this story takes place after the 10 commandments

Ban P.O.V

Me and King continue our journey to the fairy forest after the fight with the 10 commandments "I still can't believe the fairy forest is still alive" king said" well believe it, it was me who keep it alive after all" I said back "and not just that but Elaine back" then I felt a powerful magic presents "wow you feel that" I said "yeah someone or something with very powerful magic" then a portal opens up at our feet "what the-" then i blackout

-time skip-

still, ban P.O.V

I woke up to see I'm in an alleyway I saw king and his chastiefol on my left and on my right was my secret treasure courechouse witch I lost when I was thrown into that prison

(there no anime version)

"what the hell where you come from doesn't matter I miss you- oh OI KING WAKE UP" I hit him over "F #k OW BAN THAT HURT wait were are you and how did you get your secret treasure," he said "I don't know I was going to ask you" I replied then we heard a lady yelling "HELP HERO SOMEONE STOLE MY PURSE" I then ran out the ally to a very busy street I saw the man with a leopard print purse I started to run after him "OI BAN WAIT FOR ME" "HURRY UP FATA$$" we started running and we cornered him in an ally way "nowhere to run"I said "hahaha" he laughs "what so funny" then he then grew to what appears to be like a shark "oohh~ that cool" he then jump on top of what looks like a railway "ok this is going to be fun" I said "WAIT BAN" I then pull out courechouse and started hitting him with it with magic energy he then try to wack me I doage easly "is that the best you can do" I then hit him over the head knocking him out "that was boring" then a wooden man (kamui woods) a giant lady(MT LADY) and a man with waird arms(death arms) and lastly a man with a waird metal object on his head and arms(backdraft) came up to us "wow good jobs you new heros" the giant lady ask then she srunck we confused "heros?" they gasp "you not heros" said the man with the waird arms "no why"

"you have a hero licenses right" the woodman ask

"what a hero licenses" king ask

"if you don't have a license you under arrest"

"oh boy not again," I said

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