I've hit a dead end with 'A past meant to be forgotten, but while rereading it, it did give me a new story idea.

Chapter 1: It started as normal

It was a bad day.

Marinette sat under the staircase, ignoring the crowd that had begun to form around Lila and continued drawing in her sketchbook.

She was taking the high road, just like Adrien said.

She gently chewed the tip of her pencil in thought as she tried to grasp how she wanted the design to look like. Gabriel would be hosting another fashion competition and Marinette had wanted to get a head start.

Laughter was heard and Marinette shut her eyes and ears to block out the sound. She needed to remain calm so she wouldn't attract any akumas. She slammed her book shut and stalked outside, glancing at a smirking Lila before retreating outside.

Lila had kept her threat up and soon, all her friends were turned against her. Not even Alya sat with her anymore.

She stepped down the steps, book in her arms before sitting down.

She tentatively touched her earrings, the only things, Tikki included, that brought her comfort. Being Ladybug brought her comfort in the currently dark time of her life. Chat Noir was still there for her, cat puns and all. It made her saddening life much more bearable.

" Hello Marinette!"

Marinette winced as she heard Lila approaching her. Maybe if she walked fast enough, she may just narrowly avoid her.

" Don't bother running, don't want your friends thinking you're cold-hearted or something", Lila said smirking.

That had stung, much more than Marinette had liked to admit.

" What do you want Lila?", Marinette asked coldly.

" Oh nothing. I just like seeing you like this, alone... with no one to comfort their 'everyday Ladybug'", Lila said rolling her eyes," Pathetic really. I mean, look at you sitting around like the nobody that you are".

" At least my popularity is based on truth!", Marinette exclaimed.

Lila stumbled back and missed the steps, much to Marinette and everyone else's horror, and fell.

" Ouch!", Lila yelled," My ankle! Marinette how could you do this to me!".

" Wha-"

" Oh my gosh, Lila! Are you okay?!"

Her classmates dashed past her in worry of Lila's injury. Rose held her hand in support as she let the tears roll down her face. She yelled in pain as Max touched her ankle.

" Oh my, we should get her to a nurse", Max said urgently.

" Need any help, Lila", Kim said," I could pick you up".

" Oh how very kind of you, Kim. Please", Lila said.

Kim picked her up and the rest of the class followed in worry. Marinette was still stock still on the staircase before glancing at Lila who smiled evilly at her before continuing her 'wails of pain'. Marinette swallowed a growl before turning back-

-to find Alya.

" Girl! What were you thinking?!", Alya exclaimed.

Marinette winced at the exclamation. There were various dents nowadays in her and Alya's friendship, all given by Lila of course.

" I-"

" How could you let your jealousy get the best of you! Lila's only trying to be your friend and you go ahead and push her down the stairs!", Alya exclaimed.

" I didn't push her!", Marinette argued.

Every time she yelled, her heart broke even further.

" Marinette, what is up with you these days?", Alya said as she stepped to her friend.

" Well, let's see, my best friend abandoned for starters", Marinette said bitterly.

It was unlike her, of course, but how would you feel if your friend, your BEST FRIEND abandons you.

Before Alya could start up her rant, Marinette turned and walked away from the school, face red and fuming. She needed some space to blow off some steam, hopefully before any akumas get to her. The park... it sounded like a good idea, she will go there.

Unbeknownst to Marinette, someone followed her after witnessing everything that had gone on.

Marinette collapsed on the bench, hand on her face as she took several deep breaths. It seemed like Hawk Moth was sluggish today, Marinette noticed, since no akumas had followed her since she left school.

The sound of her purse opening up alerted her," Marinette", Tikki said softly.

" I don't know what to do anymore, Tikki, everything is just so complicated", Marinette said softly, almost hopelessly.

" Don't give in Mari, I'm sure you'll figure something out", Tikki said encouraging," Liars always get tangled in their own webs".

" I know Tikki but I can't just sit around and let her ruin my life even further", Marinette ranted," I wish I could just expose her, tell everyone that they've been deceived and hope things get back to normal".

Marinette breathed in deeply as she tried calming herself. No use turning into an akuma, it might make her situation at school much worse. And Chat... she'd have to fight her partner. She did not settle well with that thought.

Marinette closed her eyes and sighed," I wish things weren't so difficult right now", she said softly.

" Marinette"

Her eyes snapped open, the last person she expected to see, or hear for that moment, was staring at her with uncertainty.

" A-A-Adrien", Marinette said softly.

" Mind if I sit?", Adrien asked softly.

" Uh... sure", Marinette said hesitantly.

The two sat in silence for a short time, neither knowing what to say. Adrien fiddled nervously with his ring, glancing once at his pocket to see Plagg glaring at him to hurry up.

" I... I saw what happened with Lila earlier", Adrien said softly.

" I'm pretty sure everyone did", Marinette said bitterly," I wish I could just expose her ALREADY!".

" But she could get akumatized! She could get hurt or worse, hurt everyone else!", Adrien exclaimed.

" What about me?"

Adrien stared, really stared at Marinette, who was downtrodden by his exclamation, realising he didn't take her into place.

" What about me?", Marinette repeated, her crush thrown out of the window," What if I get akumatized? Are you going to tell- no ask her to take the high road too?", she said bitterly.

" Mari-"

" Not everyone redeems, Adrien. Some only become worse", Marinette said getting up," I only hope you're right. But I'm going to confront her about this, whether you join me or not".

" But-"

" Heroes are only destroyed by allowing villains to get away with their crimes. I'm done with all this Lila drama. I'm sick of my FRIENDS looking at me like I'm the new Chloe", Marinette ranted before she began breathing slowly," I need to go".

Adrien stood up and tried to talk to her again until the familiar sound of screams and evil laughter were heard.

"Akuma", Marinette and Adrien said in unison.

" Let's- huh", Adrien paused as he noticed Marinette had already left.

" Damn, left with just saying a few words. Such a Ladybug move, huh", Plagg said cackling.

Adrien frowned," Not funny Plagg. She's hurt", he said.

" Yeah! By you", Plagg said accusatory.

Adrien sighed," I'll just have to talk to her after the akuma battle" Adrien said ducking behind a bench," Plagg, claws out!".

Chat Noir scanned the area quickly before going in the direction of where the akuma went. But unbeknownst to the hero, another enemy lurked deep in the shadows.

A figure roughly around Marinette and Adrien's height walked from out the shadows, glaring at the cat superhero with a mad grin on his face. Their body fazed and glitched as they continued staring in the direction of the hero. Their body seemed almost non-real like... a ghost.

" Tikki... Plagg... I've found you..."

End of Chapter 1

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