Welcome to "Spinning the Web" readers. This will be a bunch of one shots related to Peter Parker and Cindy Moon, and their dynamics of their relationship and sometimes; lack of. Along that, there will be some team ups, some intimate moments, some fluffy moments, some visits from other Marvel characters, and many more. I wrote this because I like this ship and it deserves some recognition. Not to mention the fact that it's constantly overshadowed a lot, and it sort of angers me. It is a shame that Marvel did not add some effort to this ship to make it shine.

Note that it's been a while since I ever wrote a fanfic, so some feedback would be nice. Also, I do not own these characters, Marvel does.

Chapter 1: A Parker-Moon Morning

The life of a superhero can be quite exhausting and tiring, especially when said superhero has to balance both superhero life and normal life at the same time. Added to the fact that the world said superhero lives in is filled with, mildly put it, crazy shit. All those villains, aliens, robots, cyborgs...

It's a wonder how people manage to stay sane where crazy shit happens every day at any time.

That is why it is necessary to cherish the smallest moments in life when one can; sit back and just be a normal person, not being a hero who risks his/her life every day. Just relaxation and enjoying life and all its pleasures to the fullest, like family, friends, and loved ones.

And sleeping; that was a pleasure a hero always seemed to lack these days.

And Peter and Cindy needed their sleep.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the sun shining its rays into the window of Peter and Cindy's apartment, dripping onto their faces, telling them to wake up for a new day. Opening his eyes, Peter woke up first and turned his head to look at his alarm on the nightstand, which said 8:30 am.

"Jeez, I finally get a chance to have a good night's sleep, sleep in, have a day off from being a CEO and its duties...and somehow I wake up at 8:30," he thought to himself. "Not to mention the fact that I already turned off the alarm last night, otherwise I would be up a lot earlier than this. Jeez."

Normally in this situation, Peter would stretch himself out, put on some clothes, make breakfast, and see what the world is up to today. He would have done so earlier just to ease the soreness and tiredness from his body. Today, however, he doesn't want to go through his regular routine, not because of the position he was in at the moment.

Rather, it was because of how peaceful and beautiful Cindy looked when asleep.

Peter then turned his head slightly to look at Cindy's angelic figure and face lying next to him. Her body partially covered with his bed sheets, revealing the white t-shirt and black shorts she was wearing. Her black hair was rough and messy, not in its usual neatness and sleek beauty. Honestly, Peter preferred to see her like this every morning for reasons he himself does not understand. Maybe it is because he saw her like a normal person this way instead of her alter ego, Silk; or maybe he thought she looks beautiful regardless of how she looked or maybe it is because he loves her so much.

Cindy snuggled against him, her black hair spread across his chest and a peaceful smile on her face. Earlier in the night, he had wrapped his arm around his shoulder and Cindy turned her body and put her arm across his chest. Peter could not help but smile as he kept looking at her, enjoying watching over her as she slept, and she also enjoyed watching over him as he slept as well. This process of watching each other when sleeping was something that they started to do after they started dating a few months ago after Cindy escaped from the bunker. It was a past time for whoever fell asleep second, and it was something they would do to each other whenever the opportunity rises.

Right now, as Peter watched Cindy as she was sleeping peacefully, he thought to himself, "I am so lucky to be with you, Cindy."

Despite her faults and flaws, she was just perfect in Peter's eyes, and there was just nothing she could do that would ever make him stop loving her. They shared the same interests, liked the same toppings on pizza, liked the same ice cream flavor, bitten by the same spider that gave them their powers, everything.

Waking up next to Cindy reminded him that there are always things worth fighting for in his chaotic life that always seems to find a way to go downhill every day along with the villains that taunt him about it. Honestly, he hadn't felt that way ever since the death of Gwen Stacy. Then came Doctor Octopus's mind swap event, which made every of his friends turn against him, which furthered his despair. At that moment, he thought he was truly alone and didn't have any friends who believed in him.

Until Cindy Moon came into his life and chose to be with him, even with all of his faults he carried.

And he had been thankful ever since then.

Looking at his girlfriend snuggled up next to him in the morning always reminded Peter how lucky he was to have her in his life. Cindy was a beautiful woman who was also a loving and kind person. She had understood him and vice versa. To have her as his girlfriend, it gave him a newfound hope and a new reason what to live for. That's how good Cindy made him feel.

"I love you Cindy, and I will always be there for you, just like how you are always there for me. You mean so much to me, and I will never leave you alone. My heart is yours."


Cindy began stirring, opened her eyes slowly, and Peter cannot help but smile as he looked into her beautiful black eyes, eyes that he fell in love with. She moved her head up, looking into his eyes and smiled. Her hand came up from the bed sheets and slowly began to play with his hair.

"Morning Peter," she said with a mixture of whispering and cooing.

"Morning Cindy," he said as he started to play with her hair as well. "Did you sleep well?"

"Like a baby," she said as she snuggled closer to him, bring his head to her chest. "How about you?"

"Same, thanks to you," he said. "Have I ever told you that you look beautiful whenever you fell asleep? How amazing you look?"

"Yeah, many times Peter. And I will never stop loving to hear it," she replied. She then moved his head to reach her head, allowing them to give each other a kiss on the lips.

Waking up in the morning became a lot magical for Peter and Cindy.

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