on a foggy cold windy night Benny Weir was walking home from school when he got a chill and shivered violently as he pulled his jacket closer to himself.

suddenly he felt like he was being followed so he looked behind himself but no one was there so he continued walking but then evil laughter was heard closely nearby who's there show yourself! Benny said as he pulled out his spellbook for protection.

well what do we have here? a fellow spellmaster Jesse will be really happy about this a young vampire said as he smiled creepily.

oh no Benny whispered as he tried to run away but the vampire quickly sped in front of him not so fast Weir your gonna have to be faster then that the vampire said as he grabbed Benny's arm and sucked the blood out of his arm as Benny cried out in pain.

Benny groaned as he felt his energy being wiped and his eyes began to slowly close.

so long wimpy spellmaster the vampire said evilly he almost sucked out all the blood until a loud bang suddenly rang out nearby he looked up and saw a young man holding a gun and the person in front of the blood sucker was none other then supernatural hunter Dean Winchester.


oh really i'd like to see you try the vampire said ok have it your way Dean replied as he ran over to him and began punching and kicking him as the vampire dropped Benny from his grasp in the process.

then as the fight continued on for a good few more minutes Dean finally ended it as he pulled the trigger and shot the vampire in the head as he fell over on the ground.

Dean signed in relief as he stared at the dead vampire on the ground but then he remembered about the boy he saved and looked over worryingly and saw his body laying on the ground not moving so he ran over to him quickly and held him close in his arms.

hey kid come here let me look at ya Dean said gently as he shook Benny softly but he didn't move.

Dean felt intensely protective of him and saw him as a new young brother even though he doesn't know him at all he still felt it because after all the motto was saving people and hunting things the family business.

Dean was feeling extremely worried now as he held Benny's face in his hands and noticed that he still wasn't moving.

so as he sat there on the ground holding Benny's lifeless body he suddenly got flashbacks of his younger brother Sam when he got stabbed and died in his arms in a similar situation.

but Dean pushed that out of his mind as he continued trying to wake Benny up but he was unsuccessful.

kid hey look at me it's not even that bad it's not even that bad alright Dean said softly as he found himself having deja vu.

then for a moment Benny's eyes opened and he looked at Dean's face but felt really weak and couldn't speak as he closed his eyes again.

kid? HEY! listen to me im gonna patch you up ok you'll be good as new huh? Dean said anxiously.

im gonna take care of you im gonna take care of you i gotcha it's my job right? kid kid KID! Dean yelled as he stared at Benny who was still completely motionless.

no no no no no oh god no Dean muttered as he pulled Benny in a embrace.

then Benny felt more strength come to him as he opened his eyes again as he slowly sat up.

mmm Benny my name's Benny Weir he told Dean as he wanted him to know his name since he did save his life.

Dean then heard his voice as he pulled Benny out of grip.

Benny hey that's a nice name im Dean anyway listen kid im gonna help ya just stay with me ok i gotcha your gonna be just fine Dean said reassuringly.

can you walk kid? Dean asked him as he spoke again.

mmm no too weak and tired Benny replied weakly as he stared at Dean with unfocused eyes.

ok kid don't worry i'll help ya just stay with me ok STAY WITH ME PLEASE! Dean begged him.

Benny just nodded.

Dean then picked Benny up in his arms bridal style as he quickly ran back to where the impala was as he opened the doors and sat Benny down in shotgun as he got in the front seat and drove off back to the hotel he was staying in.