Derek POV

"Dad, Lauren. I know you think being in another room is helping but it isn't. She can hear every word you say and needs quiet, or she'll just feel worse. What's happening to Chloe is the equivalent of being human and getting Meningitis. She'll be better in a few days but you two are making her worse. Go to work, go to school, and I'll take care of her." I ordered, not caring that I got several looks of hatred from Lauren as she went to pass me and I blocked her from getting to the only bathroom with a working bathtub.

"No, you leave. I can take care of my niece better than you." She tried, pushing past me and going into the bathroom only to speak a few words and touch Chloe once trying to be helpful only to make her throw up yet again at her touch.

I know this isn't being sick, it's something more. It's an ailment that I'd gone through a few times in my life and hid well enough from everyone who isn't a wolf in the area. She's in heat and I need to get everyone out of the house before I explain what that means to her and the options on dealing with it.

"GET OUT!" Chloe screamed and growled making Lauren jump and run out wide-eyed.

"F-Fine... You call me if anything happens to her. DO you understand? If she gets too sick we can take her to the hospital." She announced without giving it any thought. It wasn't an option, and we all knew it.

"Fine, but you need to leave now before you make her worse!" I growled unable to stop myself. I was the only person wolf or human who could make this end and I would not let our first time be when they were here to hear the entire thing. Chloe was sobbing in pain as I got back with a bottle of water and some towels on my arm. Her scent was calling to me, and I know she was still confused and in pain, so I went as quickly as possible to slam the door behind me and get back to her side. Without a word I took off my shirt and wrapped an arm around her waist to help her out of the water and onto the side of the tub shaking and burning up. "Drink, please." I cooed pressing the water to her lips and sighing thankfully when she didn't fight the liquid and swallowed it. "What's happening to me?" Chloe choked, looking up through her somewhat drying blonde hair scared more now than I'd ever seen her prior. "You- You're in heat. Since I bit you and you finished the change... You're experiencing the female version of what I go through. Mine is called a rut." I explained carefully, making her eyes tear up and her fists clench as I let go of her for a moment to wrap a towel around her shoulders. "What is in heat? Like a dog?" She wondered, gripping my arm with her right hand, so I couldn't step away again unless I moved her hand. "Sort of, but some different side effects. See... You already know it goes away when you touch me or visa versa, but... usually it lasts for up to a week, unless you mate and it can go away within two days usually. It's your choice." I added, straining not to kiss her senselessly at the thick smell that emanated from her body and clung to me. "D-Derek? Please make it go away. Mate me, anything it hurts." She sniffled, shaking as she began to cry at the obvious pain she was in.

3rd POV

So, slowly he started to kiss her. Making his way from her mouth to her throat and to her clavicle. She moaned in pleasure, and he felt himself harden almost as a reflex to the sounds that came out of her mouth. He slowly lifted her out of the bathtub and laid her on the floor. He removed her sopping clothes and started to trail kisses down her body. "Derek. Ungg" She moaned. Derek pressed open-mouthed kisses to her breasts and sucked on her nipples and the underside of her breasts where he knew it would leave a mark. He looked back up at her, her head thrown back in pleasure, her back arched and her legs bent and apart; inviting him in. He crawled back up to her face and kissed her, hard and fast all the while grinding into her. He could smell her, and what he smelled was like nothing he had ever smelt before. The smell of her arousal coupled with her moans of his name and the unconscious thrusting of her hips brought him to the edge. He sat up, she whimpered, and he said, "I'll only be a second, I have to go get a condom." At the word condom, Chloe focused on his face and snarled, "No! I don't care, I need you inside me now!" Her words brought forth the wolf inside of him, and he growled. She smiled and pulled him towards her. She traced the lines of his pectoral muscles, she traced all the way down to the waist line of his jeans, and then she clamped a hand around his jean-clad-iron-hard erection. He let out a strangled moan and thrust into her hand. She began to unbutton his jeans, but she wasn't going fast enough, so he took over, she pulled them off and then when he had pulled off his boxers. She lied down and bared herself to him.

The smell of her arousal hit him like a hurricane, musky and delicious, so delicious. He laid down and licked her. He licked up her and when he got to her breasts he bit down on the nipple until she moaned his name like with was the only word she knew. He put his hands on either side of her shoulders the positioned himself at her opening and licked her neck. "Play later!" She snarled. He chuckled and thrust deep inside of her. She gasped and clenched around him, screaming his name. He thrust again and again until he knew she was right on the edge - with him. Then he pulled out and gripped her breast with one hand while he repositioned his other hand to hold his weight. He leaned down, and he bit down on junction of her neck. Right where her neck met her shoulder. As he bit, he squeezed her breast and thrust in deeply. He felt her clench around him, and he felt her whole body tense as her orgasm rushed through her. He continued to thrust - lighter, into her, riding out her orgasm. The sounds she made brought him ever closer to the edge. He got up on his knees and threw her legs over his shoulders and continued to thrust into her, she screamed in pleasure, he knew right then that he was hitting her in the right spot. He reached his hand down and began to rub circles around her clit and when he knew that once again she was on the edge, he thrust once more into her, and this time when she came, he didn't hold back. He loosed his load into her and thrust until he couldn't anymore.

He tenderly laid her down on his chest and traced patterns on her stomach. He slowly got up, and she moaned his name at the loss of contact. He got dressed and then gently picker her up and carried her to his room and laid her down on the bed. Then he went back to the bathroom collected her clothes and got a washcloth and wet it in cool water. He entered his room and went straight to her dumping her clothes on the ground. As soon as he was there he touched her arm and didn't let go. He cleaned her up, and then laid down behind her, wrapping his arms around her and his blanket around them.

They laid like that until they fell asleep with Chloe in Derek's arms.