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Although this may seem far-fetched, all the kingdoms that make up Auradon were at one time separate worlds among different galaxies.

With some powerful magic, the worlds that had six of the seven 'Princesses of Light' came together first. They elected Beast as the 'king', leaving him in charge of contacting other worlds to see if they want to be part of Auradon. To his surprise, many worlds that he contacted declined.

Don't look so shocked! Those worlds all had very good reasons as to why they said 'no'. The first world was far too advanced for them to believe in kings and queens, prince and princesses, etc. One claimed that their people were too 'scary' for them to be accepted with royalty; they would be far more satisfied with making the children laugh to provide them with energy to generate their world. Another insisted that they were fine living as they were—sailing on the seas looking for treasure.

Once all the worlds, that wanted to, came together, they had to decide on what to do with the villains from each other. Thanks to Fairy Godmother's magic wand, an island was created where the villains were resurrected and placed there to live out their lives with the ultimate punishment—a life with no magic. A magical dome was placed on the island to prevent the villains from leaving or using magic. The island came to be known as the 'Isle of the Lost'.

Now, twenty years later in the castle of Beauty and the Beast, their son, Prince Ben, kept gazing out the window.

Even from way across the sparkling blue sea, Ben could see the magical barrier flickering and shimmering over the Isle of the Lost. It was so beautiful, that far-off isle of exiled prisoners . . . but Ben couldn't help feeling sad at the sight of it.

The royal tailor fitted Ben into his blue coronation suit, jotting Ben's measurements down on a notepad, when Belle and Beast strolled into the room.

"How is it possible that you're going to be crowned king next month?" Beast wondered, blinking his blue eyes behind black bold-frame glasses. The king hadn't needed the spectacles before, but the queen told their son about a monster—Heartless, as they were said to be called—managing to damage his eyes while he himself was still . . . well, a beast. Beast only needed them every so often when his vision became blurred.

The gold crown atop Beast's head glittered in the sunlight that shined through the windows. Soon, the crown would be passed down to Ben in a few short weeks. "You're just a baby!" Beast exclaimed.

"He's turning sixteen, dear," Belle chided cheerily, looking lovely in her yellow dress.

"Hey, Pops," Ben greeted with a small smile.

"Sixteen?" Beast repeated incredulously, taking off his glasses. "That's far too young to be crowned king. I didn't make a good decision until I was at least . . . forty-two." He smiled and tucked his glasses into his jacket pocket.

Belle faced him with a small frown on her delicate features. "Uh, you decided to marry me at twenty-eight," she reiterated sharply.

"It was either you or a teapot." Beast winked at his son, causing the teen to chuckle at the harmless joke. His wife gave him a pointed look. "Kidding," he promised, though his eyebrows were dancing amusingly at his son.

"Mom, Dad." Ben began to walk forward, but the tailor chided him. With a soft sigh, he settled back on the podium. "I've chosen my first official proclamation," he announced.

Beast and Belle looked at each other and smiled. They were proud that their son was already thinking ahead, but that wouldn't last long.

"I've decided that the children on the Isle of the Lost should be given a chance . . . to live here in Auradon," said Ben.

His parents gawked at him, wide-eyed. They were not expecting that. They were expecting something that could help improve their people's life; not something that could potentially endanger them.

The tailor, sensing the sudden tension, sat down to work on Ben's pant leg to keep himself from interrupting the conversation.

"Every time I look out at the island," Ben began, gesturing toward the isle out the window. He stepped off the podium, away from the tailor, who tried to not show his irritation. "I feel like they've been abandoned."

"The children of our sworn enemies?" Beast clarified dubiously. "Living among us?"

"We start out with a few at first," Ben explained cautiously, mainly to help avoid his father's temper. "Only ones who need our help the most." He smiled confidently. "I've already chosen them."

"Have you?" Beast stalked forward almost challengingly, his eyebrows furrowing, causing his son's smile to falter.

Belle placed a hand on Beast's arm, attempting to stop him from making a mistake. "I gave you a second chance," she reminded softly. She gazed at Ben. "How did you choose the children?"

"I wrote to Ma—Professor Yen Sid," Ben revealed carefully. The old master of a powerful weapon called the keyblade lives on the Isle of the Lost so he could teach the villain's children how to live a life without magic. "He gave me the names of four children who would be the best option to come to Auradon first."

Belle raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Who are their parents?"

Ben sighed, knowing this encounter would go south quickly. "Cruella de Vil," he began leisurely, "Jafar, Evil Queen . . ." He trailed off, mostly because he was fearful of how his parents would react to the last name, but his parents urged him to continue. Taking a breath, Ben straightened his stance to appear more confident. "And Maleficent."

The tailor gasped at the declaration, dropping the notepad he had previously been writing on. He bowed his head respectfully as the butlers opened the door for him. The tailor slunk quietly out of the room so he wouldn't be present in the king's anger.

"Maleficent?!" Beast shouted ferociously. "She is the worst villain in the land! Don't you remember what we told you of what she has done to everyone in Auradon? To your own mother!"

"Dad, just hear me out!" Ben pleaded, mainly because he felt his own temper rising. "Professor Yen Sid listed Maleficent's child first. His reasoning—"

"No, I won't hear of it!" Beast bellowed, shaking his finger to prove a point. "They are guilty of unspeakable crimes! Three of those you mentioned attempted to steal the hearts of seven princesses!"

"But their children are innocent!" Ben argued as he clenched his fist in aggravation.

"Ben," Belle scolded as she lightly gestured to his scrunched hand. "You need to control it."

Ben glanced down for a moment before sighing exasperatingly. The tops of his knuckles were surrounded by a purplish-black fog—darkness. For as long as he could remember, Ben always had a small part of darkness in him that he wasn't able to control, especially when his temper was close to breaking. Only his parents knew about his darkness and did everything they could to help him hide it. The fact that Ben was surrounded by people who had large amount of light inside them helped to mask his darkness.

With a disgruntle groan, Ben exhaled a calm breath, forcing the darkness to dissipate into his flesh.

"Look at yourself!" Beast bellowed in anger. "By bringing more darkness to Auradon, you are putting yourself in danger by giving your darkness more of a chance to consume you."

"I can control it," Ben reassured, though he didn't sound too convincing. "I'll prove it when they come to Auradon. Don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life, like I was given?"

Beast stared long and hard at his son, waiting for the moment that he would forget the ridiculous idea. Ben only watched him pleadingly, though his eyes only showed determination.

Beast broke the gaze with a sigh, yielding. "I suppose the children are innocent."

Beast walked off before his son could say anything. Belle stepped in front of Ben, straightening his blue suit jacket with an encouraging smile. "Well done," she praised.

Ben gave a small smile as a 'thank you', watching as she turned her back to him and walked out of his bedroom with his father.

The future king adverted his attention back to the Isle, silently hoping that he was making the right decision.