Benny Weir was walking around the Whitechapel forest when he heard a noise and stopped in his tracks. Benny hid behind a rock and looked above it. His eyes widened when he saw a huge black dragon tangled in a trap of ropes.

Benny felt bad for the dragon as he ran over to it and got a knife out of his pocket. He started cutting the dragon lose, but suddenly the dragons eyes snapped open. The dragon leapt onto Benny and pinned him to the ground. Benny let out a gasp.

He looked into the dragon's green eyes and they looked scared. The dragon roared loudly into his face and then let Benny go. He got off of him and flew away. Benny looked shocked but walked away.

As Benny was walking home he couldn't stop thinking about the dragon and how it didn't kill him right away. He was really confused and didn't understand but he was going to figure it out tomorrow.

Benny walked back into the forest and started looking for the dragon. Suddenly Benny heard the sound of wings moving and saw the black dragon again. But this time it looked like the dragon couldn't fly.

Why don't you just fly away? Benny asked to himself.

Benny then looked over and saw the dragon was trapped again. Benny felt sorry for the dragon and he dropped his backpack. The Night Fury heard it and looked up at Benny. To Benny's surprise he began to start purring. Benny looked at him with awe and noticed a nearby lake He caught a fish and walked towards the dragon slowly it's eyes following him.

Nice dragon here you go. You hungry? Benny asked him. The dragon had his mouth out.

Huh your Toothless I could of sworn you had teeth Benny said.

Suddenly the dragon's retractable teeth popped out and he ate the fish. The dragon went forward to him and Benny backed away slowly.

No no no I don't have anymore Benny said.

Suddenly the dragon puked up the fish and gave it to Benny. Benny smiled nervously.

Um no I'm not eating that Benny said.

But The Night Fury didn't take no for an answer. To make the dragon happy he hesitantly took the fish in his hands and ate it. Benny then smiled at him turning around to spit it out in secret. The dragon looked confused but smiled back.

Benny then reached his hand out to touch the dragon but the dragon flew away to the other side of the cave. Benny then walked over to him and watched him. The dragon saw him and walked away again.

Later as the sleeping dragon woke up he saw that Benny was still there and was drawing him in the sand. The Night Fury looked at Benny's drawing in awe and happiness and then walked away. Benny looked up and noticed and watched the dragon come back with a stick in his mouth. To his surprise he started drawing in the sand too. Benny looked at him with confusion.

The dragon's drawing was done after a few minutes and he looked at Benny proudly. Benny then looked at the dragons picture and realized that the dragon drew him. Benny was surprised.

Benny stood up about to give him a hug but unknowingly walked over the picture. The dragon growled at him and Benny looked scared. A few seconds later he realized that the dragon was growling at him because he didn't want him on his picture, so he stepped off. The dragon smiled again.

Benny then reached out his hand towards The Night Fury but the dragon hissed. Benny closed his eyes and reached out further with his hand as the dragon purred and touched Benny's hand with his nose. Benny then opened his eyes and saw the dragons skin on his hand.

Wow I'm bonding with a dragon this is amazing. He's so beautiful and rare didn't grandma call these dragons Night Furies? He should have a name because he can't be nameless.

He thought about it for a minute and finally thought He looks like a Toothless. I'm gonna name him Toothless.

Hey boy Benny said out loud as he rubbed Toothless's skin and petted him on the nose. "Hey your name's Toothless. Do you like that?

Toothless looked at Benny happily and nodded. He then licked him on the face.

Hey Toothless stop Benny said as he laughed. Toothless smiled.

You know Toothless this is gonna be the start of a beautiful friendship between us Benny told him. He suddenly got sleepy and yawned so Toothless wrapped his black wings around Benny and cuddled against him. Benny smiled and fell asleep in the cave of the forest cove. From that day on the relationship between a boy and his dragon changed the world forever.