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A/N: In light of the recent tv spots and trailers, including the leaked IMAX trailer, surrounding Legendary's Godzilla: King of the Monsters. And having watched the movie myself recently, I decided to honor the epicness and apocalyptic nature of Godzilla's hated archnemesis, King Ghidorah the Three-Headed Golden Dragon in reminiscence of how he was depicted in the movie; awe-inducing, majestic, yet so terrifying and pure evil. Be warned. When this is fanfic series containing one-shots, not a lot of background for how he got there in the first place will be provided as it is the point of being a one-shot. Just know that wherever King Ghidorah awakens and arises from his slumber, all hell will literally break loose.

The Clone Wars - Battle of Malastare

It was one of the longest and fiercest battles of the Clone Wars and it took place on the planet Malastare, the high-gravity homeworld of the quadrupedal Dug race, on the Hydian Way. Hostilities commenced when an invasion of force of the Confederacy of Independent Systems assaulted the Mid Rim world, which had fuel reservoirs necessary for the Galactic Republic to maintain its offensive.

As of right now, a platoon of Clone Troopers led by a distinguished Clone Trooper with his distinctive blue markings on his armor rushed to nearby cover with the rest of the Galactic Republic army behind to hold the last remaining front line against the Separatist droid armies. Rex got out his binoculars and peered through them. All he could see was Separatist Battle Droids.

Lines and lines of them with the infantry comprised of mostly the fragile, yet numerous B1 Battle Droids at the front, the stockier, black B2 super battle droids, followed by LR-57 combat droids, crab droids, dwarf spider droids, Persuader-class enforcer droids, and Armored Assault Tanks. Up above them were the Vulture droids and Hyena-class bomber droids.

"That's a lot of clankers!" Rex said at the sheer size of their invading opposition. Large organized platoons of them were marching onto Doge Nakha Urus' palace where the Republic and native Dug forces occupied their final position.

Up on the balcony of the said palace, the Jedi generals: Anakin Skywalker, and Mace Windu, Doge Nakha Urus, the leader of the Dugs, Doctor Sionever Boll, a female Bivall scientist, and the holographic figure of Chancellor Palpatine, were watching the Separatist armies encroach onto their final stronghold. Doge Urus turned around to face the holographic Chancellor Palpatine and said to him with exasperation, articulating his frustration with his inverted feet,

"I won't allow my people to become Separatist slaves!"

"I assure you, Doge Urus, that won't happen," Palpatine said coolly and confidently in spite of the losing situation they seemed to be in, "Doctor Boll has stated that only droids will be affected by the bomb's electromagnetic field."

"Yes," Doctor Boll followed up with her explanation, "The Clones and your people will be safe. We've accounted for every probable outcome."

Mace Windu, however, was unsure and remained skeptical of how the battle would turn out, "It's the improbable that concerns me, Doctor. There must be other options."

"I'm afraid not." The holographic Chancellor shook his head in adamant disagreement, "This bomb is our only hope for victory now."

"The droids are on the move," Anakin pointed out to the battle now commencing.

A droid commander of the Separatist army riding in an AAT signaled the commencement of the attack in a robotic voice, "Go. Go."

As soon as that order was given, all of the droids started firing their laser blasters and artillery onto the Clone Troopers.

"We just need to hold them back until the bomb drops!" Rex mustered up whatever strength and courage he had within himself and his men to defend the line. He and the rest of the Clones shot back at the enemy.

The Vulture droids took off and began to rain terror upon the Republic's forces. One of the Clone captains in charge of the RX-200 Falchion-class Assault Tanks noticed this and wasn't having any of it as he shouted to the men piloting the tanks,

"Blast them!"

The tanks aimed their maser cannons at the incoming Vulture droids and fired off continuous streams of their blue masers onto them. Several of the lasers struck the aerial attack droids, short-circuiting them, causing the Vulture droids to plummet haphazardly onto the battlefield below. Some of them struck the RX-200 Falchion Assault Tanks and AT-TE's in a kamikaze attack.

Casualties were starting to pile up to unsustainable levels on the Republic side as the Clones were slowly being overwhelmed and even the bravery of the Dug Cavaliers and warriors couldn't overcome the sheer numbers advantage the Separatist Droid Army had over them.

Anakin decided enough was enough as he knew they needed to bring out the trump card to turn the tide of battle to their victory.

"Tell the bombers to take off." Anakin ordered, speaking into the trans-com on his wrist.

The BTL-B Y-wing bombers launched out from the hangers of the Doge Palace, accompanied by ARC starfighters and the V-19 Torrent Starfighters, as they flew into the skies above the battlefield.

As the bombers fly further into the heart of the droid army with their gunners firing all of their ammo to cover their partners' backs, one of the pilots stated,

"We're approaching the drop site, sir."

"Remember, you only got one shot at this!" Anakin reminded the pilot of the high stakes placed in this battle.

"Bombs away," the pilot pushed on the button and dropped the bomb into the heart of the droid army.

As the bomb careened towards the droids, one of the droids squeaked out, knowing too late what was about to befall upon them, "UH OH!"

Then the bomb detonated. The force of the explosion incinerating the center of the enemy forces while the shockwaves do the rest in scattering the droids into several pieces across the battlefield. The initial blast gave way to the unleashing of the electromagnetic pulse in the center, which then expanded outward, affecting all of the Confederate droids, shutting them down and destroying their circuitry. However, it expanded beyond to the Republic forces with the AT-TE's, the Falchion-Class Assault Tanks, and the Clone Troopers having their communication systems and electrical mechanisms fried up. The pulse was heading towards the Doge Palace.

"Here it comes!" Anakin and the others shielded themselves with their arms as the pulse engulfed them.

"I'm losing my transmission-!" the holographic figure of Chancellor Palpatine shorted out as well when the pulse affected the Palace's communication systems. The pulse dissipated.

Everyone uncovered their arms to witness what had been wrought about. Anakin saw his trans-comm on his arm sparking out.

The Clones saw all of the droids scattered and short-circuited all over the battlefield.

The native Dug warriors cheered in victory over their fallen enemies.

"See, doctor? Looks like your invention worked," Anakin was about to offer Doctor Boll praise for her accomplishment until giant dark clouds formed in the skies above the battlefield with lightning flashing and thunder clamoring so loud like whiplash that it nearly hurt everyone's ears. The lightning struck the ground hard and penetrated deep into the soil.

"What the?" Anakin muttered in utter perplexity of the unusual phenomenon that just appeared out of nowhere. "Doc, was this part of your calculations?"

"N-N-No! This wasn't supposed to happen with the electron bomb," the Bivalli doctor stammered out of shock.

Then the ground began to tremor violently as it caved, first in the center of the battlefield, then various deep splits and fractures appeared outwards and beyond into the horizon as far as the eye could see with lightning striking it all over.

"The ground is splitting!" Mace cried out in alarm.

The droids were first to be swallowed up in the catastrophe.

"Run for it!" Rex hollered to his troops as they made a run for it. Then the ground swallowed up the AT-TE's, Falchion Assault Tanks, and Clones unfortunate enough to be too slow in outrunning the earthquake. The ground sunk as far as the eye could see from the balcony of the Palace with some of the mountains being sunken as well!

It took a long while for the seismic tremors to finally subside. When it was over, the Palace was relatively intact for most part aside from equipment being displaced and lights flickering about. Doge Urus was in astonished shock as did the Jedi generals and Doctor Boll when they saw that seven kilometers of the land was sunken in front of them with the battlefield gone! Clouds of dust intermingled with the ominous storm clouds.

"By the Force!" Mace hadn't seen anything like this. He had seen a lot in his lifetime service as Jedi, but nothing like this catastrophic...and unnatural.

"The storms...there's something unnatural about them." Anakin said with something about those storms that were making his heart pump faster than usual. Not out of thrill for the battle, but rather out of instinctual fear. Something not like that since...

...since his mother had long foretold about it. The Force was telling both Windu and Skywalker that the storms were darker than the evilest presences of the Sith.

Doge Urus had the worst of it as his skin looked paler and paler by the minute with sweat beads running down, terrified of what the storm signified.

"This is unreal," Doctor Boll was thrown aback by the unexpected, disastrous results as a quarter of the remaining Republic's forces disappeared in a less than a minute. "The electron bomb wasn't supposed to cause something so destructive on such a wider scale!"

"NO!" It was coming from Doge Urus with his panicked advisors surrounding him, fearful of what's happening to him to break out in such a horror. "NO! NO! NO! Did you realize what we all have done?! The bomb had awoken an evil that should have never been disturbed!"

"What evil, Doge Urus?! What is underneath that crater that would terrify you and the people to such great lengths?!" Mace Windu questioned him.

"The Golden Terror!"

"What?" Mace and Doctor Boll shouted with confusion. But Anakin had his eyes widen and his throat clamping up as he now remembered the very name that had brought him nightmares whenever his mother warned him of it in some dark folk stories that she told him.

"The Golden Terror! Three heads of sadism, pain, and destruction! Wherever its golden wings shadow over, nothing alive remains underneath its evil glare and the storms that it wields like swords of the most wicked of tyrants!" Doge Urus rambled about, with the Dug Leader's ravings about to go stark mad. "The Harbinger of the Apocalypse that our ancestors warned about that will one day appear when the storm comes about from the sins of our forefathers!"

"Doge Urus, calm down! Please, your men need you to be sane and rational. I don't know what's in the ground that's causing this phenomenon, but I implore you that going off starving mad because of some unusually timed storms will not help us," Doctor Boll tried to reason with the terrified, insane Dug.

What happened next chilled everyone to the bone as a trio of thunderous, bestial grumbling roars clamored so loudly that the very air itself reverberated as it sounded for several 100 kilometers into the atmosphere and beyond to the point it even reached into the Galactic Republic ships and the Confederate ships out in space above Malastare!

"GYAAARRGGGHH!" Anakin had to clamp his ears shut as the sound was pounding against his eardrums so badly that he felt his brain was to about to explode from the sheer decibel of the roars.

"AAACCK!" Doge Urus and the Dugs bent over clutching their heads in agonizing pain of a headache.

Doctor Boll was groaned painfully with her crest-shaped head hurting so much, desperately hanging onto the railing.

The Clones and the Dug warriors were writhing and scrawling about on the ground as the roars threatened to make them pass out.

Then the roars trailed off gradually into a booming growl that could be felt through every person's bones. The dust clouds from within the recently-created crater suddenly flashed with blurry streaks of yellow with air being sucked into the crater.

"What in the blazes was that?" Rex muttered out with his ears still ringing, though not as loudly as they were before.

"I have an extremely bad feeling about this," Mace Windu sounded anxious, more so than what Anakin was used to.

The Clones and Dug warriors had their jaws drop when a long, lengthy tail with golden scales armed with a mace-like tail akin to an Ankylosaurus bristling with retractable spines rose out from the clouds at many lengths higher than some of Coruscant's mega skyscrapers. The spines struck outward as the tail shook, rattling with an audible sound that sounded like multiple blades being unsheathed all at once.

"What the...?!" hollered out an astonished Anakin, but suddenly had to clutch his chest when his Force-sensitive senses went haywire.

"Anakin! GYAAKK!" Mace Windu was winded out as well as his senses went haywire.

"Master Anakin! Master Windu! What's happening?!" Doctor Boll felt genuine fear for her superiors for the first in a long time.

"Oh gods..." The worst fears were realized for the Dug leader as one serpentine neck and a small draconic head and snout rose up from the darkened clouds. Lightning flashed more intensely and chaotically all over, revealing the creature had scaly skin with a ridged texture to them. The head had a pair of five horns that total together up to large, curved ten horns and a small ridge on top of its head. The soldiers could see that there was a considerable amount of muscles to the neck other than just being as long as the tallest skyscrapers. The head looked around seemingly dazed with its neck swerving around like a cobra coming out of brumation.

Next came a second head and serpentine neck emerging from the crater. A low snarl could be heard from the monster's second head as its forked tongue flickered about. Then came the central, third head finally emerged along with the second tail that was more like a spiked scythe than the first tail.

"You've got to be kidding me," Rex muttered for the first time with fear slowly taking him over at the sight of the golden three-headed dragon.

The central head of Ghidorah closed its eyes, seemingly to contemplate its next course of action until they flashed open and it let loose a throaty growl from its jaws.

"RUN! RUN! RETREAT!" Rex hollered out to his troops as he knew that he and his army were in extremely dire straits and they had to run for their lives.

The Clones and the Dugs scrambled frantically away as Ghidorah summoned forth his left golden wing that was thrice as long as his entire body length from beneath the earth, causing debris that were once rock spirals and mountains to fly about and rain down haphazardly onto the retreating armies. Unfortunately, many of them were crushed and the walkers and tanks were either badly damaged or totally destroyed in the process. The dragon slammed its right wing to its side and both of his vastly enormous bat-like winged forelimbs folded, supporting him.

"Go! Go! We have to run! Now!" Anakin urged the Dug Council, Windu, and Doctor Boll to evacuate the premises as it became clear the situation was now too dangerous to remain where they were currently.

King Ghidorah emitted banshee-like screams that dived into demonic foghorn roars. Some of the retreating Clones even dared to fire back with their blasters only for the laser blasts to bounce off the hydra's impenetrable scaly hide. That resulted in King Ghidorah being only slightly annoyed with the hydra shaking its right head in disgust at their pitiful attempt to harm him. Ghidorah slowly raised his three necks as their scales and the heads' eyes glowed brightly yellow with power building up to a crescendo. When their heads were at their peak, one of the Clones gulped hard as he and his comrades now had a good idea they were about to die.

"Uh oh..." Those were his last words before the three-headed dragon spat out continuous streams of lightning or his Gravity Beams from his three mouths. The lightning-like projectiles of death consumed nearly all of the Clones and the remaining Dugs as their bodies evaporated from the intense voltage, heat, and power. Tanks and walkers were wiped completely out of existence.

Rex was sent flying away and slammed into the remains of a Falchion-class Assault Tank, rending him unconscious with his armor short-circuited from the shockwave of the combined beams.

When Mace Windu was the first to run out from the palace, he figuratively had a punch in the gut of what he saw with his own eyes.

"No...," he was floored and shocked of the utter annihilation and devestation of nearly the entire Republic army assembled for the purpose of protecting Malastare from the Separatists.

Others that followed him out became flabbergasted at the sheer dedtruction of the armies as there was virtually nothing left of them other scorched scars on the ground where they once were. Anakin's tough facade cracked when he realized that Rex was still out there probably dead with the dragon having now fully arisen.

Speaking of the literal devil, Ghidorah noticed their presence and crept towards them.

"By the gods! The dragon is massive and with three heads!" Doctor Boll had seen her fair share of weird and amazing creatures, but this gigantic aberration certainly took the cake as it not only had golden scales, three serpentine necks and dragon-like heads, but also has giant bat-like wings, theropod-like feet, and rattlesnake-like spiked cudgels at the tip of each of its two tails.

"The very predator that nearly wiped out nearly three-quarters of our people and decimated our planet's wildlife in its way thousands of years ago!" Doge Urus was being hysterical as he and his advisors rushed back into the palace with a wild, terrified look in their eyes, leaving the Doctor aghast at the information that a single lifeform nearly succeeded in rendering an entire planet desolate.

"We cannot make it to the ships! We have to hunker down in the palace!" It didn't take long for Windu to realize that this wasn't a creature they could hope to outrun as the hydra was already upon them and the palace thanks to his enormous stature and vast reach of his three long necks.

"We'd be trapped inside with nowhere to go!" Anakin protested, but was shot down when the Doctor rushed past him and shouted,

"No time to argue, Master Skywalker!"

Having to bite his tongue to bite down his pride to accept the unpalatable truth in a critical moment, Anakin had no choice, but to retreat. And retreat in the nick of time as Ghidorah's right head lunged to bite him and missed by a spine-nerving inch as the Jedi dived for survival into the palace and slammed the door shut, locking it into place.

The dragon kaiju purred with a disturbing bell-like chime to it, clearly sadistically amused at the small lifeforms attempt to hide themselves from the inevitability of his wrath he would unleash upon them. Like a cat playing with a doll house, Ghidorah's left head bit onto the sides of the palace while the center neck and head wrapped around the body like a constricting snake while the right head taunted the victims with a cackling, mocking snarl meant to mimic cruel laughter.

The interior of the palace shook with last remaining clones and the Dug servants crying out in horrified panic and despair.

"Hold on!" Anakin yelled as he could clearly hear the structure with the steel being warped and distorted under the increasing pressure exerted by minimum effort of the hydra.

Unfortunately, their only fortress of salvation became their own tomb as Ghidorah's necks pulverized the structure through sheer brute force of their neck muscles. The last moments of the Dugs and the remaining Clones within the crumbling palace were spent with them screaming into oblivion before the debris and the roof quickly crushed them into oblivion.

Ghidorah unfurled his serpentine sinewy necks and spread out his wings as all three of the heads sung in evil, siren-like screams to each other like a hellish chorus of demons with lightning flashing all over Malastare.

Rex just returned to consciousness, though, he now wished he hadn't as he now laid eyes onto the complete, utter devastation of the Clone Army, and the Dugs in the ruined battlefield.

"What in the Force just happened?" Rex was flabbergasted with his mind and body out of whack, physically and mentally. Then the maniacal, laughing and screeching roars pretty much answered his question as he turned to see King Ghidorah looming over the ruins of the former Dug Palace with his wings outstretched and the golden scales glistening in the lightning like the armor of a conqueror. Fear returned with vengeance accompanied by paranoia as his professionalism, and military training in the face of danger were virtually gone and sadly useless anyway in the face of such an ancient terror that not only wiped out an entire army in one swoop, but probably had claimed the lives of his closest comrades and the Jedi General he bonded closely to.

With no one else around to help him, Rex was vulnerable. And he knew it.

Unfortunately, the dragon knew that too. As if just by sensing Rex's presence, right head turned around to face him with an irritable look in its angry red eyes and its forked tongue flickering. The head hissed. In turn, the other two turned in the direction the right head was gazing at with the left one being more curious with a sinister, dark smile that chilled Rex's heart with the middle head looking at him with cold, distant eyes despite that would make hell freeze.

Including Rex's soul.

End of Omake One