I got the beginning (the first set of Chloe then Derek POV) from another fanfiction years ago, but I don't remember where and for that I am sorry. I do not own the characters of the Darkest Powers Trilogy or any of the other works within the same universe.

Chloe POV:

God it's so hot! Why is it so hot when I cranked up the AC last night!? Damn it feels like I'm on fire! I could faintly hear people whispering around me before grumbling at them to shut up as a deafening headache struck through my head like lightening at every sound. Every tiny thing was louder than normal, even with my newly changed body from the werewolf gene. A mixture of their scents in my nose made me want to hurl as one person touched me, making me choke on bile and rush to the bathroom so not to hurl on the floor.

"Kit! Explain! How is this possible? She's a werewolf now?" Aunt Lauren cried out making me flinch back from their voices and curl into a ball beside the toilet hoping the heat would die down somewhat.

"I... I don't know. She's only half wolf and half necromancer, so I guess it's possible it's the flu. I mean... Nausea, fever, headache, and pale skin all times thirty from her new werewolf senses and it makes sense." He explained, dropping his voice when I whimpered in pain from the loud noises.

"Has Derek ever-" Aunt Lauren wondered in a whisper but was cut off by Derek himself.

"No. I can't get sick." He announced slipping past them by the footsteps getting increasingly louder until they were behind me. I felt the headache skyrocket as he got close, just out of reach but close enough I could smell him. Beneath layers of deodorant and body wash was Derek. A woodsy smell mixed with what I recognized as the smell of paper and ink making up his natural smell.

"H-Help me." I sniffled, feeling my head throb as their words reached my ears.

"Easy... Just relax, I'm right here." He soothed, making the heat die down slightly as his words hummed through me like a wash of cool water.

"I need... cold." I shook, looking to the bath wanting some cool water.

"I know. I'll make you an ice bath. What else?" He asked, turning on only the cold tap of the bath and plugging the drain so it filled slowly.

"Make it stop... Make them stop." I sobbed, covering my ears in pain as I caught their words through the rush of water and Derek's breathing in the bathroom.

"I will... I know it hurts but you need to wait until they are all gone and I'll help you." He told me cryptically before lifting me from my place beside the toilet, making the heat reduce at his touch to a small simmer in my bones.

"Stay with me, please?" I begged gripping his arm scared the fire would come back if he let go of me. He seemed to understand and rubbed circles over my forehead as I lied in the freezing water until my body began to cool from the outside in. My clothes were soaked and heavy, my hair flattened with sweat, and I was shaking nonstop as he tried to coo calming words into my ear promising that when they were gone that he'd fix this. Apologizing like it was his fault, and otherwise simply talking to drown out the voices of the arguing adults in the other room sometimes punctuated by a shrill complaint from Tori or the huff of Simon in return.

"I have to go for one minute but I promise I'll be right back, sweetheart. I'm so sorry, but you need something to drink and I'll tell them to be quiet." He promised, holding my hand as far as possible until his grip released me and the fire began to build back in my veins only lessened slightly from the freezing water that kept it mildly at bay.