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There was a chill in the air but leaning into Jess' body while sitting in the sunshine was making it easier. I inhaled the coldness into my lungs, along with the scents of nature. The sweet smell of leaves decaying. The sharp scent of pine. It was a beautiful November day.

Jess was quiet, but that was nothing unusual. He was a contemplative and observant person. We could sit in silence, both of us knowing nothing was wrong between us. He bent down to kiss the top of my head. I smiled and looked up at him. He caught my lips with his and we made out on the bridge like we were 17 again. He pulled away and put his forehead against mine.

"Ror, we need to talk about things," he murmured, " I don't want to ruin the loveliness we have going here but…"

"Its okay, I know we have to face the situation," I said, kissing the tip of his nose. I sat up straighter so I could look at him while we talked.

"I spoke to my friends who could get a message to Logan, but it will be a few weeks before they can get the message to him, apparently him and Odette were married yesterday," I stated. He nodded his head, frowning.

"Will he be angry? Will he come after you?" he asked, his forehead wrinkled with worry. I took a second to realize how much he looked like his uncle when he was worried. A small smile escaped my lips. I looked down to hide it.

"No, I don't think he will be angry about the baby.." He cut me off.

"That it might be mine, that's what I meant," he said, swinging his feet under the bridge while gripping its edge.

"No, I don't think he will," I said, looking out at the water, "But if he does, I'll remind him of his hypocrisy." He smiled at that. He liked it when I unleashed angry Rory.

"How soon will we find out?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, I have to talk to Paris about how that works," I said. Again he smiled. He had always liked Paris. They were birds of a feather. They told you exactly what they thought and what you needed to hear. Paris liked him too. That should have been my clue all those years ago that he was the right man for me. Between Dean, Jess, and Logan, Jess was the only one she got along with and liked. He was intelligent but opinionated. She loved that. She loved that he gave a book a chance and had a solid argument behind why he didn't like it. She would be thrilled that he was back in my life.

"Okay. Now lets talk about the living situation. I can work remotely, since I'm an editor, and we have employees for the book store," he said, "I would have to make appearances now and then at the office, and also travel to meet authors."

"Are you sure? I know how much you enjoy being in Philadelphia." I said to him, worried that he would make a ton of sacrifices for me.

"I do enjoy it. But I love being with you more. Even if it means living in this dippy town, with all the crazy festivals. I've never really had a physical home Ror, you are my home. Where you are, I am," he said, staring into my eyes. He became blurry as mine filled with water. He always had a way with words. And he meant every word he said. My heart swelled and clenched in the same beat.

"Thank you," I managed to croak out, my throat tightening with emotion. I looked out over the water, taking a shaky breathe.

"I'm in the wind at the moment Jess. I lost myself after Grandpa died. I can see that now. We all did. Mom, Grandma, myself. We all went into downward spirals of grief. We couldn't save each other. We had to save ourselves. Find our purpose without him. So if you want to live in Philly, I'm okay with that. I have to figure out who I am. And if that means Philly, then that is what that means." I said with a small shrug.

"You need your mom Rory, especially now," he said looking at me with that worried expression again. I knew he was right. I just didn't want him sacrificing his life for me. I didn't want the relationship to be unequal. I hung my head. He grabbed my chin to turn my face to his.

"I'm not sacrificing anything. I'm not giving up anything. Just the location in which I happen to live. My work, my purpose are still there," he reached to touch my stomach, "And, in here. Life changes. And I'm okay with changing it for you and the baby."

"How do you always know what I'm thinking?" I said through tears, "Thank you for loving me so unselfishly."

He kissed me gently, pulling me into his arms. I sobbed quietly into his mouth.

"Moth….Rory!" an exclamation came from the shore. We both sat up, surprised at the interruption. There, standing on the shore, were Finn, Colin, and Robert. They looked a little shocked. Jess glanced between the group of men and me.

"Jess, meet the Life and Death Brigade, and Logan's best friends," I stated, as I kept my eyes on the boys. What were they doing here?