yona too... but Soo-Won had just laughed aloud as if it was exactly what he had hoped for.

The knock on the open door made all three of them look up.

"The Four Dragon Warriors are anxious to meet the youngest princess," Min-Soo announced with a smile.

"Please show them in, Min-Soo," Yona replied.

With nothing more than a shared glance, Hak and Soo-Won stood up, making way for the first of many adoring visitors, all eager to set eyes on the latest addition to the Royal household.

- Story End -

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