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Third Person P.O.V., Era

Era: a large town that was well-known all across Fiore. While not considered a major city by the majority of Ishgar like Crocus, it was still an important place to the people of Fiore and would appear on the maps of the still human-inhabited parts of Ishgar, unlike obscure villages and some towns. The reason for this was because in the center of town lay the headquarters for the Magic Council, the ruling body for all magic in Fiore...well, all magic used by humans that is.

It's not easy enforcing the law on hungry Saurian carnivores that didn't give a damn about said law. You try doing it.

Anyways, within a dark room in the centermost tower of the Magic Council were the nine members of the Wizard High Council, floating on a giant blue magic circle that kept them from falling hundreds of feet to an imminent demise, or at the very least serious injury. The reason for their meeting taking place hundreds of feet up was simply for the cool factor, but that wasn't important. What was important was that the nine members of the Wizard High Council were in the middle of a meeting regarding a most peculiar yet worrying turn of events concerning eyewitness reports from Hargeon Town.

"This doesn't fare well for us," a male member said to the group, saying what everyone was thinking after being debriefed on the situation. "Ever since the end of the Human-Saurian War, the Saurians have coexisted with us in relative harmony and ceased all attacks on major cities. But now some pitch black predatory Saurian that nobody can identify has just turned up in the middle of Hargeon Town without anybody noticing and killed somebody!"

"To make things even worse," another member added on, "a tsunami created by unknown causes destroyed part of the port and the member of Fairy Tail who was fighting the man that was just killed destroyed even more of the town in the aforementioned fight! Those foolish Fairy Tail members need to be-"

"Forget about Fairy Tail, I'm more worried about the tsunami! For all we know, what seems like two unrelated events like the tsunami and the Saurian could be the actions of multiple malicious Saurians trying to reinstigate the Human-Saurian War! This all could have been a series of coincidences but we can't rule out the possibility that this was a coordinated attack."

"You speak as though the Saurians are capable of thinking on the same level as humans and demi-humans," a female member of the council said, sneering distastefully at the mere thought. "They're smart, I'll grant them that, but at the end of the day they're just slightly more intelligent animals. Smarter than your average dog or monkey but still dumber than any human out there. You're giving them too much credit."

"To be frank, I don't think we're giving them enough credit," the petite, elderly council member known as Yajime chimed in. "If they're as unintelligent as you seem to think they are, then why did humanity end up losing so much land and so many resources in the Human-Saurian War? Would you like to explain to the broken families and traumatized victims of that event that it was all caused by "slightly more intelligent animals"? Or perhaps say that to the face of one of the few surviving soldiers who've faced a horde of bloodthirsty Saurians in battle and still has nightmares about it till this day?"

The female councilwoman didn't respond to that, instead opting to grumble under her breath and look away as Yajima stared at her. Despite having completely destroyed her argument about Saurian intelligence, Yajima took no satisfaction in his achievement. In fact, he merely bowed his head at the memory of those who perished during that horrible time in Ishgar's history.

Everyone had lost friends and loved ones during that horrible time in Ishgar's history, him included.

"Look on the bright side," a blue-haired male member named Siegrain had the gall to say, gaining both the attention and ire of the other council members. "We've arrested over two dozen criminals because of that tsunami and the ringleader of one of the country's biggest crime syndicates outside of the Dark Guilds is now dead. I'd say that the Saurian actually did us a favor by killing that man."

"You would dare-" one man started to say angrily while pointing a finger at Siegrain before his fellow councilman interrupted him, pulling out a folder from his jacket and reading what was on it.

"Bora the Prominence," Siegrain stated in a neutral voice, looking over and reading what was written on the profile. "Wanted in both Seven and Fiore for the alleged kidnapping of almost one thousand women that were sold into the Bosco slave trade, possibly two hundred or so accounts of murder, 37 confirmed vehicle thefts, 17 suspected accounts of identity fraud, 5 recorded cases of the usage of now-illegal magics and even a few accounts of rape."

Siegrain closed the folder with a snap, glaring at the now silent councilman who had started to call him out. "So tell me, which outcome sounds more preferable to you sir: Bora potentially escaping before the Army could arrive and apprehend him, which would give him the chance to continue more of these crimes, or him being killed by the jaws of that Saurian."

Nobody in the room said anything, prompting Siegrain to continue. "And continuing on the subject of the Saurian, judging from the pictures that nearby people took with their camera lacrimas and the creature not matching any Saurian that we have recorded in our archives and databases, I think we can safely assume this Saurian is more than likely a new species."

A series of pictures of the Saurian materialized in the center of the room, slowly rotating clockwise so that every member could get a clear look at the beast. Many of the photos were blurry or had poor lighting conditions, but the clear ones displayed a terrifying pitch black predator that swapped between standing on two legs to moving on all fours like some kind of demonic lizard-dog.

"What in Ankersham's name is that thing?" one of the councilmembers asked, wide-eyed in horror as he looked at a picture of it spitting out Bora's decapitated head.

"We don't have a proper name for it yet," Siegrain stated as he closely watched the council's reactions, "but the word on the street is that people have taken to calling our new friend here "The Ripper" for now."

"A fitting name," another member of the council, a young woman whose name was Ultear Milkovich, muttered as she examined a photo of the creature biting off Bora's hand after the mage had summoned purple fire.

"IS IT SMILING?!" one of the female councilwomen shrieked with a pale face and gaping mouth as she looked at one particular photo. At that question, everyone turned their heads to focus on a particular picture of it looming over a still-living Bora with a terrifying smile on it's face.

"It would appear so," Siegrain answered in a monotonous voice. "Eyewitness reports say that the creature appears to have taken some sort of pleasure in causing Bora pain before killing him."

"You've clearly done your research on this case," Yajima commented as he cupped a hand to his chin in thought and tried to make out any other features of the creature. "More so than you usually do. May I ask why?"

"Just personal interests," Siegrain replied with a shrug. "Since I am one of the few to have ever tamed a previously wild Saurian, my interest in them has just skyrocketed I suppose."

"Ah yes, that Stegosaurus of your's," Ultear said, remembering the massive herbivore from a visit to Siegrain's home in the country. It had been quite the handsome dinosaur with it's green skin and flushed red plates whenever it wanted to intimidate others, change body heat or just show off. "Is he still doing well?"

"Yes, Mizer has been doing very well for himself. I've been thinking about training him to fight other Saurians for the council. After all, having a Saurian on your side when going up against other Saurians could prove to be useful."

"A fascinating idea, but back to the subject of this Saurian," one of the councilmen interrupted. "Do we have any ideas on it's abilities yet? Weaknesses? It's magic if it has any?"

"This creature seems to possess multiple abilities of note," Siegrain answered, dissipating the photos into thin air. "Aside from having proven to be an excellent climber, a skilled leaper and seemingly a master at stealth if it sneaking past the guards proves anything, it was also said to be able to run faster than a horse and has a bite force strong enough to bite through bone with little effort. Apparently it also has an almost supernatural ability to disappear when given sufficient cover. Dogs weren't able to track it down and no tracks were found when the guards went searching for it the next morning. Weaknesses have yet to be identified, although we believe that it has a strong sense of taste that can potentially be exploited, as demonstrated by it spitting out Bora's head because of shampoo he had used on his hair. And as for the creature's magic..."

Siegrain closed his eyes and took a deep breath before exhaling. "See for yourself."

A series of pictures showed the Ripper biting Bora's hand off, swallowing it, killing Bora, biting his head off, spitting it out and then burning the head to ash via a stream of purple fire emanating from the monster's mouth. Everyone's eyes widened at what this entailed.

"It would appear that our new friend here obtains new kinds of magic by eating it's prey," Siegrain stated grimly. "And what's even more worrying is that the creature kidnapped three other people aside from Bora before it escaped into the forest."

Three holographic profiles hovered in the air, showing a pink-haired boy, a blonde-haired girl and a blue cat of all things that stood on two legs like a person.

"Natsu Dragneel," Siegrain began with the pink-haired boy. "Also known as the Salamander and a member of Fairy Tail. Well-known for his destructive nature, he practices a type of Lost Magic known as Dragon Slayer Magic; to be more specific, Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. With this magic, he can burn down entire towns, is immune to any environmental effects of heat and cold and has the ability to eat fire to replenish his magical reserves, whether it be natural or magical in origin. I don't think I need to explain what could happen if the Ripper got that kind of power."

Everyone's faces paled at the thought of the Ripper with Dragon Slayer Magic; it would be like having a small, flightless dragon with man-eating tendencies running about. If the abilities of the Ripper ever became public knowledge, massive public panic would be sure to ensue. They had to make sure that there was absolutely no way that this information could ever reach the masses.

"Lucy Heartfilia," Siegrain continued on, gesturing to the blonde girl. "A freelance mage who specializes in Celestial Spirit Magic, which focuses on summoning Celestial Spirits from the Celestial Spirit World to aid her. It isn't her magic that gives the Ripper the potential to become even more of a threat than it already is but her spirits. We don't know if the Ripper can gain the abilities of Celestial Spirits yet, but if so then that makes the Ripper even more of a threat than previously thought."

"Lucy Heartfilia is known to possess the gate keys of Aquarius, Cancer, Taurus, Crux and Lyra. While Cancer and Lyra are considered to be of no considerable threat, Aquarius, Taurus and Crux are. Aquarius possesses the abilities of levitation and hydrokinesis thanks to the magical urn she holds. Taurus has abnormal strength for a being his size and possesses the ability to summon a giant battle-axe to use in battle. Lastly, Crux is a being that, like Aquarius, can levitate. But of higher importance is his ability to scan the Human World and the Celestial Spirit World, which allows him to know everything that is going on between the two of them. With this power, he could potentially be used to find the other remaining golden key owners. The most concerning part of all though is that Celestial Spirits are immortal. If the Ripper somehow gained that ability as well..."

"Holy mother of Ankhseram," one of the councilmen said at the thought of such a creature being turned immortal.

"Coming to our last exhibit is Happy," Siegrain said, ignoring the horrified looks of everyone present. "A member of a rare cat-like race that we have no records of prior to six years ago and a member of Fairy Tail as well. Aside from being able to talk, he possesses only one other noteworthy ability and that is the ability to grow wings for flight."

"Wait a minute," Yajima interrupted. "Are you implying that we could soon have a man-eating Saurian that can burn cities, grow wings and potentially have immortality on our hands?"

"It is a possibility," Siegrain said, waving his arm and making the pictures vanish into thin air. "Which is why I would like to propose that we put all of our resources into searching for the Ripper effective immediately."

Nobody spoke after the proposition. No words were needed to convey what everyone was thinking.

If the Ripper gained those abilities and continued to attack people, it could reignite the Human-Saurian War. And despite the years that had passed since the last war which had given humanity enough time to "recover", the Magic Council was positive that humanity wouldn't fare any better than it had last time.

There was only one to ensure the survival of humanity.

The Ripper needed to be stopped.

The Indoraptor's P.O.V., In front of Fairy Tail's Guild Building

I was starting to regret agreeing to this.

Not the fact that I was traveling with Natsu, Lucy and Happy; I liked traveling with them. What I didn't like were the scared looks that humans would get when they saw me in broad daylight as I walked past them and their Human Homes. Did they think that I was going to attack them?

Stupid humans. If I wanted to attack one I would have already done so with Natsu and Lucy. Continue to stare at me like that though and maybe I'll make your reactions justified.

To take my mind off of the looks that all of the stupid humans were giving me, I reflected on my time with Natsu, Lucy and Happy. I could easily say that these past few days have been the best ones of my life for a lot of reasons.

After I had ran away from the group of humans, into the Green Place and a long distance away from the Human Homes, I stopped running and allowed Natsu, Lucy and Happy to get off of me. Almost as soon as they had gotten off, the three had started asking me lots of questions. I didn't mind them. In fact, I liked having others to communicate with. It was something that I had never gotten to experience before and I thought it was pleasant. It also taught me lots of new things.

I now knew that Happy was a creature known as a cat and humans called Crawlers bugs. The light in the air that I could never reach when the air turned blue is the Sun and the green things everywhere are plants. Places like the Green Place are called forests. The Light that Natsu and Bora make is fire and humans wore clothes to "hide their naughty bits" according to Happy. The fluffy white things in the air are called clouds and the giant amount of air outside of Home or Human Homes is called the sky. The things Happy can make on his back are wings and they let him fly. The soft brown ground underneath me is called dirt and sometimes water falls out of the clouds. It's called rain when it does and it helps plants grow. Plants need the Sun, dirt and water to grow up big so that they can make it so that we can breathe the air for some reason. Humans rarely ever killed their own food and usually preferred to eat food after it was put over a fire for some reason.

There also appeared to be many more kinds of creatures in the world than what I already knew existed. We would see the small colorful ones capable of flight and that sang throughout the day called birds almost every other minute. We often came across other small creatures that my new friends told me were called rabbits, lizards, snakes, deer, squirrels, mice, Struthiomimus, Dimorphodon, Dracorex and Psittacosaurus. What really caught my attention were the big creatures though.

As we moved through the forest, we would occasionally find creatures larger than me, which I didn't even know could even exist. Looking back on it though, I probably should have suspected it when I came across the giant Dead Toys (or bones as Lucy called them) at the Dead Toy Place.

Some of these creatures were so big I needed to look up just to see their heads! We didn't come across them as often as the smaller creatures, but we still came across three or four groups of them every day. Lucy told me which ones were which: the tall-necked ones were Brachiosaurus and Bonitasaura, the ones with what Lucy called crests were Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus and Edmontosaurus, the horned ones were Sinoceratops and Pentaceratops and the ones with the bony backs were Ankylosaurus.

According to my new friends, Struthiomimus, Dimorphodon, Dracorex, Psittacosaurus and every creature that we had encountered that was bigger than me were Saurians too. Saurians were a range of creatures that had many different sizes, shapes, appearances and abilities and they could use magic, the thing that supposedly allowed me to push water and fire from my mouth. My friends explained that Saurians had just started appearing years ago for reasons nobody knew, taken a lot of things from humans and were now both respected (whatever that meant) and feared by them.

All of these things were just a few of the many things Lucy and the others had taught me over the last three days while we traveled to this "Fairy Tail". And it wasn't just about the world and the creatures that inhabited it that I learned about: I learned a lot about my new friends too.

Natsu was loud, fun-loving and seemed to always be ready to fight for fun. He ate the most out of all my new friends and seemed to be the one that was in charge, even if Lucy often disagreed with what he said and did. For the first few days, whenever we took a break he would ask me to fight him. I was confused about that at first since I thought we were friends before he told me that he wanted to fight so I could show my strength and he could grow stronger. That made sense to me so I decided to play-fight with him.

I made sure not to bite too hard or use my claws for attacking since I didn't want to hurt Natsu but I did end up drawing blood from him on accident. I tried to lick the wound clean but Lucy told me to stop after three licks and said that she would use bandages on him.

Another interesting thing I learned about humans: when they get minor injuries like cuts and scrapes, they place these things called bandages on them so that dirt can't get in and infect the wound. Apparently if a wound gets infected, it hurts a lot and can even end up slowly killing somebody.

It was a good thing I now had Lucy to make sure I didn't end up dying of infection.

A few hours after licking Natsu's blood and getting ready to go to sleep for the night, Happy ended up accidentally startling me and caused me to breathe fire onto a nearby tree. Oddly enough though, my fire seemed much stronger than before and was orange instead of purple. Weird, but I decided not to ponder on it: thinking about it wouldn't do me any good and only result in head pains.

In contrast to Natsu, Lucy was kind, well-spoken and pretty normal by human standards as far as I could tell. She was smart, thoughtful and seemed to love teaching me new things. Whenever I tried to ask a question, she would quickly catch on to what I was trying to ask and answered it to the best of her ability. She would also ask me questions as well, but my responses were limited to nodding, shaking my head or shrugging.

I really hated not being able to talk to humans sometimes.

Happy was...tolerable at the best of times and annoying at the worst. If he wasn't Natsu and Lucy's friend I probably would have long since abandoned the blue cat in the forest to take his chances with the Dimorphodon.

Horrible creatures, Dimorphodon. Always shrieking, jumping from branch to branch, asking about food whenever you passed them and snapping at me when I didn't pay them any attention.

About halfway through our journey to Fairy Tail, Lucy decided to try and teach me something called the alphabet. Apparently it was used by humans as a way to communicate without having to say anything, which made it perfect for my problem of not being able to talk. I had to hand it to humans, they were geniuses in the weirdest of subjects.

Lucy said I was a fast learner because I had learnt the letters A, B, C and D on the first day of practice. I learned even faster on the second day and learned E, F, G, H, I, J and K. On the third day, things slowed down and I only learned L, M and N. Today I had learnt O and P before Natsu had woken up from his sleep and we continued on our way to Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail apparently was something called a guild, where lots of friends would gather around to do tasks and challenges that none of them could do on their own. They did these tasks and challenges to get something called money, which could be exchanged for things like food and other things.

After hearing that, I decided I wanted to make a guild with Darkness, Meat, Sleep, Warmth, Air, Natsu and Lucy (and maybe Happy if only to make Natsu and Lucy join). We could do things like hunt down prey, kill more humans like Bora for money and kill those annoying Dimorphodon, then get money to get things like Meat and...stuff like...well, we could get Meat!

Speaking of Bora, my friends confronted me on the second day into our journey and asked why I had killed him. I just shrugged and tried to reply that he wasn't Warmth's friend and he was trying to kill Natsu, who was Warmth's friend and, by extension, my friend. Of course they didn't understand me, so I just deadpanned and pointed at Natsu. They got a close enough idea pretty quick and didn't bother bringing it up again, so I guess that satisfied them.

Anyways, move forwards a few days and here I stood with Natsu, Lucy and Happy before a gigantic Human Home (or building as my friends called it). Lucy stood still and looked impressed for some reason while Natsu and Happy were seemingly full of pride, like they had killed one hundred enemies like Bora by themselves.

Huh. So apparently this was where Fairy Tail resided.

In the middle of a bunch of other buildings.

Surrounded by lots of humans that had nothing better to do than stare at me.

Can we go back to the forest now? I may hate the stupid Dimorphodons, but at least they don't annoy me by staring and backing away in a panic once they notice my presence.

I released a huff from my nose to show that I wasn't impressed. I had walked through the forest for I-don't-know-how-many days for a big building? Please tell me that this was Natsu's idea of a joke. I didn't want to deal with the staring every time I wanted to see Natsu and Lucy.

Judging from the way that Natsu and Happy led Lucy towards the building, I guess this wasn't a joke.

For the love of all Meat.

When they made no move to stop, I started to reluctantly walk towards what Natsu called the door with Lucy. Upon reaching the doorway, I felt a shiver go up my back.

Huh. Weird.

Lucy Heartfilia's P.O.V., In front of Fairy Tail's Guild Hall

"Welcome to Fairy Tail," Happy said as I gaped at my dream guild's headquarters.

'I can't believe it!' I thought to myself in excitement while Natsu and Happy beamed at me in pride of their guild. 'I'm going to be an actual member of Fairy Tail! This is so excit-'

An annoyed huff from Saury's (yes, I really did name the Saurian Saury; don't judge) nose, unintentionally destroying my excitement. I turned around to see Saury roll his eyes and start looking at the townspeople who were, understandably, keeping their distance from us. If I didn't know Saury better, I would probably be joining them.

On the first day I was skeptical about whether Saury could be trusted or not, but that skepticism disappeared quickly when Saury tapped my shoulder and gestured at some nearby plants. When I asked him "why are you pointing at the plants?" he stopped pointing as if I had just answered his question. This would continue for a long time with him repeating the process with dirt, the sky, clouds, the sun, Natsu's fire, various types of animals we saw, Happy and lots of other things we found or had.

I eventually learned that Saury was asking for the names of the objects or species that he pointed at. At first I thought that it was just because he was a Saurian and he had never heard the human words for what he pointed at. However, that theory was destroyed the moment he saw a herd of Edmontosaurus and Pentaceratops grazing together.

Saury's eyes got wide as if he had never seen creatures so large before. His reaction got me thinking: if Saury had never seen relatively common Saurians like these hadrosaurs and ceratopsians before then, then where had he lived prior to us meeting him? Had he been kept as a pet by someone his whole life?

I didn't ponder too hard on the subject since I was teaching him to read and write. Once I taught him the rest of the alphabet and how to write, I would ask him to tell me. The prospect made me excited.

Unrelated to where Saury came from, these past few days had been an excellent inspiration for the book I was writing! I had met a Saurian that could somehow understand and communicate with people, had traveled with it, taught it and even befriended it! This was like something out of a fantasy book, only it was real! Not only that though: I was now about to join the guild of my dreams, Fairy Tail!

Sure, there were scary parts along the way like when Saury had killed Bora, kidnapped me and Happy, the first few times he tried communicating with me with growls before I learnt that they were his attempts at trying to talk and when he killed other creatures for food, but I would consider my trip a good one overall.

The trip had allowed me to get to know my new friends pretty well for the amount of time we spent together. Natsu was rowdy, loud and always looked for an excuse to fight others, whether it was me, my spirits, Saury or even a few wild Saurians we came across. It was funny to see him get ganged up on by a herd of Dracorex he angered before Saury killed one of them for food and scared the rest away.

Happy, on the other hand, was immature, liked teasing others and seemingly had an addiction to fish. Throughout the trip, he had constantly asked me to summon Aquarius. Of course, I never did summon her; after all, she was probably having an existential crisis upon finding out there was something out there in the world that could make her bleed. I never did find out what caused her to bleed, but I kept my eye out for any suspicious monsters regardless.

Saury was curious, childish and had a surprising amount of innocence for something that had bitten someone's head off a few days prior. It was almost off-putting, seeing a deadly predator like him be so ignorant to basic facts of nature and always asking about what they were.

And continuing off that topic, exactly what was Saury? When he walked on two legs he was like any other theropod, but his long arms reminded me of spinosaurs. How he swapped onto two legs reminded me of hadrosaurs and iguanodontids, how he walked on four legs reminded me of a dog and how he ran on four legs was very similar to land crocodilians. His quills reminded me of some clans of Velociraptor and his teeth reminded me of those deep sea fish that look like they're pulled straight out of your nightmares.

No matter how I looked at him, Saury didn't seem to fit any category of Saurian that I knew of. The furthest I could narrow it down to was that he was a theropod dinosaur and that's it. Maybe he a member of a species from some undiscovered group of theropods?

Oh, that would be amazing! Since I had discovered him, then I would be able to name the family and species. I could just imagine it: Saury the Filiasaurus of the Eatborasaurids!

Now that I thought it over to myself, those were pretty bad names for a Saurian species and family. Wait, would Saury take offense if I just made up a name for his family and species without getting his input first?

Hm...food for thought that I would have to think about later since Natsu and Happy had just stopped right in front of the massive doors to Fairy Tail's guild hall. Saury stood a few yards away from the door and behind me; for some reason he seemed hesitant to get close to the building.

"Is something wrong?" I asked Saury, concerned for him. Saury just looked at me and made a trilling sound before he remembered that I couldn't understand that. He facepalmed at that before giving me a shrug.

"You know that you don't have to come in with us if you don't want to," I told him gently, walking over to him and petting him on the head, which elicited a few gasps from watching civilians. I ignored them in favor of comforting Saury. "We're not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do."

Saury nodded as I pet him before he smiled, closing his eyes and leaning into my hand while a rumble emanated from his chest. In all honesty, when I first saw Saury's smile, I thought it was creepy and kind of terrifying. However, after having traveled with Saury through the wilderness and getting to know him on a personal level for a few days, I couldn't help but think it looked kind of cute in an odd sort of way.

I'm not sure what that says about me, seeing how this is the same Saurian that bit off the head of my would-be kidnapper, but probably nothing good.

My attention was taken away from my newest friend by Natsu kicking Fairy Tail's doors in. "We made it back alive!" Natsu yelled his foot still extended from having kicked the doors in.

"We're home!" Happy added, flying just a small distance behind Natsu. I left Saury's side and walked inside of the guild hall, following Natsu and Happy from a short distance behind.

From what I could see, almost everyone inside of the building greeted the weird dynamic duo. Everywhere I looked, there was someone saying hello, waving hi or doing some weird, eccentric greeting to the cat and Dragon Slayer. The building was so full of life that it made me smile myself.

"So I heard you went all out in Hargeon Natsu," some bucktoothed mage that reminded me of a squirrel or beaver said. "How'd you go starting troub-"

Natsu didn't waste any time in immediately running over to the bucktoothed mage and kicking him into the air with an angry expression. The Dragon Slayer landed on a nearby table as the bucktoothed mage crashed through and demolished a few unoccupied tables that were next to a staircase that led to the upper floors that, for some reason, seemed to be empty.

"Why did you do that?" I asked Natsu, worried about the bucktoothed mage. To my dismay though, Natsu ignored me in favor of ranting at the mage.

"You lied about that Salamander! I'm going to kick your butt!"

"Don't get mad at me!" bucktooth exclaimed angrily, recovering with almost superhuman speed and crawling out from the rubble. "I'm not the one to blame here! I'm just passing along a rumor I heard!"

"It was just a rumor?!"

"You wanna fight?! Let's go!"

Apparently Natsu's kicks had superhuman strength, no magic needed judging from how no magic circle appeared, because the force of one was enough to send several tables with people, chairs, food and people's belongings flying through the air and even shatter some of the furniture.

As the two fought, I just stood dumbfounded a few meters away from the exit. From the corner of my eye I saw Saury sneak into the building while everyone was distracted by the fight and climb up the wall by digging his claws into the wood and rapidly scaling it to the top before gripping onto the ceiling and somehow hanging onto it without falling off.

I had to hand it to Saury, he could really be sneaky when he wanted to. If I wasn't aware that he was just a big, scaly kid, then I would probably be paranoid that he would sneak into my house in the middle of the night and kill me.

I silently thanked my luck that Saury was more of a cuddler than a killer.

"Now, now Natsu," Happy said while waving his paw and smiling with his eyes closed, as if he didn't care about the chaos that the fight between his partner and the bucktoothed mage was causing. "I think you need to calm-"

Happy never got to finish his sentence because one of the Fairy Tail members thrown into the air fell on top of him and sent him ricocheting across a nearby table that was shaken by Natsu's kick. That seemed to be the trigger for everyone in Fairy Tail to fight because immediately afterwards everyone else in the guild started punching, kicking, scratching, tackling & throwing one another and the furniture. Everywhere I looked, it was the same thing: absolute chaos.

"Oh wow," I said with a smile at the sight. Despite the rowdy fighting of everyone here, I couldn't help but be excited for my future here. "I'm actually standing inside the Fairy Tail Guild Hall."

"So Natsu finally made it back, huh?!" asked a black-haired boy around my and Natsu's age without any sort of clothing apart from the silver cross necklace he wore on his neck and some black boxers with grey bands angrily, making me to flinch back to get a bit of distance from his scary-looking face. I could see a dark blue Fairy Tail guild mark his right pectoral, but I was too distracted by his mostly-nakedness to care.

"It's time we settle things once and for all!" the boy said as he started marching towards a dust cloud where Natsu and at least seven other people were duking it out. I sweatdropped at the antics of this new guy and my friend. I could tell that Saury was probably doing the same from the ceiling but I didn't look up to see; I didn't want to give away his location and cause a panic.

"Gray, your clothes," said a tan, brown-haired woman with grey eyes who was watching the fight with an amused expression. She wore a blue bikini top, brown pants and multiple bracelets on her arms. Her Fairy Tail guild mark was on her left waist and she held a glass of wine.

"I don't have time for that!" the boy, who's name I now knew was Gray, exclaimed irately as he turned to the girl. The girl sighed before turning to me and started talking, almost as if we had been friends since forever.

"You see?" she asked, referring to Gray and the fighting boys. "I don't date the men here because they have no class."

'You're drinking an entire barrel of alcohol that probably weighs more than you do!' I thought incredulously, staring with an open mouth as she did just that. 'I don't think you have the right to talk about class.'

"Come here and fight me Natsu!" Gray said as he kicked one of his guildmates across the room. Natsu, on the other hand, was currently gripping onto the right arm of the bucktoothed mage while pushing his face down to keep him from fighting back.

"Not until you put some clothes on!" Natsu responded.

"It's only noon and you boys are already whining like spoiled babies!" I heard a strong male voice behind me say. I turned around and was greeted to the sight of an absolutely massive tanned, white-haired man towering behind me with crossed arms. He wore a blue trench coat with white insides and yellow buttons and had a stitched scar running across the right side of his face from his eye.

"I'm a real man!" the white-haired man stated for seemingly no reason while flexing his muscular arms. "You want me to prove it to ya?"

"I can't believe he's encouraging them," I said, partially to myself and partially to Saury on the ceiling, with a resigned smile. Speaking of Saury, my eyes momentarily shot to the ceiling to see that my Saurian friend was directly above the white-haired man and watching the spectacle below. I was probably imagining things, but I swear that he was sweatdropping at the antics taking place below.

Frankly I couldn't blame him.

Natsu and Gray were less than amused by the white-haired man's attempt to...show off I guess and responded to his sentence by turning around at the same time and punching him into the air. The white-haired man promptly screamed as he was sent flying across the room like he was made of styrofoam and landed amongst another group of fighting mages.

"They knocked him out that easily?" I asked, wondering how that was possible without magic. After all, the white-haired man was an absolute goliath and I'm pretty sure that even Saury would have a little bit of difficulty before he could send him flying.

"Geez, it's so noisy around here, huh?" asked a man's voice behind me. I turned around and was greeted to yet another new face, this one belonging to a boy who seemed my age with spiky orange hair and a really impractical outfit.

Despite his ridiculous clothing, he had two girls that seemed so smitten with him that I was briefly concerned that he had some magical item containing Charm Magic on him. The air around him seemed to sparkle or have pink hearts floating about him (huh, never seen that kind of magic before) and his entire demeanor screamed playboy. He seemed to be smiling at me with his best "lady killer" smile before a glass cup went flying from the crowds of rowdy wizards and bonked his head. His two girlfriends gasped as he fell backwards.

"Are you alright?" asked one of the girls as he glared up at the ceiling in irritation. I briefly got worried that he'd see Saury if he bothered looking around, but thankfully he didn't bother and instead just got up and started walking towards the groups of fighting wizards.

"I'm going to go fight," the playboy said as he walked off with his sparkles, a floating pink heart and his two girlfriends following him before they stopped at the edge of the fighting. "Only to protect you two."

"Good luck Loke!" the two happily said in unison. Loke struck a pose to impress them before going off to fight.

"He's definitely off my list," I said in a deadpan voice as I crossed off a picture of him from a magazine that I had on me of the most eligible wizard bachelors with a red marker. A sweatdrop rolled down my neck at all of the craziness that had occurred within the last two minutes. "What the heck is wrong with these people? There's not one sane person in the whole place...scratch that, the only sane person in this place is the dinosaur on the ceiling!"

"Hello. Are you new here?" asked a sweet-sounding girl's voice form behind me. I turned around and was immediately taken by surprise. Behind me was a beautiful white-haired girl with blue eyes and a red dress that I remembered from the various issues of Sorcerer Weekly I had bought over the years.

It was Mirajane Strauss!

"It's Mirajane! In the flesh!" I fangirled over the newest and, seemingly only sane, arrival. Mirajane just giggled at my reaction and tilted her head slightly. I quickly collected myself before looking at the groups of fighting guild members with a deadpan face and pointing at them. "Um, don't you think we should try to stop them or something?"

"It's always like this around here," she said with a smile as she watched them. "I'd just leave them alone. Besides-"

Mirajane got interrupted by the white-haired man from earlier, who had been sent flying again, falling on top of her. My jaw dropped at the interruption and I faintly heard what sounded like demonic chuckles mixed in with reptilian growling and somebody wheezing; a sound that I had learned over the course of the last few days was Saury laughing.

'This isn't funny ya stupid lizard!' I thought angrily at the dinosaur laughing at somebody else's pain.

"-it's kind of fun, don't you think? Mirajane finished before she fainted.

"AH! Don't die Mirajane!" I screamed, waving my arms frantically as I tried to think of some way to heal her before somebody crashed into me from behind and unintentionally pushed me to the ground. I heard Natsu chuckle in the background and Saury's laughing increase.

"Give me back my underwear jerk!" I heard Gray's voice yell from above me as the weight on top of me was removed. I got back to my feet and, lo and behold, before me stood Gray in all his naked glory. I screamed quietly and made to cover my eyes, but I couldn't look away for some reason.

It was like a Saurian mauling: you wanted to look away, but you just couldn't.

Gray noticed my screaming and, before I knew it, he stood before me. I recoiled at his proximity, but nothing could have prepared me for his request.

"Excuse me miss, could I please borrow your underwear?" Gray asked in a serious but polite tone of voice. His tone of voice almost made it sound like asking for somebody else's underwear was a reasonable request.

"AS IF!" I shouted, grabbing a piece of nearby rubble and smacking Gray away from me. Immediately after I sent him stumbling away from me, I felt my legs get swept up from under me and myself being picked up by someone.

"These guys are all so insensitive," the familiar voice of Loke said from above me, giving me a pretty good idea of who had swept me off my feet. "A woman has needs."

What came next I could only describe as a whirlwind of chaos as everyone in the guild prepared to start using magic. I briefly pondered on calling on Saury for help before I decided not to; it seemed that Saury didn't do well with large groups of people. If I brought everyone's attention to him here, in an enclosed space, then he would probably lash out violently.

Since calling upon my cuddly nightmare creature of a friend was out of the question, I decided on the next best thing: using Happy as a shield.

"They always fight like this?" I asked incredulously, holding the blue cat in front of my face.

"Uh-huh," Happy responded with a stupid smile, as if that was the fitting reaction for a fight between a guild full of wizards.

"You don't seem worried," I pointed out, now slightly worried that this sort of behavior was an everyday occurrence for the guild if everyone here was seemingly desensitized to it. I prepared to take a few steps back to get away from the wizards. Luckily for me though, that fight never got the chance to start as a giant, shadowy figure made itself known in the center of the hall and stomped on the ground, throwing dust up and catching the attention of everyone in the building.

"WILL YOU FOOLS STOP BICKERING LIKE CHILDREN?!" the giant yelled in a masculine voice, making everyone freeze in fear of earning the ire of the hulking figure.

"He's huge!" I shouted in a mixture of amazement and fear, looking up at the giant. "He's almost as tall as a small sauropod!"

Nobody made any movements or talked, except for a bit of coughing from all of the dust floating around the guild hall and Mirajane…

'HOW DID SHE RECOVER SO QUICKLY?!' I thought incredulously as the beauty walked up to the giant's side. 'Is that her magic?'

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were still here master," Mirajane said kindly, earning a grunt from the giant as he turned his head towards her.

"Did you say master?!" I asked. This giant was Fairy Tail's master?! Nobody bothered answering my question though since everyone turned to face Natsu, who had started laughing out loud for some reason.

"Man, talk about a bunch of babies," Natsu said, oblivious to the glare of the giant and the shadow falling over him. "Looks like I won this round you l-"

The Dragon Slayer was interrupted by the giant stepping on him. A little shiver went up my spine as I released a little squeak of fear. That fear quickly escalated into internal panic when I heard Saury start releasing a few tiny, almost inaudible trills from the ceiling above; the sound he made whenever he was about to attack his prey.

"Don't attack," I whispered loudly, hoping that Saury would hear me. "He's not like Bora. He's just making sure that Natsu and the others don't go too far and hurt each other."

Luckily, it seemed that Saury heard me since his trilling stopped. A wave of relief washed over me briefly before that relief quickly died when the giant turned towards the direction of Mirajane and I.

"Well, she's the new recruit?" the giant asked.

"Actually sir," I said fearfully, glancing up at the ceiling above the giant's head, "there's one more."

"One more?" the giant boomed. "Where?"

"Promise that you won't freak out?" I asked, praying to every god that I knew that nothing would happen to trigger Saury. "Because my friend happens to be...unique to put it lightly."

"Girl, we accept people of all shapes, sizes and types," the giant responded. "Whoever your friend is, we won't judge."

I closed my eyes and took a nervous breath in. This could go wrong in so many ways: the Fairy Tail members attack Saury on sight, Saury mistakes a gesture as a threat and attacks, Natsu reignites the fight and drags Saury into it. Gods, that would probably lead to Saury having a body count.

Well, outside of Bora and the several creatures he killed on the way here for food that is.

I exhaled. Worrying about the future would do me no good. I opened my eyes as a steely look crossed my face.

"Alright, but just don't attack him," I said in a serious tone of voice. The master nodded, prompting me to close my eyes again. "You can come out now. They won't hurt you."

A moment of silence descended upon the guild hall as everyone waited for my friend to come out from behind a pillar or maybe one of the pieces of furniture. Nobody expected Saury to drop down from the ceiling.

A thud resonated through the guild as the dust cloud kicked up from Saury's landing quickly cleared up, revealing Saury in all of his terrifying glory. The eyes of everyone there, minus Natsu and Happy's, widened at the sight of the pitch black predator behind me. Their eyes grew even wider when I walked backwards to stand alongside Saury and pet his head in an attempt to keep him calm.

"It's a Saurian," the girl with the barrel of alcohol from earlier muttered with widened eyes. She rubbed her eyes very quick, probably making sure she wasn't just seeing things, before looking at us once again.

"Oh my," Mirajane gasped out, her jaw agape at the dinosaur's sudden and dramatic arrival.

"So manly," the white-haired man from earlier say with wide eyes. I almost sweatdropped at his reaction but fought off the urge and introduced Saury.

"This is my friend," I announced loudly enough so that everyone in the guild hall could hear me. "I met him on the same day that I met Natsu & Happy and he is a Saurian who can both understand & communicate with people."

Author's Notes

So, couple of things I should mention. First off, words like "dinosaur", "sauropod" and other words related to how we classify extinct animals exist in this world. They were coined up by the same people who coined the term Saurian.

The Indoraptor is not always going to be called Saury. His real name will be revealed as soon.

Anyways, I have one more surprise before the chapter ends: an omake. But not a Fairy Tail omake but a My Hero Academia omake. Why? Because I felt like it.

The Indoraptor's Terminology

Dead Toy Place: the Lockwood Dinosaur Hall

Home Top: ceiling

Omake: All Meat

The warehouse was dark. On one side of it stood a tall muscular man with a colorful suit and pointy blonde hair. This was Toshinori Yagi, otherwise known as All Might, number one hero. On the other side was a figure obscured in shadows and almost impossible to see apart from two glowing blue eyes. This was a new supervillain by the name of Evil Omni who had, almost overnight through unknown means, created a criminal empire encompassing almost all of North America.

And he had now set his sights to expanding his empire to Japan.

"I will only give you this one warning All Might," Evil Omni warned wielder of One for All. "Surrender now and I shall allow you to leave this building alive. Refuse to yield and you will find exactly how I took over the underworld of America."

"You know I can't do that," All Might replied, getting into a fighting stance. "If there is evil, it is my job to put an end to it."

Evil Omni lowered his head and released a sigh. One could easily be forgiven for thinking it was a sigh of disappointment. However, it wasn't: it was a sigh of relief.

"I'm so glad you said that," Evil Omni said, smirking in the darkness. "I wanted to announce my presence in Japan in some spectacular manner. And what better way than killing the world's greatest superhero? As a further bonus, my friend gets that wonderful Quirk of yours too."

"All for One?" All Might asked, looking around the warehouse for the only being he knew of that could steal the Quirks of others.

"No," Evil Omni replied distastefully, "not that old imbecile. My friend is so much greater than him: his power makes Nomus seem like punching bags, the League of Villains simple ants and All for One a mere steak for him to consume. And you, All Might..."

Toshinori tensed up in preparation for an attack from Evil Omni. However, the crime emperor of America made no move towards All Might and merely smiled in the shadows.

"...are but my friend's next meal."

All Might never got the chance to question what Evil Omni meant by that before a black shape dropped from the roof and on top of him, knocking All Might to floor and pinning him to the floor. The next thing he knew, a pair of strong reptilian jaws had his head in it's mouth and was tearing into his flesh.

Toshinori released a scream of both pain and fear as the assailant shook it's head, ripping flesh and sending blood splattering down the beast's throat. Toshinori attempted to punch the creature off of him, but was met with no success, despite using all of his strength.

After a few more head shakes from his attacker, the number one hero felt his life fading away and his consciousness slowly waning. The last thing All Might heard before his world faded into black was Evil Omni chuckling.

"All Might?" the villain mocked. "More like All Meat."

Toshinori didn't have the strength to reply as his eyes closed for a final time.