In the middle of the night I am woken up by a strange noise. I decide to check if everything is okay. I go out into the hall and I'm about to turn on the light when I feel someone put a hand over my mouth and pin my arms. But my karate training has paid off. I'm able to pin him down, even though he is very strong. There is a mask covering his face. I notice the knife on his belt which I take away from him. Then I tie him up. After this I decide to check on my brothers. Near their rooms I notice another man. I try to knock him out, but another man comes to his aid. He holds a gun to my head. I am overpowered, so I let them tie me up and gag me. Someone carries me to a truck outside our house. A different man pins me down with a gun. A few minutes later the truck starts moving. The last thing I feel is a sharp prick in my arm.