Ste and Harry/ Leah and Lucus were up eating in their Pjs

Leah: I'm so board, can we do something today

Harry: Yes we can, Daddy has something Planned for Both of you

Ste: Yes, well my friend Dad works in the new Thing in the MEesum


Lucus: Yh Boring

Harry: Excuse me, it is really cool, its to do with the time travel vortex

Leah: OMG you mean the Vortex of the Century

Lucus: What the hell are you talking about

Leah: We've been learning about it in school , its basically this new thing the DR Bob created, we Saw it on Newsround

Ste: Wow amazing you know so much about it, but im just really shocked that you know what newsround it

Leah: well i do what it is, it's where i will be in the next month or so when im famous.

Ste: Right enough, everyone go get dressed

Couple of Mins later

Right is Everyone Dressed

Harry: Where's my shoes?

Ste: Check underneath the couch

Harry: Where's my socks?

Ste: Seriously,your wearing them

Harry: I'm on Jk

Ste: Lets see if your Jk if we have no Sex tonight

They then begin so snog on the Sofa

Ste: Alright a quick one then

They then start to snog again

Ste starts to unbukle And remove harry's belt and slowly pulls down his jeans until Lucas comes down saying I'm ready

Ste and harry both get up

And lucus notices that harry's fly is down but doesn't mention a thing

Leah then comes down and Lucas and her walk out of the door

Ste then bens down and sees harry looking for something

Ste: Babe what r u looking for

Harry: my belt

Ste: oh don't worry, forget it. Even if they start to come down it will be a nice view