Loneliness is a horrible emotion to experience. Many suffer it from being without a significant other to share their lives with. Experiencing the very unpleasant feeling of disconnection and loneliness when there is a significant other in the picture only makes the grief worse. In Maggie's case, she was experiencing just this. She was married and legally bonded to a man she had known and loved for years but the emotional ties had been broken. Mickey had begun to pour his heart and soul into his career. He had opened a new law firm that was taking each and every minute of his day. He was working close to 12 hours a day. When he did finally come home, he was on the phone with other lawyers, clients, and firms conversing over the next hot case. The quick, "Good morning, Red. I have to run." was getting old. Maggie was no longer able to pass off his absence. She was becoming lonely and bored in her marriage. She had begun to feel more connected with his receptionist, that would call and cancel their dinner dates or explain his working overtime, than with her own husband. It wasn't long before Maggie had wanted to find her own purpose in the world and bring some joy and happiness back into her life. Her first move was volunteering at the hospital once again. When the doctors first diagnosed her with Myasthenia Gravis Maggie had to give up her volunteer job. She loved being a candy striper as she was able to help and aid others. She felt needed and it always gave her the sense of purpose she was currently looking for.

Weeks had gone by and Maggie was spending all the time she could at the hospital all the while making time for her girls. Melissa, Sarah, and Maggie had a wonderful bond. They shared everything. With Sarah being a young pre-teen and still living at home Maggie and Sarah had dinner together every night. Melissa made it a point to come over for dinner or meet them at Wings at least a couple of times a week just to spend time together. Even being so close to her daughters Maggie had never felt so alone. She rarely ever seen Mickey and they lived under the same roof and slept in the same bed when he did sleep. Sarah and Melissa had begun to notice the strain on their parents' marriage. It worried them but knowing their parents they did not put too much thought into it. Maggie and Mickey have had problems before and seemed to find a way to always work through them, Melissa and Sarah though this time would be no different.

While working at the hospital Maggie was paged so she made her way to the nurse's station.

"Mrs. Horton, there is a phone call for you. It's your husband's office." One of the receptionists said.

"Thank you, Mary." "Hello."

"Mrs. Horton, this is Wendy, Mickey's receptionist, he asked me to call you and tell you he cannot make dinner again tonight. He and Leslie are working on a very important insurance case and he will be working late once again. I am sorry." Wendy felt so sorry for Maggie. She had made so many cancellation calls to Maggie she was hurting for her, she couldn't imagine what Maggie had to be feeling.

"It's okay, Wendy. Tell Mr. Horton I will be working late also."

"I will Mrs. Horton. Take care."

"Thank you, you too!"

Maggie hung the phone up and walked to the lounge. As she entered the room and found it empty, she could not contain her hurt any longer. Tears of pain, betrayal, and abandonment took her over. She sat on the couch with her elbows resting on her knees and her tear stained face pressed into her hands. She couldn't stop repeating out loud to herself, "How did this happen?" She and Mickey had been happy for so many years. Since they reconciled and married several years ago, they had been so happy and had experienced a wonderful marriage and raised two beautiful daughters. Now they hardly even spoke let along seen one another, she was receiving messages from a third party rather than her husband, she could not remember the last time they had dinner together let along the last time they had been together as husband and wife. They had become long distant acquaintances rather than husband and wife.

Mickey's long hours and dedication to his job was only part of their problems. Maggie had begun to have her suspicions of another woman. While doing laundry Maggie had found several makeup stained collars, shirts drenched in his favorite cologne as if he was trying to cover another scent, receipts to very fancy and expensive restaurants out of town. There were so many clues leading up to what Maggie feared the most. She kept asking herself, "Is the distance because of a job or because of a woman?" She couldn't answer her own questions as all she had was circumstantial evidence. However, she could not lose the gut feeling that Leslie was more than his law partner. She worried they were partners, but it had nothing to do with the law firm.