weeks later at Dean's hotel room after Benny's death Dean was depressed and angry as he didn't eat or sleep it was taking a toll on him for sure.

he didn't even speak he was just heartbroken as he let down yet another person who meant a lot to him.

i tried to protect you keep you safe it's like i had one job and i screwed it up i blew it and for that im sorry i guess that's what i do i let down the people i love i guess im supposed to let you down too how am i supposed to live with that what am i supposed to do Dean told himself.

WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO! he screamed then he got an idea as he went outside to the impala and drove off to a unknown location putting all his personal belongings in the back of the trunk as he wanted to summon the crossroads angel.

SHOW YOUR FACE Dean screamed.

easy tiger you'll wake the whole world up the angel said jokingly.

it's so good to see you the angel continued.

i should send you back Dean replied.

oh you should but you won't and i know why the angel explained.

oh yeah? Dean asked.

yep you wanna make a deal to bring the Weir boy back from the dead and giving me your soul in return? the angel asked.

not quite see this same thing happened when i made a deal with a demon and i got Sam to come back but the demon only gave me one year and my time was up no this is different see my deal now is you'll kill me and bring me to heaven to be with Benny where we will be there with eachother no offering up souls risking life or death by messing with it or anything just you kill me and i come back to him Dean explained.

hmm seems interesting all right i'll do it and since im a saint i'll stay true to your offer no harm to you or the boy if the deal is off or if you try anything to get out of it the angel said.

really?! Dean asked looking shocked.

yes i am a angel after all the angel replied.

so what do you say ready to make the deal? the angel asked.

Dean just walked forward towards the angel and kissed her as the deal was signed as Dean took his last breath as he pulled away from her.


in heaven Benny was flying around in the clouds as he now had angel wings he was having a lot of fun flying around freely but he couldn't stop thinking about Dean.

im sorry i sacrificed myself Dean but i had to do it to protect you and keep you from getting hurt i hope you can forgive me Benny said in his head.

when suddenly a bright light shined in front of his eyes he covered them for a few seconds when the lightness faded he saw Dean standing there with angel wings.

he looked shocked as he walked over to him hey kid Dean said happily as he smiled giving Benny a big hug the Weir boy looked taking back before he returned the hug back.

Dean how are you here what did you do? Benny asked.

i couldn't stand not being with you on earth i felt helpless and empty so i made a deal with a angel Dean explained.

you did that for me? Benny asked.

yes kid because i love you that much you mean the world to me and don't worry i still have your necklace with me Dean said holding it up.

oh good i was afraid you lost it or something and same here Dean and thanks no ones ever done anything like that for me before so it means a lot Benny replied.

no problem kid anything for you Dean said smiling.

The End