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Titanomachy! Electrifying Rumble in the Down Under!

Undisclosed location...

In a room with the darkness obscuring everything, except the screens, a calloused hand with a silver gray sleeve was tapping its finger on a red snake themed hilt of a sheathed katana. The man's face was partially obscured, but one could definitely make out the outline of what appeared to be an eyepatch on his left side where his eye used to be against his fair skin that has some pale yellowish undertone. In front of the man were the many screens showcasing news reports and live footage of various cities, towns, and villages across the globe in a state of unadulterated panic with people of various human races and subspecies, and even anthropomorphic animal species under the thrall of great terror as Titans emerge all over. Some of them were the result of this man's scheme that he, his cohorts, and his hidden allies had planned for years. The man hidden in the shadows had a small, but arrogant smirk full of horrific glee on his face. He was taking twisted joy out of seeing humanity get a rude awakening with the Titans already inflicting massive casualties on the populace while tearing apart the fabric of society.

He transferred his sheathed katana from his right hand to his left hand, which was completely covered in a black glove. A Japanese teacup of traditional red lacquer with sakura petals had three-quarters of its space filled with chrysanthemum tea that was still warm even when he hadn't drank it for a short while. It was to his right set on a tray placed on a foldable table next to the throne-like chair, which was styled in likeness to that of European monarchy of medieval times with some touch of Oriental royalty to it. It had white cushions matting to the seat, armrests, and back portions of the chair. The material for the top railing or crest railing was redwood and carved with two polished wooden statues of Japanese dragons.

He gently grabbed the teacup by the rim and lifted it away from the lacquer saucer. He placed it near his mouth, taking a pleasurable sip of the chrysanthemum tea while watching one of the recently awoken Titans, Titanus Jirass, Chlamydovenator malcomi, or the Rainbow Serpent that emerged from Outpost 95 under Blue Lake, Australia now wreaking havoc on Melbourne.

It was late in the evening with the daylight nearly gone and nightfall arriving. Live camera footage from one of the terrified citizens on Russell Place showed Australians; humans of Caucasian and East Asian descent, Faunus, both native to the country and workers/visitors mostly from Menagerie, and Mobians and Zoo-anthromorphs of differing kinds, mostly the marsupial and the tropical bird kind, scrambling about chaotically from restaurants, jewellers, fashion outlets, and bars. Tables were upturned, plates had been dropped and they shattered upon impact, and some shop stands were pushed over the streets as people made a mad dash to be not anywhere near the carnage that was unfolding. The dilophosauroid Titan, Jirass, stomped into view two streets away, destroying a shopping/restaurant by just simply walking into it with her clawed theropod feet and legs as she was still rather huge even for her own species, standing at 288 feet tall and 595 feet long, though relatively smaller to her fellow Titans. She walked down the city block seemingly unaware of the 'ant-sized' inhabitants that she's crushing underfoot. Jirass was more curious than she was angered, but it didn't stop her from seeing the urban landscape as rather jarring and alien compared to the Mesozoic subtropical/temperate jungles she was used to.

As she was taking a stroll down the city block, on the street level, it was anything but a walk in the park for the screaming terrified folks running for their lives. Many were trying to run past the now-abandoned cars in the opposite direction without getting stuck in between. Some struggled to get out of their automobiles with few of them being basically imprisoned in their own vehicles. The already shaky camera footage was even more shaken from avoiding being run all over and the city block he was in trembling from the ground-shaking footfalls of Jirass. The loud ear-grating, metallic saw-like grunting screech could be heard thundering with the dilophosaurid Titan's snarls becoming closer along with the footfalls heading in his general direction. Then the booming rush sounds of the Royal Australian Air Force's F-35s and the Super Hornets could be heard up above the owner as the fighter jets flew around the skyscrapers.

They were seen unleashing their volley of air-to-ground missiles onto the Titan. The missiles exploded against Jirass' emerald green scales, her three rows of mustard-yellow and orange Godzilla-like dorsal plates, and parts of her shoulders and neck. The explosions didn't hurt her, but they did give an unpleasant stinging, fiery sensation, which made her snap out of her curiosity as she honked out in shock from being shot at. The dinosaur Titan hissed from the sensation before she roared at the squadron of fighter jets flying pass her. The double cranial crests on her that were yellow on the outside while orange on the inside all blushed into an illuminating red-orange glow against the backdrop of what should have been Melbourne's prosperous, colorful nightlife, which was pretty indicative that she was annoyed. Although, she had not yet flare up her neck frill as she had not considered the jets to be much of a threat. Since they were relatively small compared to the flocks of pterosaurs and other reptilian avians that had occasionally harassed her in the past, she thought by simply opening her jaws wide agape, inflating her colorful neck pouch while letting out a booming grunting croak deep from within her throat would be enough to scare them off. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out the way she expected as the fighter jets swerved around for another series of salvos, firing off their missiles with some of the planes even shooting their machine guns right at her face.

Jirass shrieked out another shocked, more irate screech in response to the missiles and gunshots prickling against her snout and neck. Some of the missiles accidentally struck and destroyed buildings. Such a sight furthered the hysterical panic among the people as even the police and first responders were tempted to screw protocol and save themselves. Then to add insult to injury for Jirass, she was bombarded some more from behind to her tail and back by several green energy beams, machine bullets, and more intense lasers in addition to having explosions to her face. The dilophosauroid Titan hissed, swiftly turning her flexible, bird-like neck around in a sharp arc to see what else was clearly trying to destroy her.

Several platoons of ZGMF-1017 GINNs and ZGMF-1000 ZAKUs with most of them taking position within the streets and behind skyscrapers while some, mainly the GINNs, took to the air with their engine pack boosters aiding them in their flight. Accompanying them in the air were the smaller squadrons of ZGMF-515 CGUEs, AMF-101 DINNs, AMA-953 BABIs, and few of the ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited clustered into tight squadron formations upon descent. On the ground, the dog-like quadrupedal TMF/A-802 BuCues with each of their platoons led by a TMF/A-802 LaGOWE, the hulking UMF-5 ZnOs, and the tank-like TFA-2 ZuOOTs supplemented the ZAKU platoons. While smaller in numbers compared to the ZAKUs, they make it up for their number deficiency by their own specialized weaponry in additional to anti-kaiju missile pods and beam rifles they've just been outfitted with recently.

In other words, a sizable opposition to the threat Jirass had brought down onto Melbourne.

The monster sneered at ZAFT's mobile suits that were not aiming their weapons at her. She displayed what she thought of them by spitting out something brightly yellow and wet brought up forth from her throat; a venomous fluid streaming with electrical bolts. When the fluid projectile, which was about the size of a pickup truck, punctured through a shopping apartment building and splattered onto the street right in front of a ZGMF-1000 ZAKU with some of the smaller drops dotting onto the mobile suit's foot. That's what all it took for a shocking outcome, both literally and figuratively, to happen when the pool of that fluid not only proved to be acidic as it ate through the pavement concrete and the ZAKU's foot, but also proved to be electrifying when the bolts surged up through the mobile suit's leg and short-circuited the wiring and beyond.

"What the hell is happening to- GYAARRRGGGHH!" The pilot inside quickly became electrocuted by the dangerous volatile current with everything of his body being fried inside and out, including his heart and brain. The man's screams quickly became horrifying gurgling sputters when his body and pilot suit burst into flames. The bio-electical surges attacking his cockpit caused everything in there to become bright white. Outside, the twitching ZAKU had its entire body frame beginning to be consumed in flames while still sparking chaotically much to the horror of the victim's comrades.

"Huxley!" One of the ZAKU pilots screamed. He directed his mobile suit and had its left hand approach the cockpit to tear it open to rescue his buddy. However, it proved fruitless when electric sparks burst out from Huxley's ZAKU cockpit followed by a terrible explosion, which engulfed the mobile suit into furious flames.

"HUXLEY!" He said, horrified that, in an instant, his closest friend was brutally taken from him in such a manner. His expression of shocked horror and brief sorrow then transformed into that of wrathful fury. He hatefully glared at the Titan responsible for Huxley's demise with Jirass having this amused look and her throat emitting a purring sound from seeing his buddy's ZAKU explode from being spit on, which only riled him further. He could hear his squadmate hollering out from the radio in his cockpit,

"Damnit! Huxley's already down and out!"

"You gotta be kidding me...f %#! I don't know what's holding up the Yamato Team, and I don't care! Not when that dinosaur just dissed us with whatever crap it vomitted and killed one of our boys with it!" The lieutenant sergeant of the squad yelled. He had his green camo-themed ZAKU aim its giant bazooka at the beast. "It's bloody time we kick this scaly hooligan out back to whatever stinkin' bilabong it crawled out!"

Jirass was still puzzled as to why the strange metal rats wouldn't turn tail and run at the sight of one of their own bursting into flames. She had forgotten about the squadrons of the Australian Air Force that were coming around for another salvo round to lash out at her once again. The F-35s and the Super Hornets quickly closed the great distance between where they were at the city limits and Jirass. They immediately fired their volleys of air-to-ground missiles simultaneously in a hail of hellfire. The missiles rocketed from diagonally above the skyscrapers and quickly struck the dinosaurian beast. Jirass hissed again with some of the projectiles exploding in her face. Now angered, Jirass flared open outwardly her fleshy neck frill and she let out a horrible scratchy roar afterwards.

"Now! Give it hellfire, mates!" the lieutenant sergeant screamed. His ZAKU fired two explosive rockets from his bazooka gun. As soon as he fired the shots, all of the mobile suits followed suite with their own arnaments. Jirass screeched, her high-pitched shriek bearing some resemblance to Godzilla's own pained roar, when the laser beams, gunshots, and missiles struck her as she actually stumbled back by an inch from the shock of being pelted by unexpected resistance from ZAFT's mobile suits.

The battle was on.

MacIntosh yelled out his own battle cry out of his thirst for vengeance as his ZAKU fired the machine gun it wielded in its hands.

However, none of his bullets didn't inflict as much damage on the dinosaurian Titan as he had hoped. He might as well be throwing pebbles at a mountain as Jirass' hide, though not as densely thick as Godzilla's, was still highly durable against any of the conventional weaponry ZAFT's military forces were throwing at her. The frilled Godzilla-like Dilophosauroid stopped herself from stumbling when she dug her foot talons through into the pavement. She snarled while the mobile suit army continued to bombard her from all directions while several units were already on the move, weaving across the city blocks with some taking cover behind the skyscrapers as to not make themselves easier targets. The hovering fifty-five GINNs and twenty two CGUEs blazed into action already firing their arnaments from a few hundred feet in the air above the city line. Their rounds impacting against Jirass' spiky backside with little effect. Jirass grunted, already riled up as she flared her neck frill open once more with its colors becoming flushed from yellowish-green into red-orange, matching her head crests. She glared at them with her bestial reptilian eyes blinking through all the smoke around her. Some of the aerial mobile suits already positioned themselves either onto the roofs of the skyscrapers, or the floating sub-flight lifters, Guuls to have more aerial leverage on the battlefield.

Two squadrons of DINNs and BABIs swooped in from above and fired their armaments onto the beast, striking her at the front. Jirass roared as she twisted around, and snapped her jaws, trying to bite any of the mobile suits that quickly flew pass her. She turned her attention in the direction of the aerial mobile suits, which gave a group of six BuCues and one Gundam in its mobile armor mode that hid behind the debris on the ground the chance to ambush the giant dinosaur with her spiked back turned to them. Four of the BuCues had a leopard theme to them complete with pale yellow color, rosette-like dark spots, and a tan underside to them. Two of them were like the others but their spots were harder to see because of their dark grey coloration that gave them the resemblance to melanistic black panthers. All of the BuCUEs bear the insignia of a roaring leopard on their shoulders with the yellow BuCues having silver while the black ones were white. They slowly prowled out from the shadows, including the Gundam leading them, which was similar to ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam, but with notable differences from its predecessors.

One, its mobile armor mode's head was more animalistic in appearance as it had a larger cat-like face complete with a short feline snout and pair of movable jaws armed with steel fangs and teeth that one would expect from a leopard. The head was attached to a thick neck followed by a powerful feline body with relatively shorter, but more stocky limbs compared to the BuCUEs. Whereas the BuCUEs only melee weapon were their twin beam sabers mounted in the mouth, this Gundam's mobile armor mode diversified its close combat armaments with its powerful jaws lined with golden carbon steel teeth, and its limbs and paws being broader and larger than the TMF/A-803 LaGOWE's to sport five deadly claws that were retractable like the animal it was derived from. Like the Gaia Gundam, it has a high energy beam rifle mounted on its left shoulder, a pair of beam blades mounted on its larger wings, and weapons mounted in its backpack unit. However, unlike the preceding mobile suit, instead of a pair of beam assault cannons, this mobile suit had missile launchers. Then, in line with the leopard theme this particular regiment was well known for, the mobile suit/mobile armor also sported the same regular leopard coloration as the BuCUEs, but with a darker golden hue and larger spots and green highlights on its joints, rims of the shoulders and chest.

"Okay, girls!" a feminine voice said coming from the pilot of the mobile armor and captain of this particular regiment, who was clad in her customized ZAFT ace pilot suit that was patterned like the spotted big cat and the helmet bearing the custom insignia of eyes and teeth of the said feline. "Now's our chance! Show this overgrown fossil who's top cat in this part of Down Under!"

"Yes, ma'am!" All the female ZAFT pilots from the leopard-themed BuCUES shouted.

"Alrighty then! Move in for the kill!" The leading captain, Erika Huntington, announced. Her beast-like mobile armor sounded off from its steel jaws a mechanical, synthesized version of a leopard's screaming roar before she pushed its limbs into motion. As her mobile suit moved, the rest were quick to follow her. They, the Aussie Leopards, leaped high into the sky thanks to the engine thrusters built into their wings as they bounded across to the skyscrapers not yet run over by the monster. Other regularly colored BuCUEs joined in alongside another fresh set of smaller platoons of ZAKUs, GINNs, GOUF Igniteds, ZuOOTs, and the ZnOs that dropped out from the sky. All of them immediately fired their armaments upon Jirass, which made the dilophosauroid pissed to the point that she now charged, wanting to flatten them into the pavement. The ground shook from her angry stomps of her huge feet.

"Oh crikey! Incoming!" One ZAKU pilot warned before he and the others that reacted fast enough, barely dived their mobile suits out of harm's way. However, those not fortunate enough to react on the dime, namely two ZAKUs, a ZuOOT, and a ZnO, looked up too late to see her foot talons coming towards them from above. A second later, screams abounded.

"No no no NOOO!"

"I should've-!"


They were cut short when the scaly foot slammed down upon them, crushing their mobile suits with their constitution crumpling into terrible oblivion under its massive weight. Explosions resulted underneath it. Those mobile suits nearby had to cover their optics from the dust and smoke before they saw what happened to them. Needless to say, they kept on fighting despite knowing their rounds wouldn't do jack against a veritable living skyscraper of scales and muscles.

"Damnit! Keep on firing! Don't stop!" another ZnO pilot insisted as he had his hulking, hunchbacked mobile suit fire the torpedo launchers located on its chest area. Torpedoes were launched and they soared rapidly towards the undersides of the frilled beast before they exploded upon impact with her scaly hide. Jirass snapped back, swinging her right arm onto a skyscraper that had one ZAKU, two regular BuCUEs, and several GINNs riding on GUULs. The top half of the building was clawed leaving fatal gashes that caused it to crumble. All of the mobile suits there already retreated. Debris hailed all over, which crushed three ZuOOTs, and a smaller piece struck one of the GINN next to that very same ZnO in its mono-eye and damaged its head.

"GAHH! F*# %! I'm blinded and I can't see the damn thing I am shooting!" the pilot yelled all panicky with that being reflected in how wildly inaccurate his ZAKU was shooting, even accidentally striking some of his own comrades in the process before it dropped the gattling gun in the wild act of flailing its arms about.

"Tanner!" the same ZnO pilot exclaimed when he saw his friend trip his ZAKU backwards. He snarled as his ZnO grabbed a nearby good sized debris close to its size thanks to its massive grappling claws. "Make yourself scarce, mate! I'll cover ya!"

"Right, but you'd better do the same as well, Rogan!" The ZAKU pilot replied, pushing his mobile suit off the ground. He pushed his thrusters into full speed with his ZAKU speeding away. "Because your brother will go ballistic if you're KIA and I have no intention on being the receiving end of that stick!"

The ZnO chucked the rock hard and had it hurled across towards Jirass's face.

"Let's see if this goanna won't mind eating some sawdust!" the pilot fired the two Phonon Maser High Energy Cannons mounted on the palms of the ZnO's two grappling claws. The green energy streams erupted forth from the palms and immediately struck their target, which was the hurled debris when it got within enough distance close to Jirass. The debris exploded and the resulting smaller pieces torpedoed all over, striking the beast. They didn't make the Titan flinch at all, but it did cause the giant Godzilla-like dinosaur to glare at him with a low deep growl that sent a threatening chill up his spine. Rogan didn't let up with his own glare at the beast despite that.

"Let's have a go at it, you scaly hooligan! Just you and me!" He declared.

Jirass responded with the spines on the tip of her tail glowing an ominous, electric yellow followed by a humming sound akin to a power generator starting up. Rogan immediately took notice of the energy lighting up slowly across her tail. Then to her Godzilla-like, maple-shaped dorsal plates where they crackled and surged with electric bolts and sparks dancing around them like fireflies while hot steam rolled off from the dorsal plates themselves.

He had seen something very much like it before in Godzilla's numerous battles on the news. The most horrifying spectacle was always when Godzilla was about to unleash his Atomic Heat Ray onto his foes. He gulped hard at that the Titan towering over him was mirroring Godzilla's signature killing stroke with her chest and throat slowly puffing up, followed by her neck frill opening outward with an ominous orange light and rattling sound of its shimmering.

It was this he realized he screwed himself up.

"Oh, shit...," Rogan said with cold sweat running down his face inside the hot space of his helmet. He turned his ZnO's back towards Jirass as he made a mad dash away from what was to come while alerting his fellow terror-stricken comrades around him to do the same, "Run, you fools! RUN!" His angry, desperate voice echoed throughout the radio of any mobile suit within receptive range, which included the leopard-themed BuCUEs and the ZGMF-X92F Leopard Gundam with Erika Huntington also seeing that shit was about to hit the fan.

"Girls, watch out!" Erika shouted to her squadmates, whose BuCues they drove them to leap athletically from the rooftops to pounce onto Jirass' back.

Next, there was large booming sound that tore through the air, louder than a fighter jet or mobile armor breaking the sound barrier. It was coming from Jirass when she finally spat out her Neutron Radiation Heat Ray, which resulted in a shockwave of lightning bolts being emitted from her frill as a result of excessive radiation being dispersed. The yellow-green laser-like heat ray was a form of concentrated neutron radiation weaponized. On its own, it would kill a lot of living things caught in its wake but leave buildings intact. However, combined with concentrated gamma radiation, intense volcanic-like heat, and electric currents fatal enough to actually burn anything in its path, Jirass' second energy projectile weapon yielded more destructive striking power to tear down infrastructure than her electrocuting acidic spits could. It was basically a hydrogen bomb turned into a concentrated laser of death.

The results were immediately devastating. Already, those of Rogan's peers and his own superior that were too slow to escape were caught within the searing heat ray. They were vaporized instantaneously, giving them no chance to scream. Those nearby suffered a worse fate as the concentrated radiation affected them. Their pilot suits melted and their flesh bodies electrocuted and afterwards popped like bloody balloons while the neutrons and the heat incinerated their remains. Their mobile suits imploded. Their surroundings seared with cars and buildings melting then bursting violently like gushy balloons filled with lava and magma instead of water. Electric surges and yellowish-green energy arcs bounced and danced haphazardly around the five city blocks scorched by Jirass' destructive heat ray before they seemed to withdraw concentrate within one spot, which was once Melbourne Central Shopping Center. Then in a flash, the entire area and beyond was engulfed in a massive explosive dome of fire with electric sparks shooting all over before its epicenter. The ominous yellowish-orange illumination dominating the clouded dark skies of the night due to all of the smoke from Melbourne's destruction.

"Crap! Outta luck-RAAAAAAARRGGHHH!" Rogan screamed when he was sent flying within his own ZnO being scorched and propelled by the terrifying shockwave resultant of the Neutron Radiation Heat Ray's destructive power. Buildings were stripped of their contents with only their skeletal framework remaining with even that slowly crumbling into ashes. The unfortunate ZAFT mobile suit platoons trying to escape whilst some too shocked to comprehend where either thrown far into more parts of Melbourne, or were vaporized and/or imploded into oblivion. The gigantic explosion rocked Melbourne with lightning erupting into the sky, followed by a mushroom cloud like a miniature copy to the bombing of Hiroshima. All of the evacuating citizens, police, and even some of Australia's Armed Forces and ZAFT's regiments were also thrown off their feet by the seismic aftershock. In the process, their electronics, including iPhones and all, were rendered functionally useless as the aftershock doubled as an EMP attack, which also affected all of the electrical aspects of the city's infrastructure as it basically forced them to burn out, plunging the embattled metropolis into total darkness. Everyone screamed as flaming and smoking debris along with devastated mobile suits and fighter jets hailed upon them, spreading the destruction further and ensuring no one could escape the wrath of Titanus Jirass.

Ares, Third-Generation Minerva-class Battleship...

The ZAFT battleship moved at a more urgent than normal operating pace after having departed from the Earth-based ZAFT military base of Carpentaria of Northern Australia. It hovered several kilometers in the air above the arid subtropical forests of Southern Australia along its way to Melbourne. The lunar shine from the moon in the clear skies of the night reflected onto the frontal 'nose' of the battleship and its wing engines. The ship looked very much like its 1st-Gen predecessor, except, its wings were customized with dark fiery orange patterns resembling flames while its 'nose' was painted with the ferocious image of a snarling flaming dog, which, along with how the battleship's wings were painted, would give anyone the impression that this dog of war had wings of fire. The rest of the 3rd-Gen Minerva-class battleship had a dark sapphire blue paint job apart from the usual red and black highlights that allowed the fiery dog imagery to stand out even in the darkness of the night.

"What is our ETA to Melbourne?" inquired the Captain of the Ares, who was a raven-haired male in his mid-30s and wearing a black and white ZAFT military uniform befitting of his rank and position. His facial features remained largely the same as they had from his years as a teenager, except more matured and roughened.

"We're about 3 clicks away from the city limits. I've calculated it will be about another 5 minutes to reach the city," Ares' pilot, Kojikawa Kobayashi, reported to him.

Shinn Asuka quietly grunted in frustration at the answer, at which, he wasn't exactly pleased with. Another five minutes was too late in light of the dire seriousness of the situation happening with Jirass making a disastrous mess of the place. By the time they reach Melbourne, possibly a quarter of the city would have been decimated along with the ZAFT forces already sent ahead of him.

"Any word from Carpentaria being able to reach Monarch?" Shinn asked the dreaded question he had asked the higher-ups about previously ever since the world had been thrown into chaos by the sudden awakening of the Titans.

"No. They've been telling us the same story that they can't reach Monarch for whatever reason. They've only been reporting static," reported Alice Vicki, the ship's CIC Operator, as she drank some coffee from her small flask next to her. "They can't even get a hold of their representative or even a direct line to Doctor Nikaido as communications to all Monarch personnel have been cut off."

Everyone on the bridge flinched a bit from a loud slamming sound from when Shinn smashed his fist against the railing of his commanding chair. His gloved, balled hand shook with barely concealed rage. The captain hat casted an ominous shadow over his eyes with his mouth turned into an ugly snarl with his teeth grinding each other.

"What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On?!" Shinn hissed through his teeth, "What on earth is Monarch doing? Sleeping on the job?!"

The 1st Officer of the Ares and Shinn's right-hand man, Henry Katzenberg was equally displeased as the Captain. He had a cooler disposition, however, as he just simply palmed his face and breathed through his nose.

"I doubt it, sir, but then again...," he pinched his eyebrows as he responded, "Who the hell knows what's been happening with them."

"Yeah, damned right," the irritated former pilot of the Destiny Gundam next replied with grumbling, "Them and Red Bamboo next to the Titans have given me nothing but kaiju-sized headaches that rile my blood pressure up to no end."

"It didn't help that we've been called in midst of our sleep, which we all desperately needed after all of the shit we went through in the last several weeks," Henry said tiredly.

Captain Asuka calmed down enough to give a shortened sigh, trying to relax his nerves as he sat deeply into his chair with his hands slowly unclenching, "Amen to that."

The crew on the commanding bridge empathized silently with the two commanding officers with a couple of them even yawning. However, just when the brief tension started to die down from the moment of exhausted frustration, Ares was rocked about with the crew, including Captain Asuka, being jolted rudely with their guard let down. A deafening booming sound like thunder later roared through the airwaves.

In the lounge within the Ares, a young brunette in his customized bluish-white suit was startled along with friends and fellow Gundam pilots by the abrupt rumbling of the ship accompanied by some banging against the hull.

"What is going on?" the brunette asked, clearly befuddled.

Up on the commanding bridge of the Ares, Henry lost his footing and he fell on his back.

"Henry! Are you okay?" Shinn exclaimed, rattled by the sudden seismic jolt, which was gone as soon as it had started. He stood up from his command chair and helped Henry up to his feet.

"Literally shaken. Otherwise, I'm fine, sir," the older man reassured the younger captain, "But what happened?"

"Captain!" Kojikawa hollered with shocked horror in his voice, which got Shinn and Henry to look where everybody had their attention diverted to.

"M-Melbourne...it's...i-is...," the ship's pilot was at a loss of words just like his peers watching a giant mushroom cloud, pulsating with blueish-yellow electric bolts, erupt from a light-less metropolis shown on the main screen above. A terrifying specter of the two Blood Valentine Wars and the precedent two World Wars resurrected for all to see in its horrifying illuminating glory, which one would find it mesmerizing and hauntingly chilling at the same time.

Alice covered her mouth, distressed of the godless destruction; something out of someone's worst nightmare.

"Dear God," Henry was the only one in the commanding bridge that spoke with his heart up in his throat. Next to him, Captain Asuka had his mouth hung open agape with the rest of his body paralyzed in awestruck horror of what just happened.

Back within Melbourne, Tanner slowly woke up from unconsciousness in his own head-damaged ZAKU mobile suit with a heavy groan escaping his mouth.

"A-A-Ah...oooohhhggg...Crikey, what...w-what just happened?" Tanner said groggily. His vision all blurred and foggy, slowing sharpening up to normal with increasing clarity. When his vision finally cleared up, he saw that he was somehow situated in an area intersecting between the Carlton and East Melbourne sections of the metropolis. Further looking around with whatever sensors remained functional, he understood that he crash landed into the suburbs that teeter towards the edge of the city limits.

"Damn. The blast had me sent flying almost all the way into the boondocks," Tanner swore as he fixed some of the controls in his cockpit that had been a little bungled by his crash landing. Though he couldn't fix all of it due to some being rendered beyond the point of being fixable without professional mechanical help, he managed to fix enough of them as to make his mobile suit functionally move properly in some capacity. He took a look at the status of his mech shown on his front screen blinking red and was not pleased that his primary weapon was totaled along with all of the existing ammo packed within the machine gun. Not to mention that his ZAKU's thrusters have been compromised with the damage of the main engine on its back and loss of two of the engines on its legs.

"Figures that I would lose the only thing to keep my distance away from that Titan. And my axe ain't gonna do much to that bastard, except make it tickle," Tanner said to himself while piloting his ZAKU back up to his feet slowly. The ZAKU got up successfully, albeit with some sparks coming from the damaged thrusters and some chip to the paint on its chest and arms when it smashed into a couple of suburban homes that were evacuated, much to his relief when he didn't see any citizen stragglers around.

"Thank God there wasn't anybody I crushed," Tanner let out a relieved sigh from seeing the neighborhood empty. "But I doubt it'd be easy for anyone to come back after all of this."

But his eyes widened when he saw huge columns of fire and smoke rising from the northern section of Melbourne with gunfire still going on. There came the triumphant screeching roar of what was no doubt to him, the neck-frilled Titan.

"Oh shit! Rogan!" Tanner was about to move his ZAKU to jump back into the fray to look for his friends, but stopped himself when he saw the Geiger counter built into each every mobile suit according to international law regarding Titan radioactivity and health concerns scratch loudly. The amount of radioactivity going into North Melbourne was dangerously high.

"Uh oh...," he sweatdropped, knowing that even with his mobile suit's anti-nuclear coating meant to block out much of the radioactivity fallout as much as possible, his mech was damaged and might have compromised it as well, leaving him vulnerable. Even a small dosage of the toxic cocktail of radioactive substances could short-circuit the system and endanger his health when leaked into the cockpit. He tried turning on the radio, but static was all he heard with the noise being irritable to his ears.

"Grrr! EMP interference! Whatever this dinosaur spat out must have created an EMP wave similar to ones created by those giant bugs that caused the blackout in San Francisco," Tanner kept trying for different frequencies with little to no success as the EMP was rampant across the wide area of Melbourne. After fruitless minutes of searching for any contact he could tune a viable frequency to, the Australian Coordinator stopped messing with his radio.

"No use...damnit, what to do?" the ZAFT pilot narrowed his eyes at the furious chaos still happening within the North Melbourne area. By some bloody miracle, his radio did pick up a viable frequency as some voice shouted through the speaker, though with less clarity than he would have liked thanks to the EMP interference.

"If anyone-*bzzt!* *bzzt!* pi-*bzzztt!*-ing up this signal, please res-*bzzzt!*. We are in dire-*bzzzt!*" it was a female voice sounding through the radio channel. A voice that Tanner recognized belonging to a Remnantian Faunus, who was his childhood sweetheart.

"Rosea?!" Tanner sounded in both relief and alarm as he fine-tuned the frequency as best as he could until it became audibly clearer and less scratchy.

"I repeat! This is Rosea Amaranth! If anyone is picking up this signal, please respond! We, the Aussie Leopards, are in dire straits with half of our squad fried into ashes! Requesting immediate rescue assistance!" The female pilot sounded desperately scared on the other side of the line that it was unnerving for him to hear her like this. "The giant Dilophosaurus is kicking us girls right on our rear ends all the way to Timbuktu!"

Tanner pushed on the reply tab button of the radio transmitter and shouted into the mic after he made his decision, "Rosea, can you hear me?!"

"Tanner?! Is that you?!"

"Yeah, it's me, Rosea! I heard you loud and clear!" Tanner replied.

"Tanner! It is you, thank God!" Rosea's voice was relief overshadowed by the terror from the horrific trauma she witnessed firsthand, "Thank God you're alive!"

"Same with you, but don't tell me you're still within vicinity of that frilly dinosaur!" he shouted in exasperation over the radio.

"I would have been out of here, but...!" Rosea's voice choked up over the line as what she said next chilled him to the bone, "But...*sniff*your sister is gone."

Tanner felt his heart drop to the pits of his stomach after what was a verbal punch in the gut to him. It couldn't be! Not his older sister, Sherry Tawnsworth, who was part of the Aussie Leopards unit. She was his only pillar of strength, comfort, and stability during his troubled childhood years growing up in a dysfunctional home with Sherry being forced to take up the mantle of being in charge of the household later on. Their mother died tragically from breast cancer while their father perished, being incinerated during the 1st Bloody Valentine.

"G-G-Gone?" Tanner stammered, thinking that the heat of battle had fogged up his senses had made him hear things. His lips quivered with his hands shaking and beginning to perspire with cold sweat. "As i-in-in she retreated from battle?"

The words sounded hollow coming from his mouth. All kinds of conflicting emotions ranging from sheer disbelief to paralyzing horror of the immediate implications that lie behind Rosea's bad news reflected clearly in the tone of his own voice. He could barely recognize his own voice, let alone comprehend that his childhood sweetheart was still not out of the woods yet where she was. He gulped hard with his mind still reeling, trying to make sense of the reality that was beginning to dawn upon him but dreaded to face no matter how many times he tried to mentally steel himself for such an unlikely scenario now becoming reality before his very eyes. He didn't even realize he was involuntarily biting on his own lips out of his own reflexive tic whenever he was extremely stressed or nervous.

Rosea was silent at his stuttered inquiry with the growling roar of Jirass sounding off distantly in the background, which only increased his feared suspicion of what truly happened.

"R-R-Rosea?" Tanner stammered with desperation seeping into him, "R-Rosea? Where's...w-wh-...where's Sherry? Where is she?"

Further silence from Rosea was all he got. He spoke louder sounding more understandably angry this time, "Please! Where is my sister?!"

"Tanner...*sniff*...," Tanner could hear from the radio that not only Rosea was sniffing, but he was picking up sorrowful hiccups from her. Even more troubling was how she was struggling to not breakdown as Rosea was sounding off in a louder whimper. "T-Ta-*hic!*-Tanner..."


"She...*hic*...s-she...," Rosea began crying despite doing her best to keep her emotional dam from being breached. "*whimper* Oh God...T-Tanner!"

"No...," Tanner felt his heart sink deeper into his gut as the feverish feeling of dread began to overwhelm him.

"S-Sherry...," next Rosea was heard speaking brokenly in between hiccups with her sobs becoming transparent.

Jirass spewed more of her Neutron Radiation Heat Ray onto the ZAFT platoons that had not been decimated by it on its first round. They still defiantly fired their weaponry at the triumphant behemoth while retreating and retrieving whatever few survivors that could still limp with them in spite of losing a leg or two. Their efforts were next all for naught as the Titan aimed her laser projectile of death in their direction, which resulted them in being vaporized within seconds. Few of them only had nanoseconds to gasp their last breath in their final moments before the heat ray caught up to them. The only remaining squadron of the Australian Super Hornets swooped onto Jirass while the rest had to retreat back to nearby airfield bases to restock on the ammunition they exhausted. They fired more of their air-to-surface missiles onto the creature's ribs and shoulders. The missiles exploded against the Godzilla-like Titan's scaly hide. Jirass let out a screeching hiss from being interrupted. She snapped her jaws. This time, her teeth crushed two of the fighter jets, which reacted too slow to swerve away from her toothy mouth, into smithereens. She stomped off in their direction to pursue them only to be bombarded behind by the now fewer remnants of the airborne DINN, and GOUF Ignited squadrons with only a couple of BABIs and CGUEs left.

"Damn the Titans! Nothing short of a thermonuke is gonna kill these oversized animals!" One of the ZAFT pilots piloting the few remaining DINNs complained angrily.

"You kidding, man?! Godzilla got nuked by the A-Bomb and he's still kicking! What makes ya think it'll make a lick of a difference with this overgrown Dilophosaurus when it just torched us with its own death nuke beam?!" the ZAFT pilot in the AMA-953 BABI shouted back as he fired the "Ardor" Beam Cannon mounted on the mobile suit's chest. The volatile beam struck the beast with the predictable result of not inflicting any damage past her tough scaly hide. The remaining airborne mobile suits swarmed around Jirass, desperately firing any part of her body to find a viable weak spot while dodging her claw swipes and flying nowhere near her frilled neck and head in order to avoid being crushed by her jaws. However, such a tactic proved disastrous when Jirass slammed her clawed hands and the timing happened to be fatal for a DINN was crushed into an unrecognizable pulp in between followed by a horrified scream of bloody murder.

"Joseph, NO!" a DINN pilot called out, but that was all he could do as Jirass chucked the DINN's remains across the city, which crash landed into Carlton Gardens. She next stomped and kicked several M1A1 Abrams AIM Main Battle tanks that were too slow to crawl away from their impending doom, causing explosions to follow and catching nearby buildings on fire. The remaining Super Hornets fired their another barrage of missiles and saber gun rounds onto Jirass. She struck back with her heat ray she spat from her jaws and it struck true to her targeted victims three fighter jets that recklessly flew in too close past her head and wicked reptilian jaws. All three exploded ingloriously, plummeting into Yarra River. One jet even got swatted away directly by her flicking tail, which also flattened many small shopping complexes in the process. Unfortunately, some ZAKUs, GINNs, and a couple of ZnOs were heavily damaged with a good number of them bludgeoned into oblivion. Jirass opened her mouth to let out a triumphant trumpeting roar, but was interrupted when she felt something explode and burn across her spines and back, singing the edges of her fleshy frill. She screeched out of shock with her predatory slit eyes widening from the unwelcome sensation.

Tanner couldn't believe what he had just heard coming from his distraught sweetheart of his older sister's horrific fate. He was rendered speechless with the verbal blow being so sudden and potent simultaneously that his mind almost shut down from the sheer shock of it all. The pink-haired Cockatoo Faunus cried and was already exhausted from the ordeal, just more so from trying hard not to shed tears, but failing miserably at that. Her mournful whimpers, however, blurred like everything else around him that turned into barely distinguishable echoes. He wasn't even aware of his body going into autopilot mode of its own after his body going into a surrealistic state in limbo between dream and reality. His mind was in troubling disconnect from his body. Tanner was trapped within flashback upon flashback, revisiting the precious memories he had of his older sister and his family while unaware that his ZAKU had already exited the suburbs. In a tearful daze, he's unfocused so much so that he wandered into the northern districts with nearly all of them turned into desolate ground zero after Jirass scorched them with her irradiated heat ray. The increasing intensity of the creaking sounds of the Geiger counter and the horrified cries of his childhood sweetheart didn't even register to him as his damaged, battered ZAKU ambled about akin to a mindless zombie.

"Mother...," Tanner groaned with tears falling from his eyes. He was undergoing a flashback where he was in his younger self standing somberly, teary-eyed along with his older sister at the time he was just 5 years old and Sherry was 8. They were in the hospital in the city of Onogoro within the Orb Union, and they were in the room with their mother lying in the hospital bed, who was on the verge of death after the cancer became too aggressive for any further chemotherapy treatment to be effective. Her skin was deathly pale and whatever was left of her once luscious red-brown hair was gone, leaving her bald. Her eyes were sunken and had black circles around them, which only added to how emaciated she was from the failed chemotherapy treatments and intensive care she was placed under for months. Yet, there was still light in her beautiful amber eyes, though they were fading. Her children were to her left and to her right was a black-haired, fair-skinned man, who was her husband and father to Tanner and Sherry. Because of her life fading, Heather's right hand was slacking in her grip while Brooks kept a careful, yet firm grip on it as he felt it and was desperately pleading silently in vain for her to live. Heather opened her mouth weakly with her libs quivering tremulously to say her last words. Sadly, she died in the midst of speaking her piece when the light disappeared from her eyes, her eyelids drooping gradually to a close, her hands relaxed completely, and her head stopped slumped onto the pillow.

"Father..." Tanner went through another traumatic flashback back to when he and Sherry were led through the war-torn streets of Onogoro by their father. Terrified and dirtied by the soot, debris, and heat from all of the burning skyscrapers, he was hanging tightly onto his dad's arm with Sherry following closely. He and what was left of his family struggled to weave through the flames and wreckage, which was made up mostly of ORB's Astray and Earth Alliance's Strike Daggers mobile suits during the latter phase of the 1st Bloody Valentine War. Unfortunately, things took a traumatic turn for the worst for Tanner when a Strike Dagger was in the midst of finishing off an Astray that already had its head cut off right in front of them. It thrusted its yellow energy blade right into the Astray's chest cockpit. The next thing he knew was his father pushing him away, urging him and Sherry to run. And run they did.

When the impaled Astray stumbled dead onto the ruined grounds of the city block, it exploded. The rush of the flames enveloped Brooks, turning the entirety of him into ashes and then nothing more. The force of the explosion caused a strong gust of wind to blow away the last two members of the Tawnsworth family over the remains another Astray and tumbled messily onto ruined street where the towering broken body of the mobile suit shielded them from the blistering heat and some of the shrapnel in the process. Both of them fell into unconsciousness. Hours later, Tanner was the first to wake up from his unconsciousness as he heard helicopters hovering in the airspace. Though his vision has quickly cleared up, smoke still obscured the details of the helicopters to the point he still can't make out exactly which force they belonged to. The smoke-filled, dirty air swept into his face from wind kicked up by the rotating blades of the helicopters. His visual senses were starting to reboot back clearly when one of the helicopters started to land, though his ears were still ringing so he couldn't hear other than that. The loud whirring of the rotary blades didn't help either when it was very close to touching the ruined pavement. When the smoke and dust finally cleared, he could see the Orb Union emblem imprinted onto the very sliding side doors of the helicopter that had now landed. The doors opened up, revealing five ORB soldiers and a officer in uniform jumping out from there. Three of the soldiers secured the perimeter around the surrounding area close to the helicopter while one stayed behind to look after the chopper as the officer and the fifth one went to check up on Tanner and his still unconscious sister.

Back in present reality, Jirass had been bombarded to her spiky back by blistering napalm bombs from a thousand miles up in the sky above. They came from Australian bombers that were modeled after the US's Northrop B-2 bomber planes, being dark blue and having the national symbols of Australia and ZAFT painted on both sides of their bodies. Most of the bombs they dropped struck dead-on the Titan's backside with some falling near her sides, which the heat of the explosions burned her while causing unfortunate collateral damage to the infrastructure around her. The flammable chemicals stuck tightly to Jirass, which the Titan couldn't shake the horrific burning pain, no matter how much she tried to shake them off. The blasts were powerful enough to cause her back to bleed in some places badly with blood being splattered all over.

The frilled Godzilla-like dilophosaur actually shrieked in ear-piecing anguish from having her scales on her back ripped and scorched. Some of her dorsal plates became chipped at their spiky protruding edges due to the intensity of the exploding napalm bombs. It didn't help that the smell from each of the bombs was like glue and rotten jello being incinerated all together, invading her nostrils. The reptilian Titan stumbled onto her knees and crash landed forward head first onto a multi-complex restaurant hotel and skyscraper as the throbbing scorching pain overwhelmed her. The buildings obviously crumbled from the full weight of the monster bearing onto its frame as it was not engineered to withstand several hundred tons of Titan flesh. The skyscraper fell on top of several condos and small homes in the process, which kicked up a massive dust and smoke cloud that engulfed the couple city blocks Jirass has crushed in her wake.

"Did that kill it?" One of the pilots questioned nervously, whose GINN was crouching from behind several shopping districts with her rifle pointed in direction of where Jirass supposedly fell.

"I don't know about killing it. Titans have been reported to survive way worse than this. I just hope those bombers knocked it out cold at least," her ZAKU teammate beside her expressed his doubts.

"Buzzard 1! Do you have visual confirmation that the target is down? I repeat. Do you have visual confirmation that the target is down?" A pilot from one of the Australian bombers asked a BABI nearby with its smaller squadron hovering in airspace.

"Negative, Echo 1. I can't make confirmation through all that smoke and debris. There's too much going on for us to peer through to get an accurate visual," the leading BABI pilot responded back on the radio. However, it wasn't long before a sign appear through the opaque smokescreen. Sadly, it was anything but positive as a yellow electric glow illuminated and the air became alive with electric sparks flying around it. As it turned out, Jirass was still alive, but she was absolutely pissed as hell with all of her dorsal spines and plates pulsating with ominous yellow radioactive energy from tail tip to her neck. All of them were crackling with volatile electric sparks. Her neck frill and nasal crests were pulsating with electric current now intensifying through the bloodstreams. She slowly stood up to her full towering height, emerging from the smokescreen while the grievous bloody wounds she sustained from the destructive bombing healed and the scars sealed almost instantly in spite of the napalm still burning angrily against her scales with her radioactive energies helping her superpowered immune system overcome such chemicals. Her eyes literally glowed with nigh psychotic fury with lightning dancing around them. So did even her jaws and throat. The raging fire still clung onto her gigantic dinosaurian body and accentuated the image of absolute wrath she was emanating.

"Uh...oh...Echo 1, we're in deep shit," the leading BABI squadron captain replied with his jaw slack open.

A whirring and humming sound came from the rapid charging buildup of energy happening through Jirass' frills and plates as she bent slightly. The lightning around the monster became more intense and chaotic as her entire body began to glow in an ominous greenish-yellow aura. Jirass snarled and glared hatefully at everything around her before she closed her eyes, prrparing to unleash another ability of hers.

"Screw this!" the female pilot in the GINN swore as she had her GINN bolt the heck out. Immediately, other survivors followed suite.

Only Rosea Amaranth, in her leopard-styled BuCUE with its left wingtip chipped, couldn't leave when she finally saw her boyfriend's ZAKU wandering 20 miles close to Jirass' location. Horrified and even more scared for Tanner, she screamed at the top of her lungs,


She had her BuCUE's engines go immediately into overdrive as she had her mobile suit gallop like it had never before in her life towards Tanner.

"Huh?" inside the ZAKU cockpit, her words through the scratchy radio frequency was high-pitched and loud in volume enough did indeed snap Tanner out of his trip down flashback avenue. When he looked through the visual screen, he was greeted with Jirass's spiky back towering above with a terrifying glow. But it was too little, too late. For him and even for Rosea as her BuCue pounced midway in the air closely approaching him in her desperate attempt to push him out of harm's way.

Jirass straightened up, threw her arms out with her claws outstretched, and her neck frill flared open. She roared, unleashing a devastating nuclear pulse and EMP wave all at once with lightning projecting instantaneously outward. The bolts first shortcircuiting everything within a 25-mile radius. They struck both Tanner's ZAKU and Rosea's BuCue as the current was now electrocuting them as both lovers shrilled out terribly. Then the radioactive pulsating wave headed for them. Everything went into slow motion for the two as Jirass' nuclear pulse decimated buildings and any other surviving mobile suit too stunned to escape.

"You idiots!" a voice rang out through their radios angrilly as it was none other than Rogan. Torpedoeing towards them in his badly-burned but still functioning ZnO, he grabbed both of their mobile suits by their legs with his mobile suit's long limbs and claws. He tackled them into a caved part of a road with the crevasse deep enough for him to pin his ZnO on top of the ZAKU and BuCue and shield them with his own mobile suit as best as he could while absolute destruction happened above and around him.

Even the airborne ZAFT mobile suits were not completely immune to the pulse as the bolts actually destroyed their engines, causing them to plummet from the sky. One of the bombers got unluckily struck by the bolts with its engines now shot.

Northern, and parts of Western and Carlton districts of Melbourne became engulfed by the devastating projected radioactive pulse and EMP wave within a bright yellow light.

Undisclosed location...

The screen showing Jirass beating the bloody crap out of the Australian metropolis now only showed warped distortions and static. But to the shadowy man in charge of Red Bamboo and sitting in his throne chair, it's only a minor setback and to be expected coming from the Titans as the god-like creatures often tend to leave quite a destructive mess in their wake. He needed to have that destructive mess created as much as possible to distract nations, accursed superheroes, and the supervillains, including various terrorist super organizations, who were sometimes, untrustworthy allies at best but more often, vicious competitors to Red Bamboo at worst, from realizing the true nature of his plan. Right now, he has no shortage of mass destruction to do so thanks to nearly all of his agents that succeeded in freeing some of the Titans right under Monarch's nose when the American-based global federal institution was also under much duress like the rest of the world in dealing with the chaotic changes thanks to the Multiversal Merging on top of having to face intense legal scrutiny from governments across this new world, mainly in the heart of the American-Atlantic Republic AKA the United States of America. The threat of losing funding amid the PR issues, lack of trust between them and the general public, increasing political pressure, and significant decrease in manpower have left Monarch and most of their Titan Outposts vulnerable to subterfuge. It didn't help that everyone else, even among their own established alliances and such, were now forced to redefine their boundaries in a very short amount of time when they didn't have to face this in their own respective universes. As a result, high-stress tensions and conflicts rose with some already taking a darker turn for worse even before this crisis turned everything upside down once again.

The perfect cover for Red Bamboo's sleeper agents to implement their master sabotage missions into action when the world was too focused on the bickering and struggling amongst heroes and villains, nations against nations, the natural versus the supernatural, anthropomorphic species against one another, Earthbound versus Intergalactic worlds, and so forth.

Other screens that were not plagued with static interference too much showed:

Anguirus engaging in a shoving match with the acting Tantotherium matriarch in Russia.

Zilla barging forcefully into the heart of Manhattan alongside Komodithrax and the two lashing out aggressively at Butterfly and Gwangi.

The mated pair of flying Titan firebrands, Fire Rodan and Firebird AKA Titanus Fenghuang dominating over both Atlesian and American-Atlantic Republican aerial units alike in the skies above Big Apple.

The Avengers and the Earth Protection Force having trouble overpowering a peculiar sentient gorilla-like ape, who was apparently a battle-hardened companion to Gwangi, that stood over a tied up and heavily wounded Spiderman that had a large spear protruding in precariously close to his heart.

Half of the Justice League being caught off guard by Titanus Gomora burrowing underneath and causing the Hall of Justice to cave in spectacularly as he smashes headfirst through the rubble unscathed thanks to his horns and thick skull.

New York's Mann Co. mercenaries being corned to the outside entrance of their company building by various mutant animals.

Titanus Quetzalcoatl wrecking havoc upon Rio de Janeiro by generating hurricane winds just from the motion of his beating wings as he hovers in a devastating cyclonic rift around the once vibrant tropical metropolis. Overwatch heroes like Lucio, Pharah, Brigitte, and Tobjorn, and the South American Freedom Fighters comprised of talented Mobians hailing from Brazil and her neighbors doing their best to protect the evacuating, hapless citizens from Quetzalcoatl's relentless onslaught as the serpentine flying dinosaur even spat out his Wind Breath to complicate the situation even further.

Sasquatch making a mess of a mid-sized summer town, which was in close proximity of about 28 miles to the secret Mann Co. weapons facility, in North Carolina.

Titanus Sobek making a stomping landfall onto the Floridan city of Vale already besieged by the Grimm Leviathan and the surrounding smaller flocks of Nevermores and Griffons as he let out his thundering growl to make his presence known, much to the shock of everyone in the city.

Varan already created a huge mess of the small city of Hikone just offshore of Lake Biwa where he emerged from. The Infinite Stratos Academy students, including the still water-drenched Ichika Orimura, were now flying around him in their robotic exosuits doing their damnedest to injure the Titan descendant of Longisquama. Their weaponry were pitifully weak and comparable to flies banging themselves against an elephant's thick hide and Varan already viewed the stressed out, angry teenagers as nothing more than tiny nuisances, which was evident when he made them scatter with just the flick of his whip-like tail creating a powerful snapping sound that created soundwave ripple of an explosion in the air that forced Ichika and his harem to scatter.

Much of the Valley of Peace was rendered uninhabitable and empty after the Tian Lung trashed the place with the residents evacuated a while ago in advance. This left Shifu, Po and the Furious Five to face off Tian Lung on their own with the base of the lengthy stone stairs leading up to the Jade Palace as the place to make their absolute last stand. Just when Tian Lung was about to bring down the curtain on the already exhausted and battered Chinese heroes, the stairs exploded outward in a shower of stone and earth debris as a 40-meter tall and 122-meter long red object with enormous plated bat-like ears and a massive golden-orange horn on his head came out bursting out and roaring at the top of his lungs. Both the heroes and the antagonizing Tian Lung looked up to see Titanus Baragon punching away the remaining debris clear of his makeshift entrance hole with his massive and powerful frontal limbs and spike-like claws. As soon as that was done, Baragon bellowed out very loudly to the point he blew a huge gust of dust and rocks at Tian Lung's way. The gobsmacked animal heroes of the village would have been crushed if Po and Tigress had not snapped themselves out immediately and forced Shifu and their friends to retreat. Tian Lung wasn't as lucky she got pelted in the face and was blinded. That made her susceptible to Baragon next literally vomitting out napalm from deep beneath his bowels. The lava-like bile scorched her the neck and chest. Tian Lung had a close call with one of the smaller magma-like splatters that burned her in her right jaw mandibles and throat, and almost accosted her eye. Now with Tian Lung stunned and writhing about in agony, Baragon took the opportunity to leap and pounce onto her prone form, acting like a wildcat. He even bit like one as soon as his claws latched onto her back and slammed his jaws and prominent canine fangs deep through the skin of her neck, rupturing blood vessels.

Tian Lung cried out in an ear-piercing eagle-like shriek.

Now the panicked bipedal dragon-like Titan was flinging herself, attempting to shake off the armored, heavily muscular therapsid that had the build and look of a bulldog as well as the ferocious, stubborn attitude of one. Thankfully for her, Baragon didn't pierce her throat, but if she didn't do something, the Titan gorgonopsid could still inflict more fatal damage that would be detrimental to her shortly afterwards. She quickly bit back as she swerved around her flexible, stretchy snake-like neck and aimed her jaws at Baragon's face. Her mouth agape with her beak, viperine-like canine fangs, and and Komodo dragon-like teeth flashing, she lunged and bit down onto his noggin with Baragon grunting stubbornly at that. Thus, began the struggling brawl of the Chinese Titans with Tian Lung's tail swinging and slamming about, haphazardly destroying the ruins of the village houses.

Titanus Tarasque, AKA Megalomatmata kamoebas, or simply, Kamoebas, which was named after the English translation of a Polynesian turtle deity from the mythology of the tribal people of Sergios Island, was seen lumbering through the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii while resident citizens and visitors alike scattered frantically away from the gigantic turtle-like beast. He was carrying his massive, heavyweight bulk, the majority of it coming from his spiky armored shell, which was supported by powerful limbs that combined the thickness of elephant limbs with the semi-erect posture and clawed feet of snapping turtles, especially where his powerful forelimbs were capable of digging through the earth and clawing at opponents. The spiked osteoderms of his shell curved forward. Behind the shell, his long tail was covered in bands of spiky armored plates with the tip ending in a scepter-like club, which made the appendage vaguely resemble a medieval mace. The head, which was triangular at the sides with a slightly rounded dome at the top, was supported by a snake-like flexible, hyperextendable neck with most of its true length hidden within the shell thanks to the flexible plates and spines, which gave the impression of the neck being shorter than what it truly was. It was his head that set it apart from average turtles as Kameobas has lizard-like toothy jaws and a horn-like snout instead of a beak. Even though he cannot fully retract his head into his shell, the armored bumpy scutes and spikes on top of his head can be used to further protect himself as his head is flexible enough to orient it almost at a sharp 90 degree angle.

Currently, he didn't need to as Kamoebas was hunting, using his flexible, powerful neck and nose to pick out a potential snack amongst the fleeing populace. Even standing at 60 meters tall (without the spikes) and at 270 meters long, which was relatively small compared to other bigger monsters, the prehistoric Titan pantestudine was still quite a titanic living tank to behold as the combined forces of the SWAT police and American-Atlantic Republican Army couldn't stop him at all with their bullets bouncing off his scaly hide and incredibly durable carapace. A couple of rockets blasted off from the men wielding the rocket launchers didn't even make the turtle-like Titan flinch after exploding against his shell as Kameobas simply shrugged them off. He let out a guttural grumble before he slammed his right forefoot right onto four Army soldiers and two SWAT members, crushing them underfoot. Next, with swiftness as quick as a lunging snake, he grabbed three more Army grunts and an armored jeep in his jaws and immediately mangled them with his sharp carnivorous teeth in a couple of bites. He swung his armored tail, his tail club demolishing an M1A2 Super Abrams Tank that tried to flank behind him and bludgeoned four jeeps and armored vans in the process as well as kill several more soldiers, including SWAT police.

Kumonga and Ts-Eh-Go and the younger generations of both Titan arachnid species still fighting each other to the death in in Jasper, Nevada now with the Ancestor Ants joining into fray led by a younger and newly-crowned Ancestor Ant monarchs, King and Queen. The fight quickly devolved into a three-way brawl amongst Titan arachnids and a prehistoric Titan species of giant ants, whose colony was an offshoot of the previous that had been destroyed by another Titan in New Mexico.

Speaking of New Mexico, the very Titan responsible for the demise of the previous Ancestor Ant colony was a monstrous helodermatid lizard Titan codenamed Gila, who resembled a mixing blend of a Gila Monster and Saurosuchus. The monster currently fighting another reptilian monstrosity, a gigantic Western Diamondback Rattlesnake further mutated into titanic sizes more than his already enlarged brethren, which were Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes hailing from Arizona that were mutated into "Macro" subspecies by the radioactive fallout of the Yellowstone Eruption. Not only having grown to enormous sizes, but the species as a whole have some of their natural traits mutated and modified into more potent versions of them that pose a very serious threat to humans or any animal unfortunate enough to be on the snakes' menu while acquiring new ones. The alpha individual that Gila's butting heads with, in question, was codenamed Rattlor by Monarch. Rattlor has his frontal brows and back of his head covered in sharp, thorn-like scales with a flexible row of spines running down from head to tail. Unique to him and his kin was the development of a bony roof of their mouth, their unusual cravings for a flammable mineral called iridium and phosphorous, and the presence of a special bladder meant to store exorbitant amounts of methane.

Rattlor and his ilk intruded onto Gila's territory in their insatiable search for food, iridium, and phosphorous, which resulted in a violent fight between the two Titan reptiles.

The snake had wrapped his coils around helodermatid Titan's thick waist as the latter tried to pry the serpent off and attempted to to bite at his neck. Rattlor expertly dodged and weaved his flexible neck away from Gila's jaws while flickering his forked tongue mockingly. Gila tried for another lunge, but instead of dodging, Rattlor spat flames right into the lizard's eyes. Shocked, but wasn't faltered enough, Gila kept right back into trying the bite the mutant rattlesnake's head off. Unbeknownst to him, Rattlor had another potent trick in his tail, which was his rattler. Then he shook the rattler, and it produced loud irritating sound waves. The mutation in the tail was the formation of a pair of sound organs that were like the equivalent of vocal chords making the base of the rattler look bulged like a club due to the enlargement of the rattle's width. This modification of the trait allowed him to make a high-pitched sound that sounded like a horrid mix between a scream and the usual rattling sound. This time, Gila was stunned with his head throbbing in pain from having the auditory part of his reptilian brain overwhelmed by this acrid, ungodly noise. The helodermatid Titan growled agonizingly as he stumbled wobbly in his tracks, disoriented and hurt. Then to add more to his suffering, Rattlor spat more flames right into Gila's face.

Titanus Tiamat had flooded Stone Mountain Park in Georgia after having just escaped a sabotaged Outpost 56 within the aforementioned mountain.

The Orb Union was under siege by an out-of-control and infuriated Titanus Taniwha, or better known as Titanosaurus.

Another Godzilla-like monster with more aquatic/shark/seal-like features that Monarch classified as Titanus Honengyo AKA Raiga had just breached into Tokyo Bay and accompanied by legions of prehistoric skeletal-looking fish called the Devil Bone Fish. The bigger Devil Bone Fish that reach the size of a battleship sometime bear the nickname of "Bakekujira", which was a skeletal whale yokai (spirit or demon) of Japanese mythology, as they bore striking resemblance to the aforementioned yokai.

The villages deep within the jungles of Vietnam were terrorized by a subspecies of the Skull Island Kamacuras.

All of this the shadowy master of the Red Bamboo watched with silent glee as nearly everything was proceeding as he had envisioned despite some...minor hiccups. He heard his cellphone buzz and ring from his breast pocket. He looked on its screen and instantly knew that it was his trusted right-hand man, Alan Jonah, that was calling him. Probably to report that his mission to Outpost 32 in Antarctica was completed.

He answered the call, pressing on the green phone symbol.

"Jonah, report," he commanded.

"It's done, my lord. Monster Zero has finally been freed from his icy prison in Tartarus," Jonah answered.