Hello guys, it's me Purp. My full name is PurpleRathalos, which is a name that I made solely to piss off the YouTuber RedLeopardVideos for shits and giggles. I figured that I would do an experimental chapter on a possible new story for fun. The premise? Basically this: creatures from the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise(s) start appearing in the world of Fairy Tail and gain both magic and sapience.

Seems simple right?

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Anyways, I am not going to stall and just get onto it. I'm not Omni where I waste time and space with long forewords and afterwords. Any questions you have, just put them in the reviews and I'll answer them via PM. And if you don't have a FanFiction account, then tough luck.

Unknown Person's P.O.V., Unknown Location


Darkness everywhere.

That is all that I saw. Just Darkness.

I am no stranger to Darkness; before I was born, I was surrounded by Darkness and Warmth. Once I was born, every time I closed my eyes I was reminded of Darkness' existence. When I became too dangerous for the creatures I would learn were called humans to handle without danger, they threw me into Home. They used Light to chase Darkness away, so I killed Light. When they sent someone in to bring Light back to life, I killed him. After that, they let me stay with Darkness.

Darkness was a friend. It was one of my only friends, along with Meat, Sleep and Warmth. All of them were my friends, which was why I was happy right now.

I was surrounded by Darkness. Meat was in my stomach. Sleep was hugging me. Warmth was around me.

I don't know how I got here. But I do remember everything up until this point.

I was tracking down Small Human before Stupid Human attacked me with a Pebble Thrower. I tried to attack Stupid Human for that before I was attacked by Blue Stripe. Our fight tore up Small Human's Home before I was thrown out of it through a Clear Wall.

After that, it seemed like I would be able to finish off Stupid Human and examine Small Human, but then Injured Human somehow recovered from my earlier attack on her. She used Red Dot and Hurtful Sound to force me into my trained Kill-Rage. In my Kill-Rage, I blindly attacked Stupid Human in an effort to kill him.

Then Blue Stripe attacked me once more. The Clear Ground underneath us somehow broke like the Clear Wall and we were sent falling through the air. I attempted to attack Blue Stripe while falling, but then my memories stop. When I came to, I was here with Darkness, Meat, Sleep and Warmth.

I opened my mouth to use my Sound Sense. Nothing.

Strange. It's as if nothing is out there except air and Darkness.

I used my Sound Sense again. Again I sensed nothing.

Something isn't right. When I use Sound Sense, it always bounces off of things: walls, floors, roofs, humans, even all of my Dead Toys and my friend Meat when the humans gave Meat to me. I always know my surroundings thanks to Sound Sense.

But now I cannot use Sound Sense. Either that or there is nothing here for Sound Sense to be used on.

But how can there be nothing for Sound Sense to be used on? There should always something for Sound Sense to bounce off of, even if it is just the floor. Did falling through the Clear Ground while fighting Blue Stripe somehow take me to a place where there is no floor? If there is no floor, why aren't I falling? Or am I falling and Darkness is just making sure I can't see? Is Darkness trying to keep me calm?

I shook my head and growled a little in pain. My head hurt. It hurt whenever I thought too hard about things. Once my head never hurt, no matter how hard I thought. But then the humans used Forceful Sleep Nips to make me meet Sleep against my will.

When I woke up, I was strapped down and restrained in a strange white place where there was lots of Light. I didn't like it. I thought that I had killed Light, but I learned that apparently Light can exist in many bodies at the same time. Weird.

Another thing I remember was that I was surrounded by humans wearing strange clothes. They also had lots of pointy things like the Forceful Sleep Nips with them. When they saw that I was awake, what I assume was the leader told her underlings to stick one of the pointy things in me so that I would meet Sleep again.

She said something about "brayn surrgurry" or something that sounded similar. I didn't get to hear anymore because the pointy thing was stuck into one of my Hurt Spots and I fell back asleep.

When I woke up again, my head felt weird. Fuzzy. It was hard to think about things and if I thought about something too hard, my head would start to hurt for some reason.

I thought that it would wear off eventually and it mostly did, but not entirely. Even now I can still feel a tiny bit of fuzziness in my head as I try to think about how to get out of this situation.

I examined my surroundings for anything. Only Darkness.

I considered trying to use Sound Sense again before I decided not to. There was only me, Darkness, Meat, Sleep and Warmth here. As long as I had my friends, then I was fine being here. I could even tolerate not having my Dead Toys anymore or not being able to learn about Small Human here.

A tug of a smile pulled on my lips. Here, I could just rest.

Stupid Human and Blue Stripe weren't here. I didn't have to deal with Light, Red Dot and Hurtful Sound anymore. Pebble Throwers, Forceful Sleep Nips and pointy things were nowhere to be found.

I couldn't be forced to sleep and wake up feeling weird because of humans.

I couldn't be forced into a Kill-Rage by Red Dot and Hurtful Sound.

I couldn't be hurt anymore.

I was safe here.

Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes upon that realization. For the first time in a long time, I felt happy. I could simply rest and nobody was here to make me wake up.

I blinked the forming tears away and curled my tail around my legs to get as snug as I could. I tucked my arms as close to my chest as I could and prepared to close my eyes. But before I could, I noticed something small ahead of me.


Light, about as small as a human tooth, floated just in front of my snout. I blinked in surprise before realizing what this meant; Light was here. Which meant humans, Red Dot, Hurtful Sound and Blue Stripe could also be here.

I snarled a warning to Light but, like always, Light arrogantly refused to go away. So I did the only thing I could do and lash out with my hands to kill Light.

The moment I touched Light though, it became large and chased away all of my friends. Darkness disappeared, maybe even killed because the part of Darkness that humans call Shadow couldn't even be seen. My stomach felt empty like Meat had never been there at all. Sleep ceased to be, retreating back to wherever it went while it wasn't starting to hug me. Warmth was replaced by Cold, which was something that I didn't like at all.

I shrieked in anger and bloodlust at Light, letting it know that I fully intended to kill it for that. I started trying to thrash and scratch and bite and kick Light, but all I ever got was air. I didn't care though. Light had to die.

But I would show Light why I was to be feared before I killed it for ruining everything.

I would show Light why I had been locked away in Home for all those years.

I would show it why the word Indoraptor was whispered in fear.

I attacked Light until my jaws, limbs and tail started to burn from all the moving, but I did not let up. My attacks didn't stop though, even when the burning moved to my entire body. Light would die.

Impossibly though, Light survived and was replaced with Brighter Light. Brighter Light blinded me and made me see only white. I heard a sound that I had never heard before, one that I couldn't describe. That didn't matter though.

What did matter was that the burning was getting worse. I gave Light one final roar of anger and defiance.

And after that, I knew nothing.

The Indoraptor's Terminology

Blue Stripe: Blue

Clear Ground: the glass ceiling of the Lockwood Dinosaur Hall

Clear Wall: window

Dead Toys: the bones of a man who was sent into the Indoraptor's cage to replace a lightbulb

Forceful Sleep Nips: tranquilizer darts

Home: the Indoraptor's cage

Hurt Spots: vulnerable chinks in the Indoraptor's armor

Hurtful Sound: sonic frequency that activates the Indoraptor's hyper-aggressive state

Injured Human: Claire Dearing

Kill-Rage: hyper-aggressive state

Pebble Thrower: gun

Red Dot: red laser dot

Small Human: Maise Lockwood

Small Human's Home: Maise's room

Sound Sense: echolocation (yes, the Indoraptor really does have echolocation)

Stupid Human: Owen Grady