" Ooh, what is this?" Maureen asked, taking her walkie-talkie out of its place in her belt, and pressing a whole bunch of buttons.

" Don't break it, honeybear, what if you need it?" Joanne said, glancing at Maureen while she drove around.

They didn't exactly know where to go, but Joanne had just put out the idea that they would look for crimes happening around the area while they waited to see if the captain would send them a message or something.

" I won't break it by pushing the buttons," Maureen said. She held down a button, and spoke into the walkie-talkie. " Hello? Anyone there?"

Collins's voice came back through the walkie-talkie. " Hello? Mo? Is that you?"

" Yeah, it's me. Where are you guys?" Maureen asked in the walkie-talkie.

" We're on forty-second street, stuck in traffic… move it, you asshole!" Collins yelled at someone else.

" Collins, calm down, honey," Maureen and Joanne heard Angel's relaxed voice say.

" Ugh, I hate driving in New York City… you stick that finger out one more time, I'm gonna arrest you, you moronic imbecile!" Collins yelled some more with twice the anger.

" It's sexy when you insult people with fancy words," Angel's voice was heard, and Maureen raised her eyebrows.

" I think that's my cue to leave… bye you two," Maureen said, and stopped holding down the button.

" Hello? Hello?! HELLO!" Mimi's voice was heard through the walkie-talkie.

" That's not how you do it, Mimi," Roger's voice said.

" Stop trying to mansplain to me how to contact our friends through this stupid piece of shit," Mimi snapped.

" Damn! Yes, you tell him, girl!" Maureen shouted.

" Honeybear, please, we are in a car. There is no reason to yell," Joanne said, placing a hand on Maureen's bicep to relax her.

" What if I make you yell?" Maureen asked flirtatiously, wiggling her eyebrows.

Joanne blushed. " Mo, please."

Maureen chuckled. " That's what you said last night."

" Oh! HAHA!" Collins yelled through the walkie-talkie.

" Hot!" Mimi yelled as well.

Joanne shook her head, and put her complete focus on driving again.

" So, where is the straight couple right now?" Maureen asked.

" Do you have to call us that? It makes me feel left out," Mimi whined.

" Hey, if you want quits on the whole 'being straight' thing, just visit me," Maureen flirted with Mimi.

" Maureen! I'm gonna throw that thing out the window!" Joanne said, annoyance evident in her voice.

" No, no, I'm sorry!" Maureen said, her hands in the air as a surrender. Joanne shot her a glare, and Maureen rolled her eyes. " So boring."

" So slutty," Joanne said with a playful smile.

Maureen's face fell. She stared at Joanne for a few seconds before looking straight ahead again, a hurt and angry expression on her face. " Nice to know what you really think of me."

Joanne glanced at Maureen. " Baby, I was just kidding—"

Joanne tried to place her hand on Maureen's arm but Maureen roughly shoved it away.

" Maureen, I was just playing around!" Joanne exclaimed.

" Fuck you," Maureen stated and Joanne went silent.

" Everything okay, lesbians?" Collins asked through the walkie-talkie.

" Totally, gays."

" So… updates from the two straight people who are not dating…yet?" Collins asked, referring to Mark and Ally.

Mark huffed at the 'yet'. " Not really. We're driving around Queens, but we're close to the Queensboro Bridge so we could drive back to the city if anything," Mark replied.

" Cool, cool," Collins said. " Ally? How's albino pumpkin head treating 'ya?"

" Great… he's really quiet," Ally replied.

" He acts stupid around pretty girls," Collins explained and Mark blushed.

" Collins!" Mark exclaimed, and stayed silent after that.

" Mark probably looks like a tomato right now," Mimi commented, and the whole gang laughed.

" You guys are fucking weird. Why did I hire you?" the captain's voice suddenly came through the walkie-talkie. " I'm trying to work and you won't shut the fuck up!"

No response.

" Okay, meet at Chipotle on 44th," the captain stated.

" Chipotle?" Angel and Mimi asked at the same time, and then their giggles were heard.

" Yes, Chipotle," the captain said, and there was a silence. " I'm hungry… be there in max twenty minutes."

" Yes, captain," they all said in unison.