Chapter 1: Blood Pact

Menma grit his teeth as he caught Naruto's Sage enhanced punch by the wrist. He didn't want to do this.

He really didn't want to have to do this! Not against Him, not against this Faker!

He refused. He refused the very idea that he could lose to this pathetic excuse for a ninja with zero style. I mean honestly, an orange jumpsuit? And yet here he was being forced to go this far?

"Fucking hell. I'll never let myself live this down." During his whole inner monologue Menma was gathering energy. The widening of the Faker's eyes told him that the purple aura had appeared. "Surprise motherfucker!"

Naruto, struck-dumb at the sudden reveal was unable to block the sudden palm to the solar plexus that robbed him of all air followed by the brutal kick to his temple. Dazed and confused didn't even begin to describe his state of being before pain exploded from all points of his body.

Menma laughed maniacally as he drove his rasenringu into Naruto's chest. "Time to die, Faker!" He then angled his arm down and tossed Naruto down the mechanized training ground they were fighting in.

Blood and spittle flew from Naruto's mouth as the orb of darkness mercilessly shred apart his chest, his Sunjutsu enhanced physic being the only thing keeping him for being instantly torn apart by the technique. So that's what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a rasengan...

It was only on his way down that Naruto noticed his body feeling sluggish and his chakra being unresponsive. "Wha...?"

Then suddenly a spike protruded from his chest having pierced clear through his back, his body slowly sliding further down the bloody spike. Naruto knew he should have been panicking and trying to get himself out of this predicament but he just felt so tired.

His arms wouldn't respond... he couldn't feel his legs... and his eyes. Naruto blinked desperately but they just wouldn't stay open. Menma landed on the spike across from him with a triumphant laugh.

"So this is what was making me so uneasy." Menma muttered to himself as a bubbling cloud of red chakra leaked out of Naruto attempting to close the wound. "Kurama, will that work?"

"Technically it is a Yang half. Not necessarily MY yang half but A Kyuubi's yang half. So theoretically... yes."

"Works for me!" Menma prepared to absorb the false Kyuubi's chakra before remembering the scroll. Quickly rummaging through Naruto's pockets Menma found his prize with a grin. "Ah! Perrrrrfect."

"Be quick. He's coming."

Settle down Kurama, just focus on absorbing the chakra, I'm reading as fast as I can! Menma mentally answered as he pored over the scroll. It was fascinating and explained a bit about his mysterious chakra but until Kurama was complete he couldn't actually put it into use.

I'm ready Kurama. You finish up, I'll deal with the masked asshole.

"Got it."

"Well done Menma." A deep voice called out from behind him.

"Madara." Menma replied with a nod. "I hope you don't mind, I helped myself to the feast before me." He indicated at the chakra being siphoned away from the dead Naruto.

"Of course not, that was the point of bringing Naruto here in the first place."

How much longer?

"A few minutes. Keep talking."

"So this made for some good reading." Menma said as he held up the scroll. "Have you read it?"

"No I haven't." Menma tossed over the scroll upon Tobi's admission. The man studied the wooden scroll for a moment before opening it. It was the tale of the two brothers only in this world Hamura stayed on earth not Hagoromo.

The twins also were never born, only Hamura's daughter Yaksha who apparently suffered from dual-personality and was known to be sweet and inoffensive some days then dark and murderous on others.

Her heirs were known for being able to draw in the power of the cosmos, radiating in a deep purple aura as a form of cosmic senjutsu. It also held absolutely no knowledge on how to break the genjutsu so it was effectively worthless aside from a small history lesson. "As interesting as that was, I believe it is time for me to claim my prize as well."

Tobi was not unaware that Menma had just finished absorbing the rest of the Kyuubi's chakra which was fine by him to be honest. Hypnotizing one larger Kyuubi would be easier than trying to entrance two smaller ones at the same time.

"Yeah, see, here's the thing. Fuck you and your whore of a mother." No longer bothering to hold back Menma instantly entered Cosmic mode and launched a senjutsu enhanced rasenringu at Tobi who disregarded the attack completely as pointless while in his intangible form and allowed it to pass through him.

Big mistake.

Obito was flung back, chest being shredded apart as the cosmic enhanced jutsu tore at his flesh. He was almost thankful when his body hit the wall and the jutsu detonated. The Zetsu parts of him slowly melted away as the jutsu somehow disrupted the chakra holding him together.

Menma laughed mockingly as he floated over to the dying Uchiha. "You stupid arrogant prick, did you honestly believe I would just lay down and die for you? Tsk. tsk."

Obito growled as he focused on the purple aura completely covering the Uzumaki. Somehow it allowed the boy to fly or at least float somehow. "H-How?"

"How?" Menma tilted his head in mock confusion "Oh! You mean how did I hit you? Oh, well that's easy. Not even your fancy little sharingan techniques can stop cosmic energy, trust me I've tested them on Sasuke."

"Co- Cosmic?" Obito coughed out, feeling the blood splatter inside of his mask. Without the Zetsu parts his body was failing rapidly and for whatever reason he couldn't teleport out or end the jutsu. "Wait..."

"Ah, yes! Cosmic energy, marvelous stuff, works like nature energy according to what I've learned about nature senjutsu. Only instead of trying to fight off the world's malice you need to survive entirely ridiculous levels of radiation. Honestly if I wasn't both a descendant of Yaksha and a Jinchuuriki, I likely would have died just attempting to enter Cosmic mode." Menma obliged. He always wanted to do an evil villain monologue after securing the win, so far it's pretty fun.

Menma's face became mischievous as he reached into his tool bag. "Just between me and you though, I had a cheat code going into it." From within the bag he pulled out something round covered in a black cloth. "See when I was a kid, I went on a mission. I was supposed to help some people or something, I dunno, not important. What is important was when I laid eyes on this."

Obito watched as Menma unfurled the cloth and sitting in his palm was a purplish glowing rock. "This baby is a meteorite that landed on Elementia some 200 odd years ago. Those greedy bastards in the Hidden Star Village meditated around my baby and simulated senjutsu by drawing cosmic power from it. Anyway as soon as I entered the village I was drawn to it and when I first saw this magnificent specimen I knew I had to have it."

"So... you stole it?" Obito wondered, this time he was the one stalling for time.

Menma laughed "Stole it? Heavens no! I waited until the guy trying to steal it showed up, see he did most of the dirty work for me and got rid of most of the jounins left. So later after I killed his ass, I waited until the remaining Hoshi-ninwere asleep, finished them off and took it for myself."

Obito was starting to fade in and out of consciousness but he knew that Menma had gotten closer. "Now getting to how all of this relates to you. Cosmic energy has this really neat side-effect of essentially poisoning you. The foreign chakra-radiation turns even the best chakra control to shit the first couple of times you're exposed to it and you sir, just got a Rasenringu full of the stuff."

Obito's lone sharingan eye glared balefully that the blurry purple object, no longer even clearly hearing his killer's words. "-but best of all!" He knew he was dead, it was only a matter of seconds now but he felt it. The majority of the radiation melted away with Zetsu's body parts.

"Y-you..." Menma stopped mid-way of his closing speech when he heard Obito's voice.

"Eh!? Speak up there buddy, I couldn't hear ya!" He mocked, leaning in close with his hand cupped to his ear.

"You... talk... too much." Just then Obito's eye activated and he let himself slump forward, tapping Menma with his forehead. That was enough to activate his Kamui with his dying breath and send them both somewhere, anywhere, as long as it would kill them both.


Menma drifted along in the all-encompassing darkness that was the Twisting Nether. His body remained unconscious, the only thing keeping him alive was Kurama keeping the Cosmic cloak active around him by channeling the chakra himself.

From within his purple cocoon Menma began stirring after some time. He blinked blearily to find out just where the hell he was. Unknown to him the powers of the void had seeped into his body, eagerly entering the willing host that was constantly drawing it in.

Seeing that he was stuck floating in a black abyss Menma tried calling his only friend. "Yo Kurama, what's the deal? Where the hell are we?" He gave it a few moments before frowning. Kurama never ignored him so something was definitely up.

Closing his eyes Menma entered into a deep meditation, now more actively drawing in the powers of the void which still remained unknown to him. Menma was unsure if he had failed to enter his sealscape when nothing changed except for the fact that he was now standing on solid ground.

"Well that's progress I guess." He made his way through the abyss, heading towards the nearest source of colossal chakra that somehow felt a bit darker than usual but maybe Kurama was just feeling extra hateful today? Menma sure as hell was.


"What in the holy hell happened to you?" Menma deadpanned upon seeing his oldest friend.

The giant shadowy fox opened a baleful eye which now glowed with a blueish hue. "I've kept you alive, that's what happened to me dumbass. I've had to keep your senjutsu cloak active for the last... couple of years until your lazy ass could finally wake up and do it yourself."

"Years? How long have we been floating in space?" Menma demanded in a shocked tone.

"Not sure, time works differently out here. It's felt like a millenia some days and only a few hours others. It's... disconcerting."

"And the whole translucent thing you've got doing on?"

"Drawing in the pure and unfiltered power of the Void for so long will do that to you." Kurama drawled. "It fused with my chakra after a while and I permanently gained this shadow form."

Menma hummed in thought. "Interesting. Any changes?"

"I have an overwhelming desire to devour the weak." Kurama replied.

"...So no then?" Menma deadpanned. "Anything other than that?"

"Not that I could tell." Kurama answered with a shrug of his massive shoulders. "It has gotten easier to control the powers of the Void ever since the merge however."

"Huh, well anything I should know before taking over?"

"It will try to corrupt you. Don't let it." Was all Kurama offered before stopping his meditation and laying down, "Also find a way to get us out of here before you starve to death, feeding off chakra will only sustain us for so long." With that the massive fox fell asleep instantly.

Menma sweat-dropped. "Alright then..."


And so Menma sat, for who knows how long, simply meditating and bringing himself back up to full-strength while contemplating the images and thoughts that entered his mind. The Void spoke of many things, creatures and beings that inhabited it, its eternal battle against the Light, and its duty to imprison the Great Old Ones.

Then one day the Void whispered to him of its power, it promised a great many things but only a few truths came through. Once more, images of portals and black energy swirled through his mind.

Within his sealscape Menma embraced the new power, even the malicious feeling of the Void did little to bother him as he was used to being full of hatred and malice anytime he and Kurama worked together. So he merely wrote off the whispers of rampant murder and debauchery as his own passing thoughts to instead focus on the power the Void was willingly offering him.

"Shadow Bolt!" A massive ball of black energy zoomed from his arm through the sewer in his sealscape and blasted a hole in the wall. "Fucking shit!" He yelped in pain, apparently that hurt him... good to know.

Curious Menma peeked through the hole and was able to see the mental representations of his chakra. Red pipes for Kurama, Blue pipes for his own chakra and purplish pipes for Cosmic energy.

With little else to do while drifting in the vast empty space, he decided to train even if it was only within his sealscape. He learned and practiced everything he could from the Void for what felt like centuries and yet also only felt like a few days at the same time. Like Kurama said this was a strange phenomenon that the Twisting Nether had on Time and Space, twisting and turning it within the maelström of battling energies.

He once even tried absorbing the Light but it rejected him outright as it claimed that Menma's heart was full of darkness and became a willing servant to the Void. Well first off Light, Menma served no one but himself and secondly, fuck you with a cactus. So naturally Menma decided to antagonize the Light and its followers from then on simply out of spite.

Many of the abilities he could learn from the Void were rather bland as they simply tortured his target to death but others seemed incredibly useful. Shadowform which he had recently mastered not only empowered his Void abilities but he could also use it in fashion similar to Jiraiya's old camouflage technique, allowing him to literally fade into the shadows.

Likewise portals were of great interest to him and were likely his ticket out of the Twisting Nether. He had the knowledge of the demonic techniques of the Void creatures and even knowledge of how to summon a few but nowhere to actually practice as they didn't work within his sealscape.

When he awoke the first thing he noticed was his sore body, aching from disuse. "Damn." Menma grunted as he stretched to get the feeling back in his body. A dark purple/bluish aura surrounded him accompanied by his shadowy wings that signified his activated Cosmic mode. "Might as well make myself some room."

He was happy to see his earth-style wall technique work in the Nether to form a solid ground with plenty of room for him to move around in. Menma debated on what to practice first but ultimately decided to summon the weakest demon he knew how.

Taking out a kunai he began carefully carving the summoning circle that was required for calling a certain demon for the first time. The Void guided his hand into carving the Imp summoning circle. After he was done he charged the large rune with his chakra much like he would a seal and was pleased when it lit up and hummed with power.

Next he began chanting in a guttural and alien language, his hands beginning to glow a bright incandescent purple as he literally willed himself to rip open a hole in space-time to bring a minor demon through. It took a few moments to find his intended target before a tiny being joyfully leapt through the portal.

"Galtak Ered'nash!" The glowing green imp shouted as he jumped through only to suddenly grind to a halt and step back in fear once he spotted Menma, quickly holding up its hand in defense. "Raknah! Raknah! Ich tor veni! Shaza, shaza!"

"...What?" Menma scratched his head as he looked at the tiny creature that was cowering in fear of him while speaking what he could only guess was demonic. Or maybe impish? He wasn't sure.

"No- No kill! Beg, no kill great one!" The little imp pleaded desperately.

"I'm not going to kill you imp. I'm the one who summoned you." Menma told the frightened little guy before it had a heart attack. If demons even had hearts... does Kurama have a heart? Doubtful.

"Great one... summon Kar'Zekul?" The imp blinked and finally lowered his hands before staring wide-eyed at the newly minted warlock. "G-Great one make contract with Kar'Zekul?"

"Is that your name? Kar'Zekul?" Menma asked, figuring he should at least know the name of the imp before moving on to the 'great one' thing. Then again considering he summoned it he technically was the imp's master now so maybe that's just what it decided to call him? He wasn't sure.

Menma decided he wasn't sure about a lot of things lately. Then again being tossed into what is essentially space-hell would probably do that to someone.

"Y-Yes! This one is Kar'Zekul!" The imp answered quickly. "Kar'Zekul heeded call of great demon... is... master, great demon?"

Menma nodded slowly "Well technically I'm human but I suppose I'm also part demon... in a way."

The imp nodded enthusiastically before biting one of its claws, drawing a sickly green liquid from it. "Kar'Zekul is ready to serve master!"

"Oh right, the blood pact." Menma copied the imp's action and bit his own thumb hard enough to draw blood which he touched to the imp's bloodied claw. "With this, I call upon a blood pact, formed between us both."

"Kar'Zekul accepts and serves master... umm... master-?"

"Menma. Uzumaki Menma."

"Master Menma!" Fel energies entwined the two of them in the shape of fiery green chains before dissipating, Menma now able to feel a clear connection with his new servant.

"So, I have a few questions." Menma told the imp who nodded, happy to aid its new master in whatever he needed. "Are you male or female? Or do imps not have a gender?"

The imp recoiled as if he had been struck "I-I'm male! Can't you tell from my manliness!?"

"Right, of course, how silly of me." Menma tried to placate the imp. "Next is, how come you can suddenly speak my language when you were struggling with it before?"

"Ah, that's an easy one boss! Us imps are used as scouts by the Legion so naturally we're able to quickly adapt to that world's languages and cultures and other such things. When we make a contract with a Warlock though, a lot of stuff transfers over. Like language." The imp answered. "It works both ways since you should know some of the stuff that I know now too!"

Menma didn't really notice any new information but years of passively ignoring influxes of memories from shadow clones probably had a hand in that. He would have to meditate on this. "Alright, fair enough. Next question, is there a special reason why you're green? The Void really only mentioned grayish looking imps."

Kar'Zekul scoffed and crossed his arms "Of course ! I'm a Fel Imp, Boss! A pure-blood imp born at the heart of the Legion! I'm way stronger than that trash those baby warlocks summon!"

"Right." Menma nodded once more. "Ok, last question, are you any good with portals?"

"Portals? Hmm... well us imps do use them for scouting worlds but we usually have coordinates to work from. I'm not really great at just making random portals but I can look up some info for you if you like? Some of the other demons are bound to know something, if not I could always check Argus." The imp shrugged, letting his new master decide the best course of action.

"Argus?" Menma asked, unfamiliar with the name.

"The Legion home world." The imp stated casually.

"Right." The Legion. A literal legion of demons, hell-bent on setting worlds on fire. He almost forgot about that. "I think that'll be all for now Kar'Zekul. See if you can find any information of making portals, specifically small personal ones to hopefully nearby habitable worlds."

The imp gave a small salute "You got it Boss!" Before letting himself fade back in the Nether.

"Well that was strange but I guess that me being in the center of the Twisting Nether allowed me to call up one of the stronger imp races." Menma was almost tempted into calling for a Voidwalker and seeing what popped out but decided against it. There was time for that later.

AN - The story begins in the year 12 ADP (after dark portal) two years after the end of the Second War and pretty much goes AU right off the bat due to Menma's sudden interference. The dates for certain events aren't specifically stated so I will play with the timeline a bit to suit my needs but for the most part I will be following the Warcraft timeline of events meaning that the story will start at 12 ADP and end roughly around 27~28 ADP.

Pairing wise Menma will have many partners but only three primary consorts that I've already decided on, the first being fairly obvious given the next few chapters. I plan on updating every second Monday with varying chapter lengths. Before I used to try and force myself to write about 3k words before putting something out but I've decided that if a chapter feels done and ends well I'll put it out regardless if it's 2k or 10k words.