Derek POV

We woke up to Lauren yelling at the top of her lungs, "Derek! Derek! Kit get your mangy mutt of a son out my bed with my niece! Kit! Derek get out! Before I... Before I cut off your penis!" Chloe immediately covered her ears and buried into me further. Thankfully we were covered in a blanket, so Lauren hadn't seen us naked together yet. As she snuggled closer to me I realized her mistake. Lauren noticed her burrowing closer to me and marched over and snatched the blanket away. She froze when she saw that her niece and I were both naked. Dad chose that exact moment to come to see what Lauren was screaming about. He also stopped cold. Chloe froze in embarrassment, her face coloring and moved closer to me still. Lauren unfroze and grabbed her arm, so that she could pull her away, but I growled. I pulled the blanket up around us and then climbed over Chloe so that I was blocking her from view. I took on a menacing stance and stared Lauren down. She moved closer and I growled a warning. Chloe put a hand on my shoulder.

"Derek, don't," but I couldn't control my rage. My mate was in danger, that much I realized, and I knew that if Lauren and my father stayed in the room any longer, I would jump out of bed and attack them. Naked or not. Chloe knew this too. "Aunt Lauren, Kit, you need to leave the room. Or, if you would prefer, Derek can attack you." She said. Not without difficulty. She is obviously still in a lot of pain and the smells of her aunt and my dad were not probably not helping the nausea.

"Like hell! Chloe get out of bed this instant!" Lauren said.

"Let me explain something to you Aunt Lauren. You are a doctor so you know that women - Kit you may not want to be here for this conversation, women ovulate. Their bodies get ready to have a child. Well, werewolves go through the same thing, only instead of cramps. Werewolf females get a burning sensation throughout their whole bodies. The smell, sound and touch of anything but their mates is revolting to them, and can cause vomiting. Which explains, why this morning when you tried to help me this morning and touched my shoulder, why I puked. But when Derek lifted me up and carried me to the bathtub, I relaxed. They also get a high, very high sex drive. Derek is my mate, and he will attack you if you stay in this room any longer. He believes that I am in danger, and his protective instincts are going haywire. Considering we just had sex for the first time." Lauren stiffened at that. I could see her start to realize that Chloe wasn't her little girl anymore. Dad walked forward and took Lauren by the shoulders and pulled her out of the room. Closing the door behind them.

As soon as Dad had come forward and pulled Lauren out of the room Chloe had begun tracing shapes onto my back. I groaned and turned around. When I did, I smelt Chloe's arousal once more. I bent down and licked from her lower stomach to her neck stopping to bite each breast, and the underside of her jaw I suck and sucked, until I was satisfied that there would be a spot there tomorrow. Chloe, groaning the whole time gasped, "Please," I got up on my knees, threw her legs over my shoulders and thrust into her. Chloe was screaming in pleasure, and moaning, and shuddering, and clenching around me. As I thrust I began to feel the build up. I thrust once more, fast, deep, and hard, and she came. Shuddering around me. Shuddering and gasping. Moaning my name, saying it over and over again. I continued to thrust because I had not yet found my release. As I thrust she reached her hand down and started to play with her clit.

I looked down, mesmerized by my mate playing with her self. I watched her clit swell and get wetter and wetter. Then she began to clench once more. She clenched around me, bringing me to the edge. Then using her other hand, she began to pump my dick, she pumped what she could reach. This brought me closer and closer. I removed her hand from her clit and bent my head at an almost painful angle and bit her clit. Her hand immediately stopped pumping my dick, her back arched, and she screamed my name - not caring in the slightest that my dad was down there with her aunt and most likely Simon and Tori. Chloe's arched back, tensed thighs over my shoulders and bared neck was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. The moan she let out as she orgasmed brought me to mine. I orgasmed and as I felt her clench around me, I let go. I could feel the hot cum, shoot out of me and into her cunt. She whimpered. "Derek, faster," So at her request I continued to thrust. Getting hard once more. "Faster," I picked up speed. I was fucking my mate into my bed, and she was loving it. Moaning my name, mewling and whimpering and gasping. I fucked her like a slut. A dirty little slut, my slut. My cock slamming in and out of her, furiously, her juicing dripping everywhere. I removed one on my hands that had clenched on her hips and brought it up to her breast and began to work her breast. Chloe snarled. Her face morphed and she grew fangs, and claws. Her claws shredded the sheets and bed. I changed in response. I grew fangs and my eyes went wild. Her back arched once more, and she clenched around me, and we both came at the same time. Shuddering around each other, moaning each others names. I began to pull out of her, but she growled. "Don't," so I carefully lied down on my back and pulled her with me.

Still, inside her, I watched as she began to bounce once more. This time she didn't start out slowly, she was bouncing hard and fast. Her peaked nipples jerking in time with her bounces. Her ass hitting my balls. The sounds of her moans filled the room. Harmonizing with the sounds of our sweaty bodies slapping against each other. As she bounced I thrust in time. I gripped her hips and thrust hard and deep in time with her bounces. Her eyes widened at the depth, and she came right there, I followed one second behind. She just collapsed right on top of me, unable to continue, and to be honest, I couldn't either.