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The Art of Losing Oneself

Or Magikē (Tekhnē): '(Art of) a Magus'



posted on June 1, 2019

updated on June 9, 2019

I can feel a storm coming, I can sense the air change

Within the looming copse lay a beautiful field, white flowers dotted in spurts around. The fog was rolling in and the grounds were faintly lit by a macabre moon when the sound of metal on metal pierced the silence.

'Cause the sky is turning as the world's burning grey

Trailing the sound would reveal two figures bathed in shadow despite the moonlight's soft glow. Metal winked in and out of visual range as the smaller fully-robed figure slashed at its opponent's misshapen body.

The winds breathing heavy and dark clouds are closing in

Harsh pants escaped the smaller figure as she realized the futility of her attacks. Her opponent would just keep healing and rush back into the fight with renewed enthusiasm, so what was the point if it was inevitable that she'd be dying this night? However, laying down to die was not in her nature either, so with one last sharp inhale, she moved.

So I run to the open 'cause the Rain is my friend,

With one last twinkle of moonlight on silver, one of the figures dropped.

The Rain is my friend

A flash blinded nonexistent witnesses, fading gradually to reveal that the light had emanated from both figures' bodies', from the exact same symbol engraved on each.

The Rain is my friend

To the non-discerning eye, it was a star within a circle. To one knowledgeable in the occult however, it was the symbol of a demon.

The Rain is my friend

The symbol glowed twice before floating from the inhuman being's shuddering figure and superimposing itself on the more humanoid one's body. Glowing brighter, it shone one last time before returning to its previous blood-red state.

I can feel the air changing, yet it's warm and it's thick

Raspy failing chuckles broke the shock of the moment," That bastard shinigami was right. The world moves in a cycle. For everything that meets its end, another will replace it, and the only inescapable truth in the world is that death is inevitable."

As the Sun's disappearing and the clouds closing creek

A wheeze broke through her words as she tried to move her inert body to more properly look into the eyes of what was once her friend.

I know what's to coming, all my hairs stand on end

" You may have killed me," she smiled, eyes dancing with malicious laughter, " but I'll be having the last laugh."

And I run to the open 'cause the Rain is my friend,

Twitching lips flashed teeth, dagger-like in the gloom. "You should be proud." Failing lungs made her next words escape in a whisper," Rarely, if ever, does a human kill their contractor. "

The Rain is my friend

With one last raspy chuckle, her body lay limp. Falling down on shaky knees, the robed figure's whole body shook, tears falling unto the unmoving demon's body as the mark on their hand seemed to gleam.

Rain rain rain rain