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Act I


Answer the fucking phone! Elena needs to talk to you. That was Damon. They rescued him, she guessed. She curled her lip at the black words. They filled her with anger. He could go fuck himself, she thought. Please answer the phone, we need to talk. I can explain better. That was Stefan. His words made bile burn up her throat. She remembered his eyes as he stood there. His face showed regret but his eyes were the predator, the ripper. He wanted to kill her.

I'm sorry followed by a crying was Elena. So many feelings came at her words; anger, sadness, betrayal. She deleted the message. She couldn't bare to see the words.

I didn't mean to, came Caroline's words.

improvements can't believe u told them. She messaged back.

She told me they weren't in the house.

Care you shouldn't have told her in the first place.

I'm sorry.

She threw her phone onto the passenger seat. She was always sorry, she thought. Tears welled up in her eyes and she punched the steering wheel of her car. They could be as sorry as they wanted but her mother was still undead and left her. She started the car and began her journey towards DC. Her tears came more and more in the silence of the car. She should have never called to save Damon's stupid ass from Rebekah. Her codependency would get her killed. That's why she was leaving. Didn't they understand that Stefan was on the verge of killing her and Damon actually killed Abby? No of course they didn't. And that proved that she needed to get the hell away from Mystic Falls.

She made the decision to leave last week and turned in the S.I.R for M.I.T. She had always done extremely well in classes to the point where she was allowed to move ahead but she chose to stay with her friends. She want to go along with Caroline and Elena's plan to attend Whitmore, where her grandmother taught but she knew that being at the school would just make her depressed and she would have memories assaulting her at every moment. But the realization that helped her come to the decision to attend M.I.T was that she didn't want to continue to see Damon or Stefan or the had terrorized, belittled, and killed for the fun of it and she was done. They could burn in hell together for all she cared.

A fresh wave of tears blurred her vision and she missed the mac truck veering into her lane. At the last minute, she jerked hard to the right and off the side of the bridge into the river below. Her face slammed into the airbag then bounced her head into the window. She felt the burst of liquid heat cascade across her faces. Her mind was fuzzy and the sense of weightlessness came to an end as the car slammed into something hard. The edges of her vision darkened. Help me, she thought silently.

The cold was to her shoulders. When did water start getting in, she thought. She needed to swim. Her daddy had taught her how to swim she remembered suddenly. She moved her body forward but the seatbelt jerked her back. She could hear his gruff voice, "Relax little bee. You got this." Her vision grew dark as the cold went over her head. She tried again to move herself forward but the deflated airbag tangled on her limbs. "Help me, daddy," she screamed in her mind. Then behind her closed eyes, fire flared and she knew no more.


Happiness and relief flooded her system as she watched the nuke go into the opening. The ops floor erupted in cheers and hugging as they watched the portal close and the Chitauri fall dead. They had won the fight against Loki and his army. The Avengers had worked together and they had a legitimate response team to deal with threats that were extraterrestrial.

A flash of fire and water exploded suddenly on Fury's command deck. Maria grabbed her gun and aimed it at the figure. The small body was covered in wisps of evaporating water. Fury kneeled down to it. "Sir," she warned. He needed to be careful. It could be Loki or a reaction from the Chitauri defeat.

Fury turned her over and she saw that it was Bonnie. What was she doing here? How did she get here? "Medics," he called through the comms. Maria hurried to the deck and looked at the girl. Her hair and clothes were wet and plastered to her skin and she shivered. She was coughing up water that was quickly evaporating.

"Hold on baby." Fury picked the girl up and hurried towards the med bay. Maria hurried behind him. "Daddy," she whispered through bleeding cracked lips. When they arrived at the med bay, it was quiet. The medics were gone now that the injuries Loki and Hawkeye had inflicted were dealt with.

Fury placed Bonnie on the slab and she cried out in pain. Maria moved to hold her hand. She was so young. Bonnie had messaged her a picture of prom two weeks before. She had been so beautiful with her tiara and sash, reading prom queen. But now there were cuts and bruises on her face. Blood trickled down from her hair in a torrent. Maria placed her hand on the deep gash in her head and applied pressure. Then Bonnie started to gasp for breath. "Bonnie, its Auntie Maria," she whispered. "Breathe, sweetie," she said again when the girl began to tremble.

The girl screamed and a hot wind pushed her away. Bonnie's body rose from the table as great tendrils of fire coiled around her. She looked like a small sun as the tendrils dipped in and out of her body. After a few seconds, the tendrils receded and her body collapsed onto the metal slab. She rushed to the girl's side but the medics pushed her to the side and began to work on saving her life.

She went to stand near Coulson's body as she watched the medics rush around pushing machines around to hook Bonnie up to them. She looked at the dry brown blood on his ashen face because she couldn't look at the painful face Bonnie made every time one of them would prod her with some instrument. She was going to miss him, she thought as she placed her hand in his. Bonnie loved him too, she remembered. She squeezed his cold hand. Her joy had turned to ashes and all she wanted to do was sit in her bathtub and cry. They had lost a good man and countless other people. And now a girl was being targeted simply because her father wanted to fight against an oppressive tyrant.

The hand squeezed back and she froze. She pulled her hand away and looked at him. Bonnie's blood was red blotches that slowly darkened as Coulson's skin turned pink. "Director," she called. Coulson's chest began moving as the wound stitched itself closed. "Nick," she said grabbing his arm and turning his body towards Coulson when he didn't answer. "What is," he began but he was robbed of his voice as he watched Coulson open his eyes and sit up.

"Medics," Fury said finding his voice first. Everyone stilled and the only sound was the steady beeping of Bonnie's monitor. "Director," Coulson said into that silence. Then Dr. Streiten and the medics swarmed Coulson. Maria's eyes moved to her hands. They had been drenched in Bonnie's blood and she knew what she saw. Bonnie's blood had healed Coulson and brought him back to life.

Then Coulson started screaming like a mad man till they knocked him out. "How is he alive," the doctor said turning to her and Fury. She looked at Fury and she knew he would not want her to say anything more about his daughter. It would be a hell of a time keeping Bonnie's teleporting and fire act under wraps. They didn't need to add her apparent ability to bring back the dead.

"He squeezed my hand and then he was breathing," she stated. "This is amazing," he said. "I mean, interruption of apoptosis, and I suspect complete cellular re—,"

"What about my daughter," the director said interrupting the doctor. "Her vitals are steady and her fever," he paused and looked at Bonnie "is receding." Maria watched as the doctor looked from Bonnie to Coulson and he gasped in surprise.

"Doctor whatever you are thinking, don't," Fury growled at him. "But Director," Doctor Streiten said. "No, that is an order," he snarled. Fury stomped over to Bonnie's side and picked up her hand. He murmured to her and Maria felt a tear slide down her cheek.

The comm beeped. "Director, we have the council on the line for you," Agent Johnson's voice sounded. Fury didn't move; didn't respond. "Director," Agent Johnson said questioningly. Maria wiped the tears from her eyes and pressed the call button. "Agent Johnson transfer the council to the Director's office. Call Agent Blake, Agent Hand, and Agent Gonzalez to start the clean up of New York City. And find me the Avengers." Maria glanced at Fury and he nodded. Coulson was down and Bonnie was a surprise that they needed to understand. They had won the battle for New York but the war had just begun.


It had been a crazy few days. She thought the craziest things in the world were vampires, witches, and werewolves but now they knew aliens and gods existed. She sighed but life went on and there was never a shortage of it. Liz's rain boots squished as she waded into the mud at the edge of the river. Water ran down in torrents as the tow truck's chain brought out the Bug. The Bug's tags were covered with mud. She walked up to it and wiped away the mud with a hand. The letters and numbers should have been covered in blood for the grief that struck her heart when she read them.

It was Bonnie's car that she was looking at in the sweltering Virginia heat. It was Bonnie's metal coffin that she found half covered in mud and dead leaves. It would be Bonnie's body, she would stare at in the dying sun. And it would be Bonnie's name, her daughter would scream disturbing the choir of cicadas that night. A hot tear rolled down her cheek but she wiped it away. Deputy Williams made his way over to her. "The driver side window is broken and no sign of the driver." Thank god, she whispered. She didn't want to see the body of a girl she saw born. "We found a purse and cell phone in the passenger side."

She released the breath she was holding. "Thank you, Williams. Make sure everything is sent to the impound."

She would need to tell Caroline and Elena about Bonnie's death. This would break her daughter, she thought. But first, she needed to let Rudy know about his daughter's death.

She took out her phone and scrolled through, the ticking of the scrolling made her swallow the gathering spit. Abby had always been cagey about what Rudy did. Apparently, she met him through her brother Wade. That man would be around when the news would break. Liz didn't know how Rudy would take it. He was a distant type of man except for when he dated Abby. He would be gone for a few months and then take Abby on whirlwind vacations. Then they got married. That was when the vacations stopped and he wanted to move her to DC for his job. Abby had told her that she didn't want to move to DC and he compromised because after all, Mystic Falls was a much safer place to raise a family.

So Abby stayed. Vampires murdered people during the eclipse. Mikael came for Elena. And in one swoop, Bonnie had lost both her mother and father. The last time she saw Rudy was during Bonnie's 16th birthday. He was sporting an eye patch and a nasty scar. Whatever he did for a living, it was dangerous and knowing that Bonnie and her mother's family were witches, she could only imagine what he got up to.

"Hello," he answered on the third ring. "Hey Rudy, its Liz Forbes," she said trying to keep her voice from cracking with pain. "Liz Forbes," he repeated in a confused voice. "I'm Caroline's mother," she said kindly.

"Right, Sheriff of Mystic Falls," he said a second later. "What can I help you with Sheriff," he asked.

"It's about Bonnie." There was a pause and she could overhear shifting and footsteps.

"What happened to Bonnie? Is she alright," he said alarmed.

"No Rudy," she said holding in the pain. "I just found her car submerged in the river and no sign of her body."

A dial tone was all that echoed through her brain.