A Symbol of Hope


No One's P.O.V

Todoroki sat down in the waiting room by himself after visiting Recovery Girl. The Duel Quirk user had a thoughtful look on his face as he remembered his last fight with the green archer.

"My father-"

"It's yours!" Izuku shouted at the top of his lungs, stopping Todoroki from finishing his sentence. "It's your power Shoto!"

At the same time Todoroki remembered the look his mom gave him before she gave him his scar.

"Until I fought him, I hadn't thought about it before... I didn't want to." Todoroki thought as he looked down at the table, a blank look on his face. "Mother, I'm..."

Todoroki was brought out of his thoughts as the door to the waiting room was kicked in violently. Turning Todoroki saw Bakugo at the entrance, his leg held up in the air.

"Hm?" Bakugo hummed in confusion as the dirty blond stared at the Duel Quirk user.

The two looked to each other in silence before Todoroki looked away without a word, greatly annoying Bakugo.

"Yeah sure, I was the one who got the room wrong..." Bakugo said in a low tone as he slowly raised his arm. "But c'mon now. What kind of attitude is that towards a fellow finalist?" Bakugo brought his hand down on the table in front of Todoroki while setting off an explosion. "I'm talking to you, you half-n-half bastard!"

Todoroki's face didn't change from Bakugo's attitude. "That's... something also yelled at me for." Todoroki said, grabbing Bakugo's attention. "That guy... seems compelled to drag people problems out of them and blow them right open." He said, remembering the harsh words the archer said to him in the middle of the fight. No hesitation in his tone or words, just the brutal truth. "You're his childhood friend, right? Has Midoriya always been like this?"

Hearing the question Bakugo was suddenly reminded of the slime villain incident a year ago.

"You looked like you wanted to be saved!"

Bakugo grit his teeth at the question.

Yes, Deku has always been like that.

"Are you okay? Can you stand?"

"Do I look like..." Bakugo growled as his fist tighten. "I give a shit about a nerd like him!?" Bakugo yelled while kicking the table hard enough to throw it off the floor. "I don't care about his yammering or your problems at home. Or your feelings!" That brought Todoroki's attention as he looked to the enraged blond with a calm look on his face. "None of that matters. Just come at me with everything you got!"

With that Bakugo turned to leave the waiting room.

"I'll make that runt bow before me when I'm at the top."

"We reach the finales at last! The top students among UA freshman class will be decided right here!"

"Our Final Match!"




Bakugo and Todoroki stood at the arena, facing one another as all eyes were on them, from the civilians to the students to the Pro-Heros across the country.

Bakugo had a mad-grin on his face as he stared down at Todoroki, who had a blank look.

"After this," Bakugo thought as he tighten his fist. "I'm going to be the best!"

In the stands Izuku kept his eyes focused on the battle, knowing it was going to be something to remember for a long time.




Without any hesitation Todoroki slammed his hand on the ground and sent a large wave of ice right at Bakugo.

The dirty blond wasn't intimidated by the large obstacle and instead brought his hand back.

"Damn it!" Bakugo yelled as he used small explosions to break the ice coming at him, his arms moving at impressive speeds. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

"An Ultimate was used from the start! Looks like he doesn't want to fight Bakugo in the long run!"

Izuku narrowed his eyes at Todoroki's attack. "It's not as powerful during his fight with Sero..." The archer muttered as he leaned back in his seat, hearing explosions come from the arena. "He knows a simple attack like that won't be enough."


Bakugo emerged from the ice just a few feet from Todoroki, making the duel quirk user jump back.

"Did he dig his way through the ice like a mole with his explosions?" Sero asked in disbelief with his jaw dropped.

"That's so weird!" Kaminari added, sounding a little intimidated.

Back as the fight Bakugo stared right at Todoroki while placing his hands on the ice before him.

"The stronger the quirk..." Bakugo said before blasting forward while Todoroki ran at him. "The more imprecise the attack!"

Todoroki extended his right hand at Bakugo, but at the last second the dirty blond set off an explosion that pushed him to the side, dodging the attack. Todoroki's eyes widen before Bakugo grabbed Todoroki by his hair and shoulder, specifically the left side.

Izuku narrowed his eyes as he saw Todoroki wasn't using his fire half. "Bakugo is attacking Todoroki's weak spots without mercy."

"Amazing." Ochako added, feeling impressed by Bakugo's fighting prowess.

Izuku however noticed a major flaw in the fight. If Todoroki activated his fire side, then Bakugo would be forced to let go. Bakugo should know that getting to close to Todoroki was dangerous.

"...Unless he's trying to provoke him." Izuku muttered in realization.

"Are you..." Bakugo growled as he flipped over Todoroki, keeping his grip firm on the duel quirk user. "Underestimating me!?"

Just as Bakugo throw Todoroki over his shoulder the blond set off an explosion, sending the duel quirk user flying to the edge of the arena. Todoroki acted fast and created an ice slide to move him away from the edge of the arena.

"He avoids going out of bounds with his wall of ice! Look's like fun!"

Todoroki continued to create his ice slide and moved around the arena until he was coming right at Bakugo. The dirty blond lunged at Todoroki and tried to create an explosion, however Todoroki was faster and garbed Bakugo's arm with his left hand.

The two froze for a single moment at their situation. If Todoroki used his fire half and burned Bakugo's arm, the bomber would be severally weakened and possible lose the fight.

"Use your left Shoto!" Endeavor thought as he saw the perfect opportunity for his son to use his power.

However, Todoroki instead throw Bakugo with his arm, sending the blond flying with the momentum he build.

Bakugo spun in the air and landed on the floor with no problem.

"Stop screwing around." Bakugo said in a low tone while clicking his teeth. "Am I not strong enough to make you use it?"

"With the way he grabbed Todoroki's left side on purpose and timed his explosions... He's been doing his research." Eraserhead said through the speakers. "That kid's abilities shine every time he fights."

"I see."

"Todoroki's moving well, too, but his attacks are too simple. Ever since his match with Midoriya, he's lost his touch."

"Bastard..." Bakugo growled as he held his hands together, his hands creating explosions. "I'll show you what'll happen if you make a fool of me! I'll kill you!" Bakugo shouted, making Todoroki blink. "I want an indisputable first place! I can't get that even if I beat scum that underestimates me! There's no point if I can't get higher then Deku! If you have no intention of winning, then don't stand in front of me!"

Bakugo started to run forward, pulling his hand back. "Why are you standing here, damn it!"

Todoroki suddenly remembered his fight with Izuku, remembering the words he spoke to the archer.

"I... I'm gonna be... a hero!"

Yet that just confused the duel quirk user even more.

"I'm sorry Bakugo. Ever since I fought with Midoriya, I became unsure of what I should do..." Todoroki thought as Bakugo continued to run. "Whether or not I was correct..." He thought as he started to lower his hand.


Todoroki was knocked out of his thoughts as Izuku's voice rang out.

"You beat me! You beat Sero! You beat Shiozaki! Didn't you tell me you were going to be a hero!" Izuku shouted, grabbing everyone's attention. "WELL THEN WIN TODOROKI, LIKE A HERO WOULD!"

Todoroki grit his teeth as he heard those words. "Midoriya."

Bakugo grinned as he also heard the archer's words. "That damn nerd!" He said before setting off an explosion under him, sending him flying at Todoroki.

Todoroki meanwhile had steam coming off his skin as his ice melted, just before his left side erupted in flames.

"That's it! That's it!" Bakugo thought with a mad grin on his face as he started to spin around with his explosions, getting faster and faster with each second. "If you're going to stand in front of me, then you should just concentrate on winning!"

Todoroki raised his left hand, ready to blast a wave of fire on the oncoming Bakugo.

Flashes of Todoroki's past were fresh in his mind. His father, his mother, the look she gave him before she gave him his scar.

However, one memory overpowered them all.

"You can become the man you want to be!"


Todoroki roared as he created ice around him as his flame became hotter.

"Not again!" Cementoss yelled as he tried to create cover around the arena to contain the blast, but knew he or Midnight wouldn't make it in time.






The explosion that went off between the two power houses of UA was amazing, so much so that nearly everyone in the stadium was blown off their seats

"A-Amazing! Both students let out their strongest attacks at the same time, Bakugo with his explosion using his momentum to add to the force and Todoroki with the same move he used against Midoriya! Yet the question remains! Who is the winner!?"

Everyone waited patiently as the smoke from the arena started to die down, everyone on the edge of their seats on who will be the winner of the UA sports festival.

On the arena floor Midnight kept her eyes sharp to see who was still able to fight.

Suddenly a large breeze blow through the stadium, taking the smoke with it.

What everyone saw was something quiet shocking.

Both Todoroki and Bakugo were out of bounds, both boys looked barely conscious as the struggled to stand with their battered bodies.

Not knowing who fell out of the arena first Midnight raised her hand. "Do to complication, the UA teachers will decide who has won the final match! Until then, this match is a draw!"

That got most of the crowed cheering as the fight was still amazed, however, a good chunk of people were chatting on who was the winner of the UA sports festival.

"That Bakugo kid was amazing!"

"I can still feel that blast in my bones!"

"Who do you think is going to win?"

"Maybe they'll have another fight?"

"I hope that Todoroki guy is single!"

In in the Class 1-A stands the students were stunned by the outcome of the fight.

"Midoriya..." Mineta said slowly as he pointed a shaky finger to the arena. "How did you survive... that!"

Izuku snorted as he rubbed his forehead. "Sometimes I'm not even sure myself." He said while rubbing Eri's head, who was a little shaken by the massive explosion.

"Seriously, this is them in high school, just imagine those two when they become pro-heroes!" Kirishima said while pumping his fist. "There going to be so manly!"

"So who do you think is the winner?" Ochako asked while looking around to the other students.

Everyone had their own pick, some thought Bakugo since he dealt more damage in the fight, other thought Todoroki since he seemed to be the stronger of the two.

Despite their speculation, only the teachers were the ones to give a clear answer to everyone.

"Well, this is quiet the pickle."

After taking the injured students to Recovery Girl the teachers all gathered together to decide who was the winner of the final round of the tournament.

Going over footage and replaying it from several angles, the teachers were surprised to see both Todoroki and Bakugo were flown out of the arena and it the ground at the same time.

"Both students hit the ground at the same time, so we can't decide that way." Midnight said while looking over the footage. "Maybe we should have a rematch."

"No good," Eraserhead said while shaking his head. "Both students are too injured, Recover Girl says they need rest and she is putting her foot down hard on this one."

"Okay, but what about a different competition?" Snipe asked while folding his arms. "We did it for those two with the same quirk."

All Might shook his head with a sigh. "That was the middle of the tournament, to have the winner decided from a game seems... a bit of a let down." The Number 1 hero laughed weakly, making the other teachers sigh.

"Also there skills are too different." Eraserhead added with a sigh. "While they are strong, putting in any competition will put one of them in a unfair position."

This stumped the teachers on what to do next. While they could vote on who deserved to win more by reviewing the fight, that also left a bad taste in their mouths since they knew even a person close to losing can still win when going Plus Ultra.


"Principle Nezu, this is no laughing matter." Midnight sighed as everyone turned to the bear, mouse, dog, principle, who continued to laugh. "We need an answer in the next ten minutes."

Nezu took a sip of his tea as he looked to his teachers. "All of you are complaining about making a hard decision, yet you fail to see the positive." He said while sipping his tea, making the other teachers look around in confusion. "Do you know what I see with these two students. I see potential." He said, grabbing everyone's attention. "I see two talented students, trying their hardest to become heroes, yet have a long way to go before becoming Pro-Heroes." He said while giving a small laugh. "Neither lost the fight, and neither won the fight. So first place will go to both of them."

That made the teachers look to one another with mixed looks.

"A tie?" Snipe asked while looking to the principle. "That seems... a bit of a letdown for a tournament to end."

"Everyone's going to expect a winner, everyone is going to want a winner." Present Mic sighed while rubbing his face.

"But the students need this more." Nezu said seriously, making all the teachers pause. "This will show the students that anything can happen, that becoming top heroes is going to need more then just a good quirk and using it well. This will show them they have much to grow."

All the teachers understood what Nezu was saying, and slowly they all nodded their heads.

"With this were going to have to move some things around." Eraserhead said while bringing up the chart.

"I'll get the students ready." Midnight said as she stood from her seat.

"And I'll move into position." All Might said as he stood up.

With that the teachers all started to make their way out while Nezu leaned back in his seat. The humanoid animal was already laughing as in imagined many, many, unhappy people complaining to him in the near future.

"I love this job."

"All of the First-year events for this year's UA sports festival have been completed." Midnight spoke as she stood before the students. "And now, we will begin the award ceremony!"

A moment later music started to play as confetti blasted off into the stadium. A moment later a podium opened above ground revealing the winners.

Class 1-A couldn't help but cringe as they saw the state of one of the champions.

Bakugo and Todoroki 'stood' side by side on the tallest podium. Todoroki's expression was blank as he stood on the podium, his face revealing nothing.

Bakugo on the other hand was a much different case. The dirty blond was chained down with a mouth guard over his face, struggling against the chains like a crazed lunatic making Class 1-A shake their heads.

In second place Izuku and Tokoyami stood side by side, both giving Bakugo raised brows.

"He is like a man-eating fiend."

Izuku snorted as he shook his head. "I'm getting Hannibal Lector vibes right now."

Tokoyami shook his head. "Hannibal Lector was calm and calculated, his is more like a patient infected with a vires, like from 28 Days Later." Izuku gave Tokoyami a look. "...I like old horror movies." The bird teen said with a shrug.

On the third pedestal Kirishima, Mina, and Shiozaki stood side by side, all grinning hard as they looked around the stadium. Iida was also supposed to be on the third platform, yet the speedster was called away for a family emergency.

"God... god has truly blessed us with this chance." Shiozaki cried as she held her hands together, praying as a light shined down from above.

"Man, he's really struggling..." Kirishima said with a weak laugh as he saw Bakugo trying to break the chains. "He's been like this since he woke up."

"I seriously can't believe I made it to the top three!" Mina shouted while throwing a piece sign. "I did it Eri-Chan!"

Izuku gave a long look to the third pedestal, where Iida should be with the three. After the tournament was over Iida called and gave him and Ochako some details on why he left. Apparently his brother was attacked by a villain and was currently in surgery. Izuku felt for Iida, to see a family member suffering was not something anyone should go through.

"Now," Midnight called out, grabbing Izuku's attention. "We will award the medals!"

"The presentation of the medals will, of course, be by this man-"

"Hahaha!" A strong laugh rang out from atop the stadium, making the crowed roar in excitement, seeing the Number 1 hero as he leapt from atop the stadium.

"-Our very own hero, All Might!/I have brought the medals here!"

Both Midnight and All Might talked over one another as All Might landed in front of the three pillars. There was a strong silence as Midnight put her hands together.

"I talked over you..." The R-Rated Hero said in an embarrassed tone while All Might gave her a look.

Despite this the crowed still cheered as All Might collected himself.

"Now then, All Might, please present the medals, starting with third place." Midnight said while holding three bronze metals out to the Number 1 hero.

All Might grabbed the metals and approached the lowest pillar.

"Young Kirishima, congratulations. I am sure your hardening will one day protect many people from villains." All Might said as he placed the medal around Kirishima's neck.

"Th-thank you All Might!" Kirishima shouted as he had tears in his eyes. "This is a super manly moment!"

"Young Ashido, congratulations. Your attitude is the kind that heroes need to keep spirits up in the tough times." All Might said as he placed the medal around Mina's neck.

"Thanks All Might!" Mina said with a big smile as she held her metal. "Yay! I got the bronze! Next time I'm winning the gold!"

"Young Shiozaki, congratulations. Never lose faith in your self and your abilities, and I am sure you will become a splendid hero." All Might said as he placed the medal around Shiozaki's neck.

"Thank you All Might." Shiozaki said as she held her hands together. "I will continue my path with a stronger sense of faith." Class 1-B cheered the hardest out of everyone in the stadium, making Shiozaki swell with pride.

With that All Might grabbed the silver metals and moved on the next pillar.

"Young Tokoyami, congratulation." All Might said as he placed the metal around the shadow user. "You sure are strong." All Might praised with a smile.

"You are too kind." Tokoyami said in low tone.

"However," All Might said as he pulled the bird teen into a hug, patting him on the back. "In order to fight well against different types, you must grow. Not only relying on your quirk, but your body and mind as well." He said before pulling away. "If you train your own strength more, then you'll have more options when you fight."

"Yes sir." Tokoyami said as he held his metal up. "...He smelled like justice."

"Young Midoriya, congratulations." All Might said, his smile slightly widening even bigger as he placed the metal over Izuku's head. "Right now, you are proving the world that it takes more to be a hero then just a quirk. Never stop moving forward, never stop growing, and I am sure you will become a fantastic hero one day. Just try to come out less injured, or Recovery Girl will have both our hides." All Might laughed, making Izuku smile.

"Thank you All Might." Izuku said softly as he held the amulet in his hands, feeling his eyes start to water. "I made it Clint, I showed the world what a Quirkless archer can do." Izuku thought as he felt pride. "Next time, I'm going to win this festival."

Grabbing the gold metals, All Might moved to the last pillars. Seeing Bakugo still struggling, All Might decided go to Todoroki first.

"Young Todoroki, congratulations." All Might said as he placed the medal around Todoroki's neck. "I assume there is a reason you struggled to use your left side in the final?"

Todoroki looked down at the gold metal, his face blank. "I had an opportunity during my match with Midoriya, but then I became unsure if myself. I think I understand a little of why you are interested in him." He said before looking the Number 1 hero in the eyes. "I want to become a hero like you. But I didn't think it would be right for me to be the only one to break away. There is still something I must settle."

All Might nodded as he looked to Todoroki. "The look on your face is completely different from before." He said before giving Todoroki a light hug. "I won't ask about the details. I'm sure that you will be able to do what you need to do. Just remember you have classmates and teachers that are always willing to listen."

"Yes." Todoroki said softly as All Might pulled away.

"Now then, young Bakugo!" All Might said before looking to Bakugo, only to sigh as he saw the dirty blonds bonds. "This is too much." He muttered before reaching for the muzzle on the blonds face. "Good job doing what few could ever do! You should be proud!" He said while pulling the muzzle off.

"All Might..." Bakugo said in a low, angry tone, making the hero pause. "First place like this... IS NOT WORTH ANYTHING!" Bakugo shouted, his face twisting into something demonic and angry. "Even if the world recognizes it, if I don't recognize it myself, then it's trash!"

"His face is amazing..." All Might sweat dropped at the face Bakugo was making, making all the students take a step back. "Right. In this world where people are constantly being compared publicly, there are not many who can keep aiming for the top of an unchanging scale." As All Might finished speaking Bakugo's face did not change. "His face is amazing..." All Might held the last metal before Bakugo. "Take the medal, okay?"

"I said I don't want it!" Bakugo shouted stubbornly, making a lot of the students sweatdrop, including All Might.

Remember his talk with Nezu All Might tried a different approach. "While this is a first step for many on the path to becoming a hero, it is far from the last. Use this medal as a reminder that there are other amazing students out there, also pushing themselves. Use this medal to constantly push yourself."

"I don't care about no extras!" Bakugo shouted while glaring at All Might. "I'll become the Number 1 hero and surpass even you All Might!"

A lot of people were stunned by the words of the crazed blond, and All Might actually felt impressed by the strong words.

"I look forward to seeing it. But first..." All Might tried to put the metal around Bakugo's neck, only for the blond to lean his head back hard. All Might settled with putting the medal in Bakugo's mouth, seeing no other option.

"Well, they were the winners this time!" All Might said while looking to the other students. "But listen here! Anyone here could have ended on these podiums. It's just as you saw, competing! Improving each other! And climbing even further! The next generation of heroes is definitely sprouting!" All Might shouted while posing. "So, I have just one more thing to say! Everyone, please say it with me!"



"Plus Ultra/Thanks for your hard work!"

There was silence in the arena as everyone looked to the Number 1 Hero, who started to sweat.

"What?" It should of been 'Plus Ultra' there, All Might!" Was the collective response of everyone in the stadium as the booed lightly.

The Number 1 hero couldn't help but sweat as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I thought everyone worked hard..."


The young archer laughed as his mother brought him into a tight hug, crying as she held her son. After the sports festival ended all the students returned to school briefly before being allowed to return home, where Izuku was as he was being smothered by his mom.

"You were so-so-so-" Inko cried out as she held her son tight. "Amazing! I'm so proud of you!"

Izuku returned the hug and couldn't help but smile. "Thanks mom." He said before pulling away.

The archer then felt a hand rub his head, making him look to the side to see a grinning Lila. "You did fantastic kid." She said with pride, making Izuku smile harder.

Suddenly Izuku was brought into a headlock by a familiar blond teen. "You were great Izuku, I can wait to see those moves when we spar!" Mirio said with a laugh as Izuku pulled his head out of the arm.

"I think I rather rest for a while, maybe take things easy." Izuku laugh.

"Hi!" Suddenly a bubbly lavender hair girl appeared before Izuku, giving the archer a big smile. "I'm Nejire Hado, and you were amazing out their." The girl said with a bright look in her eyes.

"Izuku, I like you to meet my classmates and good friends." Mirio said with a smile. "Nejire Hado and Amajiki Tamaki."

"N-nice to meet you..." Tamaki said in a low tone before looking away with a blush.

"Nice to meet you both." Izuku said with a smile.

"So kid, what do you have planned now?" Lila asked while ginning to Izuku, the pride she felt for her little brother easily seen on her face.

"Well Eraserhead told us the school would be closed for the next two days, allowing for us to rest and for heroes to send in their invitations for internships." Izuku said with a shrug.

Lila smiled as she nodded. "I leave back home tomorrow, so until then, how about we all go out to eat, my treat." Lila said with a grin.

"Lila, you don't have to-"

"Hey, no worries, this is my gift to Izuku." Lila said, cutting Inko off as the female archer placed a hand on the teen's shoulder. "You did us all proud kid, I'm sure our old man is laughing it up, seeing the Quirkless kid he trained take on the top students in UA."

Izuku's smile became somber yet still held his pride. "Thank you Lila."

Suddenly Lila clapped her hands together and looked around. "So, anyplace you want to go? This is your reward." Lila asked Izuku.

"Can we come too?" Nejire asked while smiling at the female archer.

"Of course, the more the better." Lila said while at the older teens.

The young archer looked up in thought before a grin crossed his place. "There's this place that has an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet that I know, they serve all kinds of food and you only have to pay once."

"Perfect! Come on everyone, we'll take my car!" Lila said as she grabbed her keys.

"I'll take my bike." Izuku said before smiling down to Eri. "Want to ride with me?"

"Sure!" Eri said with excitement as Izuku picked her up.

"Ware your helmets!" Inko called out the two.

"We will!" The two called as Izuku grabbed his black helmet while Eri grabbed a bright red helmet.

As Izuku placed Eri on the back of his bike and put her helmet on Izuku quickly drove off with Lila right behind him.

"Big brother?" Eri asked as she held onto Izuku's back tightly. "Can we train my... quirk tomorrow?" Eri asked in a timid tone.

Izuku smiled as he quickly glanced back. "Of course, I'll even ask Mirio if he can come and help."

Eri smiled under her helmet as she tighten her hug around Izuku. "Your the best brother ever." She said, making Izuku smile brightly.

The next day Izuku, Inko, and Eri all saw Lila off as archer flew back to America, wishing the best of the Midoriya family.

After that Izuku called Mirio and explain to the blond about Eri wanting to train her quirk. The blond was quickly on board and said he had the perfect spot they could train at.

"I used this spot to train my quirk without anyone interfering. It's been my go-to place ever since I entered UA." Mirio said as he lead the two into the woods.

Izuku was wearing a black shit, jeans, and had a backpack on while Eri wore a blue shirt that said 'Neko' on the front, a large beany on her head, and black leggings with a blue skirt.

"I get that, a lot of trees and uneven ground. All this must of pushed your reflexes to time your quirk just right." Izuku said as he glanced around while Eri held his hand.

"Yup!" Mirio grinned as he came to a stop. "Welcome to my sanctuary!"

It was a small field with a few trees surrounding the area. Some of the trees were missing large chunks of bark or had several scuff marks all around.

The three stood in the center of the field with Mirio looked to Izuku and Eri.

"So, what can you tell me about Eri's quirk?" Mirio asked while looking to the two.

"As far as we can tell, it has some healing properties." Izuku said while looking down at Eri. "Eri somehow healed my injuries after my fight with Todoroki. However, it was nothing like Recovery Girl's quirk."

"How so?" Mirio asked as Eri paid close attention to Izuku.

"Recovery Girl uses a person's own virility to heal them, healing injuries in seconds what should of taken months. Yet with Eri it was different." Izuku said as he rubbed his chin. "As far as I could tell, I felt no drain." He said before looking to Eri. "What about you Eri? How did using your quirk feel?"

Eri looked down in thought before she spoke. "I felt... really warm... and tingly all over. Like after taking a hot bath." Eri said as she tried to explain her quirk.

"So it's energy base." Mirio said while rubbing his chin. "Where does it first start? In your hands? In your chest?"

"My horn." Eri said as she pointed to the pale horn, making the to blink. "I... I remember it started to feel warm around my horn first before it spreads all around."

Izuku nodded as he looked at Eri's horn. "If that's the case, it's possible Eri has an Emission quirk. Her horn is a byproduct of her quirk, possible used as a focuser before spreading to the rest of her body." Izuku theorized as he pulled out his notebook and wrote everything down. "Now all we have to do is figure out what else your quirk can do."

"Hmm," Mirio hummed with a thoughtful look on his face. "Why don't we teach you how to bring out this energy first." The happy blond suggested.

"How do I do that?" Eri asked while tilting her head.

"Well I'll show you how I use mine." Mirio said as he stepped back. "For me, it's like a hot energy I can pull out from every cell of my body. With it I can walk through things, become stronger, and a lot faster."

Do to Mirio gaining All Might's quirk Mirio had to come up with a cover as to why he was so much stronger, faster, and tougher then before. With Izuku's help the two came up with the cover that Mirio's quirk had evolved in a way that his body could now store the kinetic energy he built up from going intangible and moving around, improving his physical capabilities greatly, and as time went on Mirio would only become stronger as his body adjusted to the power.

Obviously Izuku, All Might, and Mirio knew it was bullshit, but it was necessary as to not raise any suspicion from the students and the public.

Mirio started to focus One-For-All through his body, and both Eri and Izuku could see a faint yellow glow coming from Mirio's skin.

"For me I feel the energy and will it to come out. It was tricky at first, and it took a lot of practice, but..."

Suddenly Mirio fell through the ground, leaving most of his cloths behind. Eri stared in awe as Mirio zoomed around the field in blinding speeds, to the point Izuku was having trouble tracking him.


A moment later Mirio punched a tree with enough force to shatter the trunk into pieces, making the tree slam into the ground.

Mirio soon jumped out of the ground and stood in front of Eri and Izuku.

Izuku sighed as he gave the blond a small smile. "I see you went with my idea of the civilian shorts."

Mirio, instead of being naked, stood in front of the two with shorts on. A bad downside to Mirio's power was that he could not faze other objects or people, only himself. Not even his cloths would stay on. So to prevent Mirio from fighting crime naked a support company made a hero costume out of Mirio's own hair, meaning the costume would stay on.

When Izuku first fought Mirio the archer was completely caught off guard when Mirio suddenly became naked. In fact, Izuku was so caught off guard Mirio suckered punched the archer before he could react. Mirio then explained the downside of his quirk to the archer and told Izuku that he often fought naked with other students. It got to the point that Mirio no longer felt any shame when he suddenly became naked.

Izuku then quickly suggested Mirio get a few civilian shorts to wear under his cloths, seeing as a fight could happen at any time and it was best that Mirio didn't gain any perverted reputation.

"You were amazing!" Eri said in excitant making Mirio smile wider. "You were whoosh and whoosh!" Eri said as she moved her arms around like a flying superhero.

"I'm glad you liked it Eri." Mirio said with a bright smile as he started to put his clothes on. "Now you try to use your energy and see what happens."

Eri nodded and closed her eyes. The white hair girl soon scrunched up her face and it started to turn red.

Both Mirio and Izuku held back a laugh at how cute Eri was acting. Izuku quickly pulled out his phone and took a picture before kneeling down to the girl.

"You can't force it out Eri." Izuku said as he kneeled next to the girl, stopping her from popping a blood-vessel. "For Emission quirks, it's all starts with the mind." Izuku said as he poked Eri's forehead. "When you first used your quirk on me, what were you thinking, what were you feeling?"

Eri gained a blush as she held her hands together. "When... when I saw you were hurt... I wanted you to be better..." Eri said, her cheeks reddening as she looked embarrassed.

Izuku grow a warm smile on his face as he hugged the little girl. "You are a very good girl Eri." Izuku praised as he making a bright smile cross Eri's face. "So I want you to remember that feeling, those thoughts, they could help you bring out your quirk." He said as he pulled back from the hug.

"Right." Eri nodded as she closed her eyes.

The white-hair girl started to think what she felt when she saw her brother hurt, how she hated seeing him like that and wanted him to be better.

Izuku and Mirio were amazed to see Eri's horn light up and before they knew it Eri's entire body was covered in energy.

"You did it Eri!" Mirio cheered.

"I did?" Eri said with a blink, and a moment later the energy was gone.

Izuku smiled as he nodded his head. "Yeah, you did." He said before blinking at what he saw by Eri's feet. "What the..." Izuku muttered as he knelt down to Eri.

Eri and Mirio looked down and were surprised to see a patch of brown dirt where Eri stood. They were surprised since just a second ago they were sure Eri stood on a patch of green grass.

"What happened to the grass?" Mirio asked as he knelt down next to Izuku.

Izuku had a serious look on his face as he took a handful of dirt and held it to his face. Suddenly the archer's eyes widen in surprise.

"Mirio, look!" Izuku said as he held the dirt to the blonde's face. "Do you see that?"

Mirio looked confused as he stared at the clump of dirt, even Eri tilted her head in confusion.

"All I see is dirt Izuku." Mirio said while looking at said dirt.

"But look what's in the dirt." Izuku said as he pulled out something small and white from the dirt pile. "Do you know what this is?" Izuku asked, and just got a shake from the two. "It's a grass seed. And from the amount in the dirt, a whole lot of them. Do you know what this means?" Izuku asked, still getting slight confused look's from the two. "The grass didn't disappeared, Eri's quirk turned the grass into seeds!"

That made the two eyes widen in shock. "But how can that be? I thought you said Eri had a healing quirk." Mirio said with a confused look on his face, along with Eri who looked even more confused.

Izuku shook his head at Mirio. "I said Eri's quirk had some healing properties. Healing might be only one effect of her quirk."

"And controlling plants is another? Does Eri have a Duel Quirk?" Mirio asked while folding his arms.

Izuku pondered the idea for a bit before shaking his head. "I don't think so. Duel quirks have to have some kind of relation to be functional, healing and plant control are too different to be a Dual Quirk." Izuku said as he rubbed his chin, trying to figure out what Eri's quirk was.

Suddenly, the archer got an idea as he reached into his bag and pulled out an apple.

"Eri, I want you to use your energy on this apple." Izuku said as he handed the fruit over to the girl.

"Okay." Eri said as she held the apple in her hands. Closing her eyes Eri used the same thought as before and it didn't take long before her body was coated in energy.

Before Izuku and Mirio's eyes the apple started to shrink in Eri's hands and it wasn't long before the big red apple was nothing more then a brown seed.

Without saying a word Izuku pulled out another apple along with a pocket knife. Using the knife Izuku cut the apple deep until it started leaking juices.

"Okay Eri, can you do that again, but this time I want you to focus on the cut." Izuku said as he handed the second apple to the girl while taking the seed.

"Alright." Same as before Eri's horn glowed and before the two's eyes the cut on the apple faded away, only showing a faint scar.

Izuku wrote everything he saw down in his notebook while muttering at impressive speeds.

"So what does this tell us?" Mirio asked as he tried to pick up on Izuku's muttering, but was having a hard time.

Izuku spun the pencil in his fingers while looking at his notebook. "I think... Eri has some kind of Reversing ability."

"Reversing?" Both Eri and Mirio asked at the same time.

Izuku nodded as he held the apple and seed in his hand. "Think of it like this." He said while holding the seed out. "This seed was an apple before Eri's quirk. Yet with Eri's quirk she Reversed the apple into a previous state it was once in, a seed." Izuku then held out the scared apple. "The same is with this apple. Before Eri's quirk the apple had a scar and was 'bleeding', with Eri's quirk the apple was Reversed to a previous state where it didn't have a scar." Izuku then pointed to himself. "The same is with me. Eri used her quirk to heal me by reversing my body to a previous state it was once in."

"So... a Time Quirk?" Mirio asked with amazement.

Time Quriks were the rarest type of quirks in the entire world, with only a handful of people in the world having quirks related to time in some aspect. The most notable Time Quirk was a British Hero who could speed up her own time in bursts or re-wined her own time to heal herself.

Izuku looked thoughtful before shaking his head. "I don't think so. For one Eri used that energy to reverse whatever she wants. Another thing is that it doesn't make injuries go away." Izuku said while pointing to the faint scar on the apple and the faint scar on his hands. Getting an idea Izuku pulled out his knife once more and cut a slice out of the apple before handing the apple to Eri. "Eri, I want you do use your quirk on this."

Eri nodded as she held the apple in her hand and started to use her quirk. However, unlike last time the apple did not heal or changed back into a seed. Eri's face scrunched up when she saw this and tried to put more power into it.

Izuku nodded as he looked to Mirio. "See, if Eri had a time quirk the apple should of grown a piece back. The energy Eri has is what Reverses things." Izuku said as he held up the apple slice. "I'm sure if I put the slice in the apple it could be healed. This just shows that Eri can't compensate for large organic matter-"

"It's gone."

Izuku and Mirio blinked as they looked to Eri, who had a bewildered look on her face as she stared at her now empty hands.

"Where did the apple go Eri?" Mirio asked as he looked around.

Eri looked at her hands with a strange look on her face. "I... I was using my quirk on the apple, and I used a lot since it wasn't healing... then it was gone..." Eri said slowly as she looked at her hands.

Izuku looked at the little girl for a long moment as a troubled look crossed his face.

"Eri," Izuku said as he pulled another apple from his bag. "I want you to do the same thing you did before." He said in a serious tone.

Eri gave a shaky nod as she took the apple in her hands. Same as before her horn glowed as energy covered her body.

Izuku and Mirio both started at the apple in Eri's hands. Neither blink as they stared at the energy washing over the fruit.

Without warning, without blinking, the apple disappeared before their eye. As if the two blinked and it was gone.

"What happened?" Mirio asked while looking around Eri's hands with confusion. "Where did the apple go?"

Izuku however looked troubled as he was quickly putting the pieces together. "If Eri can Reverse anything into a previous state... then doesn't that mean she can Reverse something into a state where it didn't exist?" The Archer said in a grave tone.

Both Mirio and Eri's eyes widen in shock at those words.

Eri looked at her hands with a mix of fear and horror as she slowly started to shake.

"I... I really am a mon-"

Before Eri could finish those thoughts both Izuku and Mirio grabbed Eri's hand, both giving her a smiling face.

"Eri," Mirio said with a smile. "You... have the kindest quirk I have ever seen." He said with sincerity, shocking the girl.

"One day, you'll be able to heal dozens of people from grave injuries better then even Recovery Girl." Izuku said as he smiled at Eri. "I'm not going to lie, your quirk can be dangerous. But, their is no one I trust more to have this quirk other then you."

"W-why..." Eri asked in a shaky tone as she looked at the two. "Why... do you trust me...?"

Mirio and Izuku looked at one another before smiling at Eri. "Because your our little sister." The two said at the same time.

"...Wa ...Waaaaaah!" Eri cried as she wrapped her arms around the two teens, bringing them into to a hug.

Izuku and Mirio smiled softly as they returned the hug to the crying girl.

After a few minutes Eri had finally calmed down, her eyes puffy and her nose runny. The two offered to take her somewhere fun for working so hard, yet Eri wanted to continue practicing her quirk.

Seeing the girl was determined to continue the two agreed, thought they did take things a little slower.

As the hours passed Izuku and Mirio discovered quiet a bit about Eri's quirk.

Eri's quirk had no effect on inorganic objects, such as metal, plastic, or cloth, only organic matter. It was also discovered that Eri had a limited amount of energy in her body to Reverse things, as the girl got tired after using her quirk for long periods of time. They also proved Izuku's theory right about Eri being able to heal something as long as the pieces were together as Eri was able to put a broken apple back together.

A final thing they discovered was Eri could potentially Reverse her own Reversals. Meaning Eri could undo the effect her quirk causes, such as turning the seed back into an apple.

The only problem with this was Eri had too little control over her own quick at the moment, and undoing her Revers took a lot more work.

"Ha... ha..." Eri panted as she fell to the ground, a shine of sweat on her face.

"I think that's enough for today." Mirio said as he looked at the time, seeing it was already past noon.

"Yeah, the last things we need is for you to overwork yourself." Izuku said as he picked the girl up.

"Okay..." Eri said tiredly as she snuggled into Izuku's chest.

"You did great today Eri, we're really proud of you." Mirio said, bringing a smile as the three started to make their way out of the forest. "So Izuku, got any plans for the rest of the day?"

"Yeah actually," The archer replied with a nod. "I'm meeting Mei later to test out a couple of new arrows and help her out. You think you can take Eri home?"

"Sure, no problem." Mirio said as Izuku passed the girl off.

"By Izuku." Eri said in a tired tone as Mirio walked off.

"By Eri, rest up." Izuku said as he hopped on his motorcycle before driving off.

"You know, after we got to UA, I was hoping you wouldn't drag me here anymore."

"Oh stop complaining Izuku, I need books and you want some babies right!"

Izuku blushed before giving off a sigh, notice a few people give him and Mei a few looks.

After Izuku left Eri with Mirio the archer called Mei and told her they could meet up. The young inventor quickly told Izuku to meet up at her favorite shopping district, making Izuku sigh with dread. Before going to UA, during the months the two worked together on making Izuku gadgets, Mei often dragged the archer to her favorite shopping area to pick up new tools, technical books, parts, or whatever else she needed for making her babies. This meant Izuku was often dragged by Mei to hold all that she bought and sometimes he was forced to buy a thing or two for her when she ran out of money.

Izuku and Mei walked down the shopping center, passing by dozens of shops and stores as Mei kept looking around.

"So, what is it your looking for?" Izuku asked as he followed the inventor.

"Just some chemistry books, I am this close to completing the Adamantium!" Mei said with both excitement and determination making Izuku chuckle. "I called that pink girl from your class-"


"And had her make some strong acid for me this morning, with it I was able to break down some metals and combine them after I super heated them." Mei said as she rubbed her chin. "It just needs one final touch before it's completed."

"And you think you can find the missing piece in a chemistry book? Why not just look on the internet?" Izuku asked.

Mei waved her hand with dismissive look on her face. "I've already searched through thousands of websites. I need actual books if I'm going to finish this project, also I have a few ideas for some interesting babies."

That made Izuku snort in disbelief. "A few, ha!" Izuku laugh, making Mei grin.

"Excuse me!"

Mei and Izuku turned back to see two girls Izuku's age standing behind them. The first girl had thick curly brown hair and had black eyeliner around her eyes, while the second girl had short black hair and pointy dog ears on her head.

"Are you Izuku Midoriya?" The dog ear girl asked, an exited look on both the girls faces.

"I am." Izuku said, raising a brow in confusion.

"O, M, G! It's really you!" The brown hair girl shouted in an exited tone as the girls invaded Izuku's personal space, making the archer take a small step back in shock. "We saw you fight during the UA sports festival and you were amazing! You were so cool out there!"

"Can we get a selfie with you?" The dog ear girl asked while holding up her phone.

"Um, sure..." Izuku said nervously to the girls, not expecting someone to recognize him

The girls quickly moved to Izuku's sides before pressing their bodies close, making the archer a blushing mess.

"Say Plus Ultra!" Both girls said as they brought heir faces close to Izuku's red face while holding up a piece sign, the dog ear girl pointing the camera at them.

"P-Plus Ultra." Izuku said with a shaky grin while he held up his own piece sign, his face turning bright red.

The camera clicked and the girls pulled away while squealing.

"Wow, we just took a photo with the second place winner of the UA sports festival!" The brown hair girl said in a giddy tone while giving Izuku a thumbs-up. "So cool!"

"Like, you were amazing out their! That speech you did in the opening gave me chills." The dog-ear girl said with a big grin. "Thanks again for the photo!"

Before Izuku could even speak the archer noticed a small crowed forming around him and Mei.

"You're Izuku Midoriya!"

"Midoriya of the Hero department!"

"You were great in the sports festival! And you were fairly close, too!"

"Second place, right? You were cool man!"

"You're actually pretty short, huh!"

"I can't believe you're Quirkless! It's unreal!"

"You really remind me of the good old days, for me."

"Oh yeah, I get what you mean! That determination!"

Izuku continued to grow a bewildered look as more and more people complemented him on his effort in the Sports Festival. The archer couldn't help the big smile that crossed his face as the complements continued for almost half-an hour. When the crowed finally started to die down Izuku and Mei went back into their shopping.

"Well, that was something." Mei said before grinning at Izuku. "And you seemed to enjoy it."

"Just a bit." Izuku chuckled.

"You're still smiling." Mei pointed out.

Izuku put a hand over his mouth and felt he was still smiling.

"I can't help it." Izuku said with a small laugh before a somber look crossed his face. "My whole life people have been telling me it's impossible to be a hero since I'm Quirkless, that I should give up on my dream. But... I proved them all wrong. Now look, people are praising me for being a Quirkless hero, it feels almost unreal." Izuku said before giving Mei a smile. "And I couldn't have done it without you."

That made Mei blink with a surprised look on her face. "Really, me?" She asked in a surprised tone.

Izuku nodded as he looked up. "I owe my success to a lot of people, Clint, Lila, my mom, All Might," Izuku said before looking to the pink hair girl. "And you. Without your babies I wouldn't have made it to second place let alone the battle tournament." He said as he smiled to his friend. "So thank you Mei, for taking a chance on this Quirkless guy."

"You're welcome." Mei smiled at Izuku before she started to speed up. "Now we better get shopping so I can make more babies!" Mei shouted before running off.

Izuku sighed with an embarrassed look on his face yet wouldn't help but smile as he followed after Mei.

Izuku drove his motorcycle on his way to school, the clouds thick as rain poured down. During the past two days Izuku trained with Eri's quirk and worked with Mei on some new inventions. Eri was becoming more proficient with the help of Mirio and Izuku it wouldn't be long before the girl could control her quirk with no trouble.

Working with Mei on the other hand was becoming a bit hazardous for the archer, especially over the last two days. Mei was very close to completing her Adamantium formula and with the help of Momo and even Mina's acid it wouldn't be long. Yet Mei wasn't only focused on the super-metal, but also possible new arrows Izuku could use in a fight. One particular arrow Mei had Izuku test out proved to be so dangerous and unstable that when it exploded both Izuku and Mei were not only brown off their feet while behind protective glass, but the explosion was also felt throughout the entire school. Powerloader himself said the explosion was record breaking for Mei, and that she was not aloud to do anything like that again without his supervision.

So the last two day were very productive for Izuku, and the weight of the Sports Festival had finally started to wear off.

Izuku quickly parked his bike before hopping off and pulling his umbrella out. As the archer walked to the UA entrance he couldn't help but yawn.

"Got to stop Mei from calling me so late every time she has an idea." Izuku muttered as he rubbed his eyes. "I'm starting to fall asleep before class even starts." He said while yawning while walking through the front gate.

"What are you doing walking so leisurely!?" Izuku whipped his head back and his eyes widen in surprise. "We're late! Morning Midoriya!"

"A raincoat and boots!?"

Izuku was shocked to see a speeding Iida run up to him with a large raincoat and big rubber boots.

"Iida, we're five minutes early." Izuku said as he started to run next to the speedster, who started to jog.

"The baseline for students worthy of UA is starting the day's activities ten minutes early!" Iida shouted before Izuku and Iida ran inside.

As Iida and Izuku put their stuff away in their lockers, a somber silence between them.

"If you're worried about my brother, you needn't be." Iida said as he took his rain coat off and looked to Izuku with a smile. "I'm sorry for causing you unnecessary concern!" He said before turning away.

Izuku stared at Iida for a long while, a worry look crossing the archer's face. The two quickly made their way to class and saw everyone was practically present, chatting with one another as the two made their way to their desks.

"I got mad people shouting out my name on the way to school!"

"I got so embarrassed, everyone was staring at me so intently!"

"Yeah, me too!"

"I got consoled with 'don't mind'!" Sero said with a peeved look on his face. "Calls by freaking elementary school kids!"

"Don't mind." Tsuyu said in a cheeky tone, making Sero drop his head.

"We becoming the center of attention for just one day!"

"Dude, UA is really amazing..."

Suddenly the door open and in walked Eraserhead, not covered in any more bandages.


That one soft spoken word was enough to get the entire class in their seats, sitting quietly as they greeted their teacher.

"Aizawa-Sensei, I'm happy you were able to remove your bandages." Tsuyu said in a pleased tone.

"The old lady got overdramatic with her treatment." Eraserhead said while rubbing his eye. "But let's put that aside. Today's Hero informatics period is a little special."

Some students looked worried at that, hoping they weren't getting a pop quiz or a long lecture.

"It's time to formulate your Codenames. Your hero names."


"Oh yeah!"


"Oh my god yes!"

"Now this is making my chest swell!"

Everyone cheered at the thought of creating their own hero names. These names would show that everyone had taken one more step forward to becoming Pro-Heroes one day.

"This is related to the draft nominations by pro I mentioned the other day." Aizawa said in a dull tone, calming the class down quiet a bit. "The nominations will truly start mattering only after you've gained some experience and your adaptable fighting ability is judged during your sophomore and senior years..." Aizawa said before sighing tiredly. "In other words, the nominations you're getting this year are more akin to expression of 'interest' in your future potential. And it's not rare that interests dries up by graduation or is simply unilaterally dropped."

"So in other words, hero companies and Pro-heroes want to see what we're made off and if we have the potential to become top Pro-Heroes one day. If they see something in use they'll try and recruit after we graduate. Or if we impress no one we may get no support from anyone once we graduate." Izuku muttered out loud making everyone look at him, except Bakugo who just looked annoyed as he kept his eyes forward.

"So I guess the nominations we received are like personal hurdles, then!" Tooru said with an excited tone.

"Yes," Eraserhead said as he pulled out a remote. "Now to tally of nominations is followed."

Pressing the button, the board showed how much 'nominations' everyone got in glass, and the results were surprising to say the least.

A-Group Designated Cases

Todoroki: 4123

Bakugo: 3556

Midoriya: 1721

Tokoyami: 360

Iida: 301

Kirishima: 298

Kaminari: 272

Ashido: 190

Yaoyrozu: 108

Uraraka: 77

Sero: 20

Jiro: 18

Mineta: 16

Asui: 16

Shouji: 15

Sato: 12

Hagakure: 11

Aoyama: 8

Ojiro: 7

Kouda: 2

The large gap between the top three students and everyone else was shocking to practically everyone in the class. No one was more shocked then Izuku, amazed that so many heroes were interested in his future.

"Typically, the results are more balanced." Ereserhead said while pointing the board. "But this year all the attention leaned towards three of you."

"Damn, it's so clear it's practically black and white!" Kaminari groaned while slumping in his chair.

"Those Pros have no discerning eye." Aoyama huffed while pouting.

"Look's like 1th and 2nd places have a pretty big gap, despite those two basically coming in first place." Kirishima pointed out.

"Well considering Bakugo needed to be held down just to receive a metal and has an uncontrollable temper, most Pros would be put off." Izuku pointed out, explain why Bakugo was behind Todoroki.

"Pros ain't going to be scared Deku!" Bakugo back at the archer.

"Who said anything about be scared?" Izuku asked with a raised brow. "The Pros probably didn't want to deal with a kid who needed a straight-jacket to receive a metal and who will scream at the Number 1 hero. They were probably worried you would go crazy in the middle of the fight and cause a lot of collateral damage, forcing them to pay." Izuku pointed out why he got less when compared to Todoroki, making Bakugo grind his teeth down.

"So why did Izuku get so many votes even though he's Quirkless?" Mineta said in a confused tone, generally curious. "I mean Tokoyami also came in second."

Izuku looked up in thought before he spoke. "I guess it's because I came in first for the first two events, that must of grabbed a lot of attention from all sorts of Heroes."

"Just as expected Todoroki." Momo said while glancing at the Dual-Quirk user, feeling a sting of envy.

"A lot of that's just gotta be because of my dad..." Todoroki said in a dismissive tone.

"W-wow!" Ochako cheered with tears in her eyes while she shook Iida, happy that so many heroes have taken an interest in her.

"Despite the numbers, I'll be making you all go get some so-called 'work-place experience." Eraserhead in a serious tone, surprising everyone. "Well, you've all sipped a toe in the world of the Pros, unfortunately. But I think experiencing the world of Pros firsthand will prove to be more fruitful training than before." He said, referring to the SSJ incident.

"And cuz of that we need hero names, huh!?" Sato shouted with excitant.

"Things have gotten fun all of a sudden!" Ochako cheered.

"Of course," Eraserhead continued to speak. "Placeholder names are fine, too, but something appropriate-"

"Because if not, it'll be hell from there!"

Everyone turned to the door to see none other than a very familiar woman strut into the room.

"Midnight!" Everyone shouted, a good number of the guys gaining excited looks on their face.

"The name you pick now!" Midnight said as she walked into the classroom, shaking her hips and body in a seductive manor that grabbed everyone's attention. "The names you come to be known as the world as now! In many cases, they stay that way after becoming Pros!" Midnight said, basically saying that the name they chose now may stick with them for the rest of their careers.

"Well, she is correct." Eraserhead said, not fazed by Midnight's antics. "I'll have Midnight evaluate your naming sense. Since I definitely can't." The teacher muttered as he pulled up his sleeping bag. "The way your futures end up will approach the image projected by the name you choose. It's all down to that old phrase, 'Names and Natures often agree.'" He said before looking to everyone from inside his sleeping bag. "For example: All Might."

Soon everyone was handed a dry-erase board and a marker by Midnight. She then told everyone to try and come up with a hero name that would suit them.

About 15 minutes later Midnight spoke to the class. "Alright, it's almost time." Midnight said while clapping her hands together. "For those who're ready to present their names for the class, please come up." She said surprising everyone, not expecting to present their names.

The first to walk up was none other then Aoyama, who walked to the front of the class full of confidence.

"Here it comes." Aoyama said slowly before holding his board up high in the air. "The name of the Sparkling Hero: I Cannot Stop Twinkling! Which means, you can't stop my sparkling!"

"That's a whole sentence!" The whole class said at the bizarre first name.

Midnight took the board and started to write on it. "If you take out the 'I' and abbreviate it to just a 'Can't,' It'll be easier to say." She said before showing the new name.

The Sparkling Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling.

"Too right, Mademoiselle." Aoyama said with a smile as he made his way to his seat.

"Right, hey, I'm next!" Mina said as she rushed up to the front of the class. "The Heroine of Ridley: Alien Queen!" Mina shouted with a big smile on her face.

"Stop!" Midnight said while crossing her arms. "You're aiming for the image of that super-acidic blood monster from that horror movie!? Quit while your ahead!" Midnight said, shooting down Mina's name as the pink girl clicked her teeth in disappointment, the whole class shaking their heads

Now the class was struggling to come up with their own hero names. The only examples they had to go on were the two names that seemed more like jokes then anything.

"Is it okay I go next?" Tsuyu asked while raising her hand.

"Come on up!" Midnight said making the class feel hopeful that the level headed frog-girl would be the first to pick a decent name.

Tsuyu came up to the front and held her board up to everyone.

"I've known since elementary school what name I'd be." Tsuyu said as she showed everyone the board. "The Heroine who kicks off the Rainy Season: Froppy!"

Everyone in the class instantly liked the name, feeling it was something very fitting for a Pro-Hero. This made Tsuyu smile brightly with a blush on her face.

"Use her well-liked model as a guide for your own names, okay?" Midnight said as she looked to the class. "Your name can reflect your quirk, your personality, or even what your aspiring to be. Use that to create a hero name."

Everyone instantly felt relief as the now name Froppy was able to bring this serious again.

"Now for mine!" Kirishima said as he marched up to the front of the class. "The Hero of Hard Virility: Red Riot!"

That made a smile cross Midnight's face. "Red Riot! Is that out of respect for the Man Among Heroes: Crimson Riot?" Midnight asked.

Kirishima grinned while rubbing the back of his head. "It is, yeah! He's retro but the kind of hero image I'm aiming for is just like Crimson!"

"Fufu..." Midnight laughed with a pleased look on her face. "You know, since you'll be carrying the name of someone you look up to, you're going to be hit with the corresponding amount of pressure." Midnight warned the redhead.

"Don't worry, I'm prepared for it!" Kirishima said, more then willing to take on that kind of responsibility.

Izuku started to ponder his own hero name. At first Izuku was considering something simple like being called Archer, Bullseye, Green Arrow. All of them were good names, but they weren't enough. Izuku wasn't just an archer, he was a thinker, a planner, a swordsman, and a lot more. Archery may be his main weapon, but he was more than that, he was aiming for more. So his hero name should more.

As the archer continued to ponder other students were also thinking of possible names.

"Ughh." Kaminari groaned as he stared down at the board. "Man, I haven't thought of anything yet, namewise!" The blond sighed as he was stumped.

"Then let me give you a name! Jamming-Wheyyy!" Jiro offered, getting the blonds attention.

"Oh, you mean, like, a play on the guy who did 'A farewell to arms' and stuff, Hemingway, right?" Kaminari said before nodding to Jiro. "That's so intellectual! It's cool!"

"No way!" Jiro laughed while putting a hand over her mouth, tears in her eyes. "It's because even though you're strong..." Jiro struggled to say while looking at the blond. "You always end up like that!" She laughed, that being Kaminari's idiot mode.

"Hey, Jiro! Stop messing with me!" Kaminari shouted as Jiro made her way to the front of the class.

Jiro ran up to the front of the class and showed everyone her board.

"The Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack!"

"That's good! Next!"

The next student was none other then Shouji.

"The Tentacle Hero: Tentacole."

"It's like tentacle with some octopus thrown in!" Midnight said while nodding. "Clever!"

Sero stood up next.

"The Taping Hero: Cellophane."

"Nice and simple! That's important!"

Ojiro went up.

"Martial Arts Hero: Tailman." Ojiro said while flexing his tail.

"Your name reflects your body!"

Sato clicked his teeth at Ojiro as he stood up next, feeling the martial artist stole his idea.

"The Sweets Hero: Sugarman!"

"So sweet!" Midnight gushed.

"Pinky!" Was all Mina wrote as she declared her name to the class.

"Peachy pink complexion!" Midnight cheered at the girl's names.

Kaminari was next with his board.

"Charge + Lightning Bolt = Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt!"

"Oh, I feel tingly!" Midnight laughed making Kaminari blush.

Tooru stuck her way up.

"Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl!"

"That's great!" Midnight said before throwing her hand in the air. "Come on, let's keep right on going!"

Momo made her way to the front. "I hope I will not bring shame to this name." She said while showing her hero name.

"The Everything Hero: Creati!"

"How Creative!"

Todoroki slowly made his way up and showed his board to the class.

"Shoto." Was all that was written on his board.

"Your name? Is that okay with you?" Midnight asked with a confused look on her face.

"Come on Todoroki, at least try to pick a better name then that." Izuku called from his seat as he gave a small chuckle. "How will it sound when I tell people I lost to a guy who calls himself Shoto?"

That made Todoroki sigh as he looked to Izuku. "Then do you have a suggestion?"

The archer looked up in thought before pointing to Todoroki. "The Duel-Quirk Hero: IcyHot!"

"Oh, so cool and spicy, I like it!" Midnight said while gushing.

Todoroki sighed as he wrote the name on the board. "Very well, IcyHot it is." He said before moving back to his seat.

"Deja vu..." Eraserhead muttered as he went back to sleep.

Tokoyami moved up next.

"The Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi!"

"The god of the night! How fitting!"

Mineta rushed right up hand held his board as high as he could.

"The Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice!"

"Pop and kitschy!"

Kouda silently made his way up without a word.

"Petting Hero: Anima."

"Okay, got it!" Midnight said to the shy teen.

Bakugo stomped up to the front with a glare in his eye.

"King Explosion Murder."

Everyone in the class face palmed at that.

"Your better off retiring that one." Midnight said while shaking her head.

"Why not!?" Bakugo yelled, upset at not being able to use his name.

"Seriously Bakugo," Izuku chuckled with disbelief. "You came up with a better name with Deku at the age of five. Yet that's the best you can come up with now?"

"Can it Deku!" Bakugo yelled at Izuku, who was unfazed.

"You should be 'Exploding Boy'!" Kirishima offered with a laugh, making everyone laugh.

"Shut up, weird hair!" Bakugo growled before stomping back to his desk.

"Okay, my turn..." Ochako muttered before she left her seat.

"Uraraka + Gravity= The Infinity Heroin: Uravity."

"Sounds so stylish and classy!" Midnight said in a pleased tone, making Ochako sigh in relief. "Choosing Hero names is going more smoothly than I thought it would!" The teacher said as he looked over the class. "All that's left is Bakugo, who needs to rethink his name, Iida, and Midoriya."

Bakugo was still grumbling about not being able to pick his first idea name, which he thought was super cool.

Izuku was still stumped about what kind of name would work for him.

And Iida was staring down his board intently with a neutral look on his face. The speedster what his brother said to him in the hospital, the memory alone was making Iida's hand shake. Finally the speedster wrote something swiftly before making his way up to the class.


"You're using your first name, too?" Midnight said with a confused look along with the rest of the class.

Izuku saw the look on Iida's face, it was a hard look filled with a tone of emotions, none of them positive. The archer wanted to say something, but felt now was not the right time. So Izuku got back to his board and started to think. He was finding his own path, doing something that has never been done before, he was a wondering young warrior in a world of heroes.

Suddenly Izuku was hit with the perfect name to describe himself, and he wrote down the name.

"Midoriya, will you please come up next." Midnight called out to the archer.

Izuku nodded and started to make his way up.

"It was tricky to come up with a name that would fit me since I'm Quirkless, and my dreams aren't exactly easy." Izuku said before he smiled to the class and showed everyone the board. "But I think this name will suit me just fine.

"The Quirkless Hero: Ronin."

That made the class blink a bit as Midnight raised an eyebrow at the name. "If I remember right, a Ronin is a Samurai with no master. Why chose such a name?" Midnight asked what most of the class was thinking.

"Well for one, I have skills that resemble a samurai such as swords, martial arts, strategy, and especially archery." Izuku listed off his main skills before a grin crossed his face. "And two, the word Ronin also means 'Wave Man', which is an idiomatic expression for 'Wandering Man', someone who finds the way without belonging to one place." Izuku then shrug. "I'm going to be the first Quirkless hero ever, I'm wandering into uncharted territory to find my path. This name seems to fit."

Everyone grinned and smiled at the name, except for Bakugo who just glared at Izuku before going back to his own name.

"Bold, and not afraid to express how you'll be the first." Midnight said before pointing at Izuku. "I approve!" She said making Izuku smile.

"Thanks!" Izuku said as he was making his way to his desk before stopping. "Oh, one more thing." Izuku said as he pulled out his notebook and opened it to a blank page. "Can I get your autograph Ms. Midnight?"

"Oh~" Midnight said slowly with a grin as she took the book and wrote her name in it. "There you go, young hero~" She said in a flirty tone, making Izuku go red.

As the archer took hit notebook and made his way back to his desk, he noticed Midnight had wrote a note in the book.

"We should work together when you turn 18, I'm sure I show you how you can be my hero." Somehow Midnight was able to write the sexy tone in the words.

Whipping his head up Izuku saw the playful grin Midnight was sending up, making the teen archer shiver a bit. This didn't go unnoticed by most of the boys who were now giving Izuku dirty looks.

"Lucky bastard..." Was the collective response of the guys in the class.

Bakugo ran up to the front and slammed his board down.

"Lord Explosion Murder!" Bakugo yelled out with an angry look.

Midnight sighed as she looked to Bakugo. "That's not going to fly earthier."

"Damn it!" Bakugo yelled as he went back to his seat.

This went on for a while, Bakugo coming up with names that were unfit for any Pro-Hero as he kept using words like Kill, Murder, and other no-no words. Even as the class tried to give the dirty blond name ideas the blond would just yell at them and turn them down, saying only he himself would come up with a name for himself. It got to the point that too much time had passed and class was coming to an end. That meant Bakugo was the only one beside Iida that didn't chose a hero name for himself.

"Now that everyone's decided on their hero names." Eraserhead said, making Bakugo grumble in his seat. "We'll go back to talking about the internships." He said as he looked down at a piece of paper. "They will last for two weeks. As for where you'll have them, you'll be given a list of names from the pros who requested you, so you can chose for yourself." The teacher said as he pulled up another paper. "However, you'll also be given the option to work among forty agencies around the country that will be accepting our interns, incase none of the names on your list appeal to you. They all work in different places and have different specialties."

"For example," Midnight said, grabbing the class's attention. "No. 13 would be focused on rescues from accidents and disasters more then fighting villains. While someone like me and Eraserhead would be better for taking on villains rather then rescue efforts." She said, making the class nod slowly.

"Think carefully before you choose." Eraserhead said before going back into his sleeping bag.

"Yes sir!" Everyone said as Midnight handed everyone their lists as the bell rung.

Everyone quickly started to go over their lists, trying to find the best hero they wanted to work with.

"I want to fight crime in urban areas!" Kirishima said with an excited look as he scanned his list.

"I hope I can intern at a place with floods." Tsuyu said as she knew she worked best in water areas. "I wonder if there are any?"

Izuku gave a weak laugh as he had a huge stack of papers dropped on his desk, making the archer rub his head. "Maybe being popular isn't always a good thing." He said before looking to the first and second. "Well, at least I'm not them." Todoroki and Bakugo had mush larger stacks then the archer, so much so their desks were practically covered in papers.

"Turn in your choices before the end of the weekend." Eraserhead said before making his way out.

"We've only got two days!?" Kaminari shouted in disbelief as the rest of the class turned to their teacher in shock.

"Make your decision effectively." He said before truing to the class. "You have the rest of class to make your decision. Dismissed." He said before closing the door.

Everyone groaned as they started looking over their lists, trying to find the perfect agency and hero to work under.

As Todoroki looked over his paper his eyes widen at one of the top names on his list.

Endeavor Hero Agency.

Once the class came to an end it wasn't long before it was time for lunch.

Most of the class used this time to think about who they'll be interning with.

"Hey guys, have you decided what Pro-Agency you're going to yet?" Mina said as she looked at her own lists.

"I'm going to Mt. Lady!" Mineta said as with a big grin on his face.

"And their we have a perfect example of what not to do when choosing an internship." Izuku sighed with a dry laugh.

"What's wrong with Mt. Lady?" Mineta said while glaring up at Izuku. "She's already super popular, I heard she's already in the top 20!"

"Sure, and her quirk is super powerful, but very situational as she can't use it safely outside, you can't learn anything useful from her." Izuku said while crossing his arms. "For one, your quirks are too different. Yours is a trap base quirk while she has combat quirk. Another thing is that she is too knew at becoming a hero, that she doesn't have a whole lot of experience compared to other heroes."

"Mineta, you're using this internship for something perverted, aren't you?" Tsuyu asked in a knowing tone as she walked by.

"No I'm not!" Mineta tried to defend, yet everyone gave him a knowing look. "I'm not!"

Izuku sighed as he looked to Mineta. "Fine, have it your way, but I think you should look over your options more."

"What about you Izuku, have you got any idea of where you'll go?" Ochako asked while glancing at the large stack of papers on top of his desk.

Izuku sighed while rubbing his face. "I still need to go over the list, but I have a few good option I'm considering." Izuku said as he looked to everyone else. "What about you, got any ideas?"

"Actually, I've already decided!" Ochako said, surprising everyone.

"Really?" Mina asked in a curious tone.

"Where?" Ojiro asked, also wanting to know.

"The Battle Hero: Gunhead's Agency."

That made everyone look even more surprised.

"Your going to a battle base hero like Gunhead?" Izuku asked in confusion. "I thought you were going to be a Rescue Specialist like 13?"

"Ultimately, yes." Ochako nodded to everyone. "But after fighting Bakugo at the sports festival made me think-" She said before punching the air. "The stronger I get, the more possibilities I'll have. If I only do what I want, I'll have a narrower perspective!"

Izuku smiled and nodded his head. "That's perfect Ochako, working under different heroes to widen your skills is always useful." He said, making Ochako smile brightly.

"Yo, green?" Izuku turned to see Jiro and Momo walk up to him.

"What's up Jiro?" Izuku asked to the girl.

Jiro held up a piece of paper to Izuku, making him blink. "You mind if I get your opinion on my internship."

"Me too?" Momo asked with a shy look, also holding up her paper.

"Sure, but why me?" Izuku asked with a confused look.

Jiro snorted as she looked to Izuku. "Seriously, your like a walking-talking fact books on practically every hero out their, asking you will make my life easier."

Izuku paused at Jrio's words before sighing as she took the girls paper. "Fine, fine, since I'm the Class President I'll help you out."

"And me?" Momo asked with a smile.

"Me to!" Mina said as she held up her paper.

"I would also like some help Midoriya." Orjio asked with a small laugh.

"One at a time, one at a time," Izuku said with a smile as he looked down at Jrio's paper. "Death-Arms?"

Jiro nodded to the archer. "Yeah, he specializes in Infiltration Operations and Hostage situations. I figure I could learn a lot since I can locate people with my jacks."

Izuku nodded as he handed Jiro her paper back. "I think it's a good idea, while you might have completely different quirks, you're aiming for the same specialist he is in, that alone makes him a good option." Death-Arms had yelled at Izuku for acting rashly during the Slime Villain incident a year ago, but the archer held no ill feelings towards the hero and still felt Death-Arms was a good hero.

"Cool." Jiro said in a pleased tone as she took the paper.

"Honestly I don't mind helping everyone chose, but in the end it's up to you about who you think is best suited to teach you and what you can learn from." Izuku said with a shrug. "Remember, the rank of the hero isn't everything."

"Shut up Deku..." Bakugo growled in a low tone, grabbing everyone's attention. "The rank show's just how strong and better the hero is, since only the top rank are the strongest heroes." Bakugo said as he got up from his seat.

Izuku stood his ground and gave the blond a calm look. "While I do agree that the top 10 are some of the strongest heroes, that doesn't mean lower ranked ones aren't just as strong or stronger. Look at our teacher, Eraserhead." He said before glancing at Bakugo's pile. "I'm assuming your choosing the highest ranked hero on your list."

A smug looked crossed Bakugo's face as he held up his paper. "Best-Jeanist." He said, shocking a lot of people.

The Fiber Hero: Best-Jeanist was the Number 4 ranked hero in all of Japan. He was a powerful and versatile hero with the ability to manipulate threat, meaning practically any clothing.

"Dang, that's what first place get's you." Mina said with a pout before looking over to Todoroki. "Hey Todoroki, who are you interning with?"

"My father." The teen said in a even tone.

The only one to look shocked was Izuku, who was not expecting the Duel Quirk user to go with his father willingly. While everyone else nodded, expecting that.

Seeing the look on Izuku's face Todoroki elaborated. "I need more control over my fire half, and my father is the best when it comes to controlling his fire." He said before sending Izuku a small smile. "If I'm going to be a hero one day I'll need to learn how to control my fire half."

Izuku returned the grin and gave Todoroki a thumbs up. "Damn straight."

Bakugo clicked his teeth angrily before stopping him way out of the classroom, pushing some people aside.

"Well aren't you a ray of sunshine."

Hearing the familiar voice Izuku turned to see some familiar faces.

"Kendo, Shinso, good to see you." Izuku called out to his friends.

"Hey Izuku, just thought we could stop by before going to lunch." Kendo said as she glanced at Izuku's desk, her eyes widening at the large stack of papers. "Though I think you'll have to skip with the amount you have, damn."

That made Izuku give a weak laugh. "Yeah, it's going to be a proses." He said before looking to Shinso. "So, how are things with you?"

Shinso gave Izuku a grin. "Do to my performance with during the Sports Festival I was aloud to do an internship with a hero."

"That's great, congratulation!" Ochako cheered along with everyone else, making Shinso smile. The Purple hair teen met Tokoyami's eyes and they gave each other a respectful nod.

Izuku nodded as he looked to Kendo. "So, have you decided on who you'll be interning with?"

Kendo nodded while folding her arms. "While I did get a good number, none were any I'm really familiar with. So I went with the safe approach and chose the highest ranking hero on my list for my first choice, Uwabami."

"You too," Momo said in an excited tone. "I was also considering Uwabami!"

"Really, look's like we'll be working together." Kendo said with a grin as she looked to Izuku. "Anyway, that's what I plan-What's wrong with your face!"

Everyone turned to see Izuku had a face that was the definition of distain. The archer quickly covered his face with his hands, trying to get his face muscles under control."

"N-nothing!" Izuku said as he looked to everyone with a shaky smile, only to see everyone giving him a deadpan look. "A-Alright, it is something." Izuku sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "I don't want to make a hero sound bad or anything, but... Uwabami would be a bad internship for both of you." He said, surprising the girls.

"R-Really?" Momo said, looking disappointed. "But she's the highest ranking hero on my list, I must be able to learn something from her."

"Yeah, so why would she be a bad chose for us?" Kendo asked while tilting her head.

Izuku looked conflicted as he looked to the girls. "I... I don't want to sound negative but..." Izuku struggled to say as he tapped his foot on the ground.

"Spit it out green," Jiro said, rolling her eyes at Izuku. "No one is going to yell at you for giving your opinion."

Izuku sighed and looked to the girls. "Okay, the reason Uwabami is so popular and has a high ranking isn't because he's a good hero." Izuku said, surprising everyone. "It's because she's a celebrity."

Now everyone looked confused at the Archer. "But aren't top heroes already celebrities?" Ochako asked with a confused look.

"True, but Uwabami is a celerity that happens to be a hero." Izuku said before looking to Momo and Kendo. "Let me break it down for you. Uwabami quirk is Serpentress, a mutation quirk that gives her three snakes on her head. As far as I know, her quirk only allows her heighten senses to find people."

"Okay, so she doesn't have a Combat Quirk, that's not so bad." Kendo said with a shrug.

Izuku quickly raised his hand at the ginger girl. "Kendo, please, I of all people know that a quirk doesn't make a hero." He said making the girl pause. "Her quirk isn't the problem, she actually uses it pretty well during rescue mission. The problem is Uwabami is more focused on being a celebrity then being a hero." He said, getting a really surprised look now. "If you look at her ratings, she get's more likes from her fans, fans who like her photo-shoots, modeling, acting, and products. Results wise, Uwabami has low results when it comes to fighting villains, preferring to stay in the background and escort people away. During Rescue Missions she uses her quirk to find people hidden under ruble and such, and that is very useful for making sure everyone is found, but she doesn't really help with getting the person out most of the time, she just finds the people. If I had say combat wise, both of you girls could easily beat her with no trouble, hell even Mineta could take her down without any trouble."


"It's a complement."

"Oh... Nice!"

Izuku looked to Momo and Kendo, who were giving the Archer their full attention. "Basically, what I'm saying is right now both of you are stronger then Uwabami and I don't really think you will learn much from working under someone like her. Other then how to get a fan base."

Both girls pondered Izuku's words before slumping down with a sigh. "Damn it, and I was really looking forward to the internship."

"Sorry." Izuku said with a wince.

Kendo quickly shook her hand. "It's not your fault, you were just telling use the truth."

"And we are thankful for that." Momo said as a disappointed look crossed her face. "Now I don't know who I'll be interning with."

"Well I'm more then willing to help you find the perfect hero for you." Izuku offered, getting a smile from the girls.

"Speaking of internships," Shinso said while looking over Izuku's pile of papers. "Have anyone in-mind?"

"Yeah," Mina asked while grabbing one of Izuku's papers and reading the names. "I'm interested in who a Quirkless hero would do an internship under.

"Well, I've narrowed down the list, but I am strongly considering one hero." Izuku said as he grabbed a paper.

"Really, who?" Ochako asked while looking over Izuku's shoulder.

Izuku grinned as he showed everyone the paper.

The Number 5 hero, The Ninja Hero: Edgeshot!

21N: Another long chapter filled with that good-good writing juice! Let's make things short and cut to the big stuff.

1: Edgeshot: I know most people saw this coming, and we all know why. The reason I chose Edgeshot to be Izuku's mentor is because for one Edgeshot might have some actual skills Izuku could learn in his time their. I was thinking about putting Izuku under a different hero from DC or Marvel, but I thought against it since I have different plans.

2: Let me rant: I find it a bit annoying that no heroes even considered taking not only Izuku under their wing, but also Mina and a lot of the other UA students. I mean sure not all of them got to shine out during the tournament, but what about the first two events. The students of Class 1-B must have it harder considering only two made it into the tournament. So I decided to change things up and give people numbers I think they deserve. Hell, Sero Kaminari got more invites then Izuku and those two lost in the first few seconds of their match.

3: The Quirkless Hero: Ronin: Something else people saw coming. I know a lot of people wanted Izuku to be Green Arrow, and I was considering it, but I turned it down. I feel that Ronin would fit Izuku's character better, as he explained it in my story.

4: The Tie between Bakugo and Todoroki: I was stumped on this was for a while before I decided to go with a tie. The reason was because I didn't want Bakugo or Todoroki to win this fight, and with the tie neither one won. It's perfect in it's own way as it show's that both Todoroki and Bakugo are strong, but have much room to grow as they are nowhere near the top in any way.

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