With no where to go, Harry was drowning his sorrows with a drink of booze in his hands. He had no one to talk to James was out for the night partying, Ste doesn't want to see him and Zack of all places told Harry he was having a date night.

Anyway he kept on drinking and with his other hand was looking at his hookup app but no match was available for him. Liam suddenly came up to him and asked if he was alright.

Harry: Yh I'm fine

Liam: by your attitude I can see your not alright so spill

Harry: I cheated on my boyfriend

Liam: oh gosh Harry really

Harry: Well there's a lot of guys in the Village isn't there I mean it's just not Ste and Sylver that is .

Liam: Why don't we go back to the club and have a boys night

Harry: Yh fine lets go.

Liam and Harry are in the Loft partying all night

Until Harry broke down when he saw Ste snogging John Paul in the Conor. Harry couldn't bear it. Liam grabbed Harry's arm and dragged him into the office.

Liam: Look Ik that's it hard for you but you need to be strong yes you've got so many great qualities such as partying you need to have fun and leave this buisness behind for a while.

Harry: Yeah your right

Harry then kissed Liam

Liam then got Harry's chlothing and dragged him

Luckily he didn't do anything except for snogging him.

He began to rip open Harry's shirt and threw it onto the desk. Liam began to take of his shirt too and threw the floor.

Harry: Why the fuck do you wear a vest

Liam: Makes my mussels look bigger.