So I have come to a decision:

For as long as I have been writing Broken, I have been at odds of whether or not I should have one of the love square ships be the endgame. And I have come to my decision:

Adrien and Marinette will not be together romantically, for reasons such as this is a more plot-driven story and many more. And I'm not that big of a fan of the love square anymore (please don't hurt me), I'm more into MLB for the lore (and our neighborhood cheese overlord Plagg). Hope ya'll understand and I hope you enjoy this chapter. Happy Reading!

Chapter 9: Paris under siege (Part 1)

Marinette wouldn't mind dying as of right now.

Lila was spewing her lies out again, sitting in Marinette's old seat while their classmates listened eagerly on to the Italian's latest story.

The girl sighed. She eyed her ancestors who looked at her sympathetically. They had hidden themselves from her classmates, only allowing her to see them and hoping their presence would draw a little comfort for the young Ladybug.

Hippolyta fumed silently, possibly ready to skewer the liar if not for Rashida and Abrielle holding her back. Mio was surprisingly calm, but her glare was murderous. The others merely looked on with calm expressions, but Marinette could practically feel their anger from where she sat.

She felt something hit her leg and Marinette jolted slightly. She looked down at her purse and opened it up to question Tikki, but was surprised by the presence of another kwami along with her own.

Marinette's brows drew together in question but Tikki's gaze told her everything. 'Later'.

Plagg and Chee zipped into Adrien's bag without anyone noticing. The black cat kwami sighed while the cheetah kwami looked aroune the bag in awe. The latter had never been this close to humans before.

" Very diverse", Chee mumbled and Plagg smirked.

Plagg placed his paw against his mouth in a quieting motion while pointing upward. They should keep quiet as to not draw attention. Adrien was still blissfully unaware of what was happening in his bag.

In actual fact, Adrien was on the verge of falling asleep on his desk.

His head was pounding and felt heavy. And he was incredibly thirsty to add to his rising stress. Lila wasn't much help either.

He eyed Marinette at the back and felt his heart grow heavy. He rather missed the shy designer he once had called a friend, but she's been avoiding him like the plague.

He only wished for her to stop bothering Lila so much. The Italian may actually stop tormenting her if Marinette just followed his lead.

Adrien then noticed the absence of his ancestors (he's calling them that from now on) and grew a little worried. Did the ring suck them back? Did they escape who knows where? Did they leave him? Adrien felt his breathing speed up a little..

" Adrien", the model picked Plagg's voice out from the noise and looked down at his bag where the kwami actually looked concerned.

" Calm down, kiddo. They're outside", Plagg mouthed.

Adrien gave his kwami a single, curt nod that if you blinked, you'd miss it. He sat up straight again and went back to his work he had lost concentration on for the last ten minutes.

The bell had rung, signaling the end of the period and the beginning of lunch. Marinette hurriedly left the class and avoided everyone's surprise gazes. Lila smirked at the designer's plight while Adrien frowned in concern.

Marinette slammed the bathroom stall door closed as she sat on the toilet, the two kwamis floated out of her bag.

" Tikki, who is this?", Marinette asked, her voice laced with panic and mild curiosity.

" Marinette, I'd like you to meet Quill", Tikki said formally," Quill, this is Marinette Dupain-Cheng, my lastest chosen".

" Pleasure to meet you, Marinette", Quill said cheerfully.

" Pleasure to meet you too, Quill", Marinette said warily," Tikki, what's this all about?".

" Her Majesty appointed me temporarily as your kwami for the duration. My power is Defense, which will be useful for the upcoming invasion", Quill explained

Marinette turned paler than before," Invasion?! Tikki, what are they talking about?", her voice went octaves higher than usual.

" Marinette, please calm down sweetie", Tikki said calmly," There's something I need to tell you...".

Adrien slipped away from his friends nd Lila and had gone to sit under one of the staircases alone. His ancestors followed him closely with concern.

Husani bristled as something plucked his core, making him stop mid-float. Citlalic, who was behind him stared with concern at the Egyptian black cat.

" Husani, what's wrong?", Citlalic asked worriedly.

" There's darkness in the Earth's atmosphere... darkness that doesn't belong here", Husani rasped as he and his Aztec successor sped back to the others.

" What kind of darkness?", Citlalic asked curiously

" Like Plagg's but more... corrupted", Husani said shivering," I need to talk to him and the boy".

Adrien plopped down on the ground, rubbing his arms as he shivered.

" That liar is really a piece of work", Herakles mumbled as he sat down next to Adrien.

" She's not that bad...", Adrien said sheepishly.

" Yeah, she's evil. That's what she is", Haider said as he laid across Adrien's legs," You must separate yourself from that one, little cub. She'll corrupt you".

" I wish I could, but she has it good with my father", Adrien sighed," I don't know how she did it but my father favours her over my other friends now".

" How is your father even alive? I expected the complete Zeus treatment from Plagg if he's such a jerk", Alejo asked," I mean I wasn't there to witness it either but Husani told me stories".

" My father's just a little strict, but he means well", Adrien said defensively.

" Boy, there's a fine line between strict and controlling. Your father is controlling", Nam said as he ran his ghostly fingers through Adrien's hair.

Adrien looked down and bit his bottom lip in consideration. He really didn't want to believe his father is a bad person. He heard his bag unzip and glanced at Plagg who looked surprisingly worried.

" Plagg, is everything okay?", Adrien asked.

" Kid, there's something you need to know-", Plagg said seriously before being cut off by Husani.

" Is the Earth being invaded?", Husani asked as he kneeled down.

Plagg's eyes widened," Husani-".

" Oh Ra, it is", Husani said slightly horrified.

" Invaded? Plagg, what's going on?", Adrien asked worriedly.

" Earth's about to be invaded", Chee said zipping out of Adrien's bag.

Adrien blinked," Another kwami?", he said in awe.

" Good afternoon to you, young Chat Noir. I'm Chee, the kwami of Speed, your temporary kwami for the duration of your mortal life", Chee said bowing.

Adrien frowned," Temporary kwami? Plagg, what's he talking about?", he asked.

" Hello?! People! Invasion anyone?!", Husani stressed.

" Kid, it's too dangerous for you to transform into Chat Noir. Tactics had to be changed. I had to get help", Plagg explained," If you transform, you'll deteriorate quicker. I'd rather not take any risks with you and Bug transforming".

" To put it short, kid: Plagg cares", Herakles added.

" It's actually really cute to watch", Chee commented.

Adrien looked down at his ring, the monstrous crack ever visible on it, reminding him of when everything came crashing down (even though it just occurred yesterday).

Adrien sighed," You have a point there", he said before turning to Chee," So where's your miraculous?".

Chee smiled before diving into Adrien's bag, pulling out out his miraculous," It goes around her ankle", he explained as he struggled to hold the jewellery," Ugh, it's so much easier to pick these up in our other form".

Adrien gently took the miraculous with a smile before slipping it on. The miraculous immediately went from its cheetah print to a silver anklet.

" Hey! At least it matches with your clothes", Citlalic said smiling.

Adrien grinned weakly before turning to Plagg and Chee," So... invasion?", he looked at them curiously.

" It's most likely part of Void's plan to get to you and Ladybug. I'm not sure what he promised the Fearlings to even get them to consider coming here but it must have been big", Chee said deep in thought.

" Does Veera know about it?", Plagg asked.

" She's aware. And because of that, it's very likely she's on her way to Earth. Who knows, maybe she'll visit you", Chee said grinning playfully.

Plagg groaned. The last thing he needed was a visit from Veera. And it was his kwami's reaction that made Adrien curious about Veera.

" Who's Veera?", Adrien asked.

" You didn't even tell him about Veera", Hēi Māo said surprised, speaking out for the first time since last night last Adrien heard.

" Plagg never told me anything about his past. Aside from the dinosaur thing", Adrien said frowning," Will it be a problem?".

" Not in the slightest", Chee reasoned.

" ADRIEN DUDE, WHERE ARE YOU?", Nino called out.

Adrien cringed. Going with Nino meant going back to Lila, which was the last thing he wanted. But he sucked up at his feelings, picked up his school bag and stood up to face his best friend.

" I'm here, Nino", Adrien said quietly.

Nino breathed a sigh of relief," There you are, dude. I was afraid you almost dropped dead somewhere", he said.

Adrien chuckled nervously," Sorry Nino, i just needed a rest somewhere", he said.

" Okay, just tell me next time when you're feeling low next time", Nino said concerned," You should really head home".

" I'll be fine, Nino", Adrien said puffing out his chest," I'm a big boy", he said confidently before breaking into a coughing fit.

Nino snorted as he helped his friend keep steady," Sometimes 'big boy' needs to admit defeat. C'mon, let's get you to the nurse", he said softly.

" Y'know, this Nino kid is really starting to grow on me", Herakles said floating next to Adrien with a cheeky grin.

Adrien glared at him viciously.

" But he's right though, a good warrior knows a losing battle when he sees one", Nam said calmly.

Adrien grumbled under his breath about annoying ghosts, which unbeknownst to the model, Nino caught wind of what he heard. He looked at Adrien worryingly and about to ask what was the model grumbling about before he heard a panicked yet excited cry.

" NINO!", Alya was running at them as fast as she could, waving her phone," You have to check this out!", she screamed excitedly.

" Alya, what's going on?", Nino asked.

" Just look!", Alya said grinning as she showed them her phone where the news were displayed before them.

" Don't be bemused, it's just the news! Nadja Chamack here with worrisome news. Just a couple of minutes ago, Paris was greeted by several unidentified flying ships entering the Earth's atmosphere. Parisian authorities have already gathered at the sight where it's all happening. I'm here with Officer Raincomprix on the scene. Officer, tell us what you know so far"

" No contact has been established as of yet. We are waiting for someone on their side to appear", Sabrina's dad said," Nothing has been confirmed or denied yet".

" Has either Ladybug or Chat Noir show up to the scene yet?", Nadja asked.

" No, there hasn't been any sightings of them since yesterday. But not to worry, my men and I have everything under control"

" I have no doubts about that. Thank you for your time, Officer Raincomprix", Nadja said with a friendly smile before her gaze flickered to somewhere offscreen," Something's happening?".

The camera turned towards the ship. where a massive door opened and a platform emerged to act as a staircase.

Adrien sucked in a sharp breath when he saw the being from the inside step out into the light. He could hear other students around them gasp.

It was huge.

" Dudes... that thing's got at least 10 FEET on all of us", Nino murmured as they continued watching.

Adrien gulped. Looking at the enemies, he could already tell they were going to be tough. Mixing in their enormous size and their heavily armoured bodies, Adrien knew this was going to be a tough battle for him and Ladybug, especially with their condition.

" Paris!", the being started speaking," My people and I mean you no care", it said bluntly.

Questions were exclaimed by reporters who the police were trying to keep calm. Adrien could see the creature was becoming irritated by the noise. He shifted uncomfortably as he continued watching.

" We have no care for your kind and spare you no special thought. However, there are two beings of your kind we are quite interested in. You may recognize them as Ladybug and Chat Noir. But to us... they are known as The Miracle Champions of Elysium... and our next meal ticket", it said darkly.

Adrien paled and felt the bile rise in his throat. These creatures wanted to eat him! Him and Ladybug. The model's stomach turned queasy at the thought.

There were shouts all around him, from the people through the camera and his fellow schoolmates. They were all thoroughly terrified.

" Ladybug, Chat Noir... if you're watching... I suggest you come quickly. Otherwise... well-", the being chuckled darkly.

Another creature jumped from out of somewhere, landing near the S.W.A.T team. It was on all fours and hissed the men who opened fire on the being. The bullets merely bounced off its armour.

It raced towards one man, ripping his gun out of his hand and taking a large bite. The now headless body was flung to the other side of the area, much to everyone's horror.

" The population of Paris would have to do for a starter course"

A portal opened in Master Fu's living room. Out of the portal stepped Master Fu, David in his civilian attire and a young lady much older than Chat Noir and Ladybug themselves.

" Huh, Earth changed a lot since I left", the lady said thoughtfully, her voice laced with the hint of a light accent.

She was currently transformed as she gazed around the room. Wavy brown hair was pulled into a braid. Much like David when he's transformed, her suit looked much more armoured compared to the Parisian heroes, except her colour scheme was blue and gold. The bottom of her face was obscured by a mask that was connected to small tubing that went down to her armoured neck. In her hand was a long golden trident.

" Your home is quite lovely, Great Guardian"

" Thank you, my dear", Fu said before turning towards the horse kwami," Thank you for your assistance, Kaalki".

" My pleasure, my guardian", Kaalki said respectfully before disappearing back into the miracle box.

" So where's Bug and Cat? I'd like to get to know the situation better", David said impatiently before Emmbers whispered in his ear," And Emmbers wants to see her parents".

" Are Mother and Baba here?", a new voice emerged.

Two more kwamis appeared from David's hoodie pocket. Much like Emmbers, they were smaller than the average size and had a certain glow.

" I don't sense them, Fall", the black turtle kwami said quietly.

" They're not here, your graces", Fu said as he stared in awe at the little kwamis before him.

His awe was because of two things. The first reason was because he had never seen kwami offsprings in his entire lifetime (he had met David in the past, but the boy was transformed so he had never seen Emmbers until that day) and the offsprings of Tikki and Plagg, Creation and Destruction was an honor not many guardians lived to see. The second reason was that these four kwamis (the fourth one was currently powering the lady) were essentially the Four Guardians of China. The Phoenix, The Azure Dragon, The White Tiger and The Black Turtle were gathered together. In his home.

It was an honour he felt he truly didn't deserve.

" Do you know where they are? Or where they'll be, Aakil?", Fall asked curiously.

" They're still quite a distance away. Humans have an education system, yes? Perhaps they're in attendance", Emmbers said.

" Can girls attend school yet?", the lady asked curiously.

" They did in my time, Cora", David replied with his arms crossed," So they probably still do".

Cora shrugged," I was only asking! Mind you, most of my education took place with the tutors back in Elysium along with Terra so bugger off", she huffed.

Before David could retort, Aakil shushed them," Mother and Baba are at a place called College Francois Dupont, a school by the looks of it...".

" Then let's get-"

" We must not leave yet. We need to wait 10 minutes before leaving", Aakil said.

" Why?"

Aakil pouted," Because I'm the kwami who was stuck with the power of premonition. Therefore you should just do as I say as to not change the upcoming time", he said sternly," And I know for a fact even though I can't physically see you right now, you're pulling your face because I foretold this exact conversation five minutes ago. Pull your face right, David, you're not a member of the Magi Council".

" Roasted", Emmbers snickered.

David stuck his tongue out at his kwami, annoyed that Emmbers was siding with her brother even though it was inevitable.

" Aakil's going with you, I'm taking Fall", David muttered to Cora who too was snickering at the little jab.

" Aakil was going with me whether he insulted you or not. I need him to tell me where I should send the waters or I otherwise might accidentally drown the Parisians", Cora said twirling her trident.

" Cora's correct", Fall said softly," You'll need my powers if you need to keep track of Ladybug and Chat Noir after all. You'll be better off with me anyway", he said.

" So long as you don't make jabs at me like Aakil did, I'll be fine", David mumbled.

Fall smiled," You'll be transformed anyway", he said.

" Also, you're dealing with the offsprings of Plagg, the Kwami of Destruction and Chaos. Jabs at your personality and life in general is inevitable", Aakil said grinning.

" So you tell me..."

Emmbers giggled at her brother's antics and David's irritation and she could see Fu too was amused with everything happening. The light-heartedness ended when Wayzz returned to the room in a panic.

" Master! Master!", Wayzz yelled.

" Wayzz, what's the matter?", Fu said worriedly.

" You need to see the news!", Wayzz said," Something's happened".

Fu rushed to the TV as quickly as he could with David and Cora along with the young kwamis behind him. David froze as he saw the image of the large Fearling through the screen.

" Fearlings", Wayzz said," Rebels by the looks of it".

" How did they get through towards Earth?", Fu asked.

" Most likely Null made them an entry way. All they had to do then was to fool the guards guarding the atmosphere", Cora said grimacing, imagining Plagg's anger.

" And I knew things were too quiet in Nursery! Take that, Mowgli! I was right to be paranoid!", David ranted.

" You are aware of who that Fearling is", Fu asked.

" That's Captain Pariah Vladimortisatan, leader of the Rebel Fearlings. He usually tries to conquer Nursery because of the unmade kwami nymphs that are to be birthed are their usual prey. I use usual because they tend to go after them a lot. I mostly just call him Hookie because his name's a mouthful", David said shrugging.

Everyone grew angry as they watched a Fearling ruthlessly devour a man before them.

" We need to leave, right now", David said urgently," Hookie's a ruthless barbarian. And when he says they'll feast on the Parisians instead, he means it".

" Then it's best that you leave immediately", Fu said," You can leave through the roof to avoid suspicion".

" Thank you, Great Guardian", Cora said kindly.

" Yeah, thanks Fu", David said gratefully before turning to Emmbers and Fall," You two ready?", he asked as he pulled out a pair of aviator goggles that was Fall's miraculous.

" Yep!" " Yes".

" Emmbers, Rise up! Emmbers, Fall, unify!", David called out before he transformed.

He and Cora made it up to the rooftop and looked at the surrounding area, seeing the invasion from a distance.

" Ready to take down the enemy, Loch Ness", David asked smirking.

" Ready when you are, Pan", Cora said grinning before the two raced off towards the fight.

End of Part 1

Shit's about to get real next chapter. Get ready.I changed Marina's name to Cora because there's too many characters that'll have their name beginning with an M. And I like diversity with the names.As for Emmbers, Fall, Aakil and Terra, we'll learn a lot more about them in the future so get ready. I hope you all have a good day/night and stay safe!