"Luke," I gasped, shivering with lust, at the man who was currently kissing his way down my back, unbuttoning my wedding dress as he went. We had just come home from our wedding in the town square and he was eager to savor all of me, finally, as his wife.

"Yes?" he murmured, his lips hot on my skin. He snuck his tongue out for a taste, and as the cool air hit the moisture, I moaned a little. He was the only one who ever had made me weak just from his fore play. Years of lifting heavy cans in the stock room, walking millions of miles between tables, and woodworking on the side had honed his body into a rugged yet sensual work of art.

"I need to tell you something," I said breathlessly, my eyes rolling back into my head as he got ever closer to the small of my back.

"Right now?" he growled. He was almost to the end of the line of buttons, which would mean the dress would slip off and there would be no going back. Luke was Jekyll and Hyde in the bedroom. The instant I was naked before him, he transformed into a love machine. Telling me I was beautiful, how sexy I was, gripping my hair, as he ran his rough hands up and down my body. It was like electricity. He could jumpstart my body in an instant.

"Its something big, and I don't want to start our wedding night off with any secrets," I said, gripping my dress at the back and spinning around.

"Lorelaaaai," he growled, oooh Mr. Hyde had already arrived. His eyes sent shivers down my spine that spread through my lady parts. I gasped slightly, losing my grip on my dress. But no, I didn't want to start this marriage off on the wrong foot.
"Please just listen," I said, pushing a hand against his shirtless chest. I had ripped that off on the stairs. A lot of things had come off on the stairs.

Sighing heavily, he sat on the edge of the bed, gesturing for me to continue, clearly pissed that I had interrupted his fun. Taking a deep breath, I forced the words out that had shocked me just that morning.

"Rory is pregnant." I glanced at him after rushing the words out. It took a second to register. His sex fueled testosterone clouded brain had to process, then I saw his eyes narrow

"Pregnant, how?" he stammered, spreading his arms.

"Pretty sure the usual way hon," I teased him. That earned me a grimace.

"Who's the father? That Logan schmuck?" he gritted out. Luke wasn't a fan of Logan by any means. He knew that Rory was seeing Logan, though he was engaged to someone else. He didn't like it. He didn't like that Logan was treating Rory as a side piece. Luke was old fashioned that way. He wasn't happy with Rory accepting her position as the other woman, but he loved her too much to say anything.

"I don't know," I said truthfully, "She clammed up after she told me, instead insisting we get some sleep before the real wedding."

He sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. Stressed Luke. Not what I wanted to do to him, but no secrets means no secrets.

"Was I wrong to tell you?" I asked him nervously. He looked up at me, with his hand over his mouth. His eyes softened as he took in my nervous expression.

"No. We said no secrets. I appreciate you telling me," he said, getting up to hug me. I leaned into his large frame, savoring the warmth and comfort I felt there. I turned my head and kissed him on the cheek, then the neck. I backed up to look him in the eyes.

"Besides, I have a sexy surprise for you, so I was going to stop you anyway," I say cheekily as I grin while backing into the bathroom. He barely responds with more than a hmmm. I shut the door, promising him all kinds of sexy things we will do to each other once I emerge from the bathroom with his surprise. He doesn't respond but that isn't unusual. I am more than happy to babble on. Once I'm ready, I grab the door handle.

"Get ready!" I shout. I fling the door open, stalking into the room in his favorite pair of my heels, silk stockings, itty bitty underwear, and braless, my arms raised in celebration.

"Ta Da!" I say. He isn't in the room. I look around, thinking he might be in the closet, taking off the rest of his suit.

"Luke?" No answer. I peek out the bedroom door. Nothing. The front door slams. Startled, I run to the bedroom window, not caring that I'm mostly nude. Luke is walking quickly down the street in the direction of the diner. Where Rory is. Crap. I hear a low wolf whistle. Double crap. Looking down, Babette is looking up at me with her thumbs in the air from her porch. Thankfully she is alone, Morey must be in the house. I quickly cross my arms across my chest, giving her a small thumbs up back as I pull the curtain. Triple crap, I need to get dressed and chase down Luke before he gets to Rory. I'm not worried he will hurt her. But Luke has a tendency to yell at those he loves most when he is worried about them. Rory doesn't need that right now. At all. I don't want her to not trust us enough to talk if she thinks she is going to get yelled at. Spinning toward the closet, I kick the heels off, pull the stockings off, not caring if I rip them. I grab my jeans and a sweater, slipping them on as fast as I can. I skip the socks, running down the steps and shoving my feet into my sneakers. Grabbing my keys, I run to the jeep, hoping I can get to him before he gets to her.