Ice cream date. Simple, and yet cute.

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Chapter 2: Ice Cream Troubles

Cindy was in the middle of reading a book on the couch when she suddenly declared that she wants to eat ice cream right now. Peter, who was sitting next to her, looked at her in confusion.

"Why?" he asked. The spider-powered heroine blinked and looked towards Peter.

"Because I want something cold and sweet," she replied. "Also, it's been a while since we went on a date, so I figured, why not? Plus, it's been a long time since I had some ice cream. Is that ok for you?"

"Sure Cindy. It's probably nice to go out occasionally. Hopefully it does not get ruined by some villain trying to cause trouble."

Five minutes later, Peter and Cindy left their apartment to head to the nearest Baskin Robbins. During the entire walk over there, they were met with gazes from various people. That couldn't be helped though, since what other people are seeing right at that moment is a CEO and his mysterious girlfriend walking down the street, and they are bound to be the center of attention. While Peter is used to the attention he is getting, Cindy however, is kind of nervous and scared of the attention. Since Cindy spent most of her life in a bunker, she was not used to something like this. Luckily, Peter was there to help her deal with this.

"Peter. I'm scared. Everyone is looking at us." Cindy whimpered as she clung close to Peter, not wanting to meet the gazes.

"Don't worry Cindy. I'm here for you," Peter assured Cindy as they arrived at Baskin Robbins. "Just stay close by me, we're here."

As Peter and Cindy entered the establishment, Cindy was amazed at what she saw at the counter. There were multiple ice cream flavors, ranging from simple ones like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry to wacky ones like Icing on the Cake, New York Cheesecake, Lemon Custard, and many more. There were even some confusing ones she would never think that would be an ice cream flavor, like Green Tea, Rum Raisin, and Jamoca. Cindy felt like a kid again when looking at the multitude of flavors of ice cream in front of her.

However, there was one small problem; she doesn't know which flavor to choose, and it was driving her crazy.

"Peter, help."

"Hm, what is it Cindy?"

Cindy then pointed to the counter and asked, "Which flavor should I choose? There are so many flavors to choose from. I don't know which one to choose."

"Does it really matter? Just go where your heart tells you," Peter replied with a smile.

After a few minutes, Cindy decided to get every flavor, much to both Peter and the counter girl's surprise.

(A few minutes later...)

Peter and Cindy were enjoying their ice cream date on one of the tables. While Peter was able to pay for both of his and Cindy's order (Peter's order was a scoop of vanilla ice cream), he was surprised over the fact that Cindy ordered one of every flavor. Normally, this kind of order would put a normal person into a heart attack, but due to Peter and Cindy's enhanced metabolism, Cindy can handle it. Still, Peter was starting to get worried.

"Cindy, are you ok?" Peter asked.

"Huh? Yeah, why?" Cindy answered.

"Well...are you fine eating all of those flavors?"

"Peter, I'm fine. Don't worry about me ok?"

"Ok then. Speaking of which, how are the flavors?"

"They're nice. I especially love the Icing on the Cake flavor. It feels like eating a birthday cake without the cake. And it's cold as well. I think this might be my favorite."

"I see. Well, I'm glad you like it."

While Peter and Cindy were enjoying their date, they suddenly felt a sudden twitch in their bodies as they scanned the area. A nervous energy wound wrapped around Cindy, leaving her alarmed. They looked at each other, only to realize they got company.

"Peter, I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry Cindy. Just stay close by me. If you ever feel overwhelmed, just let me know. Okay?"

"Okay," Cindy said as they prepared themselves for the attention they were about to get. Then two taxi cabs pulled up right next to the Baskin Robbins' front doors. Two men came out from the first cab, followed by a woman holding a large camera from the second cab. The bell ranged, alerting their arrival. Their narrowed focus zoomed around the establishment until it spotted the couple. Cindy then moved her chair so she can sit next to Peter when the questions arrive.

Then came the bombardment of questions, and it was a pain for the couple.

"Mr. Parker! Mr. Parker! What brings you to the neighborhood?"

"Are the rumors true that Parker Industries and Stark Industries are planning a merger?"

"Will we be expecting any new products coming out from your company?"

"What are you doing at a place like this?"

Such questions were to be expected. After all, the media wanted some questions on Peter, his company, and his road to success. They were like bloodhounds when it comes to getting a scoop. Peter can relate to that since he used to work at the Daily Bugle.

The reporters believed in the guilt by their curiosity to learn of his success in a short time. They wanted answers, not caring of the consequences of their actions.

Of course, Peter opted to ignore the questions...until the reporters turned their attention to Cindy.

"Cindy! Cindy Moon! What is your relationship with Peter Parker?"

"How did you and Peter meet?"

"Cindy! Will you look at the camera? Jack! Get a picture of her!"

To Peter's surprise, the cameraman had the gall to lean over the table and shoved his camera right into Cindy's face. The reporters didn't think of their consequences and kept bothering the poor woman.

"Cindy! Look at the camera! Why won't you answer our questions? A little gratitude for our efforts to put you in the spotlight-"

And that's when Peter had enough of this. He abandoned his seat to tower over the reporters, crossed his arms, and glared at the reporters with a long frown. He then shoved Jack away from Cindy and blocked the young woman away from the reporters.

"Get out of here," Peter said in a calm, yet angry voice.

"We have every right to ask questions in regard to public interests," the reporter argued.

"And how does violating a person's privacy has anything to do regarding with public interests? From what I know, what are you doing right now is just harassing someone's privacy without permission," Peter claimed. "I'm asking you guys to leave nicely or else you're all going to be facing the consequences."

One of the reporters turned to Jack. "Are you taking footage of this?" he asked. "Make sure to get all of it."

Peter tried to stop it, but then a few voices rang out from the counter. Everyone turned to see the other patrons and the counter lady standing up for the couple, ranging from kids to teens to adults with their phones out most likely to record the whole thing.

The reporters suddenly grouped together in fear of being confronted. 'We don't mean any trouble. We just want to report the news."

"And they just want to eat their ice cream without the press being shoved in their faces," grunted one of the patrons.

"They aren't pinup models or zoo animals," the counter lady claimed. "Leave them alone!"

The patrons murmured in agreement and both the reporters and Jack huddled together, thinking of another rebuttal to win their fight to stay. Sadly, for them, the manager of the establishment just came out of his office and he was not happy with the scene in front of him.

"If you're not here to buy something, then leave. Or else I'll call the cops on you all." he stated.

The threat of the cops coming in convinced the reporters to bail. They ran out of the ice cream parlor, dodging the glaring patrons and counter lady who shouted at them as they passed.

(A few minutes later after the ordeal...)

"I'm so sorry Cindy," Peter apologized.

"What for Peter?" Cindy asked.

"I didn't expect the press to come after us like what happened earlier. I did expect a few glances, but not nothing like this. I'm sorry if our date was ruined like this."

"Peter, it's ok. It's not your fault that the press hounded us like earlier. None of this was your fault to begin with. If anything, it's the reporters' fault that this happened."

"But-" Peter rebutted, but Cindy cut him off with putting her finger on his lips.

"Peter, listen to me. You don't have to blame yourself for every small thing. If anything, you're forcing an undeserved guilt on yourself. Please don't try to do that. If not for yourself, but do it for me as well, okay? I don't want to see you like this," Cindy pleaded with eyes of longing.

As Peter looked into Cindy's eyes, he knew she was right about this. Deep inside his heart, Peter knew that blaming himself would not only hurt himself but would also hurt Cindy as well. And he didn't want that.

"All right," Peter replied.

"Good," Cindy said with a smile on her face. "By the way Peter."


"You got a bit of vanilla ice cream on your face."

Peter then touched his face and felt a bit of cold cream on the right side of his lips. "Oh," he said, then proceeds to wipe it off with a napkin, but Cindy licked the cream off his lips and then giggled.

"Hmm...I changed my mind," Cindy stated.

"About what?" Peter asked.

"What my favorite flavor of ice cream is. And as it turns out, it's vanilla with a hint of you."

Peter then laughed at the statement and the two continued their date without any interruptions.

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