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Chapter 6: Everything Happened So Fast

It is estimated that they'll be sailing for about one to two weeks so it give everyone a good chance to bond with each other, mostly the new additions of the family. "That is a quite interesting ship you have here." Tatterhood hummed softly as she looked around in the grand cabin after the new members of family explore the ship for the first time and several girls agreed with her in their own way.

"Yes, it feel like we're in a mansion." Dianna cast a glance at a large bed that has been expanded farther to fit many people then at the crib.

"Baba, ba!" Riko tried to climb over the crib with her siblings but the walls have been modified to prevent them from climbing out since it's dangerous during sail.

"Mama's here." Elsie picked her up with a smile and the baby girl squeal happily in her arms as Esmeralda and Arya picked the other triplet babies up to bounce them in arms to calm them down.

"It won't be long until they become too old for crib." Arya said as Hans touch her chin with soft pats, "When this time comes, will they get a small bed of their own or will they sleep with us for time being?"

"When we're in the boat, it'll be wise to have our children sharing bed with us until they mature enough." Snow hummed thoughtfully, "For yurt, they either can sleep with us or in small beds in nursery. We'll worry about it when this time comes."

"Where is Naruto?" Harriet asked some girls curiously.

"In love room with Jane." The ravenette answered, "He'll be in there for a while because some girls want to spend some time with him today. If you want to be with him for 'us' time, you can go to the lounge floor."

"Third floor, right?" The Dullahan headed out as soon as she received some nods.

"So tell me, girls, how far have you get with our dear husband?" Tatterhood snapped her fan closed with a sly smirk and some blush at her implication while the rest stare at her in confusion.

Naruto learn that Jane is a quiet girl like some of his wives and like simple things as they cuddle side by side. "When we reach your homeland, can we have a farm?" Jane asked with her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, we can." Naruto replied, "I don't know how big the Uzumaki compound is but I'm pretty sure we'll have enough room to set up a farm. What kind of farm do you have in mind?"

"A little of everything." She rubbed her wooden hand, "I don't mind any kind of works as long as my hands aren't idle."

"I think we have that covered with everything we have here." He chuckled lightly with little sheepish tone.

"Yes." Jane agreed with a short soft giggle before she peck his cheek, "Thank you. I love you."

"I love you too." Naruto kissed side of her forehead and she lean close to him with a happy sigh, she really like simple things as they keep cuddling.

Blossom sat on Naruto's lap as she rest against his chest while reading a book and the genin carefully comb her thick hair at her request. "Um, do you like it?" Naruto asked her, it was kinda strange for her to give him this task while she sit on his laps.

"Mm, yes." Blossom popped her lips, "Are you almost done?"

"Yeah, just couple more…" He put the comb away, "And there."

"Now pat me." She smirked.

"Um, ok?" Naruto pat her head several times as the plump goat girl makes a happy noise. Before he know it, she tackle him down to make out with him and his arms flailing around in surprise.

"I see Blossom did whatever she want." Fleur fixed Naruto's hair to be less more spiky after Blossom left the room with a skip.

"She's a free-spirit type out of you sisters, is she?" Naruto said.

"Yes, she's a quite adventurous and love to cause some mischief as much as she can." The black goat girl shook her head wearily.

"Ah." He scratched his head, "…So, what do you want to do?"

"Read books and cuddle." Fleur simply sat next to him with books, curling up to his side with his arm around her shoulders and she open the book up right away to read it.

"What are you reading?" Naruto asked.

"A romance story, I like to nitpick everything in it because they are so silly and stupid that won't happen in real life." She said boringly.

"…But don't that happened in real life?" He pointed out, "I mean, you told me that you fall in love with me at first sight after I save you from the werewolf." There was a long pause.

"…Shut up, you." Fleur blushed embarrassingly.

"Alright." Naruto can't help but to chuckle at her.

"That is heaven." May said out loud as she sit in the great library with stack of books around her and Beauty giggled at her, it's really nice to have fellow book lovers. "First a library wagon and now that. What's next? A grand library with all books in the world?"

"With Naruto, it's more likely we'll get one." Gray commented with her own stack of books, "In what way, I don't know. It's not like we can magically wish it up."

"…Maybe we will, knowing our husband's luck." Beauty spoke up after a brief pause and the brunette girl look up with a blink.

"…Right, I can see him find something that grant wishes." The young brunette deadpanned, earning few nods before her head turn to the older brunette. "What are you doing if you mind me asking?"

"I'm translating Naruto's scrolls and books into our language so anyone and I can read them." Beauty smiled up from a book with a opening scroll in one hand and pen in another hand, "I asked him if it's okay for me to do that and he said to go ahead."

"Oh, that would be very interesting." May looked up from her thick book, pushing her glasses up and Gray nod her head slightly.

Dinner have come around and everyone were enjoying their meals in their own ways as some share conversation or think about what they should do for next few weeks. 'How does it work?' Naruto sneaked a glance at Harriet as she ate some foods…With her head on her body's laps, 'Is it some kind of time-space…' The genin decide not to think about it to save his remaining brain cells.

"Do we have different games other than playing cards and chess?" Silvia asked as she helped Gloria cutting her meat into bite sizes.

"I think we do?" Cinderella replied unsurely, "We'll check the storages after dinner…Again." She has to ask Gretel for inventory list.

"What about embroidery set?" Quiteria asked, she decide to take up a hobby.

"Da, we do." Vasilisa answered, "There are some on ze craft floor."

"Ah, then is it okay to take a set for myself?" The frizzy-haired blonde asked as the petite blonde nodded her head before she smiled, "Wonderful."

"Done!" Naruto pushed his empty plate forward as he got up, "I'm gonna up to the deck for a light training and replace the kage bunshins." He jogged away from the galley and up to the deck, never notice a certain girl lean her head back as if she was waiting for him to completely leave before she turn to the group.

"Do you know Naruto's birthday is getting near?" Snow said.

"Oh, his birthday is October ten, right?" Gretel recalled the date with a tap on her chin and almost everyone stop eating their dinner with some blinks.

"Ah, so that mean he's going to be fourteen?" Goldilocks blinked, "…Wow, it have been almost a year already?"

"What do you think we should get him?" Delilah asked, "It's hard to think of something for him since he did so much for us."

"I know, bear his chi…" Cylia was about to say something cheeky but her older sister cover her mouth with a small headshake.

"How about handmade present?" Beauty suggested, "I think it'll be something he likes." Almost everyone seems to like the idea as they quietly discuss about their husband's birthday without his knowledge.

Lynnette snuggle up to Naruto's side with lovestricken giggles before she peck his cheeks many time, "I'm so happy that I get to sleep at your side tonight." She caressed his chest with giggles.

"Y-Yeah, I can tell." Naruto chuckled with a light blush, his blush deepened when he feel her hand grope his chest few times as she gave him another kiss.

"Mmm, you're getting firmer." The brunette felt his chest up, "Make me want to put my hand under your shirt…" She tilted her head up slightly to look at him, "Can I?"

"Um, later." He said, "I mean, almost everyone are sleeping and I'm pretty sure no one want to wake up to see us making out…" He paused, "I think?" He has a funny feeling that few girls may enjoy it for some reason and he don't know why he has this thought.

"Tomorrow then." Lynnette kissed his cheek again, "Once we get in the Love Room, this shirt will come off." Naruto can feel his face burning up at that, "Good night, my beloved." She kissed him on lips.

"G-Good night, Lynnette." Naruto kissed back and the curly-haired brunette snuggled deeply into his side with a happy sigh as she fall asleep. His head turned to right to face Iris's slumbering face, the dryad have her legs hooked around his leg and she was hugging his arm tightly against her chest. Iris is very clingy in her sleep and she would cling tightly on anyone who sleep next to her for hours. Part of him wonder if it's her habit or it's because of this Roland bastard…He shook it out of his head as he went to sleep with his wives for the night.

Two days later, Millie was snacking on some fresh-baked cookies to her delight as she sit on the sofa in lounge floor and she notice Gloria carrying small basket of cookies and sweets up to a wide cupboard. The little goat girl open one of doors before she crawl in, pulling the door close on the way inside and the gray-haired girl blinked several times at the furniture. Millie slide off the sofa to walk up to the cupboard with curious expression and she knock the door few times. "Who's there?" Gloria's voice asked.

"It's me, Millie." Millie tilted her head curiously, "What are you doing?"

"I'm building a new secret place." The goat girl's voice answered back.

"Ooh, can I come in and help?" The gray-haired girl asked and the door push open to reveal Gloria.

"Come on in!" Gloria chirped and Millie climb into the cupboard before she look around as the goat girl pulled the door back. The space inside the cupboard was large enough for four kids their age when crouched and there is a blanket as a mat with several small pillows, the gray-haired girl spot the basket of sweets nesting in the pillows next to two baskets.

"What's inside them?" Millie pointed at the baskets.

"This one have cookies and foods." The goat girl took two cookies out, handing one to the gray-haired girl as they ate it right away before she remove the sheets from other baskets to reveal things. "This one has toys and this one has some of my treasures." The second basket has several stuffed animals and the third basket turns out to hold random things from a single copper coin to a large shirt.

"Is that Naruto's shirt?" The gray-haired girl tilted her head, recalled him wearing that shirt once until he somehow lose it.

"Yes!" Gloria grinned as she picked the shirt up, "It has his scents." She bring it to her face with a inhale before she hold it out to her, "Smell it." Millie blinked few times before she take a smell of the shirt, "Does it smell like him?"

"A little." Millie find it a little weird but she don't mind it because it make the goat girl happy for some reason as Gloria tuck the shirt back inside the basket. "So how can I help you building the secret place?"

"We have to sit them up in corners." The goat girl turned to the stuffed animals and the gray-haired girl helped her, babbling on and on about each other and different topics.

A merry tune humming through Jorinda's lips with some chirps as Vasilisa measured her to adjust some clothes and make some plans for new clothes. "Would you like ze dresses to be without sleeves?" Vasilisa asked as she made a mental note to shorten Jorinda's skirt so the harpy won't get her talons tangled up with dress.

"Oooh, yes, I'd like that!" Jorinda perked up before she stretch her wings out, "The sleeves always get in my wings' way."

"I can tell." The blonde measured the harpy's sides, she and some have noticed that Jorinda would flap her wings few times to pull the sleeves back with slight annoyed expression on her face. "Do you have any preferences?" The harpy tilted her head confusingly, "Any kind of clothes that you like or want to wear?"

"Ah!" The harpy looked around at the clothes before she point some out with her talon, "I like these. It look so easy to put on and to fly around in."

"Da, I believe someone with your features will have easy time putting this kind of top." Vasilisa lift clothing up with a thoughtful hum, "But someone has to help you tie ze strings." She's holding a dark-brown halter top with dozen strings in back and her gaze shift from the top to short pant on the bench.

"Yup!" Jorinda bobbed her head as the blonde girl set the measuring tool aside, "Are we done?"

"For now, da." The young blonde nodded.

"Yay!" The harpy ran off, "Jorinda is going to find husband!"

"Ah, please get dress first!" Vasilisa chased after her, it turn out that the harpy wasn't wearing anything because the blonde girl need to get an accurate measure.

"Awww, they look so cute." Ylenia cooed softly at the triplet babies in grand cabin as they snuggle up to Haru's side in their sleep and some puppies were also sleeping with them. The dog look like he really wants to get up but he can't because he doesn't want to disrupt their slumber.

"Indeed, they do." Arya agreed, petting a kitten on her laps as she sits on the bed with several girls and they were playing or relaxing with the pets. "Enough to make me wish we have a quick way to paint portrait."

"Or a talented painter." Karen added before she gives out a sigh, "But, unfortunately, we don't have one among us and I don't think anyone has taken it up as hobby."

"That's true." The silver-haired teenager nodded her head with few other girls, "I still wish we have a way to gain one…"

"We have one." Wendy smirked, "Have Naruto seduce a painter and she'll come with us."

"Wendy, don't be ri…" Arya rolled her eyes until she pause for a moment, "…Yes, that is a good possibility, knowing his luck." That earn few amusing snorts.

"I think it's possible that we already have one?" Willia looked up from the kitten on her laps, "Surely, there must be some among the bird maidens."

"…Yes, maybe…" The silver-haired teenager muttered, the bird maidens are in the bird habitat wagon within the cargo.

"Cinderella, what do you think of that?" Quiteria showed the said woman her embroidered handkerchief as they sit at other side of the cabin with Briar, all three doing embroidery together. "Am I doing it right?"

"It's really excellent." Cinderella smiled, "You have a gift in embroidery."

"I say." Briar agreed with a nod, "I would believe you have been embroidering for years instead of days."

"Thank you." The curly-haired blonde smiled back to them, "But there are some techniques that I have yet to learn or struggle with." The young women discuss about the embroidery for a while.

"I wonder what Naruto, Rosie and Lily are doing in Love Room." Tate brushed her kitten's fur with comb, humming a tune softly.

"The usual, I assume." Arya shrugged her shoulders.

Naruto feel his face burn hot as he watch Rosie and Lily make out, started by the redhead, in front of him and he don't understand why the strange warmth travel down his body. The blonde have no idea that he was getting aroused, thank to his puberty. Rosie pull away from the toad girl as they turned to him with some giggles before the redhead speak up, "So what do you think of girls making out?"

"…I like it…" The blushing blonde don't know why his mouth move on its' own, "E-Eh, I mean, um…"

"Hehe, then it's okay for us to make out with girls if we want to?" Lily giggled with croaks and Naruto nod mutely. "Ooh, then we should make more Love Rooms!"

"…Wait, more?" Naruto blinked rapidly.

"Yeah, more Love Rooms." The toad girl chirped, "For the girls to courting each other if they want to when you're courting someone else so we don't have to wait for this room to be available."

"I like this idea!" Rosie's eyes lit up, "We can get more closer this way. Oh, oh! We can do same thing with yurt or wagons!"

"Yeah, that's not a bad idea." He rubbed his chin, "We have to ask others and see what they think about it."

"Great!" Lily suddenly grabbed his shirt with a grin, "Now come and make out with us!" The blonde yelp out as the toad girl pulled him in close onto the sofa and both girls pile up on him, starting a three-way makeout while his arms flailing around for couple minutes at first until they warp around his wives' torsos.

"We can convert some rooms into Love Room." Gretel said over dinner with a nod.

"Really?" Naruto replied.

"Yes, I believe that it will benefit us in long run." The brunette hummed thoughtfully, "The girls can use it as a chance to get close to each other, spend some times with your clones if need to and some might need it…" She glanced at few certain girls like Nerida and Hestia who was having a staring contest for a reason, "Really need it."

"That's the idea but I don't expect you to accept this suggestion right away." The genin rubbed his head.

"That's understandable." Gretel replied, "I would say to put some in best use instead of that type of things but we're at point where we can build whatever we want." Her face gains a deadpan expression, "Because we have so much resource, enough to build a village or city." Naruto coughed sheepishly to himself and some girls nodded their heads in agreement.

"If we can build whatever we want, then how about…" Goldilocks grinned.

"No, we are not getting a Golden Room." Both Naruto and Gretel deadpanned, caused the short-haired blonde to grumble with crossed arms.

"So how many Love Rooms do you think we need?" Wendy asked curiously.

"Let's start with seven and we'll see how it go from there." Gretel tapped her chin, "Both here and yurt or wagon."

"Seven sounds like it's enough for everyone." The carpenter muttered.

"And I think we can turn box wagon into a Love Wagon." Annette giggled with a smirk, "I mean, it's big enough for many people."

'…Love Wagon?' Naruto can't help but to sweatdrop and blush at same time as some girls discuss about the possible expansion, why does it sound weird in a certain way?

"Naruto, is the smithy wagon out in the cargo hold or is it in your scroll?" Leona turned to ask the said teenager.

"It's in the cargo." He tilted his head at her, "Why do you ask?"

"I want to look at some weapons." The mane-haired blonde shrugged, "Maybe there's something interesting for me to try."

"Want me to show you the way after dinner?" Naruto asked, he wasn't sure if she know the entire layout of Rosy Marlow.

"Yes, please." Leona smiled lightly with a small nod.

"May I come too?" Catherine asked, "I want to visit the greenhouse."

"Sure." He nodded, drawing a light smile out of ravenette teenager and the dinner carry on for a bit while.

When Una wake up one morning, she find herself sandwiching between Tatterhood and Naruto with the former spooning her from behind and the buxom blonde immediately noticed that the beautiful blonde's hands were in places where they shouldn't be. Tatterhood's right hand was groping Una's bust and her left hand cupped her rear…Right under her night gown. 'Oh good lord…' Una blushed scandalized and she quietly move Tatterhood's hands until the attractive blonde push her forward in her sleep, caused the buxom blonde to roll onto Naruto with a squeak.

"Mm, h-huh?" Naruto's eyes fluttered open groggily as his head lifted up slightly to see Tatterhood and Una on top of him and the latter have atomic blush all over her face.

"I-I-I apologize for w-waking you up." The blushing buxom blonde stammered out.

"It's fine, Una…" The genin yawned out sleepily before his arms slide around the blonde women's waists as he snuggle up against their bodies with little nuzzles, "Let's sleep…" He fall back to sleep almost right away and Una now have full-body blush, due to bear hug…And the fact that Naruto unknowingly nuzzle his face against his wives' chests. Una nearly jump as soon as she feel a hand on her rear and her head turn slightly to see that the hand belong to Tatterhood.

"…T-Tatterhood, are you up?" Una whispered, "Did you do it on purpose? Pushing me onto our husband?" The corners of Tatterhood's mouth twitch upward as the hand squeezed her buttocks as if she's teasing the buxom blonde and Una wasn't sure if her fellow blonde was really up or still sleeping. Only Tatterhood know.

Naruto have no idea why Una's face keep turn red all morning when their eyes meet few times after everyone got up or why she look very flustered when reassuring him that she wasn't sick after he asked her out of concern. At same time, he wonder why Tatterhood was gigging her head off behind her fan with a sly tone.

It must be one of these days where it feel so slow to Naruto and some girls but he don't mind it since he just want to relax. Right now, he's in a small cuddle pile with Ylenia, Tulip, Silvia, May and Harriet in the grand cabin and the genin tried not to think about the angel's chest pressing up against his back since the angel have him on her laps with a tight back hug. "Harriet, can I ask you something?" Naruto glanced at the dullahan curiously, who was leaning against his left side.

"Yes, what is it?" Harriet looked up to him curiously with a smile.

"I noticed that you sometime have your head on…" The genin muttered, "And your, um…Head and neck stay together for a while before you take your head off…Is it permanent for you to be headless or something? I mean, I don't know much about du…Um, dulla…"

"Dullahan." May reminded him with book in her hands, lying across the genin's legs on her back.

"Oh, dullahan!" Naruto said, "Thank, May." The said goat girl just waved it off by resume her reading.

"Ah, my head and body can stay together for about two to four hours before they separate and it's permanent." The dullahan smiled cheerily.

"Ah, I see." The genin blinked, "And, um, does your head and body know the location of each other or…?"

"Yes, my body always find me and I always know where my body is in any place." Harriet replied, "I even can control my body from distance and out of sight."

"Wait, what if it's in an unknown place?" Silvia caressed the back of Naruto's right hand gently, "Surely, you…Your body will bump into any obstacles it come across."

"I don't know how but I somehow know what the room or place look like without seeing it directly with my eyes." The dullahan tilted her head slightly with an arched brow and odd expression, she really can't describe this ability and it really puzzle her from time to time.

"Huh, that's weird but in cool way." Naruto blinked rapidly several times.

"I'll say." Tulip scooted closer to press her back against Naruto's chest, absentmindedly playing with his left hand.

"Naruto, would you like to lie down?" Ylenia nuzzled her head in the genin's nape, "So you and everyone can be more comfortable?"

"…Yeah, we have been sitting pretty long enough." The genin nodded after thinking for few moments and the smiling angel pull him down that his head end up resting on her chest as the girls adjust their positions to lie comfortable in the cuddle pile.

"Comfortable?" The angel kissed the top of his head.

"Yeah, it feel nice." Naruto felt himself relaxing more than usual in the angel's embrace and it was same for other four girls, couple out of the group believes it must be Ylenia's presence due to her heritage.

Esmeralda walk in to see them before she approach the bed with a lopsided grin, "Ah, cuddling? Let me join you guys." She climb into the bed to snuggle up with them and she wasn't the only one that decide to join the cuddle pile. "So what are we talking about?" She stroked some girls' hairs lightly.

"We were just asking Harriet few things about dullahan." He replied, "And now it's just random things."

"Mm, I see." The entertainer moved her hand up to massage his stomach, "…Tell me a bit about your homeland?" The blonde gave her a small nod as he start to share a bit about his hometown and his wives listen to him, sharing a small talk few times.

Naruto have learned that Dianna can be pretty competitive when it come to games as they play tic tac toe for the third time in Love Room. "I win." Naruto draw a circle in bottom left then draw a line.

"Again?" Dianna hissed with a twitching eyebrow, "Rematch! We're going to play dots and box!"

"Dots and box?" He blinked owlishly at her.

"It's a game where you have to make many boxes as much as possible." The grumbling runner explained the rules as she makes dots on a paper.

"Ah, I see." Naruto watched her connect two dots with a line before he connect two dots, "Some girls must like this game if we tell them about it. It must be interesting to them since we only play chess, cards and some puzzles…" He looked up with a blink as he paused, "…I think we have some games but I'm not sure?"

"We'll check the inventory later." Dianna grunted as they continue to play the game until she lose, "Oh, come on! Again?! You know what? I'm going to invent many new games, there must be something to beat you in that!"

"Good luck with that." He snickered.

"…Starting with kiss game." A glint in her eyes changed as she grabbed his shirt while leaning in, "The person that outlast the other in makeout win."

"Wha…" Naruto barely uttered before she mashed their lips together aggressively, "Mmph!" They end up making out for a hour...While Dianna keep losing the games more than once, they both win.

At same time, they have no idea that Dianna will bring many games into existence by leaps and bounds and it was all because she wants to beat her husband and fellow wives in a match.

Same can be said for Vasilisa with clothes but that'll take a while until then.

'I don't understand, what is wrong with me?' Snow can't stop pulling the collar of her gown or top part several times in a day, 'I just washed them and change my clothes so why does they keep bothering me?' Her action didn't go unnoticed by some.

"Snow, are you okay?" The ravenette teenager looked up to see Vixen as the fox woman gave her a concerning look, "You look troubled."

"Oh, I'm, um…" The ravenette fidgeted with her hands, "…I don't know. My dresses keep make me feel so itchy. I just washed them and change my gowns but they remain to be itchy and I don't understand why." She tugged the top of her gown, "…I think it shrink or something similar to it?"

"…Where do you feel the itch?" Vixen asked after she noticed the ravenette's action up close.

"Um, around my chest." Snow looked down at her chest embarrassingly.

"Oh?" The fox woman tilted her head slightly, "Do they also feel tender and sensitive lately?"

"…Y-Yes?" The ravenette teenager blinked several times at her, "Yes, they do. How do you know that? Do you know what's wrong with me or is it something to do with the clothes?"

"Ah, there is nothing wrong with you." Vixen sat down next to her with a understanding smile, "The reason why you feel like that is because you're growing." The ravenette blinked rapidly at her again, "To be specific, they're starting to grow." She make an circular gesture to her own bust and it take Snow few moments to understand the fox woman's gesture.

"…Oh my…" Snow blushed embarrassingly, "…Am I?" The smiling woman nodded her head, "…How big…" She coughed rapidly to cover her inappropriate question, "How long will it last?"

"It'll take some time before the itch pass." The fox woman said, "But for the growth, it vary. Some can last a year and some can take years. I might mention that there are some girls that don't get the itchy feeling." The ravenette quietly wish that she was part of this group because the itch bothers her so much.

"Do you know how to, um, handle this issue?" The embarrassed ravenette glanced down at her chest.

"Yes, I had same experience that you're experiencing." Vixen nodded as she gave the grateful teenager some advices. 'Wait, if she's experiencing it for the first time, that mean…' The fox woman realize something else, 'Oh dear, I think I need to talk to some girls like Una or Beauty about that.' She hope the puberty won't hit Snow hard and they need to check up on the teenager girls to see if they're going through some changes.

Naruto was looking through the telescope with some girls on the deck one afternoon before he passes it to Gretel, "Do you think the shore is big enough to land the ship at?" They have reach the next land a day early than expected.

"Ja." Gretel scanned the shoreline, "I believe so." Her head turned slightly to him, "Tell others that we'll reach the land in about two to three hours."

"Gotcha." Naruto headed down under deck to inform the rest.

"Is the beach big enough for a beach day?" Rosie asked eagerly.

"No, it's not, I'm sorry." The brunette shook her head as the redhead dropped her head with a pout, "Maybe next time if we come across a wide beach on our journey."

"Promise?" The redhead perked up.

"I promise." Gretel nodded once.

"Yay, you're the best!" Rosie glomped the brunette, "I love you!" The brunette merely pats her back lightly with an amusing chuckle. The ship has reached the shore within two hours before they disembark with the wagons and animals.

"Everyone get everything they need?" Naruto asked everyone after the last wagon have been unloaded as he create a single bunshin to go find a fingerpost or landmark so they know where they are right now.

"Yes, we're all good here." Gray confirmed as the genin seal Rosy Marlow inside the scroll, he already had his bunshins check the ship from top to bottom beforehand to make sure that no one was onboard, even a animal. She look around at the surrounding, "I wonder where we are right now?"

"I do now." The genin grinned at her as soon as the memory of fingerpost pops into his head.

"…I still can't get use to this bizarre ability of your clones." The brunette teenager sighed with a deadpan expression as Gretel bring the map out to their husband and the blonde scan the map until he find the landmark.

"Here." Naruto trailed the path from a name to their current location with his index finger, "This name was on the fingerpost so we should be right here."

"I see." Gretel cupped her chin as she tapped her pencil on the map, "First, we'll travel for a mile or two until we get there…" She circled a clearing on map, "And stay for two to three days. That'll give us enough time to plan the routes out. What do you guys say?"

"Sound good to me." He replied and most girls nod their heads in agreement.

"Yes, I'm fine with it since we're a little ahead of schedule." Arya rubbed her chin with a mutter.

"That'll be enough time to lose our sea legs." Lucy stretched her legs out a bit and no one notice Nerida snapped her head down to stare at her own legs with widened eyes, having missed the 'sea' part.

"We better get going now." The brunette girl said to get everyone boarding the wagons before they set out for a short trip to their destination.

"Oho, that is quite interesting campsite you have set up." Tatterhood whistled behind her fan with a fascinating expression at the sight of campsite that have been set up in a short time.

"Yes, it's as if a village has magically appeared out of nowhere." Harriet looked around in awe.

"Exactly our thought." Xena laughed with a small nod, "Would you like me to show you two around?"

"Please do." The attractive blonde turned to the ghost with a snap of her fan and the smiling ghost lead them away on a short tour.

Inside the yurt, Naruto was helping Elsie and Cinderella rocking the triplet babies to sleep for their naptime as he bounced Riko in his arms with gentle pats. The baby girl give out a big yawn as her eyes fight to shut down and she curl up against his chest with a tired coo before she fall asleep along with her siblings in the women's arms. "We sure nailed the parenting down." Naruto chuckled quietly so he doesn't wake his adopted children up by accident.

"Yeah, we do." Cinderella put Elizabeth down in the cradle with a soft laughter and the sleeping baby was joined by her siblings.

"I can't wait to give them many siblings one day." Elsie chirped with a innocent giggle as she kissed the triplet babies' foreheads gently, caused the strawberry-blonde to blushed along with several women who had overheard her.

"…How do we get babies and where do they come from?" Merla tilted her head curiously.

"That's what I've been wondering about." Naruto crossed his arms with a nod and some older teenagers and women nearly make some wheezing noise with red face.

"Oh, I know!" Rosie raised her hand up, "The storks bring them to parents."

"That's one of few ways." Cylia snickered, "I prefer a best fun way…"

"Oh, what is it?" The redhead turned to her along with others, their faces filled with curiosity.

"Oh…" The violet-haired elf smirked before Loriel, Valya and Tauriel swiftly covered her mouth as they drag their squirming sister away from the confused group.

"What are we going to do with you, sister?" Loriel sighed wearily at her violet-haired sister with deadpan expression.

"Just ignore her for now." Sera said flatly to the group before she walk away to scold Cylia with her sisters.

"Um, ok?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head with puzzling blink.

"Wonder what she was going to tell us?" Vasilisa tilted her head.

"Who know?" Goldilocks shrugged her shoulders.

"Naruto, let's spend some time together in vardo." Christmas placed her hands on her husband's shoulders from behind, nudging him toward to the door of hallway.

"Sure, what do you want to do?" The genin asked the ice fairy as they went through the corridor into the vardo and he sit down on the bedside.

"Cuddle and chat." The ice fairy sat on his laps with legs over to one side as she put her arms around his neck while his left arm wrap around her waist, "A bit of jigsaw puzzle if you like."

"I don't mind doing puzzle with you." Naruto leaned his head on her bare shoulder and he don't know why his gaze draw to her bare legs. "But don't you just finish all puzzles?"

"Not all, I left few out so we can do it together." Christmas pressed her body against him to enjoy the warmth.

"Ah, I see." He snuggled with her, "Do you want to do it now or…?"

"In few minutes." She pecked his forehead lightly, "I want to enjoy that first." Naruto nod his head slightly as he return her peck with a light peck to cheek and the ice fairy tightened her hug on him. They enjoy each other's company up close while sharing some small chat before they do a short puzzle together.

"How long do you think the trip in this continent will take?" Naruto asked Gretel as everyone gets ready to turn in for the night, the genin was lying between Bo-Peep and Harriet.

"I assume it'll be two months until we reach the harbor but we can expect some delay down the road." Gretel combed her hair down at her desk.

"Like bad weather or roadblock?" Dianna asked and the brunette girl confirmed it with a firm nod.

"But at same time, it's possible that we'll get there early." Kitty shrugged her shoulders as she curled up at Tate's side, "Who know?"

"Either way, our trip in this country won't be a long one." The brunette girl put her brush aside before she get in the bed and everyone went to sleep as some wonder what will this continent bring to them, knowing Naruto's luck.

"Kage bunshin!" Naruto created thousands of kage bunshin the next day before he look across them, "Alright, you guys will work on genjutsu…" He pointed at the first group as they groaned before his pointing finger shift to next group, "Raiton, ugh…" The bunshins groaned together with him, "Suiton…" He continues to give instructions to his bunshin before he send them out and the genin turn to some girls as they were doing their tasks of the day. "I'm gonna work on keijugan no jutsu in a clearing not far from here. If you need me for something, let some of my bunshin know."

"Will do." Snow replied, "Be careful."

"Will do!" The genin jogged away from the campsite.

"He's still working on this flight move?" Merla tilted her head with a blink.

"Yes, he said it's more hard and complex than he thought." The ravenette girl said.

"That and he don't let his clones learn this one because he wants to do it himself." Rowan added, earned few nods before they carry on with their chores and tasks.

"Alright, I will master it this time for sure!" Naruto complete the final handseal of keijugan no jutsu after many attempts and he find himself slowly floating upward from ground. "Ok, good so far." He grinned widely to himself, glad that he's not kissing the dirt this time but it's not complete until he can move himself around freely. "Let's see…To move myself forward, I need to push chakra in this direction…" He pour chakra in a certain direction but he use too much output and in wrong way that it send him flying backward. "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIII!" The screaming genin look over his shoulder as he tried to adjust his chakra output before a portal open up behind him, "OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" He flew through it as he canceled the jutsu…Right before he tumble across the floor then smack the stone wall with his back and there were some startled yelps. "OFF!" Naruto grunted out before he check himself for any injuries, "Phew! Still in one piece." He can feel a nasty bruise form then fade away on his back, "Where am…" The genin look up to see a large luxury bedchamber and…

"W-Who are you?" Twelve girls huddled up together in front of him and he noticed that they have been crying.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto climbed up to his feet, "Um, sorry for barging in. I…"

"Are you here to answer our prayer and save us?" One of the girls asked hopefully with a heavy sniffle.

"Save you from what?" He blinked rapidly at them, "Can you please explain?"

"Let us introduce ourselves first before we share our story to you…" A twenty-five years old woman sniffled, "I am Prima, the elder sister." She has a slim body with D cup and narrow waist, red hair in tall fontage hairstyle, hazel eyes and fair skin. She wears a large green ball gown with extra fullness in back and a dark green corset.

"I'm Elenore, the second sister." A twenty-three years old woman said softly. She has a slim curvy body with F cup and slightly narrow waist, orange hair in a large beehive hairstyle, bluish-green eyes and light skin. She wears a burnt orange-and-white ball gown with extra fullness in back and a pumpkin orange corset.

"I'm Sally, the third sister." A twenty-one years old woman muttered. She has a very slim body with ample C cup and wide hip, dark purple hair in fallera hairstyle, bright purple eyes and slight tan skin. She wears a large blue-and-white ball gown and a bluish corset.

"My name is Twyla, the fourth sister." A twenty-one years old woman said. She has a lithe petite body with E cup, fizzy brown hair in crown braid, blue eyes and fair skin. She wear a purple-and-black ball gown.

"I am Qi, the fifth sister." A twenty years old woman wiped some tears off her cheeks. She seem to have an Asian heritage, she has a slender pear body with ample D cup, long straight black hair that reach her rear in an neat hime hairstyle with bangs and black eyes. She wear a black-and-gold ball gown with frilly black bodice.

"I'm Bridget, the sixth sister." A nineteen years old woman said. She has athletic yet very curvy hourglass body with G cup, chin-length red hair in finger wave style, green eyes and light skin. She wears a green gown that look very tight with extra fullness in back.

"My name is Sangita, the seventh sister." A seventeen years old teenager fidgeted with the skirt of her ball gown. She has a slender hourglass body, medium chest-length blackish brown wavy hair in lob hairstyle, dark brown eyes and light caramel skin. She wear reddish ball gown with wide ballooning skirt, deep red sash and bodice.

"I'm Carolinne, the eighth sister." A seventeen years old teenager said. She has a slim body, short blonde hair in bobcut with a bang that cover her brows, red eyes and fair skin. She wear a white-and-green ball gown with green forearm-length gloves.

"I'm Hazina, the ninth sister." A sixteen years old teenager took a deep breath in attempt to calm herself down. She has a slender body with narrow waist and large developing bust, slightly plump upper lip, blackish-brown curly short hair, black eyes and dark chocolate skin. She wear a brown-and-black ball gown.

"My name is Azure, the tenth sister." A fifteen years old teenager said softly. She have a slender body with ample bust, a long wavy light blue hair with two locks that frame her face, brown eyes and light skin. She wears a pink ball gown with shoulder-long gloves.

"I am Melody, the eleventh sister." A fourteen years old teenager muttered. She has a slim body, bluish-white hair with long ringlets, bright yellow eyes and pale skin. She wear bright yellow ball gown with frills.

"M-M-My name i-is R-Rebecca, t-the youngest s-s-sister." A thirteen years old teenager hides herself behind Prima timidly with tears and sniffles. She has a thin yet slim body, long pink hair with braids, purplish-yellow eyes and fair skin. She wear light pink ball gown with many frills and a dark pink ribbon on side of her hair.

"Um, nice to meet you all?" Naruto scratched his head awkwardly.

"Now for our story…" Prima took a deep breath, "We love to dance so much and often that we always wore our shoes out nearly every night because that's one of very few things we have in common, aside the fact that we share same father…"

"And the mothers?" He asked, "Do some of you share same mother or…?"

"We all have different mothers." The older redhead replied.

"Which we've never meet because of our father." Qi muttered bitterly.

"However, our father has forbid dancing and refuse to allow us to go to any parties that host any kind of dances." The older sister continued as the genin blinked rapidly, "Because of that, we have been sneak out at night to attend parties in another kingdom across the lake with helps. We did it for a long time until…" She inhaled deeply to steady herself from choking up, "Our father make an announcement that whoever discover our secret within three days and three nights will receive the kingdom and each one of us to any men and if they failed, they'll be killed on spot. So many have died trying."

"S-Say what?!" Naruto dropped his jaw, "Is your father a tyrant or what?!"

"Yes, he is." Hazina scowled.

"And someone found out?" He said with furrowed brows.

"Y-Yes, a very old soldier…" Rebecca buried her face in her oldest sister's gown with heavy sobs.

"This soldier has an enchanted cloak that makes himself invisible and have been following us without our knowledge." Prima hugged her baby sister gently, "There were couple times that Rebecca told us that something was wrong but we don't listen…He collected some evidences and present them to our father. We have no choice but to confess…"

"Our father cast a curse upon the twelve princes that have been helping us secretly and killed them by forcing them to dance to death." Bridget bite her lower lip with a sad frown, "He don't even care that the other kingdom have declare war on us."

"T-T-This old solider chose Rebecca as his bride and that he'll decide whom men we will marrying." Azure shuddered with some sobs, "They're all old soldiers that served with him."

"How old are they?" Naruto can't help but to ask this question.

"They're all about sixty and above." Prima answered.

"SAY WHAT?!" The genin shouted out in shock and outrage, "Your father is forcing you all to marry a bunch of gramps?!" The sisters nodded their heads, "Oh hell no! No, no, no! Not if I have anything to say about that!" He look around at the bedchamber to see twelve beds with many objects, "Are that everything you girls own in this room?"

"Yes, everything you see in this room belong to us." The oldest sister raised her eyebrow up with most of her sisters, "Wh…"

"Kage bunshin!" Naruto create many clones to the sisters' shock and amazement before he pull an scroll out to unfurl it, "Grab everything here and bring them to me!" Before the sisters know it, the large bedchamber becomes bare that there is no single dust left behind and he turn to the agape sisters. "Alright, is there anything or anyone I need to get before we get out of here? Like your mothers, pets, something similar?"

"As much as I like to have you to find our mothers, we don't know where they are because our father has imprisoned them far away in towers around the land after he laid with them once in bed." Elenore frowned sadly, "No one truly know where."

"The more I hear about your father, the more I want to beat the shit out of him." He growled out until they hear some noise behind the locked door as it become unlock and Naruto swiftly move close to the door before it open.

"I've come to fetch my bride for tonight so she…" A very old knight with an cloak enter with a smile…Before Naruto bury his fist deeply in his face, knocking the knight out in process and the blonde quickly drag the knight out to lean him against the wall, making the man look like he was asleep.

"Quick, snatch his cloak!" Sally whispered hurriedly.

"Why?" The genin asked while yanking the cloak off the knight and he notice something in its pockets but he don't check it.

"It's enchanted, anyone who wear it will become invisible." Twyla explained.

"Oh, is that how he found out about your secret?" Naruto quickly return to the bedchamber as he sealed the cloak inside the scroll and the sisters nodded rapidly. "Let's get out of here before anyone else show up."

"But if we escape, father will find us with a magic spell." Rebecca said worriedly and an idea come to his mind.

"Not if we distract him!" The genin fished an blank tag paper out before he create an explosive seal, "We're gonna fake your deaths by blowing this room up."

"Will anyone be catch by the blast radius?" Azure asked worriedly.

"Nope, I make it big enough to affect this room." Naruto slapped it on the floor, "No one will be capture in its range because the closed door will block the blast. It'll blow the widows outward and send some glasses flying but it won't hurt anyone."

"Good." The blue-haired girl muttered.

"Everyone, hold onto me and my clones!" He summon eleven bunshin before he grab Prima's hand while the clones grab the rest of the sisters, "Brace yourself, it'll be dizzy."

"What'll get us diz…" Qi never get a chance to finish her sentence before the group vanishes in a flash.

At same time, a lanky king walks through the corridor before he stop in front of the old knight and he scoff at the sight of sleeping man. "Lazy old coot." The king muttered under his breath, he can't wait to have this man kill after a night with his bride. The king open the door and he blink at the empty room then realize that the door wasn't locked. "Wha…Why, I'm going to…" The king growled before a bright light assault his eyes and the room explode violently, killing the tyrant king. The castle was alerted right away at the sound and sight of black smokes from broken windows.

The old knight have survived the explosive since he was far away from the doorway but not for a long time because the knights arrested him and condemn him to be hang, believing that he was responsible for the death of twelve princesses and a tyrant king. They don't even believe the old knight's protests about how he's innocent because no one have ever seen him in the castle before, which is very understandable since he have been stay invisible the whole time and that only the king and very, very few people know about him. Too bad that these people died from glass shards that flew into their necks this day.

"Have anyone seen Naruto?" Lucy asked curiously in front of the yurt.

"I believe he's still doing his flight training." Snow looked over to her, "Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." The goat girl crossed her arms with a soft hum, "It's just…He's been gone for a little long now."

"Maybe he's caught up in his training as usual." Gretel looked up from her book, "Or he get himself in something again. It's very likely that he'll come back with treasures, magical items, girls or all of above." As soon as she finished her sentence, Naruto appear with the twelve princesses and his clones and the brunette girl turn her head back to Lucy unfazed. "It's the third one."

"Yup, that has to be a new record." Goldilocks deadpanned, "We barely reach this land."

"Let me explain…" Naruto looked slightly sheepish as everyone gather in front of him and he explained everything while introducing the princesses to everyone and vice versa.

"Oh my, it's good thing Naruto save you girls from unwanted marriage like me and my sisters." Eris gave the twelve royal sisters a understanding smile.

"Yes, it is." Sangita nodded, still looking around at the campsite with her sisters.

"…So you have an enchanted cloak that turn wearer invisible?" Gretel turned her head to her husband as soon as he took the said clothing out to show them it.

"Yeah, I guess." Naruto throw it on himself and he become invisible for few seconds before he turn visible by taking it off. "It's pretty cool…" He dig into the pockets, "Hmm?" He take an golden cup out along with three objects inside and three branches. "Are these branches made out of silver, gold and diamonds?" The genin looked at the shining branches oddly.

"There are groves of gold trees, silver trees and diamond trees near the lake." Bridget said, "This knight broke them off from the trees to present them as evidences."

"Ah…" He blinked at that as he pass the branches out to the curious girls that want a close look before he look at the acorns funnily, "And the acorns?"

"I don't know." The short-haired redhead shrugged her shoulders with most of her sisters.

"…Maybe they're acorns of some oak tree?" Naruto hummed before he shrug his shoulders as he create a single clone to take the acorns to plant them in greenhouse wagon. The genin bet that they were regular acorns and it's not like they're going to get a gold tree, silver tree and diamond tree, ha.

It will turn out to be the jewelry trees in near future to the genin's despair.

After showing the newcomers around the campsite, the twelve sisters sit together near a corner inside the yurt as they look around at their surrounding out of curiosity and Naruto exit from a room. "Alright, I bring everything out in this room so you girls can go ahead and look through them." Naruto jabbed his thumb over shoulder at the door, "If you want something to go into the storage, just leave them where they are. I'll be outside."

"Ok, thank you very much." Prima got up with her sisters as the genin left the yurt before they enter the large room to see their belongings, "Let's start with clothes first."

"I'm really thankful that Naruto have rescue us from our fates." Twyla said as they look through their clothes, "But I'm worried about our father. Surely, he'll discover our trick and will use a spell to locate us since he know our full names."

"Yes, that will take a while until he find out…" Elenore frowned worriedly, "We need to figure how to counter his locating spell before it's too late."

"…Um, how about we take Naruto's last name?" Melody suggested with a blush, lifting a ballgown up and most of her sisters blinked few times.

"Melody, do you know what that mean if we take up his last name?" The older redhead looked at the said sister.

"That he will be our husband?" Sangita placed a gown on top of stack of clothes, "…Which I'm fine with because it look like he treat his wives very well."

"And he appears to be trustworthy enough that he will not lay his hands on us without our permission." Carolinne hummed softly.

"I concur." Hazina nodded.

"Let's discuss about it later." Prima muttered, "We need to focus and finish sorting through our things." Her sisters obeyed her as they dig through everything for more than half of day.

"…We want to take up residence in yurt, is that ok?" Prima said to the group over dinner after they were offering options to take the bedding wagons or yurt and a short discussion with her sisters.

"That's fine, after all there are a lot of room in the yurt." Gretel replied, "And if there isn't, Naruto and Wendy will always make expansion."

"Yup, the yurt will become a house then mansion in a year or less." Wendy grinned.

"It's already a house at this point." Heida deadpanned, "Why are we still calling it yurt?"

"We'll call it a house when we get second floor one day." Rapunzel said to dark-haired brunette.

"Say ah, dear." Claudette held a fork with piece of chicken meat out to Naruto with a lovestricken giggle and he took a bite, drawing another giggle out of her before she take another piece of meat out to him once again. "Say ah."

"You know that you don't have to feed me, right?" Naruto muttered, the triplet in red was actually feeding him his dinner without letting him lift a finger.

"But I want to because I love you so much." The blonde in red fed him with a giggle and the genin blushed lightly.

"A-Alright then, if you're f-fine with that…" Naruto let her feed him, at least it's not going to be a common thing.

"Is t-that normal sight?" Rebecca asked Goldilocks timidly, sneak many glances at the genin and older blonde with blush.

"Kinda, that's common when it come to the Ette girls." Goldilocks said.

"…W-What's kinda?" The pinkette teenager blinked puzzlingly.

"It mean kind of." The short-haired blonde explained with a wave, "Something from Naruto's homeland and trust me, you're gonna be confusing for a while."

"Oh, I see…" Rebecca looked down at her laps with a short pause before she look up to her again with questioning look, "What is gonna?"

"…And you can take any clothes you like out of the clothing wagon if they catch your fancy." Snow said to the new members, "Same for hobby wagon."

"You have a hobby wagon and call it that?" Sangita arched her brow.

"Yes, we have many storage wagons and one of them happen to have everything relate to hobbies so we end up calling it that." The ravenette teenager blushed sheepishly.

"Ah, I see." The Indian teenager muttered.

"Are there musical instruments in these storage wagons?" Melody asked.

"I'm not sure, but I think we do…" Snow tapped her cheek unsurely, "We can check the inventory list or take a look inside later."

"That is quite a unique party." Qi glanced around at almost everyone, "Elves, angel, ghost and so on."

"Yup, and it's going to get more unique throughout the traveling." Billy muttered and everyone keeps having conversations during the dinner.

Naruto's eyes flutter open in morning the next day and he glance right and left at his sides groggily, Juno was hugging his right side tightly with her limbs and Elsie hold his left side with a snuggle as they snore. He look around some more to see that everyone were still asleep and the blonde noticed that the twelve sisters somehow end up sleeping together with everyone else. 'Weren't they sleeping on the benches last night?' Naruto remembered Prima said that she and her sisters will sleep on the benches after they were told that they can sleep anywhere, even in the bed. 'Maybe they change their minds?' He mentally shrugged to himself as he create a single kage bunshin to swap places and he quietly sneak out of the yurt. 'Light training, bathing then work on keijugan.' Naruto stretched out with a small yawn before he jog off around the clearing for a light workout. By the time he completed seventh lap, he spot Hazina exit the yurt with sleepy expression. "Morning, Hazina." Naruto greeted her, "What bring you outside?"

"Mm, good morning." Hazina yawned, "I'm just getting some fresh air. What about you?"

"Doing a light workout." He replied, "It's part of my morning routine. Nothing get to wake you up more than a exercise."

"Shouldn't it tire you out?" She quipped her eyebrow slightly, fighting an urge to yawn again.

"Nah, I have a lot of stamina." Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "It'll take more than that to tire me out."

"Oh, is that so?" Hazina muttered before an yawn escape her lips as she covered her mouth, "I'm going back inside."

"Okay, see you later." The genin resumed his training as the black teenager walked back inside.

"So you're saying that it's very common for Naruto to return with treasures, magical things and girls?" Bridget raised her eyebrow with a funny look.

"Yes, it's something to brace yourself." Nico nodded.

"…I see…" The athletic redhead blinked slowly at the pinkette before she glance around to see her sisters discovering things together with others ranging from cooking to playing music, "…Well, that's something." She muttered before her gaze shift to see Leona exiting the smithy wagon with some kind of iron gloves with claws, "…So, everyone have freedom to do whatever they want here? Wearing whatever they want? Even training to be a warrior?"

"Yes, we do." The pinkette nodded before she glance at her with a slight tilt of her head, "Do you want to become a warrior? Since you're asking this question."

"I don't know…" Bridget muttered thoughtfully, "I think it'll be interesting to learn how to wield a weapon for self-defense."

"If it's for self-defense then we'll get you a dagger." Nico replied, "Almost everyone that trained in self-defense use dagger because it's easy to use."

"Oh, just a dagger?" The redhead blinked, "Not ax, bow or anything else? Because I have seen some girls with these weapons."

"Ax?" The pinkette blinked few times until she realize something, "Oh, are you talking about Goldilocks? She's, um, a special case? I mean, she claim that she's not a warrior but I have seen her working out and learning some ax techniques from Naruto's scrolls."

"Ah, I see." Bridget muttered.

"Anyway, you can chose any weapons." Nico cleared her throat, "But I recommend dagger if you only want to learn how to defend yourself."

"Alright." The redhead nodded before she notice few things, "…Why is Hestia burning a bush?"

"She love fires, nothing to be concern about." The pinkette waved it off.

"…And why is Juno nude?" Bridget asked awakardly.

"She's what?" Nico spun around to see the said catgirl skipping to the bathing wagon from yurt, "JUNO, PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON!"

"I'm going to bathing and our husband and children are not present." Juno singsong and the pinkette teenager smack her forehead with a tired groan as the catgirl enter the bathing wagon.

"…I'm going to take a guess and assume that she prefer to not wear anything most of time?" The redhead asked after few moments.

"Yup." The pinkette turned back to her with a sigh, "Come on, let's go to the smithy and get you a training dagger." They walk toward the smithy wagon together.

"Feeding time, y'all." Billy walked into the livestock wagon with some girls and Twyla was tagging along to look around inside out of curiosity as most animals greeted them eagerly with animal noises, mostly because they want to be fed.

"…I'm sorry, but is that a gold egg?" Twyla noticed a gold egg immediately with a pointing finger and weird look.

"Yes, it is." Jane gestured to Goldy the goose with her wooden hand, "Goldy is an enchanted goose that can lay gold egg once a day."

"Oh, that's…" The brunette woman blinked owlishly, "Interesting."

"Naruto isn't with you?" Svana asked with a curious quack.

"He's still working on his flight move." Una answered, "You know how he is when he gets caught up in his training."

"Awww, I was looking forward to his stories." The young swan's wings sagged with a childish pout. She like it when Naruto stop by to feed the animals and tell her some stories from his homeland or how was his day.

"Maybe next time." The buxom blonde smiled lightly.

"Oh, and who is that?" Svana looked up to Twyla curiously.

"That is Twyla, one of twelve girls that will travel with us." Bo-Peep answered.

"Ah, new wives?" The young swan said innocently but couple swear that her tone sound deadpan.

"E-Eh, w-we're not…" Twyla waved her hands with a light headshake, her cheeks gain pink colors.

'Yet.' Billy thought to herself, that is how it always start for some. The group finish feeding the animals before they collect some fresh eggs, milks and other things.

"Alright, let's put a little into that." Naruto muttered to himself as he float few inches above the ground before he slowly pour chakra little by little and his body slowly move forward by couple inches. "So far, so good." A exciting grin stretch out on his face as he maneuver his body around through the woods and he increase the output, increasing the speed in process. "Oh yeah!" He fly around with giddy laughter, "I did it! I did it! I master the keijugan no jutsu!" The genin cheered with some whoops and he fly in the direction of the campsite to show off. The moment the campsite come into his sight, he let an loud shout out. "HEY, GUESS WHO CAN FLY NOW?!" Everyone looked up to the flying genin with various expression, only the new members of the group were shocked.

"Ooooh!" Rosie and some certain girls stared up at him with starry eyes, some look very exciting.

"Congrats, Naruto." Snow smiled.

"Of course." Goldilocks rolled her eyes, "He can fly now. Nothing can surprise me anymore."

"Yeah, I don't know what will come next." Rapunzel tilted her head with a hum.

"Become giant or shrink to size of ant?" Thumbelina giggled.

"…That will be possible since it's Naruto." The long-haired blonde hummed and Naruto carefully make his first landing.

"Does that mean you're done with it, now that you have used this technique successfully?" Iris asked.

"Yup, I'm gonna leave it to kage bunshin from now on." Naruto grinned, he want to be first to experience the flight instead of his clones. Now he has to find something new to learn and master on his own.

"Leave it to…?" Qi looked to some girls questioningly along with her sisters.

"He can gain everything from his clones once they dispel, from memories to experience." Eris said, "Something calls memory transfer."

"I know it's crazy but you girls will get used to it after a while." Heida said.

"…I-I-I see…" The Chinese woman blinked owlishly along with her sisters.

"Are you done training for the day?" Annette asked.

"Yeah, I am." Naruto nodded before the orangette's hand grab the front of his shirt along with few hands and he blink rapidly at the hands.

"Great, then you have time for makeout!" The orangette giggled together with the Bimbettes and Lynnette before they drag the yelping genin toward the yurt.

"H-H-Hey, wait, wait!" He cried out, "W-W-Where are you girls taking me to?!" Almost everyone watch the Ette girls drag the genin inside the yurt with a slam before they resume their activities like normal. Some of the twelve princess sisters can't help but to sweatdrop at the sight and no one notice that few sisters sneak away to peek on Naruto and his wives out of curiosity, not familiar with 'makeout' word.

Naruto will be very confused about why several new members were blushing or refuse to meet his eyes when they have dinner tonight.

Everyone were loading things into the wagons the next day before they climb inside as they get ready to depart and Snow look inside through the flap. "Are everyone aboard?" She asked before she giggle at the sight of the triplet babies playing with each other on Persephone's laps as the tall pale teenager held them with blank face.

"Yeah, everyone's in." Naruto confirmed with a thumb up after he looked out in the back and the ravenette command the horses to gallop forward, starting their journey once again.

"How long does the ride usually take?" Azure asked curiously.

"Depend on the weather and day, it usually take about twelve hours or more." The genin sat down between the blue-haired teenager and Persephone, "But we do take breaks so we don't feel too cooped up."

"Oh, how many?" The bluenette teenager tilted her head slightly.

"Two to four or five." Naruto rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "And if you're wondering how long, it's about twenty to thirty minutes."

"Do you all travel until late night?" Elenore asked.

"Um, rarely?" The genin scratched his head.

"Yes, only if we don't find a good place to camp out." Gretel said, "We would sleep inside here but it never happen so far and like he said, it's very rare."

"Ah, I see." The orange-haired woman nodded her head.

"Um, h-how do you pass time?" Rebecca asked timidly.

"Talk, games, sleep, read or something else to entertain yourself." Sera answered with a light shrug.

"…Oh, may I have a book?" The pinkette asked meekly.

"There are some books under seats right there." The petite elf pointed to a section under benches and the young pinkette move over to fetch a book that might catch her interest.

"You know, that is very excellent than a royal carriage." Prima commented on the leading wagon.

"Quite." Tatterhood agreed, "I'll take that over a stuffy royal carriage…" Her head turned to her sister, "My dear sister, remind me to order the people to build carriages like that and burn all royal carriage once we reach our husband's homeland and establish our kingdom."

"I'll try to remember that." Harriet giggled.

"Um, is it possible to do that in other country?" Karen looked at them oddly as she rotated her feet, "Establish a kingdom?"

"Yes, because it's me." The busty blonde smirked smugly and the sandy-haired girl merely sweatdrop with a slow blink.

"Baba!" Elizabeth turned to Naruto, reaching out to him with waving arms and the genin pick the baby girl up to place her on his laps. "Ba, ba!" She flailed her arms on his chest with giggles.

"Oh, you want to play with me, huh?" Naruto tickled his adopted daughter with a light chuckle, causing the baby girl's giggles to grow loud with some glee squeals.

"Ba." Riko held her arms up to the tall pale teenager after she take one long stare at her sister and adopted father as if she was asking her to tickle her and Persephone slowly tickle her stomach, drawing some giggles out of the baby girl. The tall teenager also tickle Hans and the giggling baby boy was kicking up with squeals.

"Aww, they're so adorable." Thumbelina giggled at the sight and some girls agreed with her as the babies' laughter last few minutes.

After few hours on the road, they make a stop for a lunch and almost everyone were enjoying the weather as they relax under the shade of largest tree. "So it'll take about a week to reach this town?" Prima looked over the map.

"That's correct." Gretel looked up from her sandwich to the older redhead, "Are you planning some errands since you're asking about the town?"

"Maybe, I'm thinking about shopping but I don't have money." The redhead muttered with hand on her chin, 'Maybe I should sell some of my jewelries?'

"I can come with you and pay for things if you're okay with that." Naruto spoke up.

"Oh, are you sure about that?" Prima looked at him unsurely as he gave her a nod, "…Then I'll take you up on your offer." She nod her head couple times with folded hands.

"Awesome, then it's a date." The chuckling genin turned back to his lunch and the redhead look so confused about 'date' part, what does a calendar have to do with shopping?

"Naruto, what are you going to work on since you're done with this flight training?" Eris asked curiously.

"Well, I'm gonna focus on the elemental jutsu again." Naruto rubbed his chin with a hum, "At least until I find something awesome in the giant scroll."

"You haven't still reached the end of this scroll?" The storyteller tilted her head slightly with a small raise of her eyebrow.

"No, I still don't know how far it'll stretch out." The genin glanced at the said object strangely, it's as if it come with a compression fuinjutsu…Does it? Naruto squirted his eyes at the scroll suspiciously, "…Maybe I'll cut a piece out into a small scroll?"

"Won't that affect the seals if you tear the giant scroll?" Eris asked before something occur to her, "Oh, and what will happen to the items inside the storage seal?"

"Nah, it'll be fine as long as the tears don't damage the seals." Naruto replied, "And if a storage seal get destroyed, it'll spit everything out so there's nothing to worry about…" He paused, "Until they happen to be fill with weapons or something like fire then it's cover for all." The blonde remember reading a warning about storing weaponry in seal and that they'll be launch out from damaged seal, "I'll do it far away from the campsite with kage bunshin for everyone's safety."

"Ah, I see." The storyteller muttered.

While they were having conversation, Elizabeth wave her arms out to her father behind his back as Cinderella hold her on her laps and the baby girl furrow her brows with soft whimper as soon as she see that her father was busy talking. "Baba, ba!" Elizabeth swung her arms up and down rapidly as she kept calling out to him for attention, "Ba! Baba, baba!" She inhale deeply, "DADA!" Almost everyone jumped at her shout before they turn to her with widened eyes and various reactions.

"Did Elizabeth say…?" Cinderella looked down at the said baby with a gasp.

"Her first word!" Tate squealed with several girls.

"Dada!" Elizabeth perked up with grasping hands as she get her widen-eyed father's attention, "Dada!"

"O-Oh, wow…" Naruto feel some kind of warmth within his chest, it feel like some kind of fatherly pride as he reach over to take Elizabeth from the strawberry-blonde woman into his arms. "I-I can't believe I'm her first word…She call me dada."

"Dada!" The smiling baby girl pressed herself on his chest with stretched-out arms as if she's giving him a hug.

"Ooh, if she can say her first word then…" Elsie snapped her head down to Hans on her laps with a eager beaming smile, "Hans, can you say mama?"

"Ba?" Hans looked up to her with a coo, "Baba…Mmma…" He stretched his arms out with a squeal, "Mama!"

"Oh, Hans!" The auburn-haired woman hugged her adopted son happily as the baby giggled happily, "Your first word! You said your first word and it's mama!"

"Ooh, what will Riko's first word be?" Esmeralda and everyone turned to the said baby that was sitting on Zelda's laps and Riko stare back at them with a blink.

"…Baba, ba?" Riko babbled before she stretch her arms out to Naruto, "Ba…P…Pa. Papa."

"Ha, both first words are for me!" Naruto can't help but to brag as he take his another adopted daughter into his arms and some girls either giggle or roll their eyes amusingly but everyone were happy to witness one of the babies' milestones.

"It won't be long before they can form sentences." Beauty smiled widely.

"Which mean we need to watch our language around them from now onward…" Gretel gave some certain people a pointed look.

"I'll try my best, hehe." Naruto chuckled sheepishly as the baby girls leaned against on his chest before almost everyone try to teach the triplet babies few words and see if they can pick it up.

It have been few days after the babies' first words and everyone were doing some chores and tasks around the campsite as usual but Naruto notice that some girls was acting a little skittish. He have asked them if they were okay and they just wave it off, reassume him that they were fine and the other girls said the same thing when he ask them about these girls out of concern. 'Must be girl thing.' Naruto scratched the back of his head puzzlingly before he glance at group of twelve sisters that was whispering in huddle lately and he hear someone call out to him.

"Naruto, do you want to spend some time with me in the love room before dinner?" The said boy turned to see Astra approaching him.

"Sure, I'd love to." He gave her a thumb up with wide grin before they walk into the yurt together, "What do you want to do?" He don't notice that some girls and women were getting up to get ready for something behind his back.

"Mm, just a bit of cuddle and makeout." The girl with star marking blushed lightly.

"That's all?" Naruto glanced at her and she nod her head as they enter the love room that appear to be very similar to the one from Rosy Marlow before they lie together on sofa with her on top of him back to chest, start to enjoy their cuddle time.

"Dinnertime, everyone!" Val hollered from inside the dining wagon and some people head toward the wagon.

"Wonder what we'll have tonight." Naruto muttered to himself as he enter the wagon with some girls behind.

"Happy birthday!" The genin yelped out in surprise as almost everyone shout out to him.

"W-W-Wha…?!" The blonde boy looked around to see his favorite foods on table and pile of various objects before it register in his mind, "…B-Birthday?"

"Today is October tenth, your birthday." Snow smiled.

"We know that you'll forget it because you have no one to celebrate with before." Lyra smiled from her place, "But now you have us to celebrate your birthday."

"And we want to make it the best one you ever have." Lily beamed and almost everyone has shared their sentiments.

"O-Oh, um…" Naruto was really at loss for word as he felt touched, "I-I really d-don't know what to say expect for t-thanking you all for the surprise…"

"Why don't you take a seat and see what we get you for your fourteenth birthday." Wendy grinned, "Until you want to eat foods and cake first?"

"Um, it'll be a good idea to eat first before they get cold?" The genin rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, he don't know how to celebrate a birthday with people.

"Alright then, it's your birthday." The carpenter chuckled lightly and Naruto take his seat along with the rest as they start the birthday feast. A couple hours later, the genin was receiving gifts from almost everyone and most of the presents were personalized by each girl.

"…What do you think of my gift?" Luba asked blankly.

"I love it." Naruto grinned at the expressionless teenager as he place an embroidered blanket next to embroidered items, "I must use it tonight. Thank you very much."

"…You're welcome." The expressionless girl replied with barely-noticeable color in her cheeks.

"Mmm, I think that's everyone." The genin glanced between his presents and the group.

"My sisters and I haven't given you your gifts." Prima cleared her throat with a fist in front of her mouth.

"It's fine if you guys don't get me anything since you guys recently join us." Naruto waved his hand.

"We know, but we do have something for you." The older redhead replied, "Will you please hold your hands out for us, palms up?"

"Here." The genin held his hands out, he assume it must be a big present or one of their customs to receive a gift with both hands. He become very confused when twelve hands placed upon his hands and he look up to the twelve sisters puzzlingly with raised eyebrow.

"Naruto, our gifts to you are…" Prima said calmly, "Our hands in marriage."

"Wha…?!" Naruto choke on his spit in surprise.

"We already discuss it with your wives and they have given us their blessings." Elenore said and the bewildered genin's head snap to the direction of his wives, who seem to accept everything in their own way while giving him approving nods.

"A-A-Are you all sure a-about that?" The genin's gaze snapped back to the twelve princesses with some stutter, "Y-Y-You know that I…"

"Yes, because we trust you." Sally said, "After all, we each have fall in love with you." The twelve princesses have already fall for him from the moment he rescue them from their cruel unwanted fates or spend some times throughout the traveling.

'H-H-How?!' Naruto dropped his jaw at them before his head drop slightly with a mutter, "A-A-Alright, um, I-I'll do my best to take care of you all…Let me get the rings for you girls."

"After the celebration." The older redhead said, "We'll be in your care from now onward."

"Welcome to the family, you all." Rosie grinned widely at the twelve new wives and everyone resume their chats as the genin sweatdrop to himself, how did his fourteenth birthday turn out like that…Although it's still the best one he ever have, thank to his precious people.

"Naruto, can I take your measurement for height before we go to bed?" Lucy asked with a small knife, standing near the doorway in the yurt.

"Ooh, yeah!" Naruto perked up almost right away after he gave everyone their good-night kisses and he walked over to put his back up against the wall as the anthro goat teenager put a book on top of his head. "Say, why are we doing it now?" He asked her curiously, "I mean, we should have done it the other day." The genin hope that he gain some inches so people in Konohagakure will stop calling him runt or any kind of short nicknames!

"My sisters and I always do that on our birthdays every year." The anthro goat girl replied as she marked his height, "There, all done."

"Did I grow any inches?" Naruto turned to the wall eagerly as he check the height, only to freeze when he see no change and his head drop with a dejected groan and slumped shoulders. "Barely a centimeter?!"

"There, there, you may will grow between now and your fifteenth birthday." Lucy squeezed his shoulders lightly with a small chuckle and the blonde keep sulking for few seconds before he realize something.

"…Wait a minute!" His head jerked up with widened eyes, "Your birthday! Everyone's birthdays…We didn't celebrate the birthdays. D-Did we just miss it?"

"No, I don't think so and if we did, it's okay." The anthro goat girl absentmindedly massaged his shoulders, "We understand because many things have happened in a short time."

"But that would be unfair because we celebrated my birthday while you and guys don't get one." Naruto frowned before he lift his head up to Lucy with determination in his eyes, "I promise you and everyone that we will celebrate your birthdays. I will not forget anyone's, no matter how much I have to memorize the dates of your birthdays." He will make sure that everyone will not miss their birthday, no matter what. "In fact, I'm gonna ask everyone when is their birthday. Lucy, when's your birthday?"

"In May." Lucy answered, "I think it's best to wait until tomorrow before you ask everyone. You look tired that you won't be able to remember anything tonight."

"But I'm not tir…" An yawn escape his lips and the genin suddenly blush in embarrassment, he feel so betrayed by his body.

"Sure, you are." The giggling goat teenager nudged him toward the bed so they can turn in for the night and the blonde quietly remind himself to ask everyone the first thing in morning as the group fall asleep.

Naruto have been spending some times with his newest wives to know them more for the next few days during the traveling and they make their way to a clearing near a town. "Alright, that place looks good enough." Naruto glanced around at the wide clearing before he create dozen of kage bunshin to set the campsite up as some girls help out and he look up to the sky, it was late afternoon close to evening right now. He approaches Prima, "Hey, Prima, do you want to go to the town in few minutes?"

"Yes, let me ask my sisters first." Prima exchange nods with him before she approach her half-sisters to make some shopping list and the genin decide to kill some time by finishing set the campsite up.

"What kind of things are you going to buy?" Naruto asked Prima curiously as they walk together toward the town from a paved dirt path.

"Mostly musical instruments." Prima tapped her chin lightly, "But for me, I just want to take a look around and see if there's anything interesting to buy."

"So we don't have music stuffs, huh?" The genin blinked rapidly, "Huh, thought we have some." He must have missed certain hobby-relating things during the bunshin's shopping sprees.

"Indeed, one would assume they have everything with the amount of items you have in the storage." The redhead agreed with a light nod, "…At least we have money to buy anything we want with this vast size of riches you have in the treasury." She was really shocked when she find out about the treasures they have, not even her wicked father have this much in the treasury.

"Yup." Naruto laughed sheepishly as they enter the town and they notice something odd after few turns."It's barely dark and there's no one out, beside us." He raised his eyebrow weirdly at the sight of empty streets, the town was so quiet that not even a peep of a mice can be hear and there were some lights from windows in several houses. The evening barely has arrived.

"Indeed." Prima also find it very strange, "If there is no one around, do you think the shops are closed?"

"I don't know." He scratched his head, "Let's check and see." The redhead nodded her head as they walk down the street together until they come across something odd, "Is that a imp carrying a sleeping girl?"

"Yes, but I believe it's a dwarf?" The redhead blinked at a strange sight that take place in front of them. A one foot tall imp creature was carrying a fifteen years old girl above his head up to a door of an inn and the creature knock the door with his foot couple times before the door open to reveal an elderly man.

"Ah good, you brought her here." The elderly man smirked wickedly as he reach down to her collar, "Now I will beat her and force her under me as…"

"HOLD ON, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO HER?!" Naruto shouted with pointing finger and his shout woke the teenager girl up to see that a old man have his hands holding her dress as if he was about to take it off. She let an alarming shriek out and the old man was about to bark something out but Naruto swiftly kick him in face, sending him flying back inside as the genin scoop the startled teenager girl up in bride carry while punting the yelping imp creature far away. "I will not let you do something to her, you fucking rapist!"

"How dare you!" The old man got up before he lift a lantern up as the blue light shine brightly, "With the blue light, I wish…"

"Suiton! Suidan!" The genin shot a water bullet from his mouth and it hit the lantern out of the man's hand, shattering on the floor as the fire went out.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" The elder cried out in shock, this fire was said to never go out no matter what! The man's head whipped to a surprised imp creature, who suddenly burst in blue smokes before his head snap back…To see dozen clones lunge at him with battle cry. "Oh dear!" That was the last thing he utter before the clones beat him down as Naruto carry the teenager girl away with Prima in tow.

After a good amount of distance, Naruto set the girl down and both the redhead and blonde check her out. The fifteen years old girl have a petite body, shoulder-length straight blue hair, bright blue eyes with long eyelashes and light skin. She wears a blue floor-length nightgown. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"Y-Yes, I am." The teenager girl replied a bit shaken, "Thank you for your rescue…What is your name? I am Lucia."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki and that is Prima." Naruto introduced.

"Hello." Prima said, "Are you sure you're okay? Anyone would find what you went through quite frightening."

"Yes, I am." Lucia reconfirmed with a soft exhale, "This awful man did nothing to me because of you two and I am very grateful for that."

"We were in right place at right time." The blonde replied, "I'm glad we stop this pervy bastard before it was too late." The shivering blue-haired teenager hate to imagine what would happen to her. "Prima, we should escort her back to her place before we go back to yurt." He looked at the redhead.

"I was going to suggest the same thing." The redhead replied.

"…I'm sorry, what's yurt?" The blue-haired teenager asked with puzzled face.

"It's some kind of portable tent that look like a hut." Naruto explained, "It's something you have to see to know what I'm talking about."

"I won't call it a hut or tent because it's more like a house." Prima commented.

"Yeah." He rubbed his head sheepishly.

'Tent?' Lucia blinked several times, 'Are they travelers?' She become more curious since she hear this unfamiliar 'yurt' word, "…Can you two please escort me to your yurt? I would like to see it myself in person."

"You sure?" Naruto raised his eyebrow at her with a blink, "It'll be a long walk to there and back."

"Yes, I know." The blue-haired girl replied, "May I see your yurt, please?"

The genin exchange a quick glance with Prima before his gaze shift back to the blue-haired girl with a slight shrug, "…Ok, let's go." He lead Lucia toward the exit of the town with Prima, "…Say, do you know why the stores are closed and no people out here?"

"Yes, because it's bedtime." Lucia answered.

"Wait, seriously?" Naruto nearly whipped his head to her with rapid blinks.

"Isn't that awfully early?" Prima also blinked rapidly with bewildered expression.

"Early to bed, early to rise." The blue-haired girl said as if it's a simple thing, "It has always been this way for many generations."

"Oh, I see…" The redhead glanced around at the quiet town, "That is one interesting…Tradition? Culture?"

"It's a culture." Lucia said and the redhead nod her head in understanding.

"If everyone has to turn in early, does that mean they have to do everything early like having supper or closing up shops?" The blonde asked.

"Yes, that's correct." The blue-haired girl nodded as they walk down the dirt path.

"What'll happen if someone decides to keep store opening at this hour?" Naruto tilted his head.

"They'll be punished by law and have to pay fines or be jailed for few days to weeks." Lucia tilted her head up slightly to recall the details.

"…Wha?!" He dropped his jaw, "Just for working past the bedtime?! That's insane!"

"Is it?" The blue-haired girl tilted her head to side with an innocent blink.

"Well, it does sound this way to us." Prima muttered, "No one would imagine a place where the people have to turn in early…But again, there is a kingdom that are made out of gold and value coppers more than a gold." She has heard that from Orania directly.

"Ah…" Lucia uttered before they share some small talks for a while until they reach the campsite.

"Here we are." Naruto gestured to their surrounding, "That is our camp." His hand shift to point at the yurt, "And that is a yurt."

"Oh, so that's a yurt?" The blue-haired girl stared at the building with mix of awe and confusion, "…But it look like a house?"

"Well, it start out as yurt until we add the rooms in back…" Naruto chuckled sheepishly, "Along with few other things."

"And the wagons?" Lucia examined the wagons from distance, finding them to be very unique and interesting.

"Most of them have been modified for various purposes." Prima said, "Bathing and smithy for example."

"Ah, I see…" The blue-haired girl muttered, 'This campsite look more like a small village…'

"Naruto, Prima, are you back already?" The trio looked over to see Beauty poking her head out behind the door of yurt, the brunette woman have heard their voices. "That was fa…" She trailed off as she notice Lucia before her brow arch up slightly at her husband and more girls poke their heads out, glance between the new girl and the genin.

"Let me explain." Naruto held his hands up swiftly as if he know what they were going to say and he tell them everything from Lucia's attempted kidnapping to why she come to their campsite.

"Oh my, I'm glad that you were there to prevent these crimes." Snow gasped and Naruto nodded few times.

"Lucia, do you want to take a look around?" Delilah asked the said teenager, "I can show you inside if you like?"

"Yes, please." Lucia gave her a gentle smile.

"Would you like to have dinner with us or…?" Val asked the bluenette teenager politely before Lucia give her a nod, "I'll prepare another plate for you." The cooker enter the dining wagon with few others and the greenette lead Lucia away for a tour with few others.

"…So everything's closed in the town at this hour?" Goldilocks raised her eyebrow oddly at Naruto and Prima as they both nodded, "That's so weird."

"What's weirder is that it's forbidden to sell music stuff in this place." Naruto added, had overheard Lucia telling Prima that when the redhead asked her if she know any place that sell music instruments. "Speaking of which…" He turned to Prima, "Do you want to go back tomorrow morning or wait until we get to the next town?"

"…I think it's best to hold it off until we visit different town." Prima replied after she think it over.

"Gotcha." He nodded understandingly before he head inside the yurt with Prima and some girls for a bit rest before dinner.

With Lucia, she was marveling by the sight when she enter the clothing wagon with Delilah and some girls. "I have never seen these kinds of clothes before." Lucia pointed to a kimono, "What is that dress?"

"According to Naruto, it's called kimono." Delilah recalled, "I don't know much about it but he said it's mostly used during festivals in his homeland."

"His homeland?" The blue-haired teenager turned to her with a puzzled blink, "You make it sound like you're not from around here?"

"We're not." Karen said, "It's kinda long story. You see, it all start when a portal open up in front of Naruto and send him to a land far away from his homeland…" She and few girls explained everything to Lucia about the reason why they were traveling around the world.

"Oh my, that's quite a story." Lucia muttered with widened eyes as they exit the clothing wagon to go to the bathing wagons, "Poor Naruto, have to make his way across unfamiliar lands to find his home…"

"Yeah, but it's ok because he have us." Loriel smiled lightly.

"What she said." Rosie chirped.

"Mmm…" The blue-haired teenager made an affirmative humming noise, "…So how long are you all going to stay for?"

"Just today." The red-haired girl answered as Lucia froze up with rapid blinks, "We're going to leave in the morning tomorrow."

"O-Oh, is that so?" Lucia muttered, 'Naruto is going to leave tomorrow? Does that mean I won't see him again?' She feel a pang in her heart, 'I need to figure something out…Should I make him stay…Or shall I…' Maybe she should talk to some girls to learn how they end up traveling with Naruto and make her own decision, "May I ask how you meet Naruto?"

"For me, it was in Lost Woods when he…" Rosie share her story and Lucia listen to each girls' stories throughout the whole tour.

"How was the tour?" Naruto asked Lucia as everyone has dinner in the dining wagon.

"It's interesting and so unique in its own way." Lucia said, "I have never heard of greenhouse before until now and these magical spells on papers that you create…" She become confused when Naruto drop his head while some girls laughed.

"Ugh, not magic spell, it's fuinjutsu…" He groaned under his breath, "And I'm not a magician, I'm a shinobi."

"Ah, I apologize for my mistake?" The blue-haired girl blinked few times as he waved it off, "…Anyway, I want to ask you something."

"What's up?" Naruto nodded before he notice her confusion, "Eh, I mean, go ahead with your question." He sweatdropped as she realized what his early response mean, 'When will I ever find someone who understand what I'm saying right away?'

"Oh." Lucia cleared her throat, "May I join your traveling band?"

"Wait, what?" He blinked rapidly, "What about your home, your family?"

"It's fine, they won't notice if I disappear." The blue-haired girl lied, it's just a little white lie because her family won't realize her disappearance for few days to weeks since they're royal.

"Wha…" Naruto's head nearly jerk up, does that mean she's trapped in a family that neglected her or mistreats her like few of his wives?! "Then yes, you can join us." He frowned mentally, he's gonna help her find her happiness somewhere far away from this neglectful family! Naruto have come up with this assumption and Lucia never correct him on it for the rest of their lives since she don't know that he come up with it on his own.

"Wonderful, thank you very much." A megawatt beaming smile breaks out on Lucia's face.

'Damn, was it really bad in her home?' He simply return her smile with a grin before they continue their dinner as most people get to know the new girl without any fuss as if they saw it coming from miles.

Everyone were getting ready to turn in for the night few hours later and Naruto was giving his wives their good-night kisses as Lucia whisper to some girls in a group near the corner of the giant bed. "Is there any sleeping position that may bother Naruto?" Azure whispered to Esmeralda as Rebecca listen in with a light blush, it's their turn to sleep at Naruto's sides tonight for the first time.

"There isn't." Esmeralda shook her head lightly with a smirk, "He's a heavy sleeper so he'll sleep through almost everything. You can sleep comfortingly, even if you sleep on top of him and it won't bother him a bit."

"What about if one move a lot in sleep?" The blushing bluenette teenager muttered.

"Lily move a lot in her sleep and it have never wake Naruto up." The smirking entertainer chuckled, "Don't worry your pretty little head off and enjoy sleeping tonight."

"Ok, I-I will." Azure sneaked few glances at Naruto together with her youngest sister and Esmeralda simply chuckle again at their behavior.

"Did I miss anyone?" Naruto looked around at everyone after he kissed the forehead of each triplet babies, who were sleeping together in cradle with some happy cooing.

"Yes, me." Lucia approached him with a sleepy smile, "I'd like to receive a good night kiss from you." Naruto blinked, "I already asked the girls if it was okay and they said yes." The genin glanced at his wives as they confirmed in their own ways, mostly nods.

"Oh, ok." He scratched the back of his head, "Good night, Lucia." His head lean forward to kiss her forehead, only to get surprised when the bluenette suddenly peck his lips.

"Good night, Naruto, sweet dream." The smiling bluenette walked away from him to her spot in bed and Naruto blinked rapidly before he glance at his wives puzzlingly to see if anyone have problem about it but no one does.

'…D-Do I need to keep a ring nearby just in case?' Naruto scratched his head in confusion before he shrug his shoulders, it must be a grateful kiss for the rescue and he won't look into it too much. He lies down on bed with everyone and Rebecca shyly tuck her head in his nape as her arms wrap around his torso.

"Is t-that o-okay?" Rebecca asked him timidly as Azure copied her action on other side of their husband, "F-For me to h-hold you like that when we're sleeping?"

"Yeah, it's fine." He put his arm around her shoulders, causing her blush to deepened. "Good night, guys." The genin closed his eyes with a big yawn and most girls responded back with their own good night.

By the time they get up in morning and pack everything up then resume the trip, it was chaos in the town when it was discovered that a princess have went missing. After a swift yet lengthy investigation that last few hours, they track it back to a elderly solider and have him hanged for kidnapping of princess Lucia when the elder foolishly expose himself to them by shouting where his would-be hostage is and his plot. The kingdom believe that he have sold her to someone and the soldiers were send out to search and save the princess…In direction away from the traveling wagons! The knights will never find her after this day.

"…Set, make me laugh." Luba turned her head to the said teenager inside passenger wagon couple days later.

"Naruto do something smart for once." Set drawled, sprawling out on a bench on her side.

"…Ha." The expressionless girl said blankly.

"Hey." A kage bunshin pouted childishly over his shoulder from the coachman's seat, "I'm always smart all the time!"

"Name one time you did something smart on spot." The teal-haired archer drawled.

"…Um…I…Ummmm…" Naruto stammered as he tried to come up with something before his head drop with a groan, "Ugh, I get nothing." He blushed embarrassingly as soon as some snickers reach his ears.

"It's okay, Naruto, you'll be smart one day." Jorinda patted his back with her wing as she chirped innocently, "Like Jorinda!"

"Thank, Jorinda." The clone muttered, caused the harpy to puff her chest out proudly.

"Don't she think two plus two is twenty-two?" Tulip whispered to Gray with a tiny sweatdrop.

"Yes, and she's not only one so…" Gray whispered back with a light shrug.

In the leading wagon, Naruto was scratching Haru's head as he sat on floor with the dog's head on his laps and Juno was rubbing her face in the genin's hair with some happy purring for some reason. "Mmm, you smell great than catnip." Juno hugged his head, pushing the back of his head against her bust in process.

"Um, thank…" Naruto muttered with red face as he tried his best to ignore the feelings on the back of his head and the black-haired catgirl purred again before she tilt his head back so they can face each other. Before he know it, Juno suddenly make out with him in strange position and the widen-eyed blushing genin flailing his arms around.

"Juno, Naruto, not in public." Arya shook her head at them with tiny chuckles, "Just please wait until we get to the next stop and you two can make out all you want inside the yurt."

"Mm, nope." Juno lifted her head up with a pop of her lips, "There's no outsiders around to see us and everyone here have already make out with Naruto so…" She resume the makeout and Naruto's arms flailing around once again.

"Not everyone." The silver-haired teenager coughed into her fist with light blush, she can think of few certain girls and it's good thing that they weren't around to see the sight since they're in other wagons.

"Here's our stop." Snow announced as the horses pull over to side near a clearing in front of woods and everyone step out of the wagons to stretch out while setting the campsite up.

"I believe it's time for me to turn in." Lucia yawned as soon as the campsite is completed before she kissed Naruto, "Good night, everyone. Wake me up when dinner's ready." With that, she enter the yurt.

'…But it's still daytime…' Naruto glanced up to the sky, the sun haven't set yet. ' His gaze shift to some girls over his shoulder, 'And is Lucia my girlfriend or what?' The bluenette girl has kissed him often lately, even when they were hanging out to get to know each other. Naruto scratch his head for a second before he create thousands of kage bunshin to send them out for training or have some guarding the area and he walk toward the woods for some workout after informed his family.

Nerida approach Gretel to tug her sleeve and the brunette girl turn her head to the mute girl. "Yes, Nerida?" The mute girl stretched the map out to her before she point to a location with a tilted head and the brunette girl see that the location was a lake. "Ah, you want to know if we'll come across a lake on our route?" Nerida nod her head rapidly, "Then the answer is yes, we will." She tapped her chin with index finger, "In four days, I believe." The mute girl's eyes lit up as she bounce on her heels happily, "Just in time for your birthday." She chuckled slightly at her reaction, it's a date that Nerida chose for her birthday. "Shall we make some plan for this day?" The mute girl nodded rapidly before the brunette girl guides her inside the yurt.

"Ugh, lake…" Hestia grumbled to herself with blank face as she set berry bush on fire.

Wendy was whistling a tune as she wash her hands in bowl outside the woodshop wagon and she look up to see Xena floating by before she notice something different. "Yo, Xena, is that new dress?" Wendy hollered out to get the ghost's attention.

"Ah, you can say it's new but at same time it's not because I took it from the clothing wagon." Xena smiled, the ghost wear a kimono-like dress that nearly expose a lot of her cleavage and it look like the top will fall anytime since it appear to be very loose yet tight around her upper body. "What do you think of it?"

"I like it." The smirking carpenter gave her a thumb up, 'Please fall down, please fall down, please fall down.' She quietly pray for the ghost to flash accidentally before she realize something else, "…Hold on…You take it from the clothing wagon? But your dress look…Ghostly?"

"Oh, I don't know how to explain it…" The ghost tilted her head slightly, "Whenever I put a clothing on, it become part of me and when I remove it, it turn back to normal physically."

"Huh, weird but interesting." Wendy muttered with raised eyebrow, "…Does this ability only work with you or not? Like if I decide to put any kind of clothing on you or take it off, it'll do what you just said?"

"Oh, I don't know the answer to that." Xena tapped her cheek unsurely.

"Mm, then let's go back to clothing wagon and find out." The carpenter smirked with a certain glint in her eyes, there are some certain clothes she want to see the ghost in among with certain people.

"Ok, let's go." Xena followed her with a chirp.

"I think they're starting to develop their own personalities, beside their habit to do everything together." Cinderella said as she changed the triplet babies' diapers with Zelda and Elsie inside the yurt.

"Oh, you think so?" Elsie perked up at her before she look down at their adopted children, "Ooh, in what way?"

"Well, I noticed that Elizabeth is hyperactive like her father…" The strawberry-blond woman hummed thoughtfully, "Hans is bit like a follower and bit active. Riko is calm one and seem to take after some girls like Zelda for one."

"Ma." As if it was done on a cue, Riko held her opening hand up to the masked maid with blank face.

"Ah." Zelda uttered with a flustered tone before she gently boop Riko's nose, causing the baby girl to giggle out as she wrap her hand around the masked elf's finger.

"What do you mean when you say Hans is a follower?" Rapunzel looked up from folding clean clothing with Snow to Cinderella curiously.

"He always follow his sisters, dropping anything he was doing on his own so he can do whatever they're doing in his sight." Cinderella replied.

"Oh, that's right." Snow putted the folded shirt down on top of clean laundry as she looked up, "Hans was playing with his favorite rattler until he saw Elizabeth playing with Haru and he drop his toy to crawl over to play with them."

"True…" Gretel patted basset hound puppy on her laps with one hand as she looked up from her inventory book with a hum, "Make me wonder if he's middle or baby brother of triplet."

"If that's case then is Elizabeth the elder sister?" The long-haired blonde asked, "Or is it Riko?"

"I'm inclined to say Elizabeth because she take charge most of time…" The brunette girl scratched behind the puppy's ear with a hum, "But I believe that require a group discussion to decide on the order of our children from elder to young."

"Tonight over dinner?" Snow hummed and the brunette girl nodded her head once. It will later be agreed that Elizabeth is the elder sister and Hans the baby brother at the end of dinner in few hours.

"Say, is someone using the Love Room at the moment?" Sam asked curiously, the family have unanimously agreed to change the name from 'us room' to 'love room'.

"Yes, Cylia, Tatterhood, Juno and Bimbettes sisters are inside." Tauriel sighed wearily, "I can't believe there's another person like Cylia…"

"Ah, I wonder what they're doing in there." The redhead muttered.

"Something deviant, I bet." The regal elf sighed again. She was half right and half wrong because Cylia was just cuddling with the women…In their underwears or nude in Juno's case as they try to come up with some plans involving their husband.

"Qi, what are you drawing?" Eris asked the said woman inside the library wagon, both sitting at same table as the elf pause her reading.

"Some random things like flowers." Qi doodled away in her notebook and the elf lean over to look at her drawings.

"You draw very well." The elf said impressively, "Do you have experience in art like painting?"

"No, I don't…" The half-Chinese princess lifted her head up to her, "…Do you think I should take it up? As a hobby?"

"I think you should but it's up to you." Eris replied and Qi hum thoughtfully.

On other side of the library wagon, Beauty ponder on which books from Naruto's homeland she should translate next and she turn to the corner to stare at many stack of books, a collection of pervy sage according to Naruto. The book lover has no idea what pervy does mean. 'I'll ask Naruto about this word later.' The brunette woman pick a thick brown book off the top of the stack and she open it to the first page as she start to translate it into English in a blank book. After two pages, she suddenly gives out a loud shriek with red face as she fight her urge to throw this book across the room.

"Beauty, what happen?!" The blushing brunette woman spun around to see Naruto rush inside with almost everyone, "Are you…"

"NOTHING, I'M FINE!" Beauty swiftly hides the book behind her back with widened eyes and forced smile, "N-N-Naruto, can you please get out? Vasilisa, Nerida, Hestia, Millie and Gloria, go with Naruto, please? A-Ah, and take the babies with you!"

"Um, okay?" Naruto gave her a funny yet concern look as he take the squealing babies from the women before he walk out with the said girls.

"Why did she scream?" Millie asked the genin with index finger on her mouth.

"I don't know, Millie, I don't know." The genin said as the small group leaves the library wagon and everyone turn back to Beauty as soon as they made sure that the small group was out of earshot range.

"…We need to do something about these books!" Beauty put the book down on the table as she pointed to the stacks with heavy blush, "L-L-Like b-b-bu…" She looked so conflicted because it's books.

"What's in the books that make you react like that?" Bo-Peep asked.

"Um, it's…Oh…" The blushing brunette woman fanned herself with hands as she stammered, "Um, i-it's not…Um…" Someone pick the brown book up to look inside.

"Ohoho, it's all about sex." Tatterhood flipped few pages as everyone have various reactions from shock to blank, "And it even come with illustrations…Oooh, that look very interesting, I have never heard of that position before until now."

"SAY WHAAAAAAT?!" Snow screeched with scandalized expression.

"Ooh, I wonder what's in the other books…" Laurette picked a random book from the stacks before she look inside, "Huh, this one have illustrations too…And it's all women."

"This one contains number of men and women in group." Cylia smirked at a book in her hands, "Mmmm…Clo…"

"NOT ANOTHER WORD OUT OF YOU!" Sera shouted at her sister with heavy blush, "PUT THIS BOOK DOWN IMMEDIATELY!"

"What's sex?" Rosie tilted her head with mix of confusion and curious, a common expression shared by many girls.

"Nothing that you need to know!" Prima squeaked out.

"Let me see them." The little red riding hood took few steps forward with curious expression, only to be pull back by several girls.

"NO, ROSIE!" Several girls said in unison, they want to protect her innocence for time being.

"Ok, let's gather all these books and burn them." The silver-haired teenager muttered with atomic blush.

"No, let's not." Wendy looked up from a orange book, "I say we put them in one corner, restrict it under some conditions and save them for later…We might use them for reference one day. Perform duty and all, you know?" She paused as almost everyone stared at her, "…What?"

"Th…That…" Arya stared at her weirdly, "That's a good suggestion you make…Oh god, why do that make sense?"

"Pfft, that's because I agree that they need to be out of reach to some people." The carpenter snorted, "Like our kids for example. It won't be long before they start walking and understand things. I don't want Hans, Elizabeth and Riko to run up to me with these books and go 'mommy, mommy, read it to us! What are they doing in…"

"Say no more." The silver-haired teenager held her hand up with a gulp, she don't want to imagine this embarrassing situation.

"…I think it's better for us to vote on it right now…" Una cleared her throat with burning cheeks, "Burn them or keep them for…Reference and guides." After a swift on-spot voting, it was decided that they will keep the dirty books but restricted them in a corner in a locked wardrobe that'll be converted into a shelve and certain people will have the keys on them, like Beauty for example, so anyone else will have to ask them for permission when the library wagon is in use.

Naruto crossed his arms in deep thought as he stare off into the woods with scrunched face, it have been a hour after dinner and it was little dark. "Naruto, what's the matter?" Loriel asked when she noticed his behavior after she exit the greenhouse wagon with Annette and Silvia.

"I have a weird sudden urge to go for a walking at night." Naruto turned to her with a head scratch, "And I don't know why."

"Maybe you feel like it." The gray elf hummed, "It's normal to get a sudden urge."

"Really?" He blinked at her, "Even if it's for a night stroll? I mean, I've never done that before…I think?"

"Yes, sometime people have urge to do something different that they've never done before." Loriel replied.

"Oh, is that so?" Naruto rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "…Eh, you know what? It's just a little walk. Guys, I'm going for a walk. If anyone ask for me, tell them that I'll be back in a bit."

"Will do." Silvia waved, "Enjoy your walk and be careful."

"I will!" The genin hollered back as he walked into the forest and the girls walked toward the yurt before someone realizes something.

"Awww, I should have gone with him for a romantic night stroll!" Annette pouted with a groan, earning couple headshakes from others.

'That's really nice.' Naruto thought to himself as he enjoy the night stroll through the woods for almost half a hour until he spot an odd castle on top of a big hill and it give off an strange vibe to him as if it was urging him to check it out for no reason. "Is that a ruin?" He muttered to himself as he approached the castle to see that it was in disrepair for a long time but he spot a light coming out from inside and he quietly enter the place. "Hello? Anyone here?" He announced and someone suddenly appear in front of him.

The person turn out to be a sixteen years old girl with a slender body and she have chin-length blue messy hair, blue eyes with blue eyelids, blue lips and fair yet pale skin. She wear a blue dress with blue gloves and blue flats.

'She must really like blue.' The teenagers stare at each other for few moments until he speak up with a light cough, "Um, hi there. I just saw light and wonder…"

"Would you like to have a good meal and sleep?" She cut him off.

"…No, thank?" Naruto gave her a funny look, "Look, um…What's your name?"

"I am Bluebell and I'm enchanted princess of Blue Mountains, cursed to be trap in here for many years until a man stay in a little room and face night creatures from ten to midnight for…" The bluette said before she get cut off by the genin.

"Wait?!" The genin dropped his jaw, "Some creatures are keeping you hostage?! Where is this little room?!"

"Um, it's over there." Bluebell pointed to a small door to their right, "But as long as I have this bottle…Wait, please let me finish my speech!" She cried out as the genin stomped toward the door.

"Do your speech after I beat the shit out of these monsters!" Naruto yanked the door open to see many creatures of night inside and they all grin savagely at him before he form rasengan along with dozen clones to the princess and creatures' shock. "PREPARE YOURSELF FOR ASS-WHOOPING, MOTHERFUCKERS!" He lunge inside with his battle-crying bunshins and the door slam closed.

"Um…" The blue-haired girl blinked owlishly at the door as it rattled and she swear she hear some roaring fire, flowing water, shifting earth, roaring wind and some crackling behind the rattling door. It went on for a while until the door blow open and an vampire kiss the ground before he look up to the bewildered princess.

"C-C-C-Call this devil off!" The vampire pleaded, "The curse on you have been lifted! Please stop hi…"

"GET BACK IN HERE, YOU BITCH!" A bunshin grab the vampire's ankles to drag him back inside the little room.

"NO, NO, NO, NOOOO!" The vampire clawed the floor crazily with paled face before the door closed with a slam again and the noise went on for a while until it cease. The door creak open and Naruto walk out unscratched as Bluebell peek over his shoulder to see all night creatures in a big pile with various injuries and it seem like they all have been knocked out.

"Come on, Bluebell, let's get you out of here." Naruto grabbed the princess' hand to drag her out of the ruined castle, "We're going to my camp, it's not this far away from here."

"O-Okay." Bluebell stared at his back with a blush and he suddenly stop in trail as he turn to her.

"Oh, um, we need to get your stuff first…" He looked over her shoulder at the ruin sheepishly.

"N-No need, the clothes on me and this bottle is everything I own." The blue-haired girl looked at the bottle in her another hand.

"Oh, alright." Naruto dragged her farther away, "We'll get you new clothes and whatever you want, after all we have pretty much almost everything at the camp."

Inside the yurt, everyone had changed into their pajamas and they were relaxing in their own ways until footsteps can be heard outside. "Sound like he's back from his walk." Piper looked up from her book as she sat on bench with blanket over her laps, shared by Karen and Jane. The door creak open and everyone look over to see Naruto step inside…With a new face.

"Um, guys, I'm back and that is Bluebell." Naruto introduced her, "I met her at a ruined castle nearby and she was holding hostage by bunch of night creatures…"

"And you rescued her from them." Goldilocks said as the genin nodded few times, "Of course."

"It's nice to meet you, Bluebell." Gretel gestured to the bottle in the bluenette's hand after everyone introduced themselves to the new arrival, "May I ask you about the bottle?"

"This bottle is an elixir that can cure everything." Bluebell held the bottle up in her cupped hands, "And it'll never go empty. If used, it'll be refill every morning." She smiled, "The bottle also can't be destroy by any mean and if misplace, it always teleport to my side anywhere on my body like a pocket for instance."

"…Wait, say what?!" The genin's head whipped to the bluenette girl with widened eyes.

"…Great, another magical thing." The brunette girl deadpanned at the bottle in the bluenette's hands.

"At least it's something that we can use often." Rapunzel patted the deadpanned brunette's back, earning several nods from others.

"True…" Gretel sighed, "Anyway, Bluebell, would you like to sleep first or…?"

"I'd like to talk a little before sleep because it has been a long time since I speak to another soul." Bluebell tucked her bottle away in the pocket of her dress.

"Sure, I have so many questions to ask you about this bottle because I'm a medic." The longest-haired blonde approached her with a smile as some girls approached them and they have many conversations within few hours.

Miles away from the camp, a Scotsman, Englishman and Irishman stumble upon a ruined castle after they ran away from the army and they decide to hide out there for few days…Only to be caught by the soldiers and dragged back to the army where they will face their punishment for deserting the post, one of these three men will never know what kind of life he would have if it wasn't for a orange ninja.

"There it is, the lake!" Naruto hollered out from the coachman's seat next to Snow four days later as the wagons approach the field near a large lake and many heads peek out under the flaps.

"Wow, we get here pretty early than expected." Esmeralda whistled.

"To be fair, this continent is small so it's no surprise if we get to someplace faster and early." Briar said as the wagons park near the dirt trail that lead to the shore and the campsite was set up in a record time, courtesy of kage bunshin.

"Hey, birthday girl." The genin grinned at Nerida as she bounced excitingly, "What do you want to do?" As soon as he finished his question, the mute girl whip out a paper out to him with both hands and the genin look at it with rapid blinks.

"Nerida, is that what you want us to do?" Naruto arched his eyebrow at the mute girl and she nod her head rapidly with happy expression as the family fishing at the lake from shore, some were playing on beach. "Alright then, it's your…Whoa!" He feel something tug the line and he quickly reel it in. "I caught something, I caught something!" He yank the rod up and an fish flew out of the water into his hands, "I get a…Gold fish?" The fish look like it's craved perfectly from pure gold…

"Listen, fisherman, if you will throw me back again into the water, I will…" The fish spoke.

"A summon fish?" Naruto cut the creature off, "Please tell me you're a summon fish and not some magical fish that give us gold."

"…I'm the latter." The fish replied with funny look, not understanding the summon part.

"Great." He groaned before he look to his mute wife, "What do you want to do with…" His head turned back to the fish, "Are you boy or girl?"

"I'm female." The fish replied.

"What do you want to do with her?" Naruto asked Nerida and she gently pick the fish from his hands then drop the creature in bucket.

"Listen, fisherwoman, if you will th…" The fish was about to make her plead until the genin cut her off.

"Are you going to keep her as a pet?" He asked as Nerida nod her head with bright smile, "Ah. Mm, fish, do you have a name and do you want to be in tank with other fishes or be alone in your own tank?"

"…I don't have a name and I prefer to have a tank to myself." The creature muttered after a minute of silence. If she think about it, she don't have to pleading for her life with fishermen that caught her many times and she can live comfortable as someone's pet. It's a win situation in her eyes.

"Okay then." Naruto turned back to enjoying the fishing with his family, "Nerida will come up with a name for you." The mute wife nods her head rapidly with a pondering expression and the magical fish sink underwater in the bucket with several blinks before she shrug mentally.

On the other side of the lake, a fisherman have receive several regular fishes and return to his wife who give birth to twin boys, who will later face a miserable life but that is a different story for another time.

"So we have a magical gold fish that'll conjure up gold in any form, even living animals…" Heida deadpanned at the gold fish explore her tank inside the pet vardo as Nerida pour some fish foods into the tank, "And her name is Coral?"

"Yup, Nerida named her that." Naruto rubbed his head sheepishly, trying his best to ignore some certain girls' deadpan stares. It's not his fault that he caught a magical fish in first place, it's not like he was actively seek them out.

"I'm okay with it as long as we retain someone from begging Coral to conjure gold…" Gretel's deadpan gaze shift from her husband to Goldilocks and she notice it.

"Ugh, fiiiiiine, I won't beg her for it." Goldilocks crossed her arms with a grumble.

"Good." The brunette girl bend down to pick a puppy up before she walk out of the pet vardo, "Let's go and have our cake."

"I wonder what kind of cake do Nerida chose." Tate carried armful of kittens with a merry smile, following by Naruto and the girls.

"Ooh, I'm still stuffed from last night." Blossom slumped on Orania's back with a soft moan inside the leading wagon the next day.

"You mean from breakfast this morning, you gutton." Catherine rolled her eyes at the plump goat girl.

"Oh yeah, and that too." The plump goat girl smirked lopsidedly.

"Ah, park over there." Gretel pointed her finger ahead.

"Yes, Gretel." Snow nodded, the group decides to stop by a rundown cottage near a village for a quick break to stretch their legs out and most spot a young woman pacing back and forth in front of the rundown cottage, appearing to be distraught as she bounces a crying baby in her arms.

"Excuse me, do you need help?" Una asked the woman with a concern and the woman turn to face the group with sniffle as they take her appearance in.

The woman appear to be in her mid twenties with chubby yet curvy body, K-cup bust and she have a long messy unkempt piggy-pink hair, pink eyes and suntan skin. She wear a dirty kirtles. The crying baby turns out to be a boy with turf of pink hair, pink eyes and fair skin. He wears a dirty rag gown.

"O-O-Oh, y-yes, I d-do!" The chubby pinkette suddenly bawled her eyes out while bouncing the wailing baby in her arms, "I-I-I need h-h-help!"

"What do you want us to do?" Naruto asked her worriedly, "Help you with the baby? We know how to take care of baby and can give you advices."

"Y-Yes, I-I-I need help with A-Aran but n-not in a way you think!" The chubby woman sobbed.

"Is Aran the name of your son?" Una placed her hand on the sobbing woman's shoulder to comfort her.

"Y-Y-Yes, it is and I-I-I'm Isla…" The sobbing chubby woman sniffled.

"Can you tell us what cause you to be like that?" Gretel asked her.

"M-M-My husband w-went to the fair in t-town and h-haven't return…" Isla sniffled, "A-A sow was about to f-f-farrow and w-w-when I check on h-her to see if the litter h-have come, she was d-d-dying…A-A fairy come and offer her help t-to n-n-nurse my sow b-b-back to healthy, which she did and the s-sow give birth to litters…B-B-But she demand my son as payment…I-I-I plead to her m-many times so she told me that I-I can keep my son if I-I know her name by the time she come back…I-I don't know her name at all!" She bawled her eyes out, "I-I still can't think of one!"

"What?!" Naruto dropped his jaw, "A fairy?! And she want your kid?! For what?!"

"I-I-I don't know…" The chubby pinkette sobbed, "B-B-But I know one thing…I-I-I'm not going to give my son up after everything I went through! All begging, all…" Her voice get drown out by her sobs.

"Do you want me to go and get your husband, what's his name?" The genin asked her and Isla seem to hesitate for a moment.

"…Yes, T-Thomas…" Isla muttered.

"Alright, tell me what he look like and I'll send a bunshin." Naruto said.

"Ok…" The chubby pinkette looked puzzled at the last part as she tell him her husband's description.

"Kage bunshin!" The genin summon a single clone to the pinkette mother's shock, "Go find him!"

"Hai, boss!" The bunshin jogged toward the town, where a fair can be seen from distance.

"Would you like me to take care of your son while you take a seat?" The buxom blonde asked.

"Y-Yes, please…" The stunned pinkette carefully hand her wailing son to Una before she sit down on a log in silence with dazed stare, "…Is he a magi…"

"Shinobi, not magican." Naruto groaned quietly before he turn to her, "Anyway, about this fairy. Where is she and what does she look like?" As soon as he finished his question, a portal pop up near them and it spit a yelping figure out in front of them before it vanish. "Wha…?" He looked close at the figure to see that it was very ugly elderly fairy in dirty patchwork dress.

"It's her, the fairy who want my son!" Isla thrust her index finger at the fairy with a gasp.

"This granny?!" The genin narrowed his eyes at the fairy, "Listen up, you old bat, you're not gonna get her son!"

"Ah, I see what happened!" The fairy shot up on her feet with a ugly scowl, "You summon me here to force me to go back on my word! I told this woman if she want to keep her kid, she have guess my name within three days! But it'll be impossible to guess, ha!"

"Oh, what is it? Let me guess, it's…" Naruto scoffed as he think of a best insult until he hear a whisper in his ear from behind, "Pfft! Whuppity Stoorie?!" He paused with a strange look to himself as the fairy freeze with widened eyes, how is that a funny name insult?! It's not like someone have this…

"…THE DEVIL TOLD YOU!" The fairy suddenly tears her hairs out with a loudest ear-splitting screech as her head start to bleeding, "THE DEVIL TOLD YOU MY NAME!" She spun around to fly into the woods at high speed, "THE DEVIL TOLD YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!"

"…Seriously, that was her name?" Naruto stared weirdly at the direction that the fairy flew off in, some of his wives also share his expression with arched eyebrows.

"…W-Wait, does that mean…" The chubby pinkette realized something with a gasp, "I will not lose my son?!" She shot up on her feet to grab the yelping genin into a tight hug as his head end up get buried in between her bust and his arms flailing around. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I'm glad that Naruto save your son from this wicked fairy." Snow smiled.

"Yeah, that was a good guess from you, Naruto." Iris said.

"I don't guess it, someone whispered it to me." Naruto replied after he finally get released from the chubby pinkette's bear hug, gulping some oxygen down his throat to refill lungs. "By the way, who was it?"

"What are you talking about?" Wendy raised her eyebrow puzzlingly, "No one was near you when you were talking to the fairy."

"Wait, what?!" The genin widened his eyes in surprise, "But I heard a voice, even feel someone behind me…" He paused with a nervous gulp as he sweated coldly, what if it's another ghost beside Xena? No, that'll be crazy! It's not like there's bunch of ghosts stalking him! "M-M-Maybe I imagined it. Y-Yes, just a voice in my head, haha!" Some girls gave him odd yet concerning looks and to no one's knowledge but Xena, another grateful dead have repay the debt as it ascended to afterlife.

"And his name is Thomas." The bunshin talked to a random man, the people were enjoying the fair around them.

"No, I don't." The man shook his head as he walked past him, "I'm sorry."

"Oh man." Naruto sighed before he wander around, asking random strangers if they either know or seen this Thomas person. 'Maybe I'll ask this group over there.' The clone approach a group of five men and three women at a table near the bar, "Excuse me, do you know someone named Thomas, he look like…" He described Thomas' appearance to them.

"Ah, this damning man has been executed by the lord yesterday." A skinny roguish man grunted and the genin drop his jaw with widened eyes, how is he going to break the bad news to Isla?!

"Oh, what did he do to receive this punishment?" An old woman asked.

"He beat a lady up and try to bed her, only to get pull off by knights." The skinny roguish man replied, "The lady that he attempt to sin against turn out to be youngest daughter of the lord, which is why he was hanged immediately. Tsk, tsk."

"Honestly, that doesn't surprise me." The overweight man shook his head with a sigh, "This drunk is always up to no good, drinking every hour, gambling all money and everything away, trying to force young women into the inn and cussing until his face turn red."

"Aye, and his poor wife have to do all the work, only to lose the money to this no-good bum." Another old woman huffed, "Not to mention how much he mistreated her, abusing her both physically and verbally and become worse after the stork deliver a child to them."

'Wait, is that why she look so nervous when I asked her if we should get her husband?!' Naruto realized Isla's reaction to his question earlier.

"Why are they married in first place if he loathes her this much?" The third skinny woman asked.

"He was forced to by her father after he found out that this no-good drunk tricked this poor woman into sleeping with him when they were young under fake promises of love." The fourth man replied, "He fear her father, even after he passed away several years ago."

"Now she's doomed to live a lonely life, unwanted by all men." The elderly man shook his head as the blonde frowned with narrowed eyes, "Not only that, the child will be treat like a criminal because of his damning father. Tsk, tsk."

"Not if I have anything to say about that!" Naruto shouted out before he dispel himself in front of the startled group.

"…Was this man a magician?" One of the women uttered.

"I've never seen Aran take liking to someone this quick before." Isla looked at her cooing son in Naruto's arms as he bounce the baby boy gently, 'Not with his father, he always cry and scream every time I made Thomas hold him…'

"I have a gift with babies." Naruto chuckled, tickling Aran's chin lightly and the pinkette boy make a giggling noise at that. "They love me for some reasons."

"That's because they know that you're a good person." Vixen smiled at her husband, helping Hans standing up as she sit on the tree stump.

"Must be." He carefully handed Aran back to the chubby pinkette before the memories of kage bunshin appear in his head, "…Wha…Seriously?!"

"Look like he got his clone's memories." Una said next to the confused chubby pinkette.

"What is it?" Snow asked him.

"I kinda found out why Thomas doesn't come back…" Naruto grimaced with a small scowl, "And I also found out few things about this asshole!"

"Oh, what did he do this time?" The chubby pinkette sighed wearily.

"I was told that he tried to do something really bad to a daughter of some lord and had been, um…" The genin rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Thrown in jail?" Isla guessed.

"Um, no…" Naruto muttered.

"…Ah, was he executed for his crime against the lord?" The chubby pinkette muttered as he nodded his head slowly before she let an sigh out, "I must admit that it don't surprise me, not one bit."

"You're not upset about it?" He asked her with some concern.

"…No, I'm not…" Isla sighed again, "As horrible as it sound, his death has somewhat bring me some relief…But what make me very upset…We now no longer have home, I'm unwanted by all men and my poor Aran will be treat like some criminal because of his father…"

"Wait, why would you lose your home when it's right there?" Naruto pointed at the rundown cottage, "And why will he treat like a bad guy when he did nothing wrong? I mean, it's his father who did the fu…Eh, bad stuffs. Also, why do you say that you're unwanted?!"

"Thomas owned this land and since he's dead, everything will go to the lord." The chubby pinkette sighed sadly, "There is a belief in this town that these who share blood of sinner will become a sinner."

"Wha, that's stupid!" The genin cried out as some girls agreed with him, that give him a short flashback to the villagers that shun him for being Kyuubi's jinchuriki.

"For me to be unwanted, isn't it obvious?" Isla muttered, "I'm fat as a pig, no-good-for-nothing dirt farmer, ugly, widow with no pu…"

"Don't say that!" Naruto cut her off, "You're cute and pretty! You're not fat, you're plump and people like that!"

"Like who?" The chubby pinkette looked up to him, "Name one…"

"Me!" He jabbed thumb at himself. He have chubby wives and he love them equally, no matter what they look like. Same goes for the rest of his wives now and in the future.

"O-O-Oh?" Isla gasped with a blush, "B-B-But I'm…"

"If you're not good at something then we'll find you something else to be good at!" Naruto cut her off, "After all, you're still young and there are so many things to discover! If you want to stay as a farmer then let's go for different farmer like regular farmer or fish farmer or…"

"Did he just say fish farmer?" Lucy leaned closer to Christmas with a whisper as the genin kept rambling on to cheer the chubby pinkette up.

"I believe he did." Christmas whispered back.

"And don't think that you're unwanted!" The genin said, "You are wanted! Aran want his mother! If you need a new husband and no one want you then I'll be one! I'll treat you and your kid better than this Thomas bastard! I'll never force you to do whatever that make you uncomfortable, take your money without your permission, treat you like crap, hit you and anything else! I'll treat you preciously! I will raise Aran like he's my own son and…"

"…Ok, I'll marry you." The blushing pinkette cupped her left cheek with one hand while holding her cooing son with other arm, "You have me from the moment you call me cute and pretty. We'll be in your care from now onward."

"…Wha…" Naruto blinked rapidly until his brain caught up before he spun around to face the family with widened eyes, did he just…

"Here's the rings." Gretel presented him the ring chest as if she have predicted it, "May I suggest the one with pink gem?"

"Pay up." Wendy held her hand out to some girls with toothy grin and they drop the coins into her hand with some groans.

"I don't expect her to be this easy." Tulip shook her head lightly.

"Kettle, meet pot." Goldilocks deadpanned at the white-haired goat girl.

"Isla, let's go collect all of your and Aran's belongings and everything you want to bring with you." Una said to the fellow mother, "And we'll load them up."

"Alright." Isla nodded her head as she stood up with her baby, "But I want to check on my pigs first." They walked away to the pigpen and the genin keep blinking rapidly, still at loss at the sudden event as the rest of his family return to their activities.

"Oo, baba?" Elizabeth, Riko and Hans peeked into the cradle curiously at Aran as the pinkette baby sleep deeply, they were inside the leading wagon and the family has been traveling for a while far away from Isla's hometown.

"Oh, that is Aran, your new brother." Isla smiled down at the babbling triplet babies as they looked up to her curiously, "And I'm Isla, your father's new wife and one of your mommies now."

"Mama." Elizabeth clapped her hands innocently with a giggle, her brother copied her action while Riko coo softly.

"Oh, they're so adorable." The chubby pinkette giggled at them before she share some conversation with her fellow wives, mostly to get to know each other and bring up to date on everything.

'They fit in pretty faster.' Naruto watched their interactions from his seat near the coachman's seats as Lucy leaned on his side with her arms wrapped around his arm and he noticed that both Lucia and Bluebell were whispering something to a small group in the rear. 'Wonder what they're talking about?' He tilted his head slightly before his head turn to Snow, "Hey, how long will it take until we get to our stop?"

"Let's see…" Snow glanced up to the sky for few moments then at the map on Gretel's laps next to her, "I'll say about three to five hours."

"Ah, gotcha." He nodded.

"Three to five hours?" Lucy snuggled against him with a soft hum before she give him a teasing yet flirty smirk with arched eyebrow, "Want to make out to pass some time?"

"…In front of everyone?" Naruto blushed.

"Pfft, just kidding." The chuckling goat girl pecked his cheek, "Until you want to. If not, we can pass some times with games, napping or cuddling."

"…We can make out after we bring the yurt out." He coughed into his fist as Lucy chuckled again, "What games do you have in mind?"

"Go Fish, word chain, tongue twister…" Lucy hummed.

"Word chain." Naruto said, "Do you want to go first?"

"Yeah, I do." The goat girl replied, "Shrimp."

"P…" He muttered to himself, "Pot."

"Teeth." They continue to play the word chain and some join the game at some points.

After reached the stop and one makeout with Lucy, Naruto stepped out of the yurt before he look around to see that it's still daylight and he rub his chin in deep thought. 'I guess it won't hurt to get a light training in before dinner.' He glanced at the edge of woods before he walk over to inform some wives.

"Alright, this place look like a good place for a little training." Naruto looked around at the clearing in woods with a hum before he start practicing bit of Doton jutsu for a while and when he was done raising some slopes from earth, he witness a strange sight when something charge out from the woods toward one of new-created slopes. A big brown bear was riding an wooden wheelbarrow at high speed and the creature give out an startled scream as the wheelbarrow fly off the slope into the air as the bewildered genin's eyes follow the flying object before his eyes widened as soon as he notice something…The bear was falling off the flying wheelbarrow toward him and Naruto never get a chance to react as the creature crash into him with a yelp as the wheelbarrow land with some tumble then onto its side with a crash. Naruto thought he was going to be crush under heavy weight of a bear but to his surprise and confusion, the weight of the creature feel somewhat light as a average human's weight.

"Ow, ow…" The bear moaned out in pain with an feminine voice as it slowly sat up, saddling him in process and the fur shed off like an robe…It turn out to be an bearskin cloak and the 'bear' wasn't a real creature but an twenty years old woman. She have curvy athletic body with ample D cup, caramel skin, shades of brown spiky hair in mane fashion, brown eyes and the noticeable things about her are her bear ears, bear tail and claws with furs all way up to her elbows. She wear an regal-like white ball gown.

"What the…" He muttered in mixed of confusion and surprise, did the bearskin cloak make a wearer look like an real bear and why was she riding an wheelbarrow in first place?!

"Huh?" The bear woman looked down at him with a blink before she tilt her head at him, "Who are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki." The blonde answered, "And you are…" He glanced down at their positions, "But first, can you please get off me?"

"Ah, I'm sorry." She got off him as they climbed up on their feet, "My name is Berne and again, I'm sorry for landing on you. Are you harmed?"

"It's fine and I'm ok." Naruto waved it off, "What about you?"

"I'm bit bruised but nothing serious." Berne checked herself over.

"So, um, can I ask you about this cloak and why were you riding that in first place?" He jabbed his thumb at the overturned wheelbarrow with spinning wheels slowing down to halt.

"Ah, it's a magical bearskin that turns one into a real bear when wearing." She picked her cloak up before she walk over to the wheelbarrow to turn it over upright, "And this wheelbarrow is magical because it can move on its own and can carry me to anywhere I want to go no matter what."

"Oh." Naruto blinked at that, "It can move without anyone pushing it?"

"Yes, but it only work when I'm or someone's sitting inside it." Berne gave him a smile after she checked the wheelbarrow for any damages to find nothing but some dirt.

"Ah, I see…" He muttered, "I'm curious, where were you going?"

"Anywhere away from my home." She sighed sadly with a frown as the genin blinked rapidly, "My father is very overprotective to point that he imprison me to a cell in a tower for the rest of my life, all for my safety."

"Wait, what?!" Naruto dropped his jaw, "Your father did what?! That's insane!" How can someone be safe if they're locked into an cell?!

"Yes, it is." Berne sighed again, "Not only I was not allowed to go outside or have windows in my cell, my father forbid everyone but my maid to visit or see me."

"Oh my kami, he's cutting you off from world!" He yelled, "This asshole! He's not protecting you, he's turning you into an prisoner!" She nodded in agreement, "Ugh, unbelievable…" The genin crossed his arms with a grumble before he look up at her after couple minutes, "Hey, since you're running away, do you have any place to go to? If not, do you want to travel with me and others? We're…"

"Yes, I'd love to!" The bear woman immediately took him up on his offer before he can finish his sentences.

"Alright, let me seal your wheelbarrow up first before we go." Naruto seal the said item into his scroll to the bear woman's amazement before he lead her back to the campsite. Few minutes, a prince with his hunting dogs arrive in the empty clearing and he search for any wildlife track before he walk away in opposite direction away from the campsite as soon as he find nothing but strange wheel track which he don't pay any mind to it.

"So this wheelbarrow is enchanted to take the rider to wherever they want to be?" Gretel stared at the said object after Naruto introduced Berne to everyone and vice versa, "And this bearskin will turn the wearer into a bear…An illusionary type."

"Yes, that's right." Berne grinned.



"Da!" The triplet babies waved their arms up in air as the magical wheelbarrow carry them up to the genin on its own and the brunette girl simply sigh at that.

"Ok, do you want to keep them or place them in the storage for time being?" The brunette girl asked and the bear woman hum to herself.

"Mmm, I want to keep the wheelbarrow out for some people to use it." The bear woman said, "For the bearskin, you can put it in the storage. After all, I have no need for it anymore."

"Very well." Gretel turned to Zelda, "Will you please…?"

"Yes, Gretel." Zelda walked up to fetch the bearskin from the bear woman before she walk away to stow it away.

"So anything interesting while I was gone?" Naruto asked with a sheepish grin.

"Yes, Lucia and Bluebell are now your wives and before you ask, they already ask us all for our blessing and we did." The brunette girl walked away to pick her adopted children out of the wheelbarrow.

"…W-W-Wait, what?!" The genin dropped his jaw with widened eyes.

"Oh, congratulation." Berne smiled cheerily at the gawking blonde.

"Well, they took their sweet time this time." Billie carried her wood craving set with blocks to the yurt with a light shrug.

"I thought they'll join right away like most." Rosie skipped after her with a giggle.

"Mm?" The bear woman turned to them puzzlingly before she follow them, not noticing that the gawking boy was still froze in place for few minutes until Val drag him to the Love Room for some quality time.

"Which place look good for longer break?" Valya discussed with some girls in the leading wagon the next day as they look over the map, "I think one near a town will be ideal."

"I don't know, I like this spot between the river and woods." Fleur pointed the location out, "This way, we can have many fun activities."

"I'm with her!" Rosie agreed with the black goat girl, "It's perfect place to training."

"But I like one near the city because we can visit some places like stores." Prima tapped her cheek with index finger.

"…How long the break will be?" Luba asked blankly.

"Up to a week." Naruto answered, "Can be more than that, who know?" He don't mind if they take a short vacation from traveling once in a while. The family feels the wagon slow down before he look out to Snow curiously, "Are we there already or…?"

"There's two people flagging us down." Snow informed as the genin looked ahead to see two teenager girls waving their arms at the distance with some baggage, "Shall we stop and see what they need?"

"Yeah, let's." He nodded and he swear that he heard someone whispering 'if the pattern hold' in background, following by an shush. The wagons stop near the two girls as the genin and some girls in front take a close look at their appearances, both appear to be fifteen years old.

The first girl have a slim body, short shag black hair, brown eyes, dimples and light skin. She wears a plain tan kirtle dress with dark purple ribbon headband and black flats.

The second girl have a slender body with fair skin, her head was completely covered in clothing bandage and she wear bright teal kirtle and white flats as if they are fitted for royal.

"Hello there, do you two need aid?" Snow asked them politely.

"Hello, my name is Kate Crackernuts and that is my sister, Anne." The black-haired teenager gestured to her masked sister, "We are seeking our fortunes and I was wondering if you'll be kind enough to give us a ride."

"Sure, you two can hitch a ride with us." Naruto replied, "Do you need help getting in?"

"Yes, please and thank you." Kate handed their luggage over to him first before the genin take her hand to help her get up into the leading wagon. The blonde boy offer his hand to the masked girl and she take it as she climb up into the wagon before the light suddenly shine through her clothes bandage.

"WAH, WHAT THE…?!" He got startled by the sudden lightshow as everyone turned to the sight, some in bewilderment and the light die down as fast as it had came. The masked girl's hands flew up to her mask in shock, "Are you okay? What just happened?!"

"Sister, what was this light?" The ravenette with dimples swiftly moved to her sister with some concern before her sister quickly tear the bandages off her face, "Oh, wait, Anne! You'll reveal yo…" She gasped out as soon as the bandage come undo to reveal Anne's face. Anne has hazel eyes and shoulder-length straight blond hair in lob hairstyle. "Anne! Your head! It's not sheep head anymore!"

"Really?!" Anne widened her eyes before she grab her throat with hands as she gasped out, "And I can speak again without bleating!"

"But how?!" Kate checked each inch of her sister's head with her hands, "It's so abrupt for your curse to come undone! How did that happen?"

"I don't know, Kate." The blonde teenager patted her head in confusion, "I just take his ha…" She gasped loudly as if she have realize something, "I took his hand!" Both sisters turned to stare at the confused genin before they turn back to each other, "Kate, that mean he's…"

"Yes, Anne, I think he is." The ravenette nodded at her sister in silent agreement, "He's the one."

"The what?" Naruto looked between them puzzlingly and he swear that he heard someone saying 'call it!' in back.

"What's your name?" Anne beamed at him.

"Naruto Uzumaki." He replied before he gesture to the benches, "Um, why don't you two take seats? I'll put your stuff up in overhead compartment." Both sisters gave him a nod as they take their seats together between Tate and Piper while he stow their things away, "So what's that about the curse? Is it why Anne's head glow bright?"

"My sister was cursed to possess a sheep head by my mother." Kate explained, "We both have same father but different mothers. The reason why she cursed Anne is because my mother loathe her and hate the fact that my dear sister is very beautiful while I am the ugliest girl…"

"Wha, you're not ugly?" Naruto blinked at her owlishly, "You're cute as your sister! Whoever tell you this bullshit is lying."

"O-Oh, t-thank you for your k-kind w-w-words." Kate smiled bashfully with rosy cheeks and Anne nudge her lightly with a wide smile before she clear her throat. "We both decide to leave our home to get away from my wicked mother and seek out our fortunes."

"I see…" Arya looked at them, "Well, you're more welcome to stay with us as long as you like." She's pretty certain it's going to be permanent because of Naruto and his dense nature.

"Oh, thank you for your kind offer." The blonde Crackernuts smiled at the silver-haired teenager and most start to talking to the Crackernuts sisters.

Somewhere far away, a prince was forced to dance to death by the mischief of fairies because no one has come to his rescue in three days.

Five days later, the campsite has been set up on the plain between river and woods after majority have voted for this location and it was decided that they'll be staying for a week. "Ooh, ooh, what should we do?" Jorinda hopped excitingly, "Fishing for fishes, playing tag, hide and seek, or, or, or…!" A drop of water land on her nose and she blink few times with tilted head as some people feel wet drop on them before they look up to see black clouds merging together. The raindrop slowly increase in numbers, "…Awwww!"

"Everyone, get inside." Gretel called out and everyone enter the yurt after quickly collected anything that shouldn't be left outside.

"I hope the rain is light." Cinderella peeked outside at the rain.

"I think it's a light rain." Delilah replied, "Maybe it'll pass shortly." She was wrong as the rain become heavy rain few hours later and the wind pick up the speed.

"Wow, it sound like a terrible storm out there." Silvia stared up at the ceiling, listening to heavy rain hitting the yurt hard at night and it sound like there are some hails.

"Indeed." Snow agreed, "I hope there'll be no thunder tonight." It earns some nods from few girls before most jump up at the sudden sound of rapid hard knocks at the door. Naruto check the door almost right away to see an soaking-wet old ugly loathly woman in wet floor-length white dress with dirty unkempt hair that reach her heels.

"Will you kindly give me shelter and let me…" The loathly woman flashed a crooked smile.

"Sure, come in." Naruto cut her off with a wave as he let her in before he walk away from her, "We'll get you a fresh change of clothes and…" Suddenly, the golden lights radiated from behind him and the puzzled genin turn around to see that the lights were coming from the loathly woman as she slowly transform before everyone's eyes.

Now in loathly woman's place stand a nineteen years old woman, she have a curvy hourglass body with H cup, now-clean long wavy black hair, jade eyes and pale fair skin. Her white dress somehow shrinks into very skimpy mini dress and since it was very wet, it become see-through that hides nothing, which causes the blushing genin to whip his head away from her immediately while some girls quickly fetch a dry long dress for her to change.

"Who are you and why did you appear as an elder in first place?" Goldilocks asked.

"My name is Camden Under-Waves." The young woman answered politely, "And why I have appear as elder is to seek for a man with pure heart who'll do me a good deed without asking for anything in return and take him as my husband." Her head turned to stare at Naruto straightway and the genin blink few times until it finally clicks in his head.

"…Wait, that mean you're my…" Naruto dropped his jaw in disbelief, all he did was just give her a shelter from storm!

"Yes, I am your wife." Camden smiled kindly and the genin swear that he can hear some snickers and chuckles in background as some girls approach to welcome the new member in, catching her up to date while the groaning boy went to fetch a ring for his new wife, wondering if it's another weird culture or wedding ritual in this country.

On the other side of the woods, the fhinn were taking shelter. 'Why do I have a strange feeling that something was supposed to happen tonight?' A man named Diarmaid look outside at the rainy night with puzzled expression before he retreat inside his shelter with a shrug, it must be nothing.

It was still raining hard the next day and Naruto find himself in Love Room with a group. "…You all want to what?" Naruto asked with a blush as he sat next to Azure and he was staring at Camden, Kate, Anne, Berne, Isla, Lucia and Bluebell.

"We want to see you perform this makeout we heard so much about." Lucia said, earning nods from others. "We're so curious about it."

"I-I see…" The genin scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "I get it with you four but I don't understand why Kate, Anne and Berne want to watch…?" He looked at the said girls curiously with raised eyebrow.

"Like Lucia said, we're just curious." Anne gave him an innocent smile, "I heard from some girls that it's hard to describe makeout in words."

"That's true, it's something to show in action for better understanding…" Naruto muttered before he cough into his fist, "Again, are you sure you want to watch? It's pretty intimate." The group nod their heads with various reactions, "Alright then…" He turned to the blushing bluenette teenager, "Are you okay with that?"

"Y-Yes, I'm okay w-w-with that." Azure blushed hard as she turned to face him, "Shall w-we begin?" He put his arms around her waist gently with a nod before they lock lips together as she wrap her arms around his torso and they slowly build their kisses up to makeout in front of the group.

"…O-O-O-Oh, m-m-m-my." Isla gained full-body atomic blush with cupped cheeks and the others also have their own blushes with different reaction to the sight.

"Oooh, how interesting…" Kate covered her lower face with both hands.

"Mmm, I see, I see…" Camden muttered with red face as the makeout become steamy, "Yes, it's very interesting. No wonder why Tatterhood, Wendy and some girls encounter me to go into the Love Room with our husband alone for the first makeout."

"…When they finished that, I want to go next." Bluebell muttered with balled-up fists near her chin.

"Dianna, what is that?" Willia pointed to a wooden block, with grid layout on top of it, and two small cans filled with disks. At close look, she notice that the disk have black on one side and white on other side.

"It's a game that I invent with help from Billy and Wendy." Dianna said, "I'm thinking of name it Reversi or something else."

"Oh?" The gray-haired teenager said, "Have you set up the rules and how do one play?"

"Yes, the rules are simple." The competitive blonde explained, "You start it out by placing four pieces in center, two white and black face up and in diagonal. You will take turn to put a piece anywhere on the board within the grid and try to surround opposite pieces. If you completely surround area of…Let's say, white pieces, you flip them over to black. Whoever have most pieces on board in their chosen color win."

"Will you show me how to play it?" Willia asked.

"Yes, I will." Dianna sat down with her, "Do you want to play white or black?"

"Black." The gray-haired girl replied before they play the game together.

"Vasilisa, what are you doing with these fabrics?" Quiteria asked the said girl on other side of the room.

"I'm checking ze materials." Vasilisa stretched a small square-sized fabric with a pondering expression, "What if I can make clothes out of unusual materials?"

"That'd be interesting." The frizzy-haired woman replied, "Let me know if you need help with the fabric, it have been while since I did some spinning."

"Da, I will." The blonde girl nodded.

Sangita was combing Persephone's hairs with a brush, "Persephone, is it ok if I do something to your hairs like braiding it?" The tall teenager barely nod blankly, "What kind of hairstyle do you want?"

"Any." Persephone utter lowly.

"You're fine with any kind of hairstyles?" The Indian teenager said for clarity as Persephone barely nod, "Ok, how about…" She set the brush aside to tie the tall teenager's hair up.

"Let's put the blanket up over here." Ylenia placed a blanket on top of chair's headrest as she helped Gloria and Millie building a fort with Snow, Rebecca and Jane.

"Add another one, please!" Gloria and Millie toss a large blanket over the same chair and the smiling angel adjust the second blanket to make a perfect tent. The goat girl turn to her best friend, "Millie, do you think we should put jar of sweets inside?"

"Ooh, we should!" Millie nodded eagerly.

"Then we have to put a small low-table in so the babies and pets won't reach it." Snow said and both young girls gave her a nod before Naruto stumble out into the main room from the Love room, many hickeys and kisses litter all over his face and neck.

"…I'm gonna take a short nap." Naruto stumbled toward the bed before he plop down on the bed face-down and the triplet babies climb onto his back with some giggles.

"It must be one intense makeout." Thumbelina laughed from her lantern-house, earning some agreements from others.

"I think we should build some kind of portable pathway with roof or corridors." Goldilocks said over the dinner inside the yurt as the storm keep going, "So we can easily get to other wagons like bathing wagons without getting wet or muddy shoes and clothes, ugh."

"Actually, that's what I'm working on right now." Wendy looked up from her sketch papers, "Just give me a day with blueprint and I'll have them whip up once the storm pass."

"…Blueprint?" Sally looked up at her puzzlingly.

"It mean a design plan and any technical drawings." The carpenter explained, "Naruto said it once and I thought it fit…Still, strange to call it blue when it's not even blue." She lift the paper up between her index finger and thumb as she looked at it, "Until you use blue color?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"Ah, I see." The purplette woman ate a piece of her fish.

"How many wagons do we have left in the wagon storage?" Naruto asked Gretel curiously.

"I'll check my inventory book but I'm pretty sure that we have abundance of wagons." Gretel replied, "Are you thinking of something?"

"I'm thinking of making a large greenhouse wagon like the giant sharing bathing wagon." The genin rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"Oh, you should make one giant wagon for each kind from greenhouse to livestock." Karen suggested and the genin nodded in agreement.

"That'll be excellent idea." The brunette girl said before she gives the blonde teenager a deadpan look, "We do need a large sorting wagon for Naruto and his clones."

"Yeah…" Naruto coughed into his fist with a sheepish chuckle and equally-sheepish grin.

"Still have more to count, huh?" Lucy teased him.

"Yup, a lot more…" He dropped his head with a sigh, drawing some laughter out from the girls.

"The rain's stopped!" Lily croaked with a grin the next day, the sky was nearly covered by black clouds and many puddles and mud can be seen all over the plain.

"Alright!" Rosie ran out with some girls to hop around in the puddles, kicking some mud up in air with some giggles and laughter.

"Make sure they don't get inside before they take a bath and fresh change of clothes." Gretel sighed.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure they take a bath." Briar smiled before she looked up to see Gloria rolled around in mud with the toad girl as they make mud angels, "…A deep bath."

"I'm off to catch up on my training." Naruto jogged out of the yurt with a holler as he carried the scroll, "Be back for breakfast!"

"Don't take too long!" Astra hollered back.

"I won't!" He called back before he disappears into the woods.

"Well then, we better lay some towels and mats on floor just in case." Snow walked back inside the yurt with some women as small group continue to play around in mud.

Naruto was looking through some scrolls to see if there's any cool jutsu or techniques for him to learn on his own without help of his kage bunshin, "No, no, no, not this one…" He muttered, "Another genjutsu? Ugh, I'll toss it over to my bunshins…Nah, no, no…" He squirted his eyes at a jutsu, "Hmmmmm…No! No. No. Oooh…Wait, I learned this one already. Ugh…" The genin was about to look farther until he hear something ahead and he look up to see three male giants running across the land until they suddenly skid to halt in front of him with rapid blinks as if they don't expect to run into the genin in middle of nowhere. The blonde was about to open his mouth until he hear something.

"HELP!" Three voices cried out and Naruto spot three writhing human-sized sacks at giants' belts. The genin widen his eyes in realization and he look up to the giants with narrowed eyes.

"You should have not have the king's daughter until…" One of the giants said and before they know it, three bunshin leap out from nowhere as they cut the ropes that hold the sacks from their belts. The bunshin swiftly catch the dropping sacks in midair then make landing near the original genin and they went through some handseals as they channel large amount of Kyuubi's chakra while Naruto quickly pull the victims in sacks back for their safety.

"DAITOPPA!" The first clone fired the great breakthrough jutsu.

"DORYUDAN!" The second clone created an giant dragon head from earth to launch an giant boulder at high speed.

"MIZURAPPA!" The third clone launch a giant jet of water from his mouth through cupped hands and each jutsu launch the screaming giants up to the sky before they vanish with twinkles as the bunshins vanish in smokes. The genin stare at the sky for a moment before he turn to the wiggling sacks.

"Hold on, guys, I'm gonna let you out." Naruto untied the ropes around the sacks to free the hostages and three teenage girls crawled out from the bags, all alerted and frightened as they look around for any signs of their kidnappers. "It's okay, I took care of these giant bastards. You three are safe."

"T-Truly?" The fifteen years old girl looked at him with tears in her eyes. She have a slender body with slight narrow waist, light skin, waist-long wavy fiery orange hair and hazel eyes. She wear a finer green dress with corset and green slippers.

"Yeah." He nodded as the girls slowly become relaxed after seeing that they're safe like he said, "My name's Naruto Uzumaki, what are your names?"

"I'm Lochellen Lochlin." The fifteen years old girl replied before she gesture to two girls, "Their elder sister."

"I'm Cora Lochlin, the second sister." The fourteen years old girl fidgeted with her right sleeve, she have slender body, light skin with freckles, curvy reddish orange hair that reach her shoulder blades and hazel eyes. She wear a regal green dress and pair of white slippers.

"I'm Esme Lochlin, the young sister." The thirteen years old girl have a slim body, light skin, shoulder-length straight neon orange hair and hazel eyes. She wear a green-and-white gown and pair of forest green slippers.

"Can you please tell us where we are?" Lochellen looked around at unfamiliar surrounding with her sisters.

"I'm not sure, the map is back at camp." Naruto scratched his head sheepishly, "I'll take you girls there and you can take a look at it."

"Thank you." The fiery-haired girl muttered as the sisters followed the genin to the campsite.

"No, that is not our land." Lochellen shook her head after she and her sisters looked at the maps before she turn to Naruto and some of his family, "Since that's the case, we'll take up on your offer."

"Welcome aboard." Kitty grinned lopsidedly.

"Thank you, Kitty." Esme replied.

"Do you girls want to sleep in bedding wagon, vardo or yurt?" Naruto asked the Lochlin sisters and the orangette teenagers consider the options over with some quiet discussion between them before Lochellen turn to him.

"We want to stay in yurt because we feel safe with you and many people." The fiery-haired teenager said.

"Gotcha." He nodded.

"Come with us to ze clothing wagon and pick out clothes as much as you like." Vasilisa guided the new arrivals to the said wagon with few girls, who want to chat with the sisters.

"Master, I prepare a bath for you." Zelda informed the genin, "It's in first stall on right in bathing wagon."

"Oh thank, Zelda." Naruto gave her a grateful grin before he head to the bathing wagon for a quick one.

"Here are the rings, one for each." Naruto placed the rings in front of Lochlin sisters couple hours after the breakfast, "They'll bring me to your side in case of emergency or if you got caught by portal that spit you out in random place. I'll be there for you in a flash."

"O-O-Oh my, that mean…" Cora gasped out with blush.

"My answer is yes!" Esme snatched a ring up eagerly.

"I agreed." Lochellen picked a ring up to slide it on her finger.

"…We'll b-be in your care and do our best." The reddish-orange-haired teenager took the third ring.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of each other." Naruto waved it off with a grin as he wonder what they were agreeing to, "We'll let you get settle in. I'm off to training again." With that, he jogged off into the woods.

"Do he know…?" Heida deadpanned with a sigh.

"Knowing this dense boy, no." Goldilocks shrugged her shoulders.

"Mm, we'll ease him in as usual." Christmas said.

"I'll let others know." Gretel walked away with a light headshake, "Can one of you please help them assimilate into the family."

"Will do." The short-haired blonde walked toward the new members.

"I notice that there isn't a single cask here." Tatterhood commented casually couple days later and some look up to her with different expressions.

"What's cask?" Naruto asked.

"A sealed barrel." Beauty explained, "Like these cask of riches you found at Simeli Mountain."

"Oh." He blinked few times before he tilt his head at the attractive blonde, "We do have casks until it's different meaning?"

"No, I'm talking about casks filled with alcohols." The attractive woman replied, "Like wine and other kinds."

"Ah, that's right." Piper confirmed with a small mutter, "There isn't a single pint of rum or any alcohols for cooking."

"If you're bringing it up then does that mean you fancy a drink?" Twyla asked.

"You can say that." Tatterhood hummed, "I don't remember the last time I have one and what it taste like."

"I'll add it to the shopping list." Gretel wrote it down.

"Where can we buy it from?" Naruto raised his eyebrow.

"Usually at tavern and pub." Isla answered.

"Ah, I'll keep it in mind when I run the errands." The genin nodded, there is a city many miles from their current location and they need him to buy few things from fruits to other things…More like cleaning many stores out.

"Anything else?" The brunette girl looked up from the list, glancing around and some girls voiced things out as she wrote them down until she hand it to Naruto along with money bags. "Here you go."

"Thank." Naruto put them away before he head outside, "I'll be back later."

"Do anyone want to play some games?" Quiteria placed some wooden block on table.

"Ah, that will be perfect time to try the new game that Gretel, Beauty and I developed." Dianna spoke up, "It's a word game with letter tiles."

"We're still debating on the name of this game." Beauty tapped her chin, "Something similar to scramble."

"Sound interesting." Wyatt approached the table with some girls and women.

"Mm, no mystery games?" Christmas hummed with raised eyebrow.

"I have some in mind." Dianna replied, she need to come up with a good mystery game that'll leave Naruto stumped.

"That looks like a tavern." Naruto examined the building in front of him before he walk inside and he look around the bar, there's only an old bartender and a large hairy humanoid creature with green moss-like fur and large nose. "Old man, do you sell casks with any kind of alcohols?"

"Yes, but it cost a lot per cask." The old man replied, "Quite expensive, something that you can't…"

"That's fine because I have more than enough." The genin stupidly open one of coin bags to reveal gold in front of the bartender and the hairy creature, the latter become fill with greed inside his mind.

"…I see." The bartender sighed at the dumb boy, don't anyone teach him not to show something like that in open? That's asking for trouble. "They are in back, I'll show you the way."

"Alright, I'll have my bunshin go with you while I wait out here." Naruto created a single kage bunshin to the surprise of the creature as he hand a storage scroll to his clone and the old bartender was unfazed by the bizarre sight since he have seen a lot of things in his long life.

"Follow me." The old man beckoned the bunshin to the back door before he stop to look at the real blonde, "And please don't play a game with a gruagach. That is for your good." With that, the old man walk through the door with the clone in tow and Naruto blink rapidly.

"…What's a gruagach?" The puzzled genin scratched his head and the hairy creature, who is an gruagach, grinned wickedly to himself before he clear his throat to catch the teenager's attention.

"Excuse me, would you like to play a card game with me?" The gruagach flashed his fangs with a big grin.

"…Sure, alright." Naruto shrugged his shoulders, he don't see any harm in playing a little game to pass some time. "But I gotta warn you, I never lost a card game."

"Ha, that's a bold claim." The creature laughed, "You will lose this time…"

"Yeah?" The genin sat down in front of the creature with a chuckle, "Wanna bet?" It was just a tease but the creature seems to take it serious.

"If you win, you'll get the cropped rough-skinned maid behind this door." The gruagach pointed to another door and the blonde can see a figure moving through the gap of the door.

"Ok." Naruto thought the creature was joking as they play the game for a bit while, "…I win!" He put the cards down with a smug grin.

"W-What?!" The creature looked down at the winning hand with a choke before his head snap up to him with narrowed eyes, "I demand rematch! If you win this time, I'll give you filly with saddles…"

"Sure, let's go for another round." The genin cut him off with a shrug and they play the game, which end in his victory once again. "Ha, two for two!"

"W-Wh…Wha…" The gruagach stared at the cards in disbelief with some stutters before he make a growling sound and the creature pat himself several times as if he was looking for something to bet. Unknown to them, a small portal open up under the gruagach's chair to spit an item out before it vanish without a trace and the creature's grabbing hand reach down to touch a leather. "One more! If you win, I'll give you…" The gruagach lift something out from under his chair to smash it on the table and the item reveals to be a certain sword that he have been after for years. The creature pause before his head snap down with bewildered eyes, "Glaive of Light?!"

"Eh, I guess it won't hurt to have one more sword." Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "You go first."

"G-G-G…" The dumbfounded gruagach deal the cards as he kept stared at the sword with some stutters and the genin, of course, won the game.

"Told you I never lost a card game." Naruto took the sword off the table with a chuckle as the creature kept stuttering before he mutter under his breath, "…Or any games with luck." He looked up to the gruagach, "Want to play again?"

"…No." The creature slowly turned around to the door, "…Maud, come out!" The door open to reveal a young woman in her twenties, wearing maid uniform, and she appear to be covered with cropped rough-skin with dirty shabby hair. The creature point at the blonde, "He is your master now and when you two leave, take the filly with you." The creature quietly walk up to the bar before he sit down to slump over as he held his head up with both hands, his face twisted in what look like express of someone going through an existence crisis. "How…He…Three times…Glaive…How…"

"Wait, you were serious about the first two bets?!" The genin dropped his jaw at the creature before he look to the maid, "He can't use you as a bet! We gotta tell hi…"

"I don't mind going with you, master." The maid cut him off politely.

"Um…" Naruto blinked few times, "Are you sure? Because I'm traveling to find my homeland and…"

"I'm fine with that." She cut him off once again and the genin blink again.

"If you say so…" He wondered if she hate working for this creature or she want to have a change of scenery, something like that. The genin spot the bartender returning with the bunshin and the clone toss the scroll to Naruto before the bunshin pop out as the old man return to the bar, giving the stammering gruagach a funny look. "Thank, old man. We'll be going now." Naruto walked out with the maid before he look at her, "Oh, your name is Maud, right? I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

"Yes, that is correct." The maid said as the door closed behind them outside and a light bath her all of sudden.

"Nani?!" Naruto watched on in confusion and shock as the maid transform before his eyes and the light clear away to reveal her new appearance. Maud now have unblemished light skin, attractive curvy body with H cup, long now-clean straight silver hair that reach her lower back and red eyes. 'Was she disguising herself for a reason or under some kind of curse?' He blinked rapidly at her.

"Master, your filly is over there." Maud pointed to a young female brown horse with wooden saddle with two packs at its sides, carrying on as if she hasn't gone undergo a transformation.

"Oh, um, does she have a name?" He decided not to ask her about her transformation for now.

"Yes, it's Chestnut." The maid replied as she lead the filly out from the pen.

"That's a nice name." Naruto muttered as they walked away from the building and few minutes later, a young regal man stride into the bar before his eyes land upon the stammering gruagach.

"Gruagach, I fancy a game against…" The regal man smiled.

"No, no more game." The creature got up then he stumble past the confused man out of the building and in opposite direction.

"…Um, ok?" The confused young king glanced around before he look at the old man, "Want to play a game?"

"Eh, one game." The old man set the mug down with a shrug and they play a round of card game, the young king has no idea what he have missed out on.

With Naruto, they walk for a while until he notice something that make him stop in his track. "Why is there a sheep all alone out here?" Naruto tilted his head at the little sheep that was eating some grass in front of a very large mouth of cave in the mountain before he glance back to Maud, "Think we should take it with us?"

"It's up to you, master." The maid said and the genin look back at the sheep in deep thought. The creature look pretty young and he don't see any sheep around.

"…Well, we need more animals so…" Naruto jogged over to the sheep before he lift it up, "Hey, little one, you're coming with…" A duck suddenly drop down from underneath the sheep, "Wha…Where did it come from?!" The confused genin looked under the bleating sheep then down at the quacking duck, "…Ooookay." He pick the quacking duck up and an egg suddenly pop out from the duck's rear before it shatter on a flat stone but instead of splattering yolk, a glowing light orb float upward. "Wha…" The orb slowly dispels and there were two strange sounds from distance. It sound like a shriek, following by a booming thud and the genin look around in confusion before his gaze turn to the maid. "Did you hear something?"

"No." Maud said without missing a beat.

"Oh, ok." The genin hummed, it must be his mind playing trick on him. He glance between the creatures in his arms and the cave before he create a single kage bunshin. "Go check it out. I want to know if something live here or not." The blonde want to make sure there's nothing dangerous inside.

"Sure…" The bunshin was about to enter the cave before he pause for a moment then turn his head to his creator, "What if there's hidden treasures inside?"

"Pfft, don't be silly." Naruto snorted, "Who would hide all treasures in place like this one? It's in open, where anyone can just wander in. You have to be this stupid!"

"…Yeah, you're right." The bunshin rubbed his chin in agreement, "But do you think I should take a storage scroll with me, just in case?"

"Here you go." The genin tossed a empty storage scroll at his bunshin with a eyeroll before he turn to his new maid, "Let's go, Maud."

"Yes." Maud followed the genin away from the cave as the bunshin enter the cave, "Master, may I ask if you're a…"

"I'm shinobi, not magician." Naruto sighed tiredly as if he has been expecting this question.

"Understand." She nodded once with closed eyes.

On other side of the mountain, an evil giant lie dead in crater with his face froze in pure shock. Why? Because the evil giant have seal his soul in an egg, which is stored in duck, which is placed inside a sheep and only one thing that can break the egg is a special stone near the cave so no one can kill the evil giant…Until Naruto broke the egg by accident and no one will know his amazing feat for the eternity.

Inside the cave system, the bunshin stare at large chamber with agape expression because it was filled with gold and he'll discover another chamber filled with silvers. "…Finder keeper." He muttered in daze before he seal all the evil giant's treasures, believing them to be hidden treasure since they were covered with dust and dirt.

"Hey, I'm back!" Naruto hollered out to the girls as soon as he reached the campsite with Maud and the animals. "…With someone new and few things."

"Oh, welcome back." Kate replied, "Who is that?"

"Um, that is Maud, our new maid…" The genin scratched his head sheepishly, "That I won from the bets."

"Do you also won them from the bets too?" Bo-Peep pointed to the new animals.

"The filly and this sword were from the bets." Naruto replied, "For the sheep and duck, I found them in front of a cave and I feel like taking them in."

"Master, don't forget the enchanted saddles." Maud gestured to the saddles with packs on Chestnut's back.

"Oh yeah, and that too." He nodded before he blink rapidly, "Wait, wait, enchanted?"

"What can it do?" Gretel deadpanned.

"It'll be filled with gold and silvers every time you close the packs." The silver-haired maid nonchalantly lifted the pack's covers up to reveal coins and lumps and Naruto open his mouth to cry out before a kage bunshin teleport at his side with scroll.

"Here, boss, there were chambers filled with gold and silvers." The kage bunshin tossed the scroll to his creator before he dispel.

"Wha!" Naruto looked at the scroll in his hands with widened eyes, "Oh, come on!"

"What's going on?" Bo-Peep exited the livestock wagon with curious expression.

"Naruto being treasure-magnet again." Vixen replied.

"Ah." The shepherdess nodded in acceptation.

"Hey, I'm not a treasure-magnet!" The genin pouted as he handed the scroll over to Leona, "The day I'll admit that I'm one is the day I get a devil bride!" He took few steps before he trip over a small rock with a yelp and at same time, an portal pop up in front of him. Everyone watch the yelping genin tumble into the portal before it vanish right away.

"Flip the hourglass and see how long it'll take before he comes back with a devil bride." Goldilocks hollered out and several girls sighed at that.

"May I mention that I'm also his bride?" Maud said calmly.

"Of course you are." The short-haired blonde sighed, "Of course you are."

"WHOA!" Naruto tumbled through the portal and his face smack into a wooden door hard as his hands bang the door couple times by accident. "Ow ow ow!" He peeled himself off the door with some groans as he took couple steps back to look at an small stone house and the blonde look around at his surrounding to see a lot of black stones. He hear the door open with a creak before his turn back to see an fourteen years old girl and he was nearly taken aback by her appearance.

She have a slender body, red skin, long straight hair in high ponytail with hime bang, two curved horns from sides of her head, pointy ears, long thin tail with arrow tip and fiery eyes. She wear black floor-length gown with long flowing sleeves.

"Oh!" The devil girl gasped before she glance over her shoulder few times worriedly as she whisper hurriedly to the blonde, "You have to go! The devil himself is inside and he say he will harm everyone here by devour…"

"Wait, this bastard is at it again?!" Naruto cut her off with furrowed brows, "And he's targeting you this time?!"

"Me, but…" The devil girl blinked at him and she was about to correct him but the genin move her aside gently.

"Move over, I'm gonna whoop his ass again!" The scowling genin stomped inside and he look around at his surrounding until his eyes land upon a stereotypical devil, mistaken him for the same devil he encountered in pervious continent. "So it wasn't enough for you to torment Jane that you're doing this bullshit again to this poor girl this time?! COME HERE, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, AND GET ANOTHER CAN OF ASS-WHOOPING!"

"What did you just sa…" The devil uttered in confusion before a flying foot buries itself deeply into his stomach and the screaming devil crush through a thick table. The creature barely get a chance to cough out before Naruto drop an elbow directly on his face and the genin plummet the screaming devil like there's no tomorrow while the devil girl watch on in awe and various emotions.

'He's so brave…' The devil girl was very impressed by the genin's courage as the blonde launch her father up in air with a kick, 'Strong…' She bit her lower lip as the genin create dozen kage bunshin to unleash their attacks upon the wailing devil, 'Talented…' Her eyes drink in each inch of the shouting genin's body, 'And very handsome.'

"And you better not come near any girls ever again!" Naruto blew the devil all way across the living room with air bullet before he ran up to the devil girl, grabbing her hand. "Come on! Let's get you out of here before this bastard get a chance to hurt you!"

"Yes, please!" The devil girl almost gave a squeal out before they vanish in a flash.

A solider named Jean walk up to the very same house few minutes later and he barely knock the door before an enraged injured devil stumble out. The solider barely utter a word before the devil swallow him whole in a single bite.

"…What do you think what she's going to be like?" Rosie asked as she relaxed around with the girls outside, waiting for Naruto to return with a devil bride.

"Who know?" Tate hummed, "But I hope she's nice."

"I'm more curious about how Ylenia will react to a devil girl in her presence." Esmeralda glanced at the angel, who was humming a happy tune as she takes care of Aran for Isla. Some girls agreed with her, wondering if the angel and devil will fight each other like cat and dog.

"Well, that does confirm it." Gretel checked the hourglass, "We're going to have a new arrival in few minutes since he's been gone for a while now." As soon as she finished her sentence, Naruto appear in a flash with the devil girl. "Ah, you're back with a devil bride."

"Whoa, whoa, she's…" Naruto was about to say something but he get cut off.

"That's right, I am his bride." The devil girl smiled as the genin's head whipped to her with widened eyes, "My name is Eulalie."

"It's nice to meet you." The brunette girl replied, "My name is Gretel, one of his wives and before you ask, everyone, but the babies, are his wives."

"H-Hold on, everyone…?" The genin's head snapped to her with another rapid blinks.

"Yes, all new arrivals are also your wives." Gretel approached the devil girl to lead her toward other wagons, "Let me show you around the camp."

"Sooooo…" Goldilocks swiftly popped up at Naruto's side, "Care to admit something? Mm-mmm?"

"…I-I-I'm treasure-m-m-magnet, g-g-goddammit…" Naruto forced it out with embarrassing blush.

"And don't you forget it." The gloating short-haired blonde walked away with some laughing girls and the genin drop his head in dejection.

"I managed to find a store that sell many different musical things and clean it out." Naruto informed the girls as he hand the shopping list back to Gretel along with the money bags while his clones haul the stuff to their proper storage. "But I don't get everything on the list."

"That's fine, we're going to stop at some towns on the route." Snow said, "And one of them is a big city."

"Right." He crossed his arms with a nod.

"Ooh, you look pretty and good in white!" Ylenia chirped happily to the devil teenager.

"Oh, thank you." Eulalie smiled at her, wearing a white kirtle with brown apron and brown boots. "You look wonderful in this dress." The angel was wearing a white-and-red kirtle dress and they chat together happily.

"Now I have seen everything." Heida don't care if she has said it before but it's so odd to her to see an angel and devil so friendly with each other.

"Speaking of route, are we leaving tomorrow or…?" Laurette asked.

"Yes, we'll be departing from here tomorrow." Gretel confirmed.

"Oh wow, that's pretty fast." The yellow-loving blonde whistled.

"Yeah, I can't believe that a week just flew by in a single blink." Wendy lies on the bench on her side with a lazy nod.

"Feel normal to me." Rowan shrugged her shoulders.

"Since we're going to leave tomorrow, I think it'll be best if we clean things up early." Eris gestured to objects lying on grasses outside from tools to dirty blanket and the girls agreed with her as they start to pick things up.

Naruto scratch his head with furrowed brows as he keep looking through the jutsu scrolls for anything interesting, the group have resume traveling few days ago and the wagons were driving down the dirt road. "Man, when will I find an awesome one?" He grumbled under his breath, it's hard to find an interesting jutsu after keijugan.

"How many have you mastered?" Anne plopped her chin on his shoulder curiously.

"I don't know…" Naruto scratched his cheek sheepishly, "But if I have to guess, hundreds? I mean, I think I mastered everything below C-rank."

"Does that mean you will completely master everything in giant scroll within this year or…?" Harriet asked as she put her head on top of his laps and her headless body lean on his other side.

"My best guess will be around two years with kage bunshin shortcut." He said thoughtfully, "Pretty shameful that I can't do cool things like wood jutsu or lava jutsu because of some bloodlimit bullshit."

"Maybe you'll find something to get around it?" The dullahan said, have completely no idea what bloodlimit is.

"Yes, like granted by a wish or create an original move…" The blond Crackernuts paused before she glance up to him, "Can you create your own jutsu?"

Naruto open his mouth before he closes it with several blinks, "…Actually, that's possible." He better dig deep into the scrolls to see if there's anything that'll help him with creating new and original jutsu.

In other wagon, Loriel look up from her book with a puzzling expression. "Why do I have a strange feeling that someone just create a monster?"

"Oh, you feel that too?" Gretel flipped a page in her book and some women and girls gave their own affirmation but they brush it off for now.

They reach a large city one and half week later and most of the family step off from the wagons as they look around at the surrounding. "Alright, that look like a good place to do some shopping." Sera crossed her arms.

"Don't forget sightseeing and dating." Annette giggled.

"Yes, and that." The blushing petite elf muttered. Naruto create kage bunshin for every single one and small groups, some girls want to share the genin on a group date before he create more clones to watch after the wagons with few members and babies.

"Alright, the bunshin will park the wagons outside in west near the gate." Naruto pointed at the said gate as the clones drive the wagons in the same direction.

"And we will meet up there in…" Gretel considered the time, "Three hours, if that's acceptable with everyone here?" Many agreed on the time, "Excellent, see you all in three hours." With that, everyone split up.

"Kate, are nuts your favorite?" Naruto asked the said girl after they bought several barrels of various nuts from peanuts to walnuts.

"You can say that and I also like to roll them." Kate smiled lightly as they walk together down the street.

"Roll them, like dices or in hand?" He blinked few times.

"In hand." She answered.

"Oh, I see." Naruto muttered, "Interesting."

"You think it is?" Kate tilted her head slightly at him.

"Yeah, kinda." He scratched his head, "I mean, I don't even think of rolling nuts in hand when I'm eating them, you know?" She nod her head in understanding, it's just an habit of herself. They walk some more until something from a stall catch her eyes and her head turn to see a teal flower-shaped fabric hairpin.

"Oh, that looks so pretty." She checked it out.

"You want to get it?" Naruto asked as she nodded and he bought the hairpin. "Let me put it on you." He fastened the item to the ravenette's hair, "There, you look more pretty and cuter." He grinned widely.

"M-More…?" Kate gasped with heavy blush, "Y-You thought I-I was p-pretty and c-cute up to now?"

"Yeah, always." He replied as if it's normal and the blushing ravenette's face become atomic red at that.

'I-I was going to g-get it for Anne but if he think I l-look good with it then…' The ravenette fidgeted with her sleeves timidly, "…C-Can we get another hairpin, for Anne?" She's going to keep the teal hairpin for herself.

"Sure." Naruto nodded as they turned back to the stall, "Which one do you think look good on her?"

"I-I think this one." Kate pointed a similar hairpin in red out and the couple examines some more hairpins.

"It's so odd that they are not selling fruits here." Berne held Naruto's arm with both arms as they walked away from the market, "At least we get many honey jars."

"Yup." Naruto agreed as he looked around at the surrounding, "Kinda weird that they're not selling fruits. Do you think there's some kind of shortage or something like that?"

"Who know?" The bear woman shrugged her shoulders lightly, "Do that mean we have to plant some fruit trees in your greenhouse wagon?"

"I think it'll be best idea if we do it in the great greenhouse wagon." He rubbed his chin with free hand, "Maybe I'll raise the ceiling higher than usual." It's good thing that the great greenhouse wagon is still in developing along with other great wagons, "Then I'll plant these acorns that I got from this invisible cloak, maybe it's from fruit trees." Again, he will be in despair when they turn out to be gold, silver and jewelry trees in the future.

"Oh, and can we get beehives?" Berne grinned.

"…Why?" Naruto blinked at her owlishly.

"So we can collect honey." The bear woman answered, "We can put the bees in some kind of boxes and let them build honeycombs until it's ready for harvest. We can repeat it again and again like honey farming!"

"Um, well, I think it's something worthy to talk with the girls about when we get back." He scratched the back of his head awkwardly since he has no single clue about beekeeping.

"Ok." Berne squeezed his arm happily as Naruto tried his best not to wince in her grip, she's strong as a bear.

'At least she's a great cuddler like a bear.' The genin laughed mentally at his inner joke as the couple enjoys their time together and at same time, he's glad that she don't pop her since he's a clone.

"Elenore, can I ask why are you buying the hairdresser set?" Naruto asked, watching the said woman picked a large set, contain various hair scissors, thick book and other things, up from a stall table.

"I want to try it." Elenore smiled at him before she stare at his hair for a bit, "And I think some people need one."

"Like me?" He ran his hand through hair, he does need a little trim because it feel a little longer now. "If you want to, I can make some kage bunshin for you to practice cutting hairs?"

"That'd be wonderful if you do." The orangette smiled, "I don't want to give someone a bad haircut." They share a light chuckle as she handed the set to him and he store it inside the scroll.

"Where to next?" Naruto asked her.

"How about we get something to eat?" Elenore slipped her hand into his hand to hold it as they walk away from the stall, "I'm a little hungry."

"What are you in mood for?" He replied with a light nod as the couple look around for something to eat.

"Do you think it's almost time to meet up with everyone else?" Thumbelina asked as she rode in Naruto's chest pocket, having lost track of time.

"Should be." Naruto, the real genin, rubbed the back of his head, "Do you want to head back now or wait a bit?"

"Let's go back." The thumb-sized girl said.

"Alright then." He walked ahead with a nod until he notice a large crowd around an knight, "Huh? What's going on over there?" The genin get a little close out of curiosity and they discovered that it was some kind of contest.

"Are they sharing riddles?" Thumbelina blinked as a man tell the knight an riddle.

"It's shadow!" The knight smirked corky at the moaning man, "There is no riddle in the world that can stump me!" He spot Naruto before he jab his finger at him, "You! Ask me any riddles, I'll solve it!"

"Huh?" Naruto blinked few times at him before he scratch his head, "Alright, let me think…" He think deeply before he snap his fingers, "Oh! I know! I can be long or can be short, I can be black, white, brown or purple. You can find me the world over and I am often the main feature."

"Why, it's…" The smirking knight lifted his index finger up in air before his smirk drop from his face with some blinks, "…Um…Long or short…Purple…Main feature…Um…"

"Good luck guessing this one." The chuckling genin walked away and the man watches on before he wave a group over, pointing at the blonde's back.

"Go to him and wheedle the answer out of him." The man growled, "I need to know. I refuse to hand my daughter over to him!"

"Yes, sir." The group said together before they went together to find the blonde and the knight cup his chin with a mumble, trying to solve the riddle. He doesn't notice that a girl, who have been waiting at his side, have wander off to follow the group. Almost two minutes later, two brothers stride up to the knight with a corky fashion.

"I have a riddle for you, sir!" One of two brothers boasted, "One killed two, and two killed twelve, and…"

"QUIET, YOU!" The knight snarled at them, "I'm trying to solve this riddle!" He turned away from them with some mumble, "What can be black, white, brown and purple? All over the world…Flowers? No, it can't be…Um…" The two brothers just blinked at his back in pure confusion.

"Is everything loaded up?" Naruto asked everyone after they put some crates and items inside the wagons.

"Yes." Gretel replied, "Now we…"

"Excuse me, good sir, excuse me." A hollering voice cut her off and Naruto turn around with everyone else to see…Twelve identical women? They all appear to be eighteen years old with buxom body, fair skin, blue eyes and long straight hair that reach down to their knees but there are two difference between them all, the color of their hair and…Their chest size. They all wear tartan dresses with plaids and pair of boots.

"Um, are you calling out to me or…?" The genin glanced around to see if there was another male around, which there wasn't. He become more confused when the women froze as they stare at him for few minutes, "W-What is it?"

"Oh, he's so…" One of the twelve women gasped out before they suddenly huddle together with whispers, occasionally peeking out.

"Naruto, do you know them?" Snow asked him with raised eyebrow.

"No, that is my first time seeing them." Naruto scratched his head in confusion before the group break the huddle to face them and one of them was about to speak up until a new voice call out.

"Wait up!" They turned to see a fifteen years old girl jogged toward them. She have a curvy body with well-endowed D chest, long fizzy crimson red hair that reach her lower back, blue eyes and fair skin. She wears a green kirtle dress with black flats. "Oh, thank god, I make it in time before you leave."

"Oh, you're this girl who was next to a knight from early." Thumbelina recognized her.

"Yes, my name is Mikenzie." The fifteen years old girl smiled with growing blush as she stared at the genin.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said, "Why were you looking for us?"

"I was looking for you because you won my hand in marriage." Mikenzie smiled.

"W-Wait, wait, what?!" The genin dropped his jaw with widened eyes, "HOW? WHEN? WHERE?!"

"You beat a knight in battle of riddle because he can't solve it." The redhead teenager answered, "The reward of this battle was my hand in marriage so…" She giggled with a tone that sound familiar to some girls, "Here I am."

"Wha…?" Naruto dropped his jaw before he glanced between the girl and his family several times with widened eyes.

"And you guys…?" Arya looked at the twelve identical women.

"We all fall in love with him at first sight and wish to travel with him." One of the twelve women giggled with growing blush, "I'm Leith." She has blue hair and A-cup bust.

"I'm Ella." The second woman has purple hair and B-cup bust.

"Jannet." The third woman has blond hair with C-cup bust.

"My name's Rhona." The fourth woman has brown hair with D-cup bust.

"Galiene." The fifth woman has E-cup bust and a very unique hair color because it was eleven different colors, one for each identical women.

"I'm Grace." The sixth woman has gray hair and F-cup bust.

"Olivia." The seventh woman has black hair and G-cup bust.

"Vertie." The eighth woman has green hair and H-cup bust.

"Anabell." The ninth woman has red hair and I-cup bust.

"I'm Kellina." The tenth woman has orange hair and J-cup bust.

"Meizey." The eleventh woman has white hair and K-cup bust.

"And I'm Nes." The final woman has pink hair and L-cup bust, "We're duodecaplets."

"Do you girls happen to have last name?" Goldilocks asked.

"Yes, my sisters and I do!" Nes beamed as she gestured to her identical sisters, "Our last name is Greenette."

"And my last name is Evette." Mikenzie said.

"Oh, there it is." Almost everyone said in unison with some affirmative mutters.

"Even girls with ette in last name can be like that too?" The short-haired blonde deadpanned.

"You may join us." Gretel replied as she climbed into the wagon with others and the new arrivals eagerly climb into the wagons while the genin just stand there with rapid blinks for a minute before he climb up inside the wagon.

"Oh, can I ask you for the answer to the riddle?" Mikenzie asked him, taking her seat next to Annette. "I can be long or can be short, I can be black, white, brown, or purples. You can find me the world over and I am often the main feature. What am I?"

"Oh, it's rice." Naruto answered as the redhead tilted her head slightly in puzzlement and he explain it to her as the wagons depart from the city.

Nearly two weeks went by since the new girls have join the family and they were either relaxing or doing chores around the camp. "Finally done with the giant wagons!" Naruto grinned widely.

"Yup, and don't forget the laundry wagon." Wendy added.

"Already?" Snow approached them with a blink, "That was so fast than usual."

"Yeah." The genin agreed with her, "It must be from the experience and Wendy's skill."

"Plus your clones." The carpenter chuckled.

"And that too." Naruto chuckled too before he glanced at the ravenette, "Want to take a look inside?"

"Yes, I assume this one is the laundry wagon?" The ravenette gestured to a regular box wagon and the genin confirm it with a nod before she walk inside to look around, it was filled with dry rack and poles to hang blanket or clothes up and dozen of washers on floor along with few things that one can find in a laundry room.

"What do you think?" Wendy asked.

"I think it's perfect." Snow nodded in approval, "I see that you even add empty barrels here, are they for the dirty clothes?"

"Yup, that's right." The carpenter popped her lip and they exit the laundry wagon.

"May I ask about these great wagons?" The ravenette pointed to several great wagons.

"This one is the sorting wagon that has been expanded." Wendy pointed to the first great wagon before her finger shift to another wagon that appears to be larger than other, "And this one is the great greenhouse."

"Over there is giant livestock and giant bedding." Naruto pointed the last giant wagons out.

"Funny that we never put the bedding wagons to use since we moved out into the yurt." The snickering carpenter nudged the ravenette with her elbow.

"I heard that." Naruto muttered, "I'm sure some people we may meet in future will want to stay in bedding wagon or extra vardo."

"It's so cute that he still has hope." Wendy said to Snow.

"Indeed." Snow bobbed her head once with a smile.

"Guys…" The genin whined, drawing couple laughter out of them.

"Dinner time, everyone." Isla called out from the dining wagon and people start to enter the wagon.

"Kage bunshin!" Naruto create many clones after dinner, "Ok, everyone, go patrolling!"

"Hai, boss!" The clones scattered into the night before the genin turn to some people.

"I'm going out for a night walk, do anyone want to come with me?" He asked.

"No, thank you." Rapunzel replied as everyone declined politely, "Have a nice time walking."

"I will." Naruto leave the campsite.

"He's going alone?" Billy arched her eyebrow, "Ok, you all know the drill…" She took an notebook out from under the cushion of bench seats, "Place your bet. Girls, enchanted item, riches."

"Three days of laundry on one magical item." Vixen said.

"One week of shoving manure out on two new girls." Heida spoke and some girls make bet.

"…Is that normal around here?" Eulalie asked Gretel.

"Yes." The brunette nodded, reading her book.

A kage bunshin glance up at the moon curiously, "Look like it's waxing moon…" He learned about it from May the other day, "Wonder why they call it waxing?" Naruto shrug to himself as he resume patrolling until he come across something in clearing. A very sickly teenager girl sit on the tree stump as she stared up to the moon, she look like she was withering away due to her withering hair and clothes. "OH, SHI…" He cried out as his cry caught the girl's attention, "A-Another g-g-ghost?!"

"No…I'm…Not…Ghost…" The girl coughed in between her words slowly, "I'm…Human…Who…Are…You?"

"Are you okay?" Naruto approached her hurriedly with concern, "You don't look w…" He tripped over the aerial root, "WHOA!" The yelping genin grabbed her shoulders to brace himself as he kissed her on lips accidentally and her body suddenly radiate light with exploding sparks. "Wha…?!" He stepped back away from the girl with rapid blinks as soon as the light fade away and the girl appear to be healthy instead of sickly appearance.

The girl seem to be seventeen year old with slender petite body, pale skin, waist-long wavy pure-white hair and yellow eyes that look like moons.

"Oh!" The teenager girl gasped as she looked over herself while feeling her face up with both hands, "Did you…You dispelled the curse placed upon me! And with a kiss! Which mean…" Her face brightened, "You're my true love! And you will show me the sun!"

"W-W-Wha?!" Naruto blinked rapidly.

"My name is Daylight, may I ask the name of my husband?" The teenager girl clasped their hands together with a beaming smile.

"Naruto Uzumaki…" He answered before he shook his head rapidly, "H-Hold on, hold on! I have many wives and I'm a kage bunshin. The real me is wandering somewhere around here or at the camp but that's okay because he'll get my memories and everything."

"Oh, I don't mind it." Daylight chirped, "I'm looking forward to meet your wives and get along with them. Shall we go now?"

"…Ok…" Naruto muttered lamely as they walked away from the area while the smiling teenager girl hanging off his arm, he hope that his boss or the girls won't kill him when they get back to the camp. "Um, can you tell me what was your curse?"

"I was cursed to be up only during the night and…" The white-haired teenager replied.

Another kage bunshin stretch his arms out as he walk down the dirt path until something caught his attention from the corner of his eyes and Naruto glance over to see an blue belt lying near the line of trees. He pick it up to examine it around, "Huh, it's in good condition." Naruto looked around the surrounding with a raised eyebrow, wondering if anyone have lost it or decide to throw it out for some reason. "Finder keeper." Naruto toss it over on his shoulder as he walk away with a light whistle and a young boy appear few minutes later. The little boy look around in confusion.

"Oh, the blue belt is not here." The boy muttered to himself, did someone else pick it up? "Ah, woe me, I was hoping to get this pretty belt for myself. I must go before my mother realize I'm gone." He ran back to wherever he come from.

This very boy will be killed in few days by a twenty foot tall troll who conspired with his mother so they can be happy together.

A kage bunshin don't expect to come across a lake on the patrol, "Did I go off-course?" He scratched his chin with a mutter and he was about to turn away until something floating in lake catch his attention from the corner of eyes. Naruto turn around to take a close look, the floating object turn out to be a fifteen years old girl floating on her back as her arms flailing around. "OH MY KAMI!" He assumed that the girl was drowning and he race across the water. "HOLD ON, HELP IS COMING!"

"H-Huh?" The girl barely lift her head up with rapid blinks before she yelp out as the screaming genin snatch her up in bride carry and he dashed back to the shore. "P-P-PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT! I'M CURSED TO BE WITHOUT GRAVITY! I NEED TO BE IN WATER BECAUSE IT GIVE ME GRAVITY! ONLY ONE WAY TO BREAK THE CURSE IS TO MAKE ME CRY!" What they both don't know is that the blonde already dispel her curse with a touch.

"THEN I'LL MAKE YOU CRY!" Naruto nearly threw her down on the shore before he suddenly tickle her hard, causing the girl to squeal out with laughter and tears down her cheeks. "THERE, I MADE YOU CRY…" He screamed out before he suddenly pause in confusion as his brain caught up while the girl panted out heavily with tears and suppressed giggles, "…Wait, why did I tickle you instead of giving you CPR? And what's that about curse?"

"…Wait, I-I'm n-not floating off?" At same time, the girl's head snapped down at her body with widened eyes to see that there was nothing to hold her body down before the teenagers look into each other's eyes with several blinks, only to have the genin whip his head away from her with red face. Why? Because she don't wearing anything.

"P-P-Put it on, please!" The blushing genin removed his jacket to wrap it around her.

"T-Thank you…" The teenager glanced up to him as she adjusted the jacket on her, 'Oh my god, he's so handsome and cute up close. He must be the one, seeing that he freed me from my curse.' She cleared her throat, "I'm decent now. My name is Lynette, what's your name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto turned his head back to her, taking her appearance in.

The fifteen years old girl has curvy body, fair skin, shoulder-length brown hair with short bangs in bob-style and two long strands that frame her face and brown eyes.

"Your name sound very unique, you're not from around here, are you?" Lynette leaned forward, batting her eyelashes at him.

"Nah, I'm traveling." He replied, "Um, do you have any place to go back? I'll walk you there."

'If he's traveling, does that mean he might not be here tomorrow?' The brunette made a swift decision, "No, I don't have a home. Can I live with you?"

"Oh, really?" Naruto assumed that she's an homeless orphan, "If that's the case, then sure." He stood up before he help her up to her feet, "Come on, foll…"

"Can you please carry me?" Lynette asked him timidly, "I have never take a step in my whole life because of the gravity curse."

"Hai." He scooped her up in princess carry, "Is that comfortable?"

"Oh, very!" The brunette grinned widely with a small drool, enjoying the feeling in his arms to his puzzlement as he carried her away from the lake.

The real genin was enjoying the walk as he whistle a tune and he stop to glance up at the starry sky, it was getting darker now. "Alright, let's go back." Naruto turned around and he barely take about eleven steps before a portal appear right under him, causing him to fall down through with a scream. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDAMMIT!" Naruto shouted with flailing arms as he fall down in air with some spins and he was about to use keijugan to stable himself until he see something that catch him off guard. There is a real living breathing dragon! "WAAAAAH?!" Naruto cried out in shock as the creature lifted its head up to him before he clash into the dragon's face and he feel his lips hit something. The smoke suddenly explode everywhere, blocking his view and he feel himself falling once again. He never get a chance to scream out as he land on something soft yet hard, following by sickening cracks and he lie still with confusing blinks. "Wha?" Naruto jump off to look at what he landed on, revealing to be a lion with broken neck and caved-in head. "A lion?" He blinked few times at the dead creature, "Did the dragon transform into a li…"

"You..." A voice spoke behind him, causing the blonde to turn around to see a silhouette behind the smoke as the smokescreen clear away to reveal a nineteen years old woman. She appear to be tall as Tate with muscular yet voluptuous body with Q-cup bust and she have long straight jade hair that reach her rear, golden eyes and what make her unique are her draco features. She have colorful scales running up and down her sides, limbs and some on cheeks, dragon wings, a long thick dragon tail, armored claws in place of her hands and her legs have dragon talons from shin down. "You're my mate."

"W-What?!" Naruto choke on his spit with widened eyes, "W-Why?! How? W-We just literally meet and we don't know each other's names at all!"

"My name is Tiamat." She swiftly approached him to grab his left hand firmly, "You are now responsible for me since you claim my lips."

"I…" He stuttered, "I-I…Um, what?" What the genin don't know is that when his lips hit something, it was Tiamat's lips in her dragon form.

"May I know the name of my mate?" Tiamat stared him down like a predator.

"Naruto Uzumaki…" The genin replied dumbly.

"I see, I see." The dragon woman hummed softly, "Will you please take me to your nest?"

"Um, okay." Naruto blinked few times as they kept holding hands, "Brace yourself, it's gonna be dizzy." They vanish in a flash and a young woman walk into the area as she search for something until her eyes land upon the dead lion.

"Ah, I have come too late!" The woman threw herself on the body with a wail. The sorrowful woman mourns the death of the lion, who happen to be an enchanted prince and the one she should have married.

Naruto teleport in front of the yurt with the dragon woman and he was about to tell her until he spot three kage bunshin as they show up with two girls and a belt. "Here, boss." The first bunshin hand Lynette over to the blinking genin as the second bunshin pass the belt off to him by placing it on his shoulder and Daylight move to his side. "Good luck, boss." The clones dispel on spot and their memories flew into Naruto's head.

"…Oh." Naruto uttered before he glance between the girls, "…Let's go inside." They walked up to the front door as he silently brace himself before he open the door to enter with others and many eyes turn on him almost at same time. "I'm back." He smiled nervously, "Meet Daylight, Lynette and Tiamat."

"Three girls." Set drawled before she turn to the girls calmly, "I won." Some girls grumbled and genin was puzzled by that as everyone make a quick introduction with new arrivals while getting a quick summary of how he meet each three girls.

"What's up with the belt?" Willia gestured to the item on Naruto's shoulder after he put Lynette down on bench seat.

"Oh, I found it near some trees." He took the belt off his shoulder to held it out, "It's in good condition so I took it with me."

"Have you wear it yet?" Gretel asked him.

"No, I don't." Naruto shook his head.

"Can you or anyone try it on to see if it's magical?" The brunette girl asked.

"I'll try it." Goldilocks walked over to take the belt out of her husband's hand, wrap it around her waist.

"Just because I found something does not mean it's going to be…" Naruto pouted until the short-haired blonde easily lifted a heavy desk up above her head with one hand and he stare at the sight blankly with dropped jaw.

"This belt gives me strength of a giant." The short-haired blonde girl glanced over her shoulder flatly as she put the desk back down and she take it off. "So, yup, it's magical. Anyone want it? Because I'm calling dib on it."

"You were saying?" Gretel looked at Naruto with slight teasing tone in her voice.

"Never mind…" His head dropped with a sigh and slumped shoulders.

"Here's the clothes, Lynette, would you like some help putting it on?" Snow bring some folded nightgowns to the said girl.

"Thank you and I'm fine." The brunette girl selected a pink nightgown, putting it on almost right away.

"Lights out in ten." Maud announced and the family turned in after few couple conversations.

"So it does take one month and half to reach the harbor." Gretel hummed as the family has reached the harbor in a city, "It's hard to believe that many things can happen in a very short time."

"It feels a little tame to be honest." Lily tapped her chin and some agreed with both girls.

"Let's find a empty pier to bring Rosy Marlow out." Sam looked around and Naruto spot something.

"Hold on, are these fruits?!" Naruto pointed over to a deck, where some people loading their cargos into a ship and there were many crates as a man put a lid onto a crate of apples to seal it. "I'm going to try and buy some from them." He create a kage bunshin to stay behind with the family as he jogged over to a young man with a large money bag that he got from the leading wagon, "Hey, can you sell the crates of fruits to us?" He unties the bag.

"The king from another land dema…" The man was about to tell him away until the genin dumbly open the bag to reveal the gold, "…How many crates and kind of fruits would you like? And do you want the saplings too?" He'll edit some numbers in the inventory book and the king won't be any wiser to the secret deal.

"Saplings?" Naruto blinked with raised eyebrow, "You get saplings too?" The man nodded eagerly, "If that's the case then sure! What kind do you have?"

"You sure bought a lot." Bo-Peep stared at many crates and pots of saplings on the deck of Rosy Marlow as it sailed away from the harbor to the ocean, "How many are there?"

"About one hundred and fifty crates." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "And thirty to forty saplings of each types from apple to orange."

"I thought some of these trees are not native in this land?" Merla looked at the lemon sapling weirdly.

"The sailors might import it from different country." Gray said and the ravenette girl nodded in understanding.

"Alright, let's take a look inside the first one." The genin walked up to the crate with a crowbar. Naruto pry the lid open with crowbar and he take a look inside before he jerk back in startle, accidentally throw the crowbar up in air as it fly overboard. Some girls ran over to the rail to watch the crowbar falling toward…

"It's a pity because if I have known, I could have…" A monkey smiled coyly at the shark that he was riding before the crowbar strike his head, knocking him out in process and the creature slump over on the shark's back.

"If you have what?" The shark questioned his rider but the predator continues on with its swimming to the destination.

"…Did you see a monkey riding on a shark's back?" Bo-Peep asked bewilderingly.

"Yes." Hestia confirmed along with the others.

"Ah, I see…" The shepherdess uttered.

"Naruto, what's in the crate?" Snow asked him with a concern.

"Um…Pears…" Naruto lift the lid up slightly to peek inside before he close it with rapid blinks, "Pears and…"

"And what?" The ravenette asked as the genin move the lid away and he reach inside before he lift a ten years old girl up by her armpits. Everyone stare at the little girl who was innocently eating pear.

"A little girl." He looked to them strangely before he look back to the little girl, "Um, what's your name and how did you end up in this crate…Wait, we should take you back to…"

"My name's Perina and you bought me with the pears." The little girl still eat her pear innocently. She appear to be thin and she have long pear color hair that reach her shoulder blades, yellow-green eyes and fair skin. She wear a rag dress.

"I what?" Naruto choke out, "No, I didn't! I bought many crates of fruits, saplings and nothing else!"

"You did, I come with the pears." Perina finished her pear and she make a attempt to reach inside the crate for another pear while the stuttering genin kept holding her up by her armpits.

"I think she's an orphan who has sneaked inside the crate before we load up." Rapunzel assumed.

"…Y-You think she is?" His head turned to the long-haired blonde, "Then, um, do we take her in?"

"Yes, you should take me in." The pear-haired girl said, still trying to grab a pear. "I can be servant, cabin girl or anything you want me to be. I can be your wife." She said it so innocently as if it's a normal thing and the genin choke on his spit.

"Um, no, no, you don't have to…" Naruto put her down on her feet outside the crate, "You can come and live with us if you want to."

"Ok." Perina reached into the crate on her tiptoe, grabbing few pears. "But I will be, anyway."

"Be what?" He asked as the girl just munch on a pear, "You're saying that you will be a worker, right? Right?"

"Perina, was it?" Esmeralda placed her hand on the little girl's back as Perina nod her head lightly while eating her pear before she led the young girl down the stairs, "Let's get you out of this dirty cloth into a bath and we'll give you something pretty to wear."

"…Say, do you think it'll be same with them?" Billy jabbed her thumb at the unopened crates and the genin spun around with widened eyes before he create many bunshin right away to pry each lids off.

"All clear!" The clones called out, "All clear here! No kid inside! Clear here!"

"Does anyone want apple pies for dessert after dinner?" Piper asked the family, ignored the panicking genin and his clones in background.

"Ooh, yes, please!" Rosie drooled with some girls and the rest nod their heads as they head down to the lounge floor.

"ALL CLEAR!" Naruto cried out.

Some wonder what will the fourth continent bring to them and they hope it won't be short and fast but they won't know the answer until they get there in time.

And that end the sixth chapter of NSRFT!

Wow, for a small continent, everything was sure so fast that it give Naruto many whiplashes in short time! On bright side, he's saving some people and give them happy future while ruining some stories and it was small this time…Hopefully, there'll be few stories for Naruto to unwittingly ruin wherever the family is going to.

Now they are off to the next continent/island/country/destination to get more stories ruined. Better read your fairy tale story before it's too late when our favorite shinobi come wreck it all up.

For anyone who's interested, Azure's appearance is based on Vivi Nefertari from One Piece, Rebecca is based on Rebecca from One Piece (Even their names are same), Berne's appearance is based on Bearverly's human form from Crush Crush, Maud's appearance is based on Grayfia Lucifuge from DXD, Eulalie's appearance is loosely based on a demon girl created by Iahfy (Spelling right?), Lynette's appearance is based on Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Academic but without fingerpads and rosy blush, and finally, Tiamat is loosely based on Dragon from Monster Girl Encyclopedia but without horns and fins on head with colorful scales instead of green.

Where will they go to next? What fairy stories will be ruined? What kind of land will it be and how crazy will it be? What will Naruto's luck bring to him and his family? What treasures will they take…Eh, find? What'll happen next? Let's find out in next chapter!

Anyway, I think that's all I can say for now. Thank you for your time to read it.

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