Chloe POV

We woke up the next morning still wrapped around each other. I wasn't in too much pain, but there was still a bit. But, I could ignore it, so I climbed out of bed and began picking up my clothes, so that I could get dressed. Suddenly I felt warm hands circle my bare waist and hot breath against my ear. "Morning beautiful. Watching you bend over to pick up your clothes has been the highlight of my morning so far. But I expect it will get better after I ask you to shower with me." I turned around and wrapped my arms around Derek's neck, kissing him. He broke away, "Will you? Shower with me?" In response, I deepened the kiss and wrapped my legs around his waist, he gripped my thighs, and we creeped out of his room and into the bathroom.

When we got to the bathroom, I was already close, Derek had been sucking on my throat on the way. It seemed that every touch no matter how little, felt like he was stroking my clit. He set me down on the toilet, while he busied around the bathroom, getting the shower temperature right. While he was doing that, I couldn't wait. I reached down past the coarse curls, and stroked my self. I moaned and Derek turned, "What did I tell you? A female wolf can't orgasm without a males help when she is in heat." He came forward, to help, but I held my hand up. Not wanting to orgasm myself, but to build up the pleasure so that when I do orgasm, it will be amazing and long-lasting. So, I continued to stroke myself. I closed my eyes and thought of Derek.

I thought of him squeezing my breasts as I bounced on his dick. I thought of him gripping my stomach as he thrust into me. I thought of him gripping my thighs as he sucked on my throat, walking to the bathroom from his room. As I bounced on his cock I felt his eyes on me. Then suddenly I felt his hot hands on my breasts, squeezing and pinching my swollen, peaked nipples. He moved his hands from my breasts to my bare ass and gripped hard. Pushing me up as I pushed myself up and pulling me down again. He began to thrust in time with my bouncing.

I opened my eyes and found myself looking at a naked Derek who was sitting on the floor, pumping his dick. His eyes, hazy as he watched me stroke myself. My masturbation making him hard. My core heated up with that thought, making me wetter. I closed my eyes once more.

Derek's thumbs pressed into my stomach as he thrust into me. He fucked me into the bed like the dirty little slut I was. And I was loving it. He reached up with one hand and started playing with my breast. He watched mesmerized as I reached down and started stroking myself in time with his thrusts. Then when I started to clench around him, I reached my other hand down and began to pump his dick. He took the hand that had been playing with my breast and removed my hand from my clit. He put it back on my hip, his thumb once again pressing into my stomach. He bent down then, and bit my clit. I screamed his name and threw my head back in pleasure. It occurred to me that I should be quiet because Aunt Lauren, Kit and most likely Simon and Tori were downstairs, but I didn't care in the slightest. Derek orgasmed as soon as I clenched around him. I could feel the hot ropes of cum shoot into me. He gripped my hips harder, he thumbs pressing deeper into my stomach. "Faster," I whispered.

I was pulled out of my memory by a groan. I opened my eyes to see Derek slumped over himself, still pumping his dick, albeit slower. Moaning my name over and over again. White cum dripped off his thighs and chest. I decided that it was enough and I stopped stroking my swollen, wet clit and walked over to Derek. When I got to him, I grabbed his hair, pushed his head back and then pushed his nose to my center. As he breathed in, I watched his cock go from limp to hard once again. Then quicker than I could see he stood up and lifted me. Carrying me to the shower, where he lifted me up and pressed me against the wall of the shower. He thrust into me.

He couldn't hit my sweet spot at this angle, so I just stroked myself and clenched around him until he came. He began to thrust uncontrollably as the cum shot into me. He began shuddering around me, and he continued to thrust as he road out his orgasm. I began to writhe in pleasure. His shuddering was creating vibrations, that were making my breasts peak. He looked up at me, with hooded eyes, hazy and clouded in pleasure. He put his hands on my waist, and stepped away.

He laid me down on the floor of the shower. Spreading my legs apart and bending my knees. He bent down and licked me. I swear I saw stars. He licked from the base of my dripping cunt to the hood of my swollen clit. He swirled his tongue around my clit and then nipped at it. He then removed his tongue and replaced it with his fingers. He slipped one, into my cunt and then another and then another. He began to thrust, hitting my sweet spot every time. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue. He licked the inside of my cunt, and looked up at me. His face dripping with my juices. His eyes smoldered and burned into me. Heat shivered down my spine. I got wetter. His nostrils flared as he smelt my arousal. He bent his head down once more and began licking in earnest. He reached up and began playing with my breast. Pinching the nipples until the were peaked, and rolling them between his forefinger and thumb. Squeezing the breast as he worked. He licked from the base of my soaking wet cunt to the hood of my swollen clit, and then he bit my clit. As he bit, he pinched my nipple and squeezed my breast. My orgasm rushed through me. I screamed his name. And then moaned it over and over again. Clenching and unclenching around his fingers that he had slipped into me at the last second before I came. He thrust his fingers in and out, all the while licking me, riding out my orgasm. Unlike other orgasms that lasted for a couple of seconds, this once lasted for a whole minute. I shuddered and clenched and whimpered his name, until I road the last waves of pleasure out.

We showered then for real. When we got out, we went our separate ways. In order to get ready for school. After we dressed we walked down to breakfast together, and made a plan, if I needed to be, relieved. It would be during lunch, in a bathroom that no one used on the third floor of our high school. (It was frequented by seniors during their lunch break. Frequented by seniors who needed to be relieved. Who needed to orgasm. Whether it be with someone else or just alone. It was open to any grade, but seniors mainly used it. It was considered polite to listen closely to see if you could hear anything before entering. If you couldn't, you went in, and if you heard more than once voice then, you left. But if you heard only one you continued. If you were with someone and someone was already in the bathroom. You went into a stall to have sex. If you were with someone and nobody was in the bathroom, you just started against the wall or sink. And if you were alone you went into a stall. There was a stash of condoms, in the tampon dispenser.) I didn't think that I would need to be relieved considering I couldn't feel the burn, but Derek wanted to be sure. So I told him that if I did need to be relieved, I would gasp in realization, where ever we were. If we were in class I would gasp, if we were at lunch, just, so he knew that I needed to be relieved. Anywhere anytime. If I gasped after lunch. We only had one more class, so I would wait it out, and then we would have it out in the locker room after his football practice when I would definitely be horny.

Sweaty Derek. I licked my lips at the thought. I would definitely be horny and wet for him when I saw him after practice, and during practice, I might just have to pull him off the field and have him in the middle of practice.